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28 February, 2010

To Sachin Tendulkar..from a layman..err..a laywoman..uff..whatever!

Okay...first things first...
1. I have not watched a cricket match in like maybe a decade now*stop giving me those ‘if-looks-could-kill’ looks and don’t ‘eewww’ me as an outcast either...I’d sue you for discrimination or racism or something like that*I think it has not been since I got married and thereby got interested in ‘other’ games*wink, wink*

2. I don’t have much idea about Sachin’s strokes except some few of what he does on the field*hehe...yiyyeee(along with my jump on the bed n doing the famous yippee dance) Now go ahead and contradict me on this one you Sachin fanatic...tell me of his strokes in the confines of his bedroom...huh huh...bolo, bolo...ab chup kyon ho gaye?*

3. ‘Square cut, hook and straight drive’ are terms that send my gullible mind in TOTALLY different connotations*please don’t ask me to elaborate...already a dear friend and reader here has suggested ‘adult filter’ for my posts...after this I would get space only under Rakhi Sawant’s quotes* And as if that’s not has more terms to divert my innocent, straight-assuming line of thought into lateral thinking...silly point, gully point, fine leg???????????????? *now can you really blame me?*

3. Whenever I think of Sachin...I somehow picture him bending down a little to adjust the positioning of his legs, with his bat raised high*please don’t kill me...I have nice things to say too, I promise**and no I don’t have a one track mind either*

4. Dear father, forgive me for I have erred...I have watched him more in the commercials *"aile pepsi"* than doing that thing he does on the field*okaaaaay I am sulking now and you win...I truly am a loser...stop copying my yippee only looks good on me...on anyone else it seems like a rip off from the circus...that should calm you down!*

5. I always quote him while flirting with a younger guy... “Age is just a state of mind....see Tendulakar’s wife is older than him...yet they click and how”*needless to say I never win the guy at the end of this reference*

6. I can copy Sachin’s squeaky voice*oh now come on...even for a’ve got to have some amount of reasonability...nobody’s perfect and you’d admit that Sachin can never be a NOBODY...yiye yiye...finally got you on this one now...And you don’t even give me one of Sachin’s trophies for this...acha, 2-4-5 crores he de do uske yaar*

7. I also HAVE to go against Sachin’s case when my students tell me... “Ma’m what’s the point in studies? See even Sachin never went to college and look where he is now!” *I have to remind this wise guy then that if Sachin didn’t go to college at least he wasn’t caught behind the bush like you are often...I also have to tell him that this is not how you score a ‘sixer’ and hitting upon 50 girlfriends do not qualify for half a century!*

8...oye no 8...*bas seven he bahut hain...they call it “lucky seven” for nothing...maybe after this you’d still continue to read...*

Here are some great quotes that have been circling around since that 200 Sachin got for himself...
*I make 200 everyday...200 passes that is...and nothing ever echoes back to me except ‘grrrrr....hush...hurrrr’*
Darn...some guys have all the luck...I wish some of his lady luck brushed down on me too*and by the lady I don’t mean Anjali and by brushing down...errr.....never mind!!!!*

"Nothing bad can happen to us if we're on a plane in India with Sachin Tendulkar on it."
Said Hashim Amla, the South African batsmen

*Ya, right...if we get to board that plane that is...after being hounded by the press n public all through the way!*

"To Sachin, the man we all want to be"
Andrew Symonds wrote on a t-shirt for Sachin

Hmmm...but if you’d all be Sachin...imagine the plight of his wife Anjali...!!!!!!!!
*okay if I am killed by the end of, dad...I love you and my dear beloved...please take a while before getting those insurance claims on the life policies you issued in my guy you are, I now knew I’d be assassinated sooner or later for my big mouth*

"Even my father's name is Sachin Tendulkar."
- Tendulkar's daughter, Sara, tells her class her father's name after the teacher informs them of a restaurant of the same name in Mumbai.

*Ooo Sachin...please adopt me...I promise to be a good girl...err...woman...and write better stuff about you and watch every match and even their repeats and never ever insist on sleeping between you and Anjali mom*

'I Will See God When I Die But Till Then I Will See Sachin'
- A banner in Sharjah

*now I can only wish I were some female form of Sachin Tendulkar...of course taller, with a huskier voice, sexier n with long straight hair n playing 'other' games...Acha okay...the only similarity should be the way he is idolized yaar...ufffffffffff...half the world's GUYS are crazy about him even though he's not a gal with assets...**P.S. add the bank balance too, to list of similarities*

To sign off guys...there’s just one Sachin Tendulkar and we all love him....
*Amit, this last sher I have taken from your status...thanks to you, Saurabh and Rishi for your quotes that inspired me to this post*

“तुम बुलंदियां चुमते रहो, हम यूँ ही उड़ते रहे , तुम मील के पत्थर बनाओ , हम सफर करते रहे | तुम यूँ ही जीतते रहो, हम यूँ ही जश्न मनाते रहे.. तुम यूँ ही खेलते रहों, हमें ज़िन्दगी मिलती रहे !”

25 February, 2010

I Miss Missing You!

And then he asked her,
Did you miss me while I was gone?

And then she looked soulfully at him and said,
“I missed missing you!”

Not satisfied, half dubious and half baffled, he probed for his mad heart given to infinite love even after years of togetherness, suddenly needed a childish reassurance.
He wanted to hide it...
She wanted to hide that she had seen it!

