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21 August, 2011

The Night to Remember!

Her giggle filled the dark and desolate corner of the unkempt park that was like an upbeat prostitute-in demand during prime time and then brutally ignored when without. Darkness and mirth generally do not go hand in hand unless it is to walk down the path of sinful bliss. Her subdued effort to hide it could not conceal this obvious pleasure. It was a lucky thing that the nearest guard’s post was a good hundred meters away-this meant they could get away with anything...yes, anything!

Romona and Ambrish were naturally and slowly slid into the experimental mode-more like drugged into it. After months of ‘being’ in love, they were getting to manifest it into bodily exploration. They both lived “virtually” as neighbours in the posh locality of the apartments sprawling opposite the huge campus of that private technical college but could never find a common ground to meet without prying eyes and gossiping acquaintances. They had run out of excuses also to bump into each other, with an age gap of three years-Romona being fifteen and Ambrish all of eighteen. After painstaking scheming, they finally managed their first clandestine date and then decided to declare their official ‘status’ to friends the next day. There was an inexplicable excitement seething within their small frames. After all there is just once in a lifetime that you lose your virginity and the prospect that hitherto scared youngsters seems to be viewed with a stance of adventure in the current times.

It was Ambrish’s birthday to legal adulthood and when asked by his steady girlfriend, what he wanted as a gift, no prizes for guessing, he voiced his dream of seeing her gift wrapped so he could slowly unfurl and taste the eagerly awaited gratification. They had talked over the phone for hours about what they wanted to do to each other and now in that dusk dipped evening of solitude and almost no light except the faint sheen of some street lamp at a far off distance of the closed college block, their dreams were finally seeing the daylight.

Romona had almost sighed with some bugs hovering over her head and butterflies in her well toned stomach, sitting crumpled on a big rock behind the thickest of hedges. Doing some random text forwards on her phone, she waited like Prince Charming would have, to find Cinderella gone without her shoe-she waited for darkness to fall. She had sauntered in as an evening walker, though a tad overdressed for it.

“Fuck! All that time spent on dressing up was such a waste.” She could barely tell even the colour of her see-through top, let alone the colour of her cheeks, which blushed even further as she had finally heard Ambrish’s whisper, for he was to walk in about half an hour after her. ‘Clever’ she had thought of him with an unspoken pride, to be so meticulous and for all the detailed planning to keep it hush-hush. It was THE big night as she jumped up to hug him. The first physical touch sent a charge down their systems as hungry bodies clung to each other, yearning for a fusion.

“Fuck!” he grimaced.
“This is the first thing that you have to say on meeting me Rishu-reallyyy?”
“Baby, it’s not that. I forgot the damn condom.”
“Crap...although I knew something like that might conspire. "Happy birthday, baby!” And Romona presented herself to him with condoms dangling at the ends of her forefingers teasingly. ‘Clever’ she had thought of herself too, when as if to defy it, her mobile phone began to ring in the most obnoxious of Lady Gaga’s numbers, breaking the silence sheepishly like a jarring note stuck in peaceful flowing music.

“Switch the damn thing off’ll get us noticed,” is what Ambrish could manage to mutter in the quietest of blasting tones.

“It’s Natashi. Oh god, I told her I’ll call after we finish. She’s as excited about this as you are,” she almost laughed, switching off her phone. “Baby, stop frowning. Just because I can’t see that frown too well does not mean that I can’t feel it,” and she ran her fingers tenderly all over his face and melted him faster than ice in daylight. His hands clenched her tight by the back and pressed her to himself feeling her well endowed chest breathing heavily against him. It was so difficult to contain himself now for the moment he had fantasized about for hours at an end sometimes, was materializing and for a while he did not know what to do first.

He began to grope and closed her mouth with his own, his heart beat skyrocketing. So this was what all the porn promised, he mused with eyes closed. So this was how the fairytales feel, she reflected. He unbuttoned her shirt with a frantic zeal unmatched by all that he had felt for all the expensive gadgets that his father’s money had got.

“Kaun hain wahan?” said a stern tone, in a heavy local accent, accompanied with a thud sound of a laathi beaten on the cemented floor and a flashlight blinding their vision momentarily. And the lovers fumbled-Ambrish trying to get in control of himself and Romona of her clothes and almost bare torso. They couldn’t see the guard but knew it was one by the sound and situation that they were in.

“To yahan tum chora chori mauj karne aaye, haan?” and gurgled a mean laughter that instantly sent a chill down Romona’s spine. Trying to be the man there Ambrish got up to explain but could barely walk a few steps ahead, with the light focussed on his eyes, when the well targeted laathi came crashing down his head, making him squeal and slip into unconsciousness. Romona gasped in horror as she saw Ambrish fall to darkness and felt the gleam on her face now. The torch then moved down on her body, as though the guard was relishing every inch and the slow movement of the light became excruciatingly painful for the victim.

