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27 December, 2011

Grow up People, I am two now!

I often wonder what must be going on inside a child’s impressionable child's  mind rather. Here I try to unravel what I think that my two years old Seeya could possibly be thinking in that little brain of hers, hell bent on mischief:

~On Sheila ki Jawani:
Alright, I am supposed to ask people ‘What’s my name?’ ‘What’s my name?’ ‘What’s my name?’ if I want them dancing around me like that and perhaps also being dumb would help.

~Hearing adults asking her to sing a song/poem:
Will you please cut the cowshit? And then they wonder why some girls grow up to be item numbers!

~When I and G hush-hush if she walks into the room suddenly:
It’s a good thing we are not expected to knock and enter-education should start early;-)

~Watching her papa put only coins in her piggy bank and spending a big, red crisp note on dinner:
My parents’ financial investment really sucks!

~Watching an on-screen kiss:
In an innocent moment: I think this uncle and aunty do not have napkins and don’t want to dirty their hands so they are licking off the Cerelac from each other’s lips.
In a mischievous moment: Mommy, will I be able to do THIS also when I turn eighteen as you say I’ll then be big enough to put lipstick and nail polish?

~Seeing me undress sometimes*yes, necessity is also the mother of changing*:
Why do I have to wear such long drab papa jaise vests while mommy’s is lacy and short and colourful?

~Watching dogs indulge in doggie style*you can’t avoid those when you go for evening walks every day*:
Mom, so this is what you mean when you say, ‘don’t fight like dogs’? My god that back dog has defeated the under-dog and look how he’s kicking it now!

~When I point at the television set and tell her ‘Baby, this is Ranbir Uncle’:
I sit and fancy mommy getting a little stroke when someday I will bring Ranbir Kapoor home as the rockstar who would have given me THE rock...

~When she bears people who pull her cheeks:
Can I do the same thing with your pants?

~When she hears me talking on the phone:
“Kisse baat kar rahe ho? Kaun hain? Kya keh rahe hain?” I better follow religiously what papa said-Mumma ka dhyan rakhna...

~When she hears me mutter about growing fat and gyming:
Mommy, will you please stop trying to look like my elder are thirty years older for crying out loud?

~When I make her read books while she graces the shit pot:
And someday if the world blames me for my shitty ideas, I’ll know who to blame.

~When I hold her very tight and kiss her like a crazy woman:
Oh god, please send someone else for mommy to do this with before she crushes me with her overflowing affection!

~When I introduce her to older boys in the friends’ circle as 'XYZ Bhaiyya':
Mommy, just because your mommy screwed up your chances with half the eligible boys that you met as a teen, it does not mean you have to make it a family tradition...

Yes, she is my little bomb and just turned two this month...if you doubt my madam would be this volatile and dhamakedar, please watch this video to ascertain it for yourself:


♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

Lol!! Shes so cute!!

Awesome post!!
The last one "Dont make it a family tradition" was hilarious!!!

About the dogs doing it doggie style, a lot of friends thought they were fighting till last week when a couple of dogs were doing it.
"Oh My God!! Why are the fighting like this?", one girl asked me.

maithili said...

Mommy, just because your mommy screwed up your chances with half the eligible boys that you met as a teen, it does not mean you have to make it a family tradition...!!!! couldn't stop laughing!!

Oh my this cuto is really a bomb!! Sheila ki jawani sure charges her up :D :D Kya sur lagaya hai !!! No no no !! :D :D

And I love your voice!!

PeeVee™ said...

She puts chocolate truffle cakes to shame :)<3 So CUTE :))
If you ever want a baby sitter, EVER, yaad pehle hamein hi karna:)

I look at her cutie-pie face and imagine her thinking all those things.... :D
'Can I do the same thing with your pants'!! :P

And why do you make her read in the shitpot again?:P

Thousif Raza said...

that was such a beautiful post. Loved it... It was filled with love and affection. she look sho cute :) he he... so cute so so so cute. LOved it suruchi :)

Take care and keep writing..........

Sadiya Merchant said...

hehe dis is sooo sooo super cute n i lubbb d frst pic! <3
i wonder wat she thinks of dolls n teddy bears

Cinderella said...


Mega volts of utter cuteness, Mommy and Baby!!

You should do this same post once more in a year Su, when Seeya will actually answer some of these questions and I am sure they will be on these very lines!


sumitra said...