She wanted to pull his leg after he had pulled her to him-the first long stretch of separation had pulled at the chords of their emotions.

He looked questioningly at her, so she smiled, giving up the tease.

And she said, Let me make up for all that I rarely say now...
For all that I feel still and all that you might wanna hear of me always.

I have pined for the feel of your bodily presence just a few inches away, for whether within my reach or not, yet it is so reassuring to know if I stretched my hand out to touch you, you’ll be there.

I nag about getting less time with you but when I don’t get even those few hours of the day with you, I realize how they are enough to keep me going!

24 hours without seeing you or getting embraced in a tight hug and I begin to crumble like the petals of a flower left unsheltered in the sweltering sun!

I don’t mind then, whether you are just engrossed in the newspaper, watching the television more intently than me, forgetting to notice if I had a new haircut or just nodding while I rant about all that went haywire in my newly tried and spoilt lemon cheese cake*which you more than make up by gulping it all down eventually*

For I know when I need you to react, I just need to have a five minutes of silent expression on my face and then you’d be calling me five times from work to ask me if all is okay.

It’s like I am used to of the thought of you being around me...
The dread of you being away never crossed my mind because I think this as unthinkable!

You may not be any Superman despite the red ones that I got you, yet you make me feel armoured, snug like an embryo not wanting to bloom.

I derive pleasure from watching you move around me doing the mundane-whether it is related to me or not!
I watch you when you sleep like a baby*looking so cuddly*, snore when you are over worked*though you refuse to accept it*, talk on your cell phone while watching the walls, sing along the lyrics of songs*which you have no clue of* and dance like nobody’s watching you.

I try to remember your touch that gives me goose bumps and tug at my arms with my own hands to feel that feeling again.

I snuggle at your skin in a long sniff so that the feeling lives with me through the day*how I wish I could bottle up your natural fragrance!*

It makes me smile within when you stare at me while I unconsciously slip back that lock of hair behind my ear, when it playfully falls on my forehead or I bite my lips in thought...

When you put a finger on your chin, watching me puzzled whether to wear the red tunic or the pink one. I ask you to tell me which I should pick and you laugh with a jeering glee, for despite your expert opinion, you know I would pick what ‘I’ like eventually...

I notice with sly delight, how you akimbo right in the middle of the room, trying to rewind in your mind the errand that was just there a split second ago and now you can’t remember it. I scrunch my nose also unseen to you when you frown about it.

I may harass you to keep your things in order, but look forward to picking up the wet towel from the floor or the worn shirt spread across the chair...the primness of the surroundings were tormenting me more!

I cry my guts out when you forget to be romantic or talk less than you did before yet thank my lucky stars constantly that you don’t forget to be ‘you’.

I may say a hesitant ‘yes’ when you ask me for permission for a boys’ only night out but never do you say an insistent ‘no’ even when I act unreasonable.

When you talk and I show that I am listening to you with undivided attention but I am actually constantly distracted by the way your palms and eyes express more than your words....

So even when you are there and not in my arms...I miss you with your presence.

And when you were gone...
I missed missing you!

19 February, 2010

The Leggie Lore!

After my thunderous-blunderous attempt at fiction…
*sob,sob...n I had thought I’d give Shobha De a run for her money…damn I even conjured up film producers lining up for copyrights yaar*
I am back to giving my pearls of wisdom on what I know best*stop jumping with's not sex today*
...The human anatomy*remember you heard about butts here first so that you learnt to savour them appreciatively and also mercifully, other than just raising an eyebrow and passing a smirk*

Soooooooo anatomy again….
Nope...I am not a doctor…
And I don’t dissect*at least not human bodies*
And I have no obsession with organs*unless you twist the anagram and make it ‘orgasmic’*

All I can do is …
Observe*yes I have x-ray vision…I can look beyond clothes…at your soul, that is*,
Gauge*I’ve got a feeling that you have put on weight handsome dude…how about removing your clothes and shedding 2 pounds instantly?*,
N stare*if worthy, then ogle and if not then just Google…I know that was a poor joke…but rhyme to acha tha na?*

So let’s tackle LEGS today!
My inspiration for leggie talk?
Well, as usual…my soul mate of sorts by now…my gymnasium!
My dearly beloved asked me yesterday, after looking at me from head to toe, with eyes wide open and a gaping mouth…
*Nope…the question was not…Can we have sex now?*
*N much as I’d love to tell you here that it was due to my drop dead gorgeous looks…it was actually a jolt provided by my thunder thighs! Now I could give Sridevi a run for her money…abe koi to run kare!*

So my dear beloved:
“Baby, are you sure you are going to the gym every morning?
Are you sure they’ve put you in the weight loss programme and not weight gain by mistake?
Are you sure it’s not like you say the new track pant but actually fat on those pretty legs?”
Hmm…after so many of his audacious questions*yes, mindless chivalry is still not dead*…I had just one query back for him…
“Ji, aap aankhon he aankhon mein baat aur sawaal nahi kar sakte…uske liye zubaan khoolne zaroore hain? Grrrrrrrrr…!”

So I told my woes to my trainer and he made me work out extra this morning on the stepper and what used to be chickeni leg pieces till yesterday are now suddenly mutton korma…
Kachoomar ban gaya yaar mere legs ka…Don’t remember when they were this wobbly last…
*err, actually I do remember now…haaaw haii…but can’t share! Yes there is still no sex!*
Now they seem to be pathetically pleading to me, “Nalaayak, kya isse din ke liye meine tujhe paal poos kar apne upar khada kiya tha?”

