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13 June, 2010

Awards, Opinions, Humour, Drama-All in The Tumbling Awards Gala!-Part 1

Statutory warning: Due to the sinful length of my blabbering here, I am forced to divide the post into three parts.
So kindly bear...and if you want to bare instead...send your entries to the email address posted above...

Friend 1 in gym: So Suruchi, what’s new in the blog? Haven’t seen any updates?
Me in the gym*of course*: Ah...but I did put up a new post on boobs last must have skipped it...ask your husband, he possibly could not have missed THAT one!
Random person in gym*all doey-eyed with fascination and a sudden respectful awe*: Oh, you write?
Me*trying very hard to wipe the smug glee off my face and sound so with a shrug*: Well, ya...nothing significant really...just a blog!*bursting inside with elation at the thought, like this soon the whole wide world would know...yes, someday!*

It’s been a year n a half in blogosphere and the journey has been like a huge mug of Long Island Iced Tea!
A mixture of myriad emotions, a concoction of highs and lows...
Some very great blogger buddies made on the way n plenty of free*that reminds me I must get the unlimited BSNL internet pack* good stuff to read on a lazy day!

I’ve made you witnesses of my falls*yes the falling flat on the road fall n also the falling for things out of my reach fall*
You were there when I was being stalked and also when I took a lift from a complete stranger!
You’ve been enlightened on issues others don’t talk about*where else could you have known about types of kisses, farts, libidos, men’s loo fixation, boobs n butts, what women want and sexual intimacy?*

You’ve shared my disdain for the ultimate bitch in my gym who was the temptress for all n ogled with me at the guy in hot pants and shared my wonder when I turned into a red head for three months! How could you forget my posture by position account of the kinky temple architecture at Khajuraho?

I also tried finding answers to many mind boggling, earth shattering queries like why men are afraid to be called cute? Can you be in love with more than one person at a time? Is it okay to deviate on love path? How safe are net friendships? Are we programmed for life? Is divorce the end of the road?

*Ya ya...I am making you realize how blessed you are to be on this can take a minute to go down on your knees and thank the Almighty for bringing you here*

When I began, I used to think I was the next Shobha De cum Arundhati Rao cum Chetan Bhagat*kindly ignore the gender change* all rolled into one*I still think so by the way!*
My blog was my personal diary but out in public!

It gradually developed into an inseparable bond and lives we began to share as blog buddies! I have hogged loads of love showered at me and so many awards like a greedy pig, it is time I delivered my very own gratitude speech*please don’t expect anything a wise man once said...Size does matter! And when I tell you I owe BIG time to you guys, I prove it in the length of my posts!*

Expressing my thoughts for all you wonderful people in no order of preference or affection what so ever, for I love you all*yes I have a big heart and no, you would not see it by staring at my shirt*
Please find yourselves here but also spend a while in knowing all the others who rock my world!

So without further ado:
The first category tonight...
goes to:
Rishi @A Crooked Smile
The Bald Guy @Desi Ghee and Coffee!
Saket @Shady thoughts of a Shady man
Buckingfastard @Tears n' Rain
Writer’s Rehab @Writers Rehab

My friend, philosopher n guide and also a genius in every right, Rishi from The Crooked Smile...though there is nothing even remotely crooked about him*except for the fact that he completely flushed down my genuine compliments as advances with a statement, “Azaadi is my dulhan”-my loss completely :-)
I love him for his 'Talkies'...something I always wanted to do...but he does it so much better...
So I leave it to u...and your bekaar gyan makes me smile...never bekaar mein!

The Bald Guy
...for if I were a man...I’d be writing like him! He’s like my mirror image...super witty...humorous...infectious energy!
I am in love with his skill of repartee...
I marvel at his versatility to make the readers laugh one minute and in the next shake them up with sad truths and struggles of life!
It’s always completely my pleasure to be reading you Tbg!

Shady Guy: He’s just started*and also stopped:(* on Blogspot but before this he wrote on India Times and wrote like no one I have ever read before! I mean to have a 1000 comments*yes you read right, there are 3 zeroes* on so many of his me floored at first sight and all his musing penned there justified the adulation!
He’s such a commendable writer, if only he’d write again*begging on my knees...not as a proposal dodo...with a pen in my hand...okay a mouse and a keyboard*

My Dearest Bucking,
You have me swept clean bowled with your talent! I have yet to see a greater story teller and especially one who’s as young as you are! You are the master...I have read your last few pieces so many times and each time they create a mind picture of all that you say happening before my eyes. Your analogies are outstanding!
And my posts seem incomplete till you drop in royally, pull my leg and leave your words that make my day:-)
I wish, I wish you’d write more...and also do phrandsheep with me...phuleeeeeeeeez...aapko Hyderabad ke kasam:-)
You are the best!

