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21 May, 2011

Looking for my Parallel Universe!

The Quantum Theory is something that technical, scientific and any-big-term-phobic ‘me’ would generally stay miles away from. Heck, I don’t even know if it is more concerned with science or technology or both. But I’ll tell you what my modest ‘big-on-advice-n-little-on-information’ brain has understood of it through a lesson I teach in Class 11th, through the mind-blastingly awesome flick ‘Source Code’ and through my discussions about it with a dear friend.

It is an amazing theory that implies parallel universes could exist simultaneously along with our own, having their own history, events and often a completely poles apart turn of reality as compared to the one that has materialised in the otherwise normal world, as we know it. The ever eternal debate between reality and what we deem as real!

What is reality? Something that we are experiencing as of now or is this, the big, fat dream that would burst someday like a bubble and we would wake up to a different scenario?

I’ll first share with you the gist of this chapter I teach to Class 11th students and that evokes the maximum number of yawns and protests from most of the slackers. So if you yawn in between don’t you dare open your mouth for anything besides a mesmerized gape, we’ll know where you stand!

It is the story of a History professor/writer/lecturer who one day wakes up to find himself in a train that is heading from Pune to Bombay. There are some Anglo-Indians on board and the train bears the symbol of the East India Company. Flabbergasted, he first presupposes that he has somehow travelled back in time, but it is not so. He is in the same time zone and era but in a world that is unfamiliar to him. Upon a little investigative stunt, he finds out that this is a different India, in contrast to the one as we know. Here we have not been ruled by the Britishers for a hundred years and are instead self reliant and extremely progressive. Whatever pocketful of English influence is there on the Bombay soil, it is in way of trading and entrepreneurship.

He goes to the central library to search for the turning point of the events and from where had history become different in this world to our own. Upon digging his self written history books, he finally converges it all to The Battle of Plassey where Vishwas Rao, the Maratha ruler missed the English bullet by a fraction of a hair, leading to the subsequent morale boost of his army and victory against the English in the 1800’s. The British influence thereafter was reduced and Indian Marathas ruled the nation for half a century before it became democratic.

While OUR History reveals that Vishwas Rao was killed by the British army that eventually led to an irreversible expansion of the English empire, whereby they ruled us for the next century! The professor absent-mindedly keeps the note of the information in his pocket, moves out and gets embroiled in an argument with an angry crowd, beaten up to the point of becoming subconscious and wakes up again to find himself on his bed in the world that he calls his own.

He is then explained to that since the last two days he was in coma, after a collision with a truck and the near death experience-which he realizes may have somehow made it possible for him to make that transition. However, the professor has evidence of that note in his pocket to prove to the detractors that they are wrong and what he was relating was not his insane imagination or wishful thinking.
The movie ‘Source Code’ also revolves around a similar web whereby one person travels through time and space to find himself in a body unknown to him, to save the world from a potential bomb threat and thereby able to create different realities by going back and forth in time for eight minutes on each round. Sounds complicated? Read the story here.
Is that not an amazing leeway?
The assumption that varied realities exist in the universe where different histories I never thought I could use this term in plurals are being made based on a turn of events or diverse decisions that might have been taken. If I put my own life at this parameter it makes me dizzy to just imagine the possibilities.

Forgetting the global potential, it makes me wonder if there is another world, where I may be living a different life based on some road less travelled that I decided to sojourn on. There could be a world where I may not be married but running my own media channel, as was craved by me some fifteen years ago when I stepped out of the threshold of school. Selfish na, you think....But that was the first crossroad that I had stood on, debating and churning within till I finally gave in to family pressures. And many a times I am confounded by the 'what if?' that could have transpired there.


How amazing if we could peer into these different worlds as though into crystal balls and then pick and choose which alternative best suits our disposition and perhaps live there happily ever after. It is even more awesome than the supposition of visiting our future through some time machine because that cannot be altered while here we get options. And I have yet to find a human being who dislikes the idea of options for anything and everything!