And I can’t even raise them to kick someone if they bug me too much…
So, big hearted as I am*yup, I forgot to mention everything about me is big* I am telling you that now is the time to get onto my nerves and get away with it most non violently from my end…
Warna mere kicks Bruce Lee ke kicks se kam kahan*all the puns intended!*

What the f$@#!
Or at least so I intended to!!!!!!

So why so much shor about legs you’d say?
Hellooooooo…even I know it’s just some bones straightened one on top of another…with some muscle additions thrown in…calf muscles and thigh muscles and ankles and knee cap and toes and heel and all the rest...
*arre please get impressed by my limited leggie knowledge by this much description…for beyond this I’d have to Google again and abhi mood nahi hain…Oye hoye…yaad aaya…I remember studying tendons somewhere in school too…but I’d be damned if I knew where it is actually*

Have you noticed how like everything else, legs seem to have variations too and a whole lot of fun if used, raised, lowered, positioned and manoeuvred rightly?
Whose not dreamt of being entwined in long legs that know how and where to twist, turn and settle?
*‘Yeh taang mujhe de de thaakur’ would have been so much more practicable than asking for ‘haath’…silly Gabbar…even if you were not gay!*

Possessing luscious, drool-worthy legs on your own frame or your beloved's, is a dream for every guy who has walked on this planet on whatever kind of pair provided to him!
*Of course for women, please add ‘hairless and soft’ as two more adjectives to that maintenance free dream!*
Legs can do so much for us…it’s one of the sexiest parts of our body and legs that go on and on and on, are any day better than a tongue that goes on and on in wagging*unless of course you are using it for purposes other than discoursing*

So the postures, inclines, appeal and positioning differs*yup, we are still talking about legs dear…And let’s keep those legs still out of bed! Har jagah “taang” nahi adhaane chahiye na?*

I have seen the most varied lay outs of legs in my life….
Have you ever seen legs positioned like <>?
Yes sir…a normal torso and suddenly as the body continues to diverge…it decides to form these sideways “V”s!
I have a relative in the family with such legs
*now if you are a relative and reading this…hey bhagwan…conk off this guy’s computer…and if God’s not obliged me yet…O mere rishtedaar, mujhe maaf kar do…bhagwaan ke liye, kyonki yeh technically unke he fault hain!*

So whenever I see him, I begin to wonder ke yeh chakkar kya hain?
Is there something really heavy somewhere there that his legs can’t seem to carry the weight of?
*Oye…I am looking at his belly and talking about it!
Don’t you go too deep in the story!*
He does have a good capon lined belly…it makes you marvel at how he would button and zip his trouser every day?
Pull upwards his belly manually, hold it there with one hand and use the other for adjustments before it falls and overlaps again!
Maybe the overload leads to the diversion…I fear now at the idea of him putting on more weight…imagine the <> going __
Ouch…painful thought!

Then there are legs that are fuller below the knee than top and others that are fuller at the thighs to suddenly turn into rods!
Some men have grandmother-like bulging mass legs and others have so many hair there that the leg’s skin colour forever remains a mystery!
Some women have those ugly bumps while others are satin slippery smooth! Put them up on a stilettoe and you’d have more things than just her frame, rising! She probably even would get a standing ovation!

Legs can be used to achieve many purposes and I am not talking of taking you and your butt from one place to another!
I mean look at all those legged beauties in tinsel town who wear gowns with long slits that seem to be alluringly beckoning!
Almost like giving a peek of the passage to greater things!
*No puns intended*

No game better than watching a pretty young thing, wearing a short skirt and showing well oiled or creamed legs, tilting them sideways as she sits or spreading them by just a degree to raise the tease…one on top of another…and all the men wishing they’d be crushed somewhere in between!
Oh yaar…any wise crack that I am attempting to make here is verging into the double meaning domain!
*My dear readers…you know na, that my intensions are pure and my innocence is…nahi pata to ab maan lo!*

Oho…nahi maante…
Chalo then pack up time…
Lemme remove this laptop from my legs…run my fingers down and point my toes in an elongated stretch and make my dearly beloved crave but I would not give in, wanting him to fret for indirectly leading to this post and saying...
Ab to ‘paon’ pakdoge tab he maanonge…;-)

16 February, 2010

Just Another Love Story? Part-3

(Please read Just another Love Story- Part 1 & 2, prior to this fiction tale, for getting the flow of events here!)

It is a different, out of this world feeling, walking side by side with the man you love!

As they walked down the long corridor, Shradha would catch a sideways glimpse of him, Siddharth would hold her hand; she’d turn around to walk backwards a few steps for she wanted to make him adorably conscious, inclining her face teasingly towards him, trying to pull him closer with their hands clasped. He would put his palms on her shoulders to turn her back on course, like you do with a truant hell bent on mischief.
Thus beaming and entering the movie hall, Shradha felt as though exiting from a cocoon forever!

Sid had asked for the seats of the last row but was provided those of the edge in the third last one. When they settled in, they realized a teenage couple had conquered the back benches. Darn! These do they always get their way? And why in god’s name were some twenty young inhabitants already colonizing the hall for such a wash out flick! Don’t they have anything better to do on a good, bright morning?