Haha, very funny post. And Siya is really cute. "Can I do the same thing with your pants?" - LOL that was the funniest.

Ashutosh said...

Mehekati fiza hai..
Khilta jeeya hai..
Muskan mein jiski jannat samayi hai..
Wo SEEYA hai..

Nt seen d video,stil drivn bak so wil chek mom like daughter :p

Jack said...


Please hug her on my behalf and say BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May God bless her with all the happiness always. She will sure keep you fit and fine.

Take care

Vinod Vyas said...

Seeya is cute little angel,loved the way she sang "Whats my name,whats my name".

Uncle and aunty did not have napkins so they were licking off cerelac from each others lips-This was the best part of this wonderful,sweet,cute and naughty post..Reminds me of what my daughter said when she first saw on screen kissing.."chi,uncle ne aunty ka mooh jhoota kar diya"..she was three years old then :-))

Belated Happy birthday to sweet little angel...

sulagna ™ said...

i dont beleive it, she is two already ??? were'nt you just celebrating her first birthday few days back !!! god bless you baby and yes once you grow up, the world will be all set to wait and watch !!

Shreya said...

Aww such a cute video such cute songs and poems and her jumping wala Ilove you muummmaa :)... i saw it twice :) Happy birthday Sia :) May she stays this happy and free spirited all her life :)
lotsa love to Sia .

Writing Bee said...

She is sooo cute!!! Can imagine her thinking of all that. Didn't want to dirty their hands.. Lovely :)!!!

Suruchi said...

@Happy Go Lucky,
Thanks...and I am glad more people wonder about those dogs, before eyebrows could be raised for me!:-)

Sheila ki Jawani had screwed my happiness for six months when it came for it was THE only song played EVERY time we sat in the car to go somewhere...
And voice sounds terrible, I was almost inside the mike of the phone it seems...almost got double thoughts of uploading the video because of are super kind with me:-)

Suruchi said...

I always want baby sitters yaar...why are the willing ones always so far away?:-)
And she spends half an hour in the morning there and half an hour in the evening on the throne-it is better to make her sit with books like read the alphabet n stuff or else she would want the cream/toothpaste/powder anything and everything to mess with...

It is the greatest place to learn for kids-trust me!:-)

@Thousif and Sumitra,
Thank you so much so much so much:-)

Suruchi said...

@Sadiya, should have completed the story about the dolls and teddy bears-your imagination is even way more fertile than mine:-)

Haha...I like the mega volts..wait till you and the soon to arrive take our place :-) If I put up these questions to her Cin, I would have my worst exam explaining the “why’s”...the amount of “kaise?” and “kyon?” she asks!:-)

Suruchi said...

Those were amazing lines-khud likhe? And we should never text and drive...reach safe and I can always wait:-)
You won’t let me say “thank you” now, will you?:-)

@Jack and Writing Bee,
Thank you-hugs delivered:-)

Suruchi said...

She wasn’t in her full element for Shiela, otherwise she can give Kat the run for her money:-)
And your daughters sounds just as cute-I guess there is something about little girls that little boys can never match up to:-)

Yes, this last year past faster than the previous one for me too...I guess with time we all become attuned to the changes:-)
Thanks for always wishing her the best:-)

Ashutosh said...

haan khud likha..kyun shaq hai kya??
itna toh creative hu main n i cmment while teakn breaks..nd yes no thank yous..cnsider it as a gift for seeya until i meet d angel :)

Anita Jeyan Sandeep said...

Aww May God bless her ! Let the innocence prevail ! She is a real beauty, Suruchi ! (If my maid was literate she would have left a comment here full of expletives to u, for publishing the photo and video of a child as sweet as that. She is a heap of superstitions )

Rahul Bhatia said...

Good Training Suruchi!Even the young one prefers Shiela instead of Incy Wincy... cute!

TheBluntBlogger said...

:D Lacy :D
Shitty ideas :D Cheeks :D Songs :D

How we all have been there and done that :)

DOGS, that used to be too awkward, my mum used to run out of her wits and I used to wonder what's going on :-/

Belated birthday wishes to the little one :)

ps: the video had a lot of background noise, is it your blog or something gone wrong?

TheBluntBlogger said...

That was another blog :( closed it and now watching the video :D

jo said...

Awww! She is supercute! I loved her 'no no no Sheila'. You're training her well. She's gonna be one atom bomb when she grows up. In fact she already is. Happy b'day Seeya! May God bless both of you. One big hug for the lil princess :)

Bikramjit said...