“There is no one reality. Each of us lives in a separate universe. That's not speaking metaphorically. This is the hypothesis of the stark nature of reality suggested by recent developments in quantum physics. Reality in a dynamic universe is non-objective. Consciousness is the only reality.”-says M.R. Frank, from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

I find myself wondering at the concept of multiple realities. How do parallel universes connect? What are the exact processes by which mind interacts with matter at the quantum level? Would we ever be able to travel through time, space and realities like this? And would a technically-duh me ever be able to comprehend fully, leave alone use this scientific break-through, if ever achieved in our history? The universe that we live in has such a fascinating nature and there is after all something more complex than the brain...or is it really the brain’s complexity again, after all?


el_idioto said...

someone's been watching way too much source code... (and inception at the same time)..

nice to be back on your blog (and find the blue hyperlinks still as blue as ever)

-A Crooked Smile

suruchi said...

Hi Rishi,
Just watched Source Code once and Inception is still on the list...thought would write about it for noobs like me who just got introduced to the concept:-)

And once a blue, I guess is always a blue...tried following your advice on writing on the notepad...but once a duh, always a duh:-)

Great to have you back!

A said...


Is that really you? Have you moved to a different world? Or someone from a different 'reality' is using your name?

I am still trying to figure out...clarify pls.

Rachit said...

Quantum theory is amazing.. major half of its is still to be proof and verified, yet it contains the power and knowledge to change the world and our perspective of how we perceive things.

Sadiya Merchant said...

hehe i read a goosebumps wid d same theme. tho i mus say it was far more intrstin dan ur subject :o

mayb dat shud b included in d syllabus! nobody wil sleep :)

Nikita said...


Such informative post !!!

Life is such a big mystery....hai na...

And i love you in all ur shades...muaaahzzzz

Sameera said...

Haven't seen Source Code yet. But after reading this post, I am definitely goin to watch it. Isn't the mere thought of travelling to some different world amazing?? Vishwas Rao, the Maratha ruler missed the English bullet by a fraction of a hair. What if such world actually exists. Ok. I'll stop giving stress to my poor brain now. It won't be able to handle it.

It was a nice read. Made me think about the benefits of living in another world. Wish that could happen..

Punam said...

Haven't seen the movies you've mentioned, Suruchi, neither do i understand the whole concept - amazes me to read that something like this has been thought about. The only phrase I can identify myself with here is 'the technically duh me'.. :)

suruchi said...

Hi A,
Even I am having a tough time in believing that this post is written by me...even though it was not so brilliant, I put it up just because it made me sound really intelligent for a change..haha!:-)

And I totally forgot how technical geniuses like you would read this lame attempt:/

suruchi said...

Hi Rachit,
I know, right?
I am all curious and hell before it killed the cat in me...I thought I would spill it out here;-)

Hey Sadiya,
Yup, though the story was interesting yet in the lesson form it totally sucked and honest confession, I understood it fully only after the second year of teaching that chapter:(

suruchi said...

Hey Nikita,
Finallyyyyyyyyy there is somebody like me who had not heard of this subject before...makes the post totally worth it;-)

Love u too for all the love that you spread on your page and for being such a positive lovely girl...muaaaaaaaaaaah:-)

suruchi said...

Hello Sameera,
Hain na...if wishful thinking could do wonders, you and I would be already there;-)
Watch Source Code...I kinda liked it...ya, obviously!:-)

Hey Punam,
Never mind...welcome to the technical noobs society of poor souls like us...waiting for enlightenment!
Someday we would reach there:-)

Sakshi said...

You have been thinking way way way too much! See's making you into her personal tell my why edition!

But on a serious note- There is always a what is there. There is always a parallel world, that we crave of.
I remember, how I used think, that the world that I am living in is just a dream, and just like it happens in movies, I too will wake up some day and find out what reality is!
But it is not a movie that I am living in- so, fascinating as it may sound in Source Code, I don't think that I would really like to be spoiled for choices.. I am a bad shopper, and I would always wonder if I missed a better deal!