The lights went dim and then dimmer...till darkness enveloped them, projecting just their silhouettes against the screen glare. Any more self-restraint and Shradha felt she would burst. So giving in, she turned his face towards him and brushed her lips gently against his. It’s the era of the women lib, she reminded and consoled herself with for her unabashed expression! And as though, if it was not that era, she would have controlled herself!

“Baby, let the movie start!”
“Arre Sid, it’s already started. See they are showing the titles! How much more can a thing start now?”

And before he could say anything more in protest, she bent forward and kissed him again. This time it was how a kiss should be!
His big mouth covered her slightly quivering lips and continued to press on them with gentle yet hungry strokes. He tenderly bit her upper lip and then the lower one and gradually made it rigorous. He began to explore her sweetness and wetness with his tongue, as she gently moaned feeling her mouth ready to explode. He sucked her soft pink lips, then played with her shy tongue and then savored the juices of her delicious mouth. She just closed her eyes and succumbed, feeling the force of his eager mouth caress as though he wanted to gulp her down. She tilted her head slightly to take in more of him and he pushed his mouth deeper into hers.

They had often talked about how he wanted to kiss her. She had often speculated in her moments of solitude how this would feel. But this was beyond her confines of imagination. It was the most awesome kiss ever (despite her poor track record in this domain) and when his lips parted from hers, she had to gasp in deep, for she was actually breathless!

“Phew! You should have told me na babu that you are such an awesome kisser!”
“Phir kya hota?”
“Phir mein jaldi Mumbai aate na! And we would have not wasted the last couple of hours in talking!”

And she tried to reach to him again...
“Shreds, baby, there are people around!”
“F@#$ the people! I don’t care...Aap ne sherni ke mooh mein khoon laga diya and ab bolte ho sherni beta ja keertan kar...
Ghanta keertan hoga merese ab!”
“ know I love to hear you say this word in your accented way...You sound so cute! Oh, I could cuddle and squash you out!
I am not worried about me baby, I don’t want anything bad happening for you.”
“Oho...Babu but woh last benchers...woh bhi lage hue hain yaar and they are probably not even adults. Now don’t make me sound like a horny bitch in the heat! Kiss kar rahe ho ya peeche waale se jaake pooncho if he could handle two pair of female lips at a time?”

The affront on his manliness worked well, or so she thought!
And he kissed her again! He couldn’t help himself when she looked at him so imploringly with her innocent eyes as though he was doing the ultimate cruelty on her by keeping his lips away!
But he also quickly moved back conscious of not attracting unnecessary attention. This felt divine yet it was not heaven but a god damn public place after all!

“You know what, honestly Sid...before I came here, I was very nervous...I asked God ji...please don’t let anything happen beyond a kiss...aur ab I am kicking myself and looking gloweringly at God ji for listening to me now, of all the times!”
She grimaced like a baby and he reassured like a man!
Sid lovingly put his arm around her, cupping her cheeks with the other palm and she let her head rest on his shoulder, her fingers moving ahead to feel his neck and unbuttoning the first button of his shirt to feel his chest!

“Oh yaar...Shreds, pehle batana tha mere izzat lootne waale hain...I would have at least had sweeter and wetter dreams of it last night!”
“Oho, shut up...itne bade Mumbai...couldn’t you have hunted down for places where we could love each other in peace?”
“Sweetheart, kaam-shaam chodh kar ab yehi karonga kuch din, to be better prepared for your next visit!
Mmmm*smiling complacently*What are you doing with my chest hair?”
“Counting them to make a wig! What do you think I am doing babu? Feeling them with all the excitement in each of my pores in my already hyper circling my fingers on your broad strong chest. Your biwi is mad to push you away for being too hairy...I find it exciting yaar... mmmmmm*soft moans of pleasure* Ab bhagwan ke liye yeh mat kehna chodho mujhe sab kya kahenge?
Aur yeh my toes are feeling the legs above your socks...Don’t you dare tell me yeh bhi log dekh lenge!
Mumbai ke munde aise hote hain? Isse to ache Banaras ke baalayein hote hain!”

“Tell you what...we need to better occupy your hands and mouth...Now would you eat something...I am well fed but you must be hungry?”
“Hmm...But they can’t put you in a napkin and serve to me, can they? Boo hoo...Baby, I am so hungry for you and you are such a Phatoo Singh! Pehle kyon nahi bataya aapke itne phat te hain...aapko pehle he reject kar dete! Naam bade aur darshan chote!”
“Waah...kya zamana hain...guys are rejected because they are less physical than expected! Oh why was I born so early! I wanna be hot n young n, now, now!”
“No baby...too late. I have already prayed for you to lose your hair, grow fat and turn that no one else looks at you except me!”
And she bit her lower lip and ran her finger across her visible collar bones, fully aware of how it affected him!

Shradha had expected a hundred things to happen...but never in her wildest of reverie had she thought she would turn into such a desperate temptress. She had come to Mumbai with beliefs that Sid in all his madness would want more. The tables had turned and turned how! She never knew she was capable of such a physical urge and such strong sensual cravings would surface in her, beating on her insides!

With Param, being of her age, she was always the tougher one, supporting him through thick and thin as he grew more dependent on her. With Siddharth, he was THE man. She felt for the first time that here was someone who’d take care of her instead and she could just curl up in his arms and be lost. She felt safe and snug there. She felt the manliness of his expert touch as well as the roughness of wild love and mature passion. She felt as though he had cupped not just her face but her whole being in his sturdy hands! Suddenly Param at all of 28, was the boy again! And Siddharth was the man, how a man should be!