For victim she was now transpiring to become, as she realized and her body shuddered at the prospect of what could happen now. She tried to speak but words came out dreadfully broken and sweat covered her even in the cool windy evening perhaps just as much as fright enveloped her. She could shout for help but at that time there were no walkers and this was the most secluded, closed block of the college-they had made sure of that before setting up the date but apparently not sure enough. The other nagging dilemma was that even if someone did come for help, how she would explain to people what she was doing there in the first place. Teenage is a tough phase when you have to make decisions based on morals and righteousness-the path is always slippery and the walker always tentative and unapprised.

The guard walked towards her, fully aware of the predicament of the pretty young thing before him, perhaps even better than she was. She did not know that he had watched them since the time they were together, as he was walking back after the end of his shift from the path behind the undergrowth. He knew he wasn’t much visible to the girl and that her phone was switched off and if there was light enough, perhaps she would see on his face the most devilish grin that had ever so blatantly smeared a human countenance.

The next few minutes saw Romona encounter the worst nightmare of her life as he ripped her off the modesty that is transfixed to a woman’s soul. She had come there knowing she was going to surrender her all, but never in her most horrendous of horrors would she have imagined it happening like this. Her mouth was closed as the bulky and sweaty man overpowered her and brutally satisfied the unwarranted lust that had taken over his body. She was wriggling in pain both physical and mental and tears were the only way that the agony seemed to be finding an outlet, as her entire being crumpled. She tried to move a hand to reach to Ambrish or fight back but she was too tiny before the monster like every biggest of good thing just by itself becomes miniscule before the unfeeling relentlessness of the evil.

Half an hour later Romona walked out in a dishevelled state to Natashi’s house where she was supposed to be for the night spend. Her clothes were untorn but her body and soul were in irreparable shreds. She did not know how Ambrish was and couldn’t care less. Suddenly love was no longer magical. Suddenly life was transformed within a matter of a few minutes. Although swinging between regret and anger, she knew there was no other end to this except utter helplessness, for she couldn’t even identify her assaulter with conformity. What was to be the night to remember, became the night she could never forget!

P.S. Though the drama is fabricated, the story is based on the fact that a couple of teenagers were caught making out in a secluded park recently. It has led to way lot of gossiping and speculation but perhaps what no one learnt from this was that even the smallest of risks can sometimes lead to the most hazardous of damages. Having to deal with students myself, I am aware of how lightly they take such matters and how quickly they jump into relationships that cloud reasoning. This is an attempt to make them think over before doing anything “blindly” in love.


Anwesa said...


Tanvi said...

O.M.G. Su .... such a heart wrenching story ... though I knew what was coming as soon as that "light' came but still wanted to read to be sure ... I am so glad I was a responsible teenager and never had the balls to take such risks .... but I do know that today the girls do not think it is a big deal. I hope they do read your post and learn. Everyone is in such a hurry to grow up but they don't realize once you grow up there is no going back!

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Mani Lalwani said...

I feel dull and numb...
You say Please leave me something here, if I left you with a thought...any thought:-)
ya, u did make me think... how my generation is so careless abt such matters...
what they don't realize is that making out is both physical and emmotional in nature..

am sharing this on my fb for others to read as well.

p.s. - its like ages i havent beeen here.. :(
new backdrop, new header.. good hai suruchi ji ;)
laziness always gets better of me !

likhte raho :)

blunt edges said...

Ok am reading again today and I started with your blog, like I promised :)
And what a tale! A tale that could have had so many different endings, but you chose the most tragic. And yet it's the most wonderful thing I have read in a long long time :)

And you saved the best line for the last: "What was to be the night to remember, became the night she could never forget!"
I personally believe that every literary piece should have one line that defines the write-up, and that line does just that. Brilliant Suruchi!

PS: I don't fault the kids for that, I guess it's a part of growing up. The curiosity, the excitement, the hormones. They were just unlucky according to me. But then, it's just me :)

Deepika said...

i agree.. being myself a teenager.. on last year of it though.. i too have 'known' such cases.. and its purely the carelessness of today's generation reflected through these instances....

Sameera said...

I had goosebumps. :/

Soumyadeep said...

Ur blog is right from the heart....

Soumyadeep said...

Plz visit my blog on social & political issues and give ur valuable comments:

Upasana said...

Numb and full of goosebumps.You did leave me with lots of thoughts.Fabulously gripping story.

☆ Rià ღ said...

This was so scary...its sad hw sometimes plans go so awfully wrong.

WarmSunshine said...

Love is so overrated. Period.

Am In Trance said...