Tanvi said...

Now that's different ... but entertaining. I am not sure about the reality yet ... but I guess living in the moment helps regardless :P ... Right?

♡ from ©

suruchi said...

Hey Sakshi,
I have always been a "Tell me why" though never sure whether I ask more or tell:-)

You stay as it is baby...your pick is anyways the best that there can be!

And me- I am not really thinking...this just came out as wondering aloud or rather, typing aloud:-)

And can we really help craving for what we really crave?:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Tanvi,
That's a short n sweet response...ekdum bang on!:-)

Yes, living in the reality does help most of the time:-)

Amnn.......//1! said...

no u cant ever travel purposely through space n time.. it happens all the time but u cant make it happen when eva u want to make it happen like when u sleep u travel through time fatser tats probably because i think we travel to this whole other dimension if u have ever wondered wat is sleep n dream arnt those examles of us travelling in diff unvierse where ther r no laws of n e thing as such no history before u got the dream n no future after u left it ,its a paralelle universe with nothing in it n u fill it up ,,,!!
i have always wanted to blog about this comncept of augmented realities n stuff but i thot people will not get it ...!!

purbani manishchandwani said...


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Start watching an English Television series 'Fringe' to get a feel of living and crossing over within different dimensional worlds. It is an interesting concept.
And how are all the parallel universes and their realities connected, it simple, Strings. :)

And I am yet to see the movie, but have seen its trailer, the movie seems promising. :)

Nice read, and its quite a lot of information that you have dug up.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Nikita said...


phatichar said...

I'm now pretty sure about what I used to think years ago - you proved me right. Here's why:

Bikramjit said...

I ma sure there is othrwise I would not be suffereing so much from bad luck and all that had happened and whatever..

ITs the Bikram in that life doing silly things and me getting the blame for it all.. ITS HIMMMM

Now i know the facts thank you for opening my eyes .. it had me wondering always wht is it i am doing now i know its got nothing ot do with me at all ..


suruchi said...

Hey Amn, said it so truly about dreams...they are just as much a parallel universe!
And pleeeeeeeeeeease blog about it...while I was writing this, I thought I would be enlightening many and conveniently forgot how brilliant engineers and the likes are part of my followers*sounds so super flattering btw*

So get inspired and enlighten me...would love to know more!
And sad we can’t travel to and fro at our whims n fancies...damn!:-)

blunt edges said...

Ok sorry to be the spoilsport here, but it's time for a reality check. Someone's gotta do it, and I just volunteered :P

Q. How do parallel universes connect?
A. They don't! :P

Q. What are the exact processes by which mind interacts with matter at the quantum level?
A. What quantum-shauntum?!?!

Q. Would we ever be able to travel through time, space and realities like this?
A. Negative.

Q. And would a technically-duh me ever be able to comprehend fully, leave alone use this scientific break-through, if ever achieved in our history?
A. There is NOTHING to achieve! :P

Q. ...or is it really the brain’s complexity again, after all?
A. Do I really need to answer that?

I guess my work here is done. Glad I could be of help :D

Aparana Pitale said...

Still trying to grasp what I read… Now I understand why I always got less marks in science, physics… :( :)

suruchi said...

Hey Anshul,
Wish I could watch some TV...though I dislike most of what they show here except for Star World n HBO being the saving grace.
Haha...and about the strings...which strings are these again?;-)

I know, right?
Imagine me...ME digging up information!
That’s like saying...I don’t even have the appropriate analogy here:-)
Thanks for reading:-)

Hi Purbani n Nikita

suruchi said...

Hi Phatichar,
Wow...such an interesting and hat-ke name:-)
I went through the this makes the two of us really wondering...though I have yet to have experiences like you do:-)

Thanks for stopping by:-)

suruchi said...

Hellooooooooo Biky,
Yeh lo...twist kar diya saara angle:-)
And mujhe khushi hue ki aapke aankhein khul gaye...warna aap mