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24 April, 2019

Some Day...

Dear Beloved,

Some day, I hope to understand you. What makes you and makes you unmake me. Why you do what you do and why you don’t do what I wish you would. Where do you keep all that love hidden inside, that I feel but you wouldn’t let me touch. What words come to your lips and then retreat?

Some day, you would open up the inner linings of your heart and show me where I reside or resided or maybe just rented space for a while.

You would tell me of those brief moments in many, when you felt closest to being in love. Also of the time when our drifting away began.

Some day, you will pour out what you really feel rather than hiding behind the garbs of polite lies and vehement affirmations or denials.

You would leave me with surety than doubt, with peace than war, with a beaming smile than brimming eyes. Not always you do so, but yes, sometimes.

Some day, you’ll tell me you miss me before keeping down the phone instead of “take care”. Or when I pick up the call, you’ll scream to me you miss me instead of “how are you?”

You would be the first one to text or would beg to see me or refuse to keep the phone down.

Some day, you would walk back to me and tell me you want to die in my arms. And I’ll let you, only to resurrect you with soft kisses. We’ll watch the stars and talk the night away. You would sleep with my thoughts and wake up to my smile. When you’d not just want me. But need me.

Some day, you would realize that love is not a scary word. It’s a commitment alright but not enslavement. It’s liberating. It’s okay to give and take love, despite the odds. That we need to think of the present and not the past or the future. We. Here. Now. Is all that matters.

Yours only.

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