NO.. y ranbir .. NO WAY we will find her a MUCH better hunk THE BEST ONE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD ...

She is awesome and a very happy birthday to her and many many happy returns of the Day ...
and yes MOMMY stop embarassing the little one ... :)

Tanvi said...

WOW!!! 2 years old ... !!! Lots of love and best wishes to her!!! :)

And LOL are your interpretations. She has one crazy-imaginative-fun-MOM :)

♡ from ©

Mirage said... god. This generation I tell you. You ask them to sing a poem and they prefer to sing songs like 'Teri meri..' :D

Super super truper cute, you daughter is. I want to eat those golu se cheeks. Does that make me bad? :P :D

Justbcos2pplfellinlove said...

Belated Birthday Wishes to Her. She is cute.


Pria Rao said...

Oh god!! I dont believe she is two! She is so cute and smart! This is one of those rare kids I have seen who listens to mom and does what she asks for.
I was laughing the entire post! :D

Sunitha said...

ha ha... This was tooo cute. My son is 3 now and he was asking me to play your kids's video again and again.. :) He Must be thinking..
"I wonder if Mommy knows her number? Defintely some one to watch out for when I grow older.."

Jenny said...

Awww such a cute post Suruchi!!! and lol on what's my name and lacy clothes.. but better than the kid in my colony who sings DK bose at the highest pitch possible, much to the embarassment of his parents :-)))

and the video is so cute.. your daughter's a doll.. !!! happy birthday to her!!

Sakshi said...

reign in your imagination here!
Bechaari meri bholi bhaali see!

She is the MOST adorable lil thing :)
Loves and hugs to her! And a kiss too! *Not like the mad woman though ;)*

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Siya is So Adorable!!!!! Like little pretty muffin :D And Sheila ki jawani?!! :D :D Hilarious!! "Why do I have to wear such long drab papa jaise vests while mommy’s is lacy and short and colourful?" Eeeehhheeeeeeee....So You!!! :D <3

pygmalion said...

Belated Happy Birthday Seeya
Let her originality bloom and let her fly her dreams.. God Bless

Red Handed said...

Sooooooooooooooooooo cute! hahahahahahaah I fell down when I read the CERELAC and underdog part :P
and she is soooo cute!!
Oh lala!!

Ameena said...

love this...I wonder the same thing all the time. What on earth is my 6-year-old really thinking?

Overflowing affection...too funny. I have the opposite problem!

Suruchi said...

She can rarely do anything without jumping or fidgeting and if nothing she would just roll her eyes in mischief and smile to lure:-)
Thank you for the wonderful wishes:-)

:-)Abhi mereko thode na pata tha aap itne ache Hindi poetry bhi likhte ho:-)

Suruchi said...

Everyone’s a heap of superstitions everywhere...I used to get a lecture from my hubby every time I would put up pictures on the net-fb or I have stopped telling him about it. We can’t hide our children and for how long...let them face the world-nazar lage na lage...pyar n blessings zaroor lag sakte hain :-)

Haha...I am actually worried about her preference of Sheila over absolutely everything else:-)

Suruchi said...

Dogs and lizards-both creep me out still if I get to watch the horrendous performances!
Thank you for the wishes:-)

She’ll be the atom bomb for sure-hope my husband and me don’t become Hiroshima and Nagasaki:-)
Thank you for the wishes *hugs*

Suruchi said...

Haha...chalo ji aap he munda dhoondh lena...and if no one else, we’d consider one of your boys...that ways we get full freedom to flirt as samdhi and samdhan ji;-)
And I am not embarrassing the little one-just making her my little star:-)

Thank you...muaaaaaaaah and yes, TWO years ONLY abhi:(
Miles to go before I sleep...still!:-)

Suruchi said...

Please eat the golu golu cheeks-I try to do that every day and does not make you bad-she is simply delectable :-)

Thank you so much Raghu:-)

She does not listen to her mom, she’s just being good coz she is being kid she sure is:-)

Suruchi said...

Haha..we mums better stop decoding what our kiddos are thinking before we become a part of their evil plans to keep us at bay:-)
Thank you and tell him to watch this space more:-)

Thank you so much...and thank god she had not liked DK BOSE so much...phew! Small mercies:-)

I so liked the “so you”-thank you:-)

Suruchi said...

