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19 January, 2022

Mars And Venus

 A lot of women have grown up on surreal passion through fiction - movies, books, music, etc. When they actually get a taste of some, they tend to magnify it in their head and words. So the love they think they are experiencing is actually way less and the words they profess of being smitten, are wrapped in ridiculous exaggeration. They want to please. 

So when she says “We’ll be together forever” she’s convincing herself of it, more than you. When she alluded “I haven’t felt like this ever before”, she’s not really lying but creating the romance in her head. Her own little fairy tale. In all probability, sorry to burst your bubble but she’s not actually having a life altering experience. Sigh! 

Whereas men have usually evolved out of practicality. They enjoy the attention and the chase. But gradually they begin to take words at face value and run shit scared thinking the woman has turned them into an object of reverence that they might not be able to prove true on. Men say and forget but remember what the woman says and assume. 

It’s a sorry circle and why many relationships don’t work. Overbearing expectations and hasty assumptions. Romance Vs Reality. If only women knew how to differentiate between what they’re actually feeling and what they want to feel, they’d make all lives easier. 

Also one of the reasons why women seem to be able to move on quicker post a break-up than men. They realize they don’t feel so much once things end but they want to feel that love again. Not really blaming my gender. We just want to escape the monotony that men have grown accustomed to. 

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