The Writer’s Rehab
: My very first follower and in a way my motivation for my initiation into the blogging world! The tales he used to spin would catch you in an impregnable web!
I read you and realized how captivating authors can be!
Owe you in more ways than one!

Moving on to the next prestigious category:
And the award goes to:
Rahul @Kalakriti
Sulagna @pink n black™
Am in Trance @REVIVAL
Rainboy @smell of earth after rain

Kalakriti for Rahul’s brilliant perspective as an artist and even more brilliant virtues of being a noble person n a true friend!
You show how simplicity is still beautiful...
You make us believe that humility is as important as talent!
You’ve been a great find on the internet!

Pink n Black queen dear dear motivated me big time into getting back to romantic fact I think I consciously or unconsciously write like you when I write mush...or maybe coz we both have the “G”-factor in our lives which makes us go through similar emotions! You know how to let your hair down n have fun as well as do things that make me go awwwww...
Life would be such a drab without you to read!

Am in Trance
n Rainboy:
If there is a mush poetical experience that you are looking for...or the need to be drowned in expressive words to die for...these guys are the ones to bet your money on! Though I do wish they’d write more to satisfy our mush-starved pores!

And now, put your hands together for the next brilliant set of writers...
Ria @Bedazzled Ria
and @Femme Fatale

Warm Sunshine
@the perfect line
Sakshi @Timeless Imagination

Ria and Warm Sunshine...for the feminity they bring on board...reading them is like a pleasant journey into a woman’s mind...her subtle dainty ways...a coy smile...a whim here and some tenderness there...always bringing smiles!

The Timeless Imagination of the sweetest girl, Sakshi, who is simplicity personified. Another flawless poetry writer...who brings to life- dreams n ethereal emotions through here words!

(Picture abhi baaki hain boss...
To be continued...see you on the other side of a break!)


Ramit Grover said...

You're just too kind.

Question: What do "you" do in a gym?


Thanks for the award! :-)

Unknown said...

wow...uve written so well..and yeah,u have a superb style of giving away awards too..:)

Such a sweeto!

I am not able to open the part two of this series.Just check if it got posted!

RiĆ  said...

Wow!! never really thought tht i wud be awarded too, thanks for appreciating both my blogs. :) I m so flattered. Thanks a lot dear!!

Mr Happy said...

wah kya khoob likha aapne,

ek hi post mein khud ki bhi taaref aur dooosro ki bhi, :) :P

Why the hell u compare urself with shobha de or any other, u r one of ur own kind, SU ---ruchi...:)

el_idioto said...

hey thanks... i eagerly read all ur post hoping for more than one... greed.. its delicious misleading..

can't believe i missed a post on boobs... damn i'd never get to write such stuff on my blog with all my lil cousins readin it..

anyways.. vaddaa wala thanks... tussi gr8 ho..

sulagna said...

ayeee yeee yeeee :) super happy n super thankuuu....aaj ka din bohut acha hai, i got two new lipsticks, a new plastic ka chappal n now dis award...m on top of the world...actually G would have been prefred to top , but jaane do !!!

i think this was absolutely adorable of you and i think you should do a post for G also :)jus one for him and give him a neat award, red lingerie, black label and .....

Sakshi said...

OMG, OMG, I want to give a Thank you speech... So here goes- I wanna thank YOU for the lovely award, and my darling Shayon for pushing me into writing so well.

Su, you have introduced me to humor in my writing. And, I totally LOVE reading you.

Thank you for the adulation. I am humbled.

Suruchi said...

Hey Tbg...
It’s not a hidden fact now that I am a big fan*as in metaphorically and has no connection to my physical attributes what so ever:-)*

What do “I” do in the gym?
Hmm...good question...
I do that which makes me a little more a writer of course;-)

Suruchi said...

Heyya Mady,
Superb set of friends deserve super duper treatment n more!
You are a sweeto too*hugs, hugs loads of tumbling to u*:-)

Part two posted after a delay due to the damn BSNL guys playing hide n seek with m internet connection...and you my friend, must know how I feel about you:-)

Suruchi said...

Yeh lo!
Why should you not be awarded?
I have read some of the most interesting stuff on your space...and especially those concerning women and their awesomeness...

So that’s what makes you so awesome, for the way you are and the smiles you spread...stay the same...
Hugssssss n you are welcome!