Really sometimes I wonder what the coming generation of teens will look like...! Aaj ye haalat hai, toh kal kya hoga ?
A very 'Kholne waala' Post tha.. Kholna matlab 'Aankhein Kholna (Eye Opener)'..! Nothin' Else...

Again A Great One From You.. This should be made a compulsory story in School & college books..

As Always... You Are The Best...

(P.S. What happened to that Guy ? Later he must have gone & gossiped about how he finished the job to his friends.. Pakka..!)

SUB said...

that was scary...nicely written...

P.S. but that does not make love overrated though...feelings of love is based on personal bias is that it is a great thing...

Scribbling Gal said...

I am speechless..I have goosebumps...May this happen to noone ever.....

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

What should I say? When it started off, it looked like an erotic escapade which soon turned ugly and ravenous with the entry of that Sonofabitch Guard. Who the heck would call a Guard if it is a guard who infringes the modesty of a young lover and in such way?

An interesting narrative. I still cannot digest the fact, though its well proven that such incidents of teen affairs and physical relationships is thriving here too.
'Hansne khelne ke dino mein bachhe in emotional cheezon ko mazaak bana rahe hain'.

A nice narrative and an awesome read.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Sakshi said...

And this is a reality! I have nothing to say really!

Live2cherish said...

Great bit of advise but why so tragic re? Common, teens have so many things to worry about, don't ruin this phase for them.

Shady said...

only if ...............

maithili said...

You have brought out the naked truth (pun intended)
Young couple desperate to lose their virginity making out in parks and secluded places is not unseen or unheard of.. Things could get, and they have, out of hands of these lovers by some pervert. We have had cases where some men disguise as cops and harass the young lovers and misbehave with the girl..extreme being a cop himself raping a girl in broad daylight in his very own chowkie..that too in a city like MUmbai!
It is the responsibility of parents and well wishers to put light on these topics.. In a conservative environment, mistakes and escapades are bound to happen..

maithili said...

You have been mentioned on my blog.. Please do check..Hoping a positive reply from you :)

suruchi said...

Issues of assault on girls and women leave me with the same kind of restlessness and numbness...and sometimes a whole lot of frustration.

What happened to your old blog...was looking out for your posts?

Our times as teenagers were still responsible no matter all the illicit fun we had-in these times the “chalta hai” attitude and the silencing of the conscience is becoming way too common-like you said, everyone is in such a hurry to grow up and to experience stuff!

suruchi said...

You don’t know what a high it is to see you here and an honour that you started reading with me...yiy, yiy, yiy...such an absolute sweetheart you are!

And though this sad post is not how I would have liked you to begin your reading with....but then the fact that you read and liked makes me very overwhelmed...thank you! You calling it wonderful and brilliant just made my day although I know you are super biased when it comes to me;-)

I am not blaming the kids either-they are too immature to understand stuff and too hormone driven to think reasonably...I just wanted to bring it across that sometimes anyone can get unlucky and really unlucky to provide a food for thought!:-)

suruchi said...

Thanks for sharing the post...and even though emotions are involved in many cases, it is strange that the emotions are as easily given up as obsessively acquired!

And stop being lazy...write n read more Mani JI:-)

It is part carelessness and part curiosity...they are actually too young to weigh all pros and cons..hell, even at this age I sometimes find it difficult to take decisions:/

suruchi said...

It is sad and not really impossible...things can sometimes really go wrong!

Thank you...would try to visit your page soon:-)

@Upasana n Ria,
Sad truths of life-it takes very less to turn a blessing into a curse within minutes!

suruchi said...

I know, right...and our children growing up to be a part of that ‘care-a-damn’ generation is a scary thought sometimes!

But I don’t think THIS can be a part of any school or college syllabus-for obvious kholne waale reasons! Though something more explicit should!
Thank you as always for never forgetting to call me “the best”:-)

I don’t know what would have happened to the guy-there could have been so many possibilities...I deliberately did not leave much backdrop to him leaving it open for interpretations! :-)

suruchi said...

Love is not really overrated...just that people sometimes don’t/can’t live up to the expectations...and it is soooooooooooo difficult to find people who do!

@Scribbling Gal,
Yes, may it never-girls in this age are too young to understand what’s right or wrong and too impressionable to not get effected by it for life!

There is nothing really to say! Just something to feel sad about!

suruchi said...

Hi Anshul,
I soooooooooo wanna write an erotic escapade someday-just a silly whim of trying that genre to see if I can get away with it!

Anyways, while I was writing this, I wanted to write about the irony of using the term ‘guard’ too...and when I read you mention it-it brought such a big broad smile, despite the sad context. I know, mazaak he ban gaya hain everything-and if someone takes the matters of heart too seriously, he/she is quick to be dubbed with silly names and tags!

Thanks for reading:-)

suruchi said...