All her life being drawn to and pursued by the chocolaty cute boys, it suddenly dawned to her that a rugged, robust torso with a raw natural flavour was more stimulatingly and sumptuous!

“What are you watching so intently the screen for? There’s no porn there and I can’t see no naked women!”
“Baby, at least one of us should pretend that we are watching the movie.”
“Let’s pretend instead that there’s no one but us in this hall...pleeeeeeease”*making a baby face*
“Nope, let’s pretend instead that we have brains along with the balls and are not like those giddy teenagers sitting behind us!”

And Shradha sat back remembering how once Sid had called her very annoyed...
“I am so bugged know what, I caught these sales guys in the basement room, watching a triple X movie in the office premises! They were scared as hell when they saw me!”
“Oh my god...what nerve! What did you do then? Zyaada gussa to nahi kiya na?”
“Arre, kya baat kar rahe ho tum...Immediately bola, iske copy banao aur original ko turant mere cabin mein bhejo...hehe!”
“Offfffffffffffoooooooo...Siiiiiiiiiid! Kaise ho aap?
Then why on earth are you annoyed?”
“Arre kamino ne original ke jagah copy bhej de...jab kuch hone lagta hain...atak jaate hain...Now you tell me baby, what on earth is more annoying than that?”
Sid’s madness had made her so mad about him!

He ran his fingers through her soft full hair and wondered was there any spot in her body that was not soft?
His finger tips traced the features of her smiling face and her smooth skin as he secretly beamed at his good luck for having found her! She was just of a kind! A beauty with brains! He often told her... “Talking to you is like mental masturbation! You stimulate the teeniest of my grey cells into alertness!”
And she would often tell him...
“You are the extension of me in a male body and mind! If I was not me, I’d be you!”

After around a few dozen of big, small, wet, long, hot, cool, yummy, sucking, drooling, biting, licking, probing, greedy, enveloping, devouring, hasty, slow, hungry, poking kisses...the movie finally came to an end and it was time to drift bodily apart again! Although by now it was almost an excruciating pain to keep hands off each other!

“Sid, let’s go into the mall...I wanna buy you a watch, so that I always am around...just at an arm’s distance from you!”
They entered a lifestyle store and went through the watch counters!
They tried some...she frowned at one...looked indecisively at another...he looked through the price tags and then questioningly at her. He had almost never shopped for himself...and she wanted him to indulge...experience any and everything with her!

And suddenly the lights went off in the store!
It was like in the movies.
God ji was making up for not giving them enough of each other as they wanted!
A dim light shone from the other end as the sales guy at the counter went away to check. This time, Shradha took off one of her sandals and came closer to Siddharth. She wanted to feel all of his soaring length next to her own! They were inches away and just looking into each other’s eyes and smiling! It was a moment that a lifetime is made of!

“Let’s go to the rest room!”
She pulled him by the hand and it meant clearly...Mister just shut up and follow me, coz you don’t have a choice here!
A little space outside the rest room was deserted and this time Siddharth pined Shradha to the wall and pressed his body onto hers. He held her face in his palms and gave her a long smooch, the way he always wanted to, being face to face, wrapping every inch. She felt him towering over her and was most glad to be lost within him! He pulled apart at the slightest of sounds, fearing someone would come in and she got him back by pulling his jacket and again on her mouth! It was yet another flash that they’d relive for their eternity. Just about a minute spent there was going to leave an indelible impact on every kiss they had from there after!

An elegant watch was bought, matching with Sid’s persona and the bill slip kept safely by him!
“It has your name on the receipt I shall cherish it forever!”
Shradha had a membership card for the store.
His saying so almost broke her heart for she could perceive the genuine fondness with the teeniest thing about her, in his eyes and smile that shone just for her.

They got onto an elevator to reach to the basement parking! It provided them half a minute of solitude as people got out on their way down. Kisses of urgency and a tight hug followed, with the thought of separation killing them softly! They touched each other as though trying to frame a mental picture of how it felt, so that the memory remains etched, long after they could touch no more!

Sid forgot where he had parked the car in the huge parking premises! This had never happened to him before in all his twenty years of driving! But then Shradha had never happened to him before either, in all his thirty five years of living!
They walked about hand in hand, looking for the car!
Shradha was praying they would not find it for at least another hour so that they’d be like this for a while more. But even five hundred cars there, could not camouflage the inevitable.

It was evening and time to part ways! She was aware of a searing pain in her heart at the prospect of having to go and maybe not see him again for god knows how many months or even years. She was to leave for Banaras the very next day! He felt snubbed as though someone was slowly pulling out the thread of the throbbing heart within him!

They were returning back to the civilization and existences that they called life and breathed in but feeling they were leaving their souls with one another!
He felt a strange heaviness in his heart...she felt her dream was crimpling down. Would it ever be the same to just talk on the phone?
How difficult or easy would it be for now for he would remember every move she made, how she walked, how clearly her laugh rang and the little dimple that formed on her cheek when she whined like a baby. She would remember how firm was his grip, how gently he had mapped the outline of the curves of her mouth with his finger, how amazing it felt running her fingers through his hair!

