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27 February, 2011

The Dabbang Extravaganza

Happy birthday to the wittiest, sharpest, smartest, funniest kick-ass cutest person in the world! Nopes, contrary to what you may assume here, I am not articulating birthday wishes to myself.

Earlier this month, my quaint, little town was subjected to its very own claim to fame- Salman bhai ishtyle. It was my brother’s birthday and we decided to live it up a little more than usual. So what started as an idea for a “hat-ke” birthday party, turned into a phenomenal milestone-ic bash. Since for now I am seriously deficient in inspiration to entertain you with my tumbling thoughts otherwise don’t thank your lucky stars too soon, I thought I’d share the pictures and let them do a bit of talking almost gripping my hand firmly here to stop me from my blah-blah nevertheless...ah-what the heck, who can stop the unstoppable!

Let me introduce my brother to my dear readers. Ankur Kapoor is thy name. Yes, there is something about that Kapoor surname that ensures sexy sigh, wish could say the same about Arora, although I am a firm believer of the syndrome ‘once a Kapoor, always a Kapoor’. Anyways, he’s just entered his third decade on Mother Earth and yet refusing to grow up I guess, it is in our genes, sue us but wait there’s more to prove that. He’s smart, charming, wit personified and generally the centre of attraction see, I told ya. And only his brain could have churned out ideas like you are about to behold here. Spreading across the pages, is his Dabbang effort- just when you thought you had had enough of Salman Khan this year, here’s more.

The birthday party was at a famous night club-Felix, which was refashioned to look like a jail, based on the Dabbang theme. It gave vent to his not-so-secret aspirations and illusions that he would have been another Salman Khan had there been no Salman! And all the nitty gritties of the event were looked into with a keen eye, to make it a run-away success.

A whopping pull out at the entrance with his picture, announcing the party... full-size banners within asking, coaxing and almost threatening the guests to indulge...even the washrooms were not spared. There was a Chulbul Pandey ke sawari- a remodelled bike, which everyone thoroughly abused and misused by sprawling across it while being clicked. Also most of his friends’ pull-outs were adorning the walls although photo-shopped to style them as famous ‘bhais’. The bartenders were in police uniforms, there was a munni to show some jhatkas and matkas, friends who dressed to suit the occasion and also a photographer who bugged you each time before pressing the flash, by saying ‘bhaiyya ji...eshmyle phuleese’

So without further ado, let me allow you to feast your eyes not on me silly, I know I looked good

The Dhamakedaar Invitation

This was the washroom..the only time when I got to see what happens in the men's room

The big pull-outs, more like final warnings, warna...dikhchayan*that's the bullet sound by the way*
The Dabbang shot and the guys at it...a sucking good job!
That's my bhaiyya ji at the entrance...well, unka welcome ishtyle

No one could help being Salman Khan of the day and well, acting like him too

Look what was done to an otherwise super handsome face
Alrite, I know I was not dressed for the occasion, but someone had to be thoda hat-ke na?

Me n G, before the jaam began to flow

Please do not miss the "shauchalya" here n yes, us posing before it as though it was Christian Dior instead
The famous n soon becoming defamed-Chulbul Pandey ki Sawari

We do take the theme seriously now, don't we?

The "wanted" ads behind which are not to be taken seriously though, warna bhai log bura maan jaayenge yaar

Yes, the cake did I eat the eyes or the prizes for guessing;-)

Stay Dabbang!


buckingfastard said...

haha!! the spulrge of extravagance :P man!! u ppl got dabangified for real!! women in police costume....hmmm....u never seem to dissapoint me now do u? said...

What a FAB Party Su! And being a Salman fan myself I am sad that I wasn't invited!!! *sob*

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

arre baba, so much for going Dabangg... very nice concept, he surely does have brains.
The atmosphere was all red and pink, so were you. Adapting into the scene. :P

So, who was jailed? :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

nOt anyone you know said...

sahi hai!!! creativity runs in the family! =)

Pythoroshan said...

super theme..super post... loved the pics :)

WarmSunshine said...

u look gorgeous!! pretty in red! <3

Ria said...

Oh wow what a party!! I can see u guys had a blast. :)

Bikramjit said...

A very happy birthday to your brother .. you could have invited me .. main bhi thoda jump wump kar lets burn some of the calories :)
clever hana putting the post later so you dont have to call others from blogs world ..


Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

A said...

Happy Birthday to your brother. :)))

Seems like everyone had fun fun and fun...

Also enjoy your funny posts.

Aparana Pitale said...

Waaaooo... :) supercool...
What a party… the pics prove what a super enjoyment you had...

Alka Gurha said...

I had seen the pics on FB. I was wondering which place is this? You look lovely, Suruchi. And Warm wishes for your bro.

Cinderella said...

Bloody good!

Jack said...


Read two posts now, though I visited few times but due to laziness kept putting off reading about Maid. I second you on importance of having a LOYAL MAID. Hope you found one by now. On this one, AKHIR BHAI KISKA HAI? HATKE traits run in the genes. You and G look very good.

Take care

Nikki said...

Kapoor is such a saxy surname!!

lol...I want a hadke b'day tooo!!!!! Lucky brother yours...anyway happy belated birthday to ya brother!!! :)

suruchi said...

I would neveeeeeeeeeeeer disappoint you, my highness.
You just have to give me more chances.
And women in police costumes...shhhh...tell those imagination horses to rest;-)

suruchi said...

Hi Tanvi,
Awwww...never mind. Hopefully someday I would throw a big bash and call the real Salman to shake a leg*please pray for THAT to happen* and you’d be at the top of the list...gracing us with your equally stunning presence all the way from the US of A:-)

suruchi said...

Hi BA,
Arree baba...thank you...aakhir bhai kiska hain!
And thank you also for the sweet comment to make me adapt into the scene that makes me more red and pink now:-)

No one was jailed really...but a couple of them were nailed;-)

suruchi said...

Hey VB,
Thank you...and you don’t even want to know what else runs in the save you from running away:-)

Hey Roshan, Mehreen and Ria,
Thank you guys...
Super like you too:-)
We did have a blast after ages

suruchi said...

Heylo Biky ji,
Yeh lo...aap kahan U.K. se aate...Salman ke dole-shole kam effective ho jaate na aapko dekh kar...
And aap jump wump waise he kar lena aake..jab bhi aaoge...bas bump na karna;-)

And to party ke baad he lagaonge na...warna khaali deewaaron ke photwa lagane padte..glamour na aata na...kya aap bhi na:-)

suruchi said...

@A, Alka, Cin and Aparana,
We did have a blast...
Wish there were more parties like these:-)
Thank you guys for the compliments...blush, blush...chalo kisse ne to kuch kaha mere liye bhi:-)

Hi Steve,
Thank you very much

suruchi said...

Hi Uncle J,
Kya karen, genes control nahi hote:-)
Thank you for always dropping by

Hi Nikki,
Thank you from my brother’s side...
And yes, Kapoor is a sexy name...
Just look at Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, etc to prove my point
And please don’t look at Tushar Kapoor and Shakti Kapoor to go beyond the point.

Wish u a sexy birthday too:-)

Sudhir Kekre said...

wow! that is an overdose of dabang.
but you look great and so does your husband.

suruchi said...

Awwww..thank you Sudhir

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