Bechaare bholi bhali se mein na?:-)
And thank you for your love for her always Sakshi masi:-)

@Pygy and Red,
Thank you :-)

We all live off and on in the opposite lands...I find myself on the see-saw too:-)

Raghu said...

she is cute.. th post was funny..!!!! god bless her..

Keirthana said...

I couldn't stop the tears as I am clutching my stomach rolling with laughter.. And Seeya is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute :)

TD23 said...

This is one hilarious post. my colleagues are asking my why am i laughing so much:D i need to share this with them:))
Loved the 'When I introduce her to older boys in the friends’ circle as 'XYZ Bhaiyya' too good:)) n the Cerelac bit hahaha, that was awesome:)
Seeya has a knack for singing for sure n with her cuteness quotient, it is indeed a dhamakedaar combination:) God bless her:)
Have a great year ahead:)

Purba said...

The Mom and her overactive imagination! LOL
I hope you are planning to frame it and gift it on her 18th birthday. Would love to see her reaction :D

And Seeya is a Doll~~~

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

:D :D :D Su, I got Seeya's name spell wrong! :/ I love the name though. :D :D

Dhakkanz said...

Ekdum shararti post thaa...but mastt thaa ;-) Hehhehe

Suruchi said...

@Raghu, Keirthana n Dhakkanz,
Thank you:-)

Thank you so much...and I hope the colleagues did not think otherwise:-)
I guess she could be moonlighting as a singer, if she does not turn out to have a Himesh inspired voice:-)

Suruchi said...

Thankfully abhi only the imagination is over active yaar...wish I could be too;-)
And the 18th birthday idea is super cool...just remind me in sixteen years, would you? I would have turned to old and grey to remember then:-)

Koi na-half the world spells it like that...something she would have to live up with and you are a cuto pie to bother with such stuff:-)

A said...

Oh my are funny...

Love this post.

Best you.

Gargi Gupta said...

Cute..You actually guessed everything going through your daughter's mind in such a funny way..I gotta think most of it would be true...I'm sure she's a great singer looking at the video!

R-A-J said...

Awwwhh, she's sooo cute!!! :)

Lovely post Suruchi.. I keep wondering wht kids wud b thinkin bout us whn we do all the wierd things we do with thm.. Imagine if we behaved the same way with our bosses, neighbors, colleagues...:)

Lovely, lovely post Suruchi... loved the 'family tradition' ending.. hilarious!!! :)

Here's wishing u n urs a fabulous n prosperous New Year in 2012..

New Year Suruchi:)

Lady Whispers said...

Patakha daughter of an awesome mom :D
Pura naaam raushan karegi aapka :D
Gorgeous she is gonna be so you :D :D

btw an award awaits you at my blog :D :D

hari said...

LOVELY KID! Happy new year!

joshi daniel said...

hahaha, the last one rocks :)
happy new year :)

SuKupedia :) :) said...

heheheheh....Teri Meri Prem Kahani is a POEM .. OMG!! Kabil Sibal wait till she grows up :D :D :D

When you said photo bana rahi hu.. did you see her expression.. to me it felt like she was thinking.."mein free mein modelling nahi karti, paise kaun dega" :P :P

I have been reading about Seeya, she is growing up to be a lovely princess.. God bless her mmuuuaaaaaahhhhhhhh...

and wishing you all a very happy new year :) :)

CutePriya said...

Ha...ha...that was Witty....Like Mother, like daughter

first things first, God Bless Seeya and best wishes to her!

I just totally loved the first pic (Seeya and You) :)

☆ Rià ღ said...

how on earth did i miss this post! She looks so adorable. Loved the post.

Dhanya said...

Your baby is adorable ! :) And the 'kissing on-screen' part was the best! Damn funny :D

Rachit said...

Happy belated bday to SEEYA :) and might be your imagination turns out to be true but then 16 years from now it would all be termed as " The past generation thing". They will rather love to be more provocative :P

Happy New Year
Weakest LINK

Arpit Rastogi said...

Oh.. My God..
She is cho cho cho Cutey.. :)

meri or Seeya ki Cuteness ko dekhte hue.. we can be bestest of friends. wot say Aunty??????

Wish her a Super Amazing Happy B'day & buy her a chocolate *meri taraf se* plz plz!!!!

May God Bless Your Family With Loads & Loads of Love n Happiness! :) :)

Say Hi to Seeya from My Side..

Okay. Bye Aunty! :P

Take Care.

Keep Smiling!

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