Amazing people who make me go on n on n on:)

07 August, 2013

I love...

I love the way you look at me every morning when I raise from bed,
Love how you remember the morning kiss, like a ritual unsaid.
I love how it's just a hand clasp sometimes or a bone-crushing hug,
Love how just a text be it and my day-long grin of blissful smug.

I love how you pretend to not notice yet know when something's changed,
Love how you call it sweet insanity when others think I'm deranged.
I love how even before I hear the voices in my head, you read my mind,
Love how you let me be and free, even when they bind.

I love how you defend me when I go all self critical,
Love how you see in me 100 things otherwise to criticize.
I love how you show you don't try yet you give in your all,
Love how I don't hate you even when I hate you don't call.

I love how you feel my arm, forgetting people are watching,
Love how you hold me when tears leave me gasping.
I love how we're so different, yet the very same,
Love how you know when to wild me up and when to tame.

I love how you love me, unlike in poems or songs.
Love how you ease me out of all my wrongs.
I love how seamlessly yet, you complete me each time.
Love how you make me thoughtful and then make such silly rhymes.

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