Was it for the better or for the worse that they met?
Once out of the parking lot, Shradha got down and hollered for a cab and Sid geared to drive away in the opposite direction!
Was it symbolic or just cruelly ironic?
They moved on to their separate paths after it seemed of having lived a lifetime!

It’s not just another love story!
The best love stories are perhaps left incomplete and unsaid!

13 February, 2010

Just Another Love Story? Part-2

(Please read ‘Just another Love Story? Part 1’, before this to understand the import of the continuing tale here)

Shradha’s body had settled in but she had still not!
Phew! Just a couple of feet away from the man to whom she had breathed out, countless times over the phone, the three, golden, magical words “I love you”! And now she was almost and literally speechless!

She was glad that he was driving, so the focus was on the road and not on his scrutinizing how she looked. She didn’t dare to look too much at him herself, feeling extremely conscious of the proximity. He smiled, spoke a few words to make her comfortable and held her hand. The touch made her a bundle of nerves for a moment, but then as their fingers clasped, within seconds strangely enough, it made her relax. His beautiful, clear, deep voice resounded again, reminding her that he is the one, with whom she spends endless hours every day over the phone and yet feel the need to talk more.
She knew every emotion and motion that he had passed through in his three and a half decades of life!

Yes, they had talked their lives and guts out!
They had laughed and loved and lived each moment of togetherness. Now she smiled again for when he laughed, she saw his teeth!
“Heeeeeeeeey, you’ve got teeth...yipieeeee...I always thought they were probably not there or really dirty n brown for all your pictures are with a lips compressed smile.”
“Baby, just because I don’t show many things to you, it does not mean they don’t exist! You wanna know what else I have that you’ve not seen?” *Wink, wink!*

Suddenly he was no stranger, he was mad like she knew him to be and remarkably enough she felt as though they had never been parted, forget about having never met before. Sid, for that’s what she called him, in his characteristic mischievous way, winked and whistled and told her that he thought she looked beautiful and never would you have seen a redder tinge than what spread on her cheeks, as she smiled coyly. With her soft palm, she physically turned away his face on the road to stop him from looking at her with hungry eyes. And then when her nerves had eased, she raised her own long lashes to look at him. And she smiled for she liked what she saw!

Sid was thirty five...way older than her...yet seemed equally fact won’t be an exaggeration to say, jitterier than she was. He said he spent one hour in dressing that morning and gulped down three parathas and a couple of sandwiches to ward off the anxiety and just to keep his hands occupied.
Gone was his overflowing, confident demeanour that was conspicuous in telephonic conversations...well, not exactly. He smiled shyly when she gazed at his countenance so perfectly etched...the taut jaw line, the little eyes that closed shut when he laughed aloud while his head tilted backwards, the cheeks that formed adorable moulds just before meeting up with the long nose...the narrow ears with the softest earlobes and broad forehead that spoke of the immense brain that lay within.

“Baby, just look at our hands together here, clasping the gear...yours so white and mine so black!”
“Babu, but then look at the skill of the palms too...yours holding mine so perfectly and my crumbling to fit in!”
He smiled.............and sang for her. Siddharth always did that to woo Shradha. He sang when they spoke on the phone for the first time (after a month of writing emails to each other), sang whenever she asked him to, wherever too, like from the men’s loo, like from outside the classroom of his daughter’s PTA meeting!

Yes, he was crazy about her! And for Shradha, anything and everything about him seemed he said often teasing her, that she was blindfolded with the strip of love to notice the flaws.
Perhaps she was!

His wheatish complexion brought more character to his appearance but the over worked eyes seem to betray the churns of everyday humdrums of life! Yet his buoyancy was infectious and sent a thrill down Shradha’s spine, for it seemed every pore in his body was just as enlivened to see her. She basked in the smug satisfaction of being within his aura!

She let her gaze travel around for a while at the skyscrapers and yet it returned to him, magnetically...her curiosity making her give in. She squeezed his hand and felt the strength of his grip. She had often thought of how his long fingers would feel entwined in hers and felt her goose bumps rise at the idea of this realization. She noticed how beautifully the corners of his lips curled up playfully, when he smiled in embarrassment of being blatantly stared at. And she enjoyed his slight discomfort that made her lose all of her inhibitions. Suddenly she had metamorphosed from being ‘the hunted’ to becoming ‘the hunter’! Her hands moved boldly and further on him to explore.

She felt his salt n pepper hair ending at the nape of his neck and gently touched them. He smiled for he enjoyed her dainty fingers creating magical, soft circular strokes in his hair and then patting his cheeks. This was no longer was real and here to stay. She belonged to him all that day and something in him reassured...not just for the day, but for life! He felt the excitement of a teenager and simultaneously the mad rush of the insane. He felt everything with her and nothing beyond her.

“Baby, if you’ll keep touching me like would be soooo hard!”
“Huh, what?”
“Arre matlab so hard to drive yaar! Ram, Ram...what a dirty mind you have!”
“And how about this then?”
She took his fore finger and licked it. She had seen this in the movies and noticed how the hero would wedge moan fully at this action. Sid laughed and hugged tight his innocent Shradha, trying with all her mettle to please him...driving him crazier with the effort than the act itself!

And she questioned him teasingly, “Tell me, is this better or worse than with those two bimbettes who came before me?”
“Huh? Which bimbettes? Was there anything before you?”
“Acha ji...we are playing dumb now, are we?”
“Baby, anything before you has faded and everything after you would be jaded!”
The perfect answer, as always! Perhaps by now he had learnt what made her smile and shut up with her half-jealous queries.