I so agree...the cases in the newspapers are getting shocking and disgusting by the day. What you mentioned just adds to the entire madness that needs to be addressed for youngsters! And conservative n restrictive environments actually add to such risks and thereby greater and sadder blunders!

And I had checked out your blog this morning only and wanted to comment-but stupid BSNL and the rains kept my internet on a hide n seek mode-would love to join in...and congratulations on the 100th:-)

suruchi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
suruchi said...

I generally am far from tragic-pata nahi...somehow this post materialsed...hopefully would return to some lighter stuff soon:-)

If only.....:-)

Like all people are not the same-so are not all the experiences...
Love itself is not bad, just like anything never is!
Hoe it is used and who uses it makes the difference...I have always maintained there can be nothing more beautiful than love and nothing uglier:-)

Pythoroshan said...

even after she was left stranded with Ambrish down, i was kinda hoping for a happy ending..a miracle saviour or escape... but thats just me..and i think thats just the problem.. we all look for the miracle "save" to arrive, but life isnt like that...ppl need to know that bad things happen..

a wonderfully told story, Suruchi..

Anonymous said...

This i feel would be the concluding part of your write up:

If ramona wud have told ambrish abt the incident later on...there is mere 10% chance that he wud accept her...coz all he wanted was plain sex and love was not evn there...coz love is not mere physical its more emotional. its emotional u need to be close to someone to love them trust them....trusting is imp ! aur luckily har ladka ambrish jaise nahi hota...

A said...


Your fiction conveys 'a' message loud and clear. My question is

1. Should teenagers find a safe place - safer from people who are supposed to protect and crooks?


2. Teens shall refrain?

The Girl with broken heels said...

That post made a point.

Coming from the conventional line of thought, every individual is responsible for his/her own safety and we all know that no matter how advanced a society we become, women will always be looked down upon for incidents like these and that is sad.

Sairam said...

I could imagine the 'screeching psycho' sound when the guard's latthi is heard.

Don't you think the fiction would have created more excitement if you had stopped there?

Purba said...

Suruchi...that was brutal. I am in two minds between applauding your superb story telling skills and sorrow for the young in love couple whose idyllic world came crashing down.

You made the characters come alive, the euphoria, the dread, the numbness..

A standing ovation to you.

R-A-J said...

Wow, extremely powerful write up... Simply brilliant!!!

Alka Gurha said...

Captiviting, poignant and real...the situation came alive by the narrative.

Initially I thought it was an explicit post, then I thought it was about moral policing but it turned out to be a lesson for many youngsters.

suruchi said...

We all look for happy endings...sad endings leave a bad taste in the mouth!
Probably in real life there would normally not be such a mess...but then there are chances still of it happening and hence the story.

Thank you Roshan, any praise coming from the master story teller is like the direct gateway to heaven:-)

suruchi said...

I am not sure if I wanted Ambrish to be so totally sex motivated...
Though I agree he might not accept her and I also feel that maybe she might not want to go back to him considering he was kinda responsible for it all!

Too many ends...left open for interpretation!

@The Girl with broken heels,
Women are not being looked down upon for incidents like these but definitely they can be expected to behave more responsibly so as to not bring about unwarranted attention towards them.

Crimes of rapes against a woman’s modesty is in itself the saddest thing of all.

suruchi said...

Teens should definitely refrain...there’s a whole life left for experimentation and exploration.
My god, we didn’t even know most of the terms till we left school and were today’s times school going kids already have a history of whom they have dated and slept with!

Teenage is for sure not the right time to indulge in physical attachments...light hearted flirting and love would have its time!
That’s my view:-)

Thank you:-)

suruchi said...

Offo...if I would have stopped the post there...this would have turned into a James Bondish post or an Ekta Kapoor serial, na?:-)

Thank you so much for those very soothing and ear pleasing words.
You know when people whom you respect for their mastery over the pen, say nice things to you, it is the nicest of feelings:-)

Thank you, I guess I kept changing tracks...and you so rightly picked up all the deviations:-)

Rachit said...

an eye opener.. fun can be dangerous at times:(

Weakest LINK

Miles Of Style said...

OMG...a friend of mine went through the exact same thing as a teenager. only in her case it wasnt 1 but 3 guards!! i really do hope that teenagers learn from this. i know their hormones are raging at that age but i do hope that they exercise safety and act sensibly too!!

Droopy Rose said...

A good real story for teenagers to learn something out of this :) Good one!

suruchi said...

Yes, takes very little for fun to become funny!

My god...I almost believed that this was possible and you say it has happened...and 3 guards-omg! I shudder to even think of the poor girl's distress!:-(

@Droopy Rose,
Thank you, even if someone becomes a little more cautious-the work here is done:-)

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