Suruchi said...

Mr. Happy ji...
Bas ab tareef karon kya uske...jis ne mujhe banaya;-)
Kya Karen...control nahi hota...hum sab hain he taareef ke kaabil;-)

And for thinking I am one of a kind*I am sure many people with agree on it but not so positively as you do* here are big hugs...
And yes, also lifetime membership to my “circle of friends”

Thank you!

Suruchi said...

Hi Rishi...
Oye hoye... yeh to meine socha he nahi that I could give more than one award to people*darn...I knew someday my duh-ness would backfire at me* and I was juggling between categories on three sheets spread out on my bed*so much paper work I had to do for this, I tell you*

You are mind blowing n you don’t need ME to tell you THAT!
But what the heck...a little reminder once in a while would never hurt anyone and so not bother in the least a genius like you!

And since you can’t write about boobs on your space, by my guest on my page or comment box and vent your heart/bosom out;-)

No “thanks” yaar*waise a jadoo ke jhappi would be better..flashback reminder “aazadi meri....”...okay...thanks would do!;-)

Suruchi said...

Hellow Su,
Wow...see that’s my gurl...
I give her an award and she gives me a reward back!

Now you on top of the world would be synonymous with you on top of G, na? Coz G makes your world!
And now before my imagination plugs get switched on and I form little images of “big” things happening between the two of you..I shut up;-)

P.S. G is tired of the red lingerie...been using the colour since I married the poor guy...think would try smoking turquoise or muted gold now!

Suruchi said...

Hi Sakshi,
Get used to of the adulation baby coz there is plenty more from where that came from...
And it is best n most effective when it falls naturally as it exuberates in your case!

Yes, lemme then Shoy too...
I love reading you and love you too...
May happiness follow you like shadow!

Rahul Khatri said...

oO :)...tap tap tap * walking fast towards the stage* *not forgetting to touch the stage before taking the first step on it* *I cudnt believe I am getting this award...I would like to thank God, Mumma pappa and many more, I would Like to thank "My tumbling thoughts Entertainment `private` limited for giving me an opportunity coz of which I am standing over here. And last but not the least the judge, Mrs Suruchi Arora for showing such faith in me. Thank you once again*

He he he....awwww...thnk u soo much SC...not for the award, but for the many sunshines in my Life when the sky's been grey!!:)

Love and loads of hugsssss(how can i miss that hiss of ur hugs!!;):))


rainboy said...

yaar at least bata to deti ki award fiya hai hehehe :D
Thanks a lot for thinking that I deserve one .

And to satisfy ;D yourself / your mush starved pores ...please visit smell hahaha

Take care... And thanks again.

Vinita Kohli said...


Your gesture is a perfect example of selflessness and generosity! I mean, one GREAT complimenting the other and with such humility!! Wonderful! I am simply overwhelmed.....God bless!!

(I was not on FB for two days..I am leaving this part to hunt for the next one....hope you have posted more!)

buckingfastard said...

thnk god i scrolled down!! dint found my name on the award part-3 post..and prepared a big storm off!!

i always wonder how come a woman going to gym regularly can be soo fa..i mean...healthy!! arre atleast spare da gym from gossip zone!!

THANK YOU for the award!! and such over the top praises that i had to check the link given to confirm it was mera-Tears n rain only !!

and OMG u might consider me rude for not giving in to ur phraandship!! trust me!! ur by bestest fraaand!! but disclosing identity takes away the phun!! so bear till I have my share of phun!!

Suruchi said...

Hi Rahul...
Trust you take my nautanki forward in as mad a fashion as I did!
And that thank you forgot to mention to thank the dog...nevermind for the fact that you do not have a dog...but by thanking one, the speech looks kinda complete;-)

And that touching the stage and “hello, hello!” mike testing was the cherry on the cake!
Tumbling thoughts entertainment private limited has full faith on you and Kalakriti to lighten up every dull day with your positivity and simple ways of being and doing things...I guess it is mutual then...we shall continue to shine on each other:-)

Stay the same*I know you will*

Suruchi said...

Hi Rainboy...
But all the people who regularly check my space don’t need to be told na...and you have been gracing this spot with your gracious presence for a while...
Is liye was quiet and waiting*waise if you had not turned up here in another day or two, I would have come around at your door step to ring your bell;-)*

I do love the love that you spread on your page and for that you deserve award-shaward, your beautiful beloved and a biiiiiiiiiiiiig hug from me...