Sid was a successful software engineer, also married, to a pretty wife and had a delightful daughter. But unlike her, this was not the first time he had been unfaithful...or shall we say, deviated from the monogamous course. He had met a couple of girls before on similar kind of a date...but then he said it was more of physical than a mental connect. He had never any qualms in admitting that he had a hyper libido that was sadly under satiated in the routine and monotonous chains of matrimony. Yet he never said that he didn’t love his wife either. He had well etched out boundaries and clear perceptions of how he wanted things. Yet Shreds, for that’s what he called Shradha, had ruffled his calm surface and caused ripples that were beyond his control. So he would tease her that she had ‘shred’ him apart and the name kinda stayed!

There was something about her that made him call her after almost every couple of hours, for her voice would fill up some void and she would make him feel wispy like a feather! So it was difficult to say if she was more intoxicated by him or he was more enchanted by the temptress, for slowly Shreds was getting comfortable in her skin, almost sexy and beckoning!

Despite facing glitches at work, Sid had taken a day off, for this rendezvous had been the most awaited moment from the six months that they had known each other. They had planned for, imagined and relived it again and again countless times and the pleasure of seeing a dream come true was visible on both of their faces.

“Sid, we could meet up in some store of a big mall?”
“Ya, like you can go in the changing room and I can tag along as loose change...waise bhi I would get ‘loose morals syndrome’ when I’d be around you!”

“Sid, how about going for a smooch on the terrace of a five star hotel, jahan koi aata jaata nahi? Hmmmmm?”*with a proud grin for floating such a wonderful proposal*
“Darling, agar wahan koi aata jaata nahi, to hum wahan kaise pahunchenge?”*with a prouder grin, for bursting her bubble*

What had begun as a teasing, intimate friendship somehow had curved into an inseparable link of love that bound them most unreasonably and irresistibly. Two people committed and devoted to their life partners had found life and living beyond them and ‘I love you’ came out tumbling naturally like water unable to restrain when the shutters of a dam are sprung open! The best or worst part of it all was the deep physical urge that they felt for each addiction...that disallowed keeping their hands off each other!

They used to often joke to lighten up the sexual tension:
“Sid, I think I am using you for your body! My ‘I love you’ is actually ‘I lust you.”
“Shreds, wow...please don’t think so much baby that you change your mind. Use and misuse me darling...I am all ready wink and I’d strip...honest to goodness!”
“No yaar...I mean seriously...did you ever think you would be someone’s fantasy pin up boy?”
“Aa I now? Par ruko...I shouldn’t give in so quickly na? Nahhhhhhhhin...mere izzat se mat khelo.”
“Ab bachke kahan jaaoge lusty Ranjeet laugh Sid, with tongue lolling at the sight of your qatil jawaani!”

For a while they just drove around, making use of the traffic light signals to stop and stare. He spoke, she laughed...he touched and felt the softness of her arms and asked if she had just bathed with milk and creamed herself with butter and emerged before him to make him wonder if this was real. “Gawsh, I’m glad you are not married to me...imagine the cost of getting milk everyday for you to bathe in! Waise hamare shaadi ho gaye hote to hum duniye ke le lete na...that is jab ek doosre ka lena dena over hota” and the winks again!

He drove through to a coffee house facing the sea side and next to a cinema hall, for he wanted to see her face to face, before they could go in for a movie to be lost in the darkness!

“Sid, you are not that tall that we are out of the car!
“Shreds, you are wearing heels na baby.”
“Awww...but I thought you’d be towering over me...never had six feet of length so close!”
“Darling, there are so many lengths that you can feel close today!”
“Uff*with a make-believe face of annoyance* kabhi seedhe baat ke hain aapne? I thought you were a gentleman who would never cross the line.”
“I am yaar...pucca, I would never cross the line. I’d just pull you over to my side!”

He ordered for a cappuccino and she drank some hot chocolate, after they bought tickets for the worst and most boring movie running in that multiplex. Shradha spoke to Param who had called up to find out about her progress and Sid messaged to his wife Nivedita that he won’t come home for lunch as there was an official meeting!
Occupational hazards of those employed by extra marital clutches!

Shreds handed over a gift to Sid and saw him beam like a five year old who had just grabbed a favourite toy.
“Wow! Can I open it just now? I have this thing for gifts...I just can’t wait!”
“Can you wait for anything ever, babu? Please do and I hope you like it.”
“Baby, I could have waited forever for you to say ‘yes’, at least ab yeh bolne mein kya ja raha hain, right? Hey, I am ripping apart the wrapping sheet darling, though don’t get any wrong ideas, I am much gentler when it comes to doing the same with women!”

Shradha smiled, gently pinched him and showed her tongue, “Veeeeeeeeeery funnnnny na, Sid!”
“ got me a, but this is very expensive!”
“Oh shut up...just spray some n tell me if you like it.”
“ n strong, just as I like it...the fringe benefits of having a super sexy, super rich girl friend. Hey, but I didn’t get anything for you!”
“Mmm*holding his wrist*...I love it now even more since I get to sniff it off your delicious skin! You call me daily n subah shaam na baba and we spend hours on phone for which you you give a gift to me every day!”
“Awwww....n please don’t lick that hot chocolate off your lower lip like that...It makes me kinda hot!”
“You are anyways hot babu...any hotter and I’d burn by your mere touch!”
“Wait till we get inside that movie hall and I’d show you how it really burns!”

