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16 December, 2012

My New Grown-Up Drug.

Once upon a time, I read books, dedicatedly, painstakingly, like a pilgrim at the threshold of his pilgrimage. Books consumed me, as I would devour page after page, lost in translation. Then along came people-with speaking faces and myriad feelings, with mincing grudges and obsessions, with overriding affections and affectations, with intense emotions and motions. Their moving hands, the receptive ears, beholding the tingled skin, the eager or hesitant mouths which round and widen, taking shapes of smiles and frowns, as words flowed out of them effortlessly and sometimes, post great deliberation!
Yes, I had found the more grown-up drug.

Faces can beam and rot you know, taking from blossoms. Not due to age, but experiences. It’s not about ‘Does the face make you swoon?’ It’s more about ‘Does it make you smile?’ Faces tell stories, they are an index of our minds, of all that is otherwise latent and sublime. Not eyes, they just need an empathetic heart. Have you noticed someone getting goose bumps on their skin post something you said? Yes, priceless! Sensual pleasures are just not restricted to bed-they can be derived by receptive senses, anywhere and anytime.

The voices, ah! You see most by listening. You could travel up and down an entire scale of passions with the voice that perhaps could personify character itself-the way it ranges from sometimes jingling with excitement like a fresh water spring to soft whispers, like falling into a bed of cotton caressing you with gentle taps till within. Voices don’t lie, people do. Voices entice, beckon, ensnare-like little magical spells that are woven by their mere echo on a person’s hearing. Eargasms, anyone? A soft, passion-smeared whisper in the ear can often be equivalent to the adrenalin rush received by wild searching fingers on the body, the chill down the spine.

I began to study people as though with a voracious starvation, live little lives and learn little lessons. They come wrapped in bundles of expectations and a cartload of disappointments, helping them evolve every minute. Sometimes they live, at other times let-live. Real, breathing, heaving, sighing human beings-they brought along with them hitherto untold stories, of lives they’ve led in bodies and mind. They respond to touch, whether or not there is any skin contact and they embody drama that we only hear of, for like they say, truth is stranger than fiction.

Words are potent, as books prove. However, when they emanate from voices separated from us by miles, generations and no relations, they just touch or instruct us. But when they stem from a person we know and look up to, how quickly they take, to not just touching but clinging and mingling in our very fabric. Words become you. They fill the empty specs, some voids that need to reverberate with some words, magnetically searching each other in the noises of the world. Romance, you ask? Well, yes, to a certain extent. For when he fills your mouth with his words, it is also a kiss or something like that.

I took to people-fascinated by the realms of lives unravelling layer by layer into a common man’s grand saga. How like a bud someone slowly opens to you and how like the petals then slowly encompass you within an embrace of trust! I took to being a co-passenger with some, lighting their path with whatever wispily shone within my own horizon, lending a listening ear to a mouth that craved to be heard, or just giving the complacent pleasure of the knowledge that someone’s there to care.

It’s a more long term gratification that a book could compete to concede. They say you live lives with books-fall in unadulterated love, climb lofty, indomitable mountains, dive into the alluring depths of oceans, conquer countries, travel path-breaking journeys and the likes. Human experience is all that and more.

Reach out to people. Be interested in their stories than in relating your own woes. For in un-knotting someone else’s tangles, you derive solutions for your own. Get outside of books, get into people. Find those worth drenching in, for such are the showers of communicating with brilliant minds that leave you wet in ecstasy of an unheard kinds. Books could help you search your soul, people could end your search for the soul mate.

As I write, I look wistfully at three freshly bought books lying beckoning on my writing table. The scent of a new paperback how like the scent of a man, tends to sneak in your insides to pull from within. Perhaps, I would return to my old love again. Or perhaps, there’d someday be someone to read to me the same. A cold winter evening, a balmy fire place, hands curling onto a simmering coffee mug and a huge bean bag wanting for us to give it shape. Come, let’s glow in this fire and as I sit looking at you mesmerized, read to me from a book and then from a life!


Roshan R said...

Welcome back... missed you. It was tough being the hottest blogger around in your absence... now I give back the throne to you :)

yes, circumstance more than anything else made me come to the same realization that you talk about here... this last year, I too stopped looking to please everyone but instead looked for people who stimulated me mentally and who I could connect with , both intellectually and on a personal level. If I had issues f having my trust broken, I knew there were others like me and so did my best to be there for them instead and prove that there are still people worth investing in... if we are fools, let us be innocent fools togethers :)

Ashwin D said...

Who said you have lost it? A writer can never lose it and your post is a proof. Very well written, I feel less to say anything more on this! Do be regular ;)

Jack said...


Thank God, you are back. I was extremely worried. A very interesting post as many of us do try to study people, specially while travelling. If one can do both, read books and read people, time will fly.

Take care

Fatima said...

Welcome back after the break, it's good to read you !
Liked your post, it's interesting to read you always. It's true books and people both tell stories, all we need is to understand what is hidden !

There was something else that I felt but I really dunno how to express in words :)

Take Care

Siddhartha said...

Superb! You have done it once again Suruchi Di! After reading this, you left me speechless! One can make a short documentary on this. Excellent work! Take a bow :)

sulagna ™ said...

Su i have come back to your blog so many times, wondering did i miss an update.glad yu are back to the page. Does not matter what we have to think about others, what matters is , if it makes you happy..

Shreya said...

You just wrote what i love doing listening and unfolding stories from everyone's life. So true each person is a mixture of so much rollercoaster of emotions. Once you start on that it is absolutely you intend to comfort , care for them and most importantly you want to stop whining about your sadness.

I ain't blessed with words like you are, yet just tried putting my feelings here.

Lovely post dear. Hope you are doing good. Would love to see you more often.
God bless


Sakshi said...

Welcome back.. and what a post.. the complexity of human emotions :D

Manu Katyaayan said...

Hey, I didn't know you too disappeared from online world or at least blogging. Mine hasn't been broken yet :-/
I believe people are books hich aren't finished, it's great to read them if one can. As someone who loves behavioural science, I can tell you reading people is much more fun than books, however books have a wider array of topics covered.
Welcome back :P

Arpit Rastogi said...

Tussi Awesome Ho! :) :)

Loved your post! :) :)

Have a Happy Life! :) :)

ABTC said...

nice article

Sairam said...

give someone a book and he will never write :-)

welcome back.

Neo Prady said...

The comparision between books and people was really beautiful; one for the soul other for the soulmate. Too good

ulungdotcom said...

I'm a blogwalking

nice post mrs :)

Anonymous said...

Incredible points. Great arguments. Keep up the great work.

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