The mush starved pores would also crave to know more of who Rainboy is...but then abhi jitna mil raha hain usse mein khush rehna chahiye...hain na?;-)
Take care...stay mush!

Suruchi said...

Hi Vinita Mamiji...
You are super sweet you know that!
You make me feel soooooo bloody good!
Please feel free to move across the rest of the is always a pleasure receiving comments from you!

Thank of these days, I should devise The Non-Blogger Reader’s Awards Show too...:-)

Suruchi said...

Hi Bucking,
First thing first...despite all your brilliance as a writer and super duper command over the language n expressions...please allow me to check one very silly grammar mistake that you often make everywhere*ya ya...I know..once a teacher...always a bloody damned teacher*

Plus I don’t want even a teeniest bit of a speck to come on your otherwise impeccable talent*now that should placate you in case you get mad at me checking you publically*

After did/did not...the verb is always in present tense...
So “didn’t found” is wrong and “didn’t find” should be technically right!
That’s about it from my dumb teacher’s desk!

Now coming to the comment....
Why on earth did you feel that your name would NOT be here after all the fawning and blah blah I have been doing with you everywhere*read that as your comment box n mine...for lack of better choices:-(*

And I don’t gossip...and I have just now become regular to the gym...didn’t gym at all for 30 years of my life*except for maybe a month or two in a year*...
Long boring story...some other time...

Waise...I don’t mind the f...I mean healthy state now!
Size zero would not suit me!;-)
And you are welcome for the award...and “aapka” Tears n Rain deserves it...

And about all that bickering for pharandsheep...well, don’t take me too seriously...I don’t either...I like this idea of chasing you for phun!;-)

rainboy said...

hehehe Right you're .

There's only one award I cherish ;)

a big hug to you too.

hahaha You'll slowly slowly know me.
Filhaal itne mein hi santosh kariye hehe

take care n hugs

Suruchi said...

@Rainboy ji...
Ji bilkul...aapke bade kripa hain...mein dhanya ho gaye ke aapke thode se rain mere pages pe bhi padhe:-)

Thanks for the always makes my day:-)

Santosh to kar loon...magar woh abhi tak pahuncha nahi pata laga leejeye kahan ruk gaya beech mein;-)

Suruchi said...

Wow Vinita Mami..
That would be awesome if you begin to write...
I have an inkling that you’d be superb...

And everyone here would welcome you slowly but surely with open arms...
All the very best and let the creativity flow:-)
So glad for this

rainboy said...

lol :D

I know my hugs have that effect ;)

hahaha santosh bechara aapko dekh ke bhaag gaya hehehehe

Suruchi said... hugs have THAT effect...ab to asli mein bhi lene padenge kabhi Rainboy...

Haaaaaaaaaaaw...kaise kaise Santosh bhejte ho aap mere taraf...mereko dekh kar bhaag jaate hain:-(

Next time please come on your own...more like home delivery of hugs;-)

rainboy said...

haha :D
asli mein raniboy never meets.
People get scared you know ;D

haha That santosh guy is MIA . What did u do with him ?? ehhee

haha home delivery ,that will cost you a cup of coffee

erer said...

wow... thanks girl!!!

I'm honored :)

Am In Trance said...

.."A Ray Of SunShine"..
n' I always thought...
"Am Lost in the Dark"..

ThankYou Suruchi.. You've lifted my spirits..
Now guess who the real "Ray of Sunshine" is...

God Bless Ya...

Suruchi said...

Why doesn’t Rainboy meet in asli mein...try me...I am a dare devil...I might end up scaring you instead;-)

That santosh to know what I did with him, you’d have to drop in yourself and find out na?
Don’t worry I do not “do” scary antics*at least not in the first meeting...bwahahaaha-evil laughter;-)*

Ready with the brewing cup of coffee...where art thou?

Suruchi said...

Hey Warm Sunshine...
My pleasure completely
N you truly deserve it Mehreen!
You are quite something!

Suruchi said...

Hi AIT...
You are not lost in are brighter n cuter than any trance could be!
I so wanted to add there in the description...
The Ray of Sunshine added to a dear blogger buddy...
Who never gets tired of saying “You are the best” and says so awesomely like no one ever has....almost to the point of my conviction;-)

Tell the spirits to remain uplifted:-)
Coz I plan to make sure they never go down:-)

rainboy said...

rainboy has met a few lucky ones ;D
maybe u'll be one someday...

bechara santosh... naa jane kya kare uss bhole bande ke saath lol hahaha

I am off to Hemkund sahib,badrinath and valley of flowers.

reached home an hour ago :D

take care...
catch ya soon S

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