Despite herself, she couldn’t help but smile and bite her lower lip and despite himself, he raised a finger to touch the outlines of her juicy looking, protruding lips. And there was silence. They just looked at each other and became oblivious to the surroundings till the waitress brought in the cheque to be paid!

And the spell was broken again!
It was time for the movie to begin...Shradha mischievously and deliberately licked off the hot chocolate, pouting teasingly and instantly got what she aimed at...his big grin that screamed of his desire.

The movie was a boring political saga....but for Shradha and was sure going to be a mind blowing adventure!

(To be continued....)

10 February, 2010

Just Another Love Story? Part 1

It was the umpteenth time that Shradha checked her watch and inestimable occasion that she told the butterflies in her stomach to settle. She was half anxious and half jubilant...barely managing to contain herself as her legs trembled under her voluptuous frame. This was a new ball game all over least so after seven years of her uneventful and placid marriage. She was going on her first date...the date with a man who was not her husband!

The milling crowd at the Bandra station went past her as she got down the Mumbai local train. Mumbai-the Maximum City always made her nervous. The cosy and proverbial air of her Banaras lanes, were more of her defining element...even though her free spirit often revolted against the mental confinement there. Mumbai would provide her the relieving breather, but too many days here also had the propensity to make her feel lost among the quick footsteps and quicker changing virtues.
Being a renowned fashion designer of her quaint little town, work often brought her here...but this time it was not business...just pleasure! And this was perhaps her last visit in a long time, for she was winding up her own career to join her husband’s firm. Last though it cannot term it as the least...for it was momentous by any standards!

She was supposed to meet Siddhartha here...and it was almost time now! Funny how six months ago, Siddhartha could have been just another name and six months from then, it had become a name that made the very fabric of her existence. She was not looking for love...but when it came by, slyly knocking at her doorsteps, she felt she was too weak to resist and too willing perhaps to act coy. She was left wondering today as her body moved towards the exit and mind wandered towards every other possibility. Had she been too quick in giving in? Is this right? Should she reconsider still, the bonds and faith she had shared with Param, her husband of seven years? Is this the so-called ‘seven year’s itch’?

She reminded herself how Param and she had fallen in love nine years ago. He was the event manager and she the designer of the gala show and how breathless he made her feel in the very first go. But the way she felt giddy was a purely matchless feeling, hitherto unknown to her body and senses and hence making her flutter and curious, to relate to this nameless aspect of her own self!

Tried as much as she could, her mind just wavered back to Siddhartha.
She had found him on the internet or had he perhaps found her? She was never so sure about who found what first...what she was sure of was that she had found love...the kind of love that fantasies are made of...the kind of love that little girls grow up dreaming about and spending each day of their existence waiting for it to dawn on their lives.

Shraddha had taken a while to dress that morning. Though generally ready in five minutes her standards taking fifteen was a whole lot. The last five minutes in that had been spent critically analysing herself in the mirror. Do I look like the person he seems to know through the chats? Would I seem too proper in this or too desperate in that? After about another split second of a hundred analysis, she just gave up. She straightened the folds of her jeans, adjusted the flowing, semi clinging tunic, brushed her hair, added the mascara, pressed her lips to even out the semi nude shade of her lipper, flung the bag on her shoulder and dashed out.

Little did she realize how flirtishly her freshly washed hair fell over her shoulders and so did the fringe covering half of her forehead in an incline. How delicious she smelt, just out of the shower and how fresh and vulnerable her entire hesitant yet gorgeous frame projected. The georgette top accentuated her curves and the hint of make up on her flawless white skin beamed a glow that was rare. Plus it was that brought the pink flush on the cheeks and the glint in her almond shaped eyes. She fussed over just a few extra pounds she had always wanted to shed! What the heck! I am 28 now and he isn’t expecting a 21 petite college girl either. Although at the back of her mind, it played on her that at 35, he could be called very well maintained. A bit of a paunch you could say, but the smooth skin and curly hair and a towering six feet frame...he could still make heads turn! Shradha silently and secretly smiled within at the thought that such a man was crazy about her and hoped that he would remain even after today’s encounter!

And one last stroke of her hair with her fingers and she was done. She came out at the predetermined spot, breathed out deep and waited. She looked around into the faces and in them searching for a face that was unseen yet not unknown...the face that didn’t matter really for she was madly in love, yet the gnawing fears rising...what if she didn’t like his face? What if he flashed a letchy expression? What if his body language completely turned her off? What if he thought she was pretty only in her pictures? What ifs went on and she had to consciously tell her mind to shut up. She closed her eyes for a flip second to ward off all other thoughts and regain her composure. But when she opened them again, she saw a car stopping in front of her. And her heart skipped a was him.
She was finally meeting him. This was actually happening...
She just stood there...too stunned to move...her heartbeat going lub dub!

He bent forward and opened the car door...and flashed a big smile at her and asked, “Are you planning to get in or has my appearance made you so horrified that you are looking for ways to run from here?”
Ah, and she came out of her spell. Oh, that wit...the instantaneous flow of the most brilliant she had fallen for it in the first place and since then, kept falling and falling. She smiled and got in and the wheels turned to take them to destinations unknown!

(To be continued....)
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