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19 February, 2021

You Know What’s Wrong With Her?

And you know what’s wrong with her?

She waits for the ‘greet with a kiss each time’ kinda love. When he opens his eyes to her and shuts them to a smile, for he has her on his mind. Where he leaves random love notes, sends ‘miss you’ texts, wishes time and again he was there, when he isn’t. Someone who’d travel hours just to catch a glimpse of her. Who would forget he has to sleep when she texts at 1 am. Who wants to see how she looks, at her worst and holds her hand. Her morning breath, the gym sweat, those grumpy faded night-suits. Even that little messy bun she conjures up on her head, in the crazy morning hours. Loving gently all that she hates about herself. Telling her every now and then ‘how beautiful she is’ and looks in her eyes, like he means it.

You know what’s wrong with her? 

She waits for someone who believes in forehead kisses, cuddles and long hugs. He’s in no rush for the first kiss. But you’d feel his goosebumps when it actually happens. Who would close his eyes after it for a while, for he wants to carry it with him inside. Someone, who is crazy about her love handles, the crooked long nose, the distorted teeth, the snorted laugh. Oh, he makes her laugh alrite! Like lift her mood in seconds with just a few crazy lines. He carries on conversations because he does not want her to keep down the phone. Even breaks into a song sometimes. Or calls just like that in the middle of the day for he missed her voice. This man wants to bare to her his insides. He also listens patiently when he knows she has to vent. Not always suggesting a solution but just being there, for he truly cares. 

You know what’s wrong with her? 

She thinks there would be someone who’ll come along and love the smell of her hair or the feel of her fingers between his. When they’re watching a movie, he’ll run his palm over the softness of her arms or press her toes, absentmindedly. Who’s excited about seeing her even after months of seeing her and sad about her leaving, even though knowing, she’ll be there again tomorrow. When he beams with pride each time, that shows “this girl is mine”. The urgency in his voice and words, for her craves her. The boyish relentlessness when he chases her. The stubborn resolve of not giving up, when they fight. Never make her feel unloved, unhugged, untouched or unwanted. She would never wonder, but know for sure. 

You know what’s wrong with her? 

She thinks there would be someone who would make a celebration of her birthday, as she does of his. No diamonds, not her style. Collages of pictures, scribble of poetry, just a few dozen texts through the day and he’s divine. Who would call her first thing when something good happens. Run to her when he’s out of sorts and not shell up. She’ll be his journey, his destination, his escape route and his purpose. Life revolves around her. When she calls and he’s busy, he would tell her everything can wait, for first she must have her time. Someone who won’t let a day pass in between when they’ve not exchanged at least a few words, to make up for all the years before their first “Hello”. He refuses to imagine or accept life without her. 

You know what’s wrong with her? 

She aches for a love that knows how she likes her coffee or what is her pick-me-up movie or song, her ruffles at sudden plans, the meaning of her moans, her sighs. A love that makes her feel complete when they’re in bed and outside. A love that puts on the tv headphones for he knows she needs sleep. Someone who covers her feet with the blanket, if he wakes up in the middle of the night. He remembers to hand her a sandwich as she rushes out for a meeting. A love that notices her doing the little things and does the same. A love that stays no matter whatsoever comes and goes. And burns more each day. Not in a raging fire kind of a way. But that ‘keeping you warm through the cold life’ kinda sway. 

Someone who loves her with the same intensity each day, every day, even after winning over her heart. 

You know what’s wrong with her? 


She’s silly old school. 

She wants too much and all things that money can’t buy. 

Gearing herself up for disappointment each time.

Because such a love they say, is like the unicorn. Dreamy and non existent in the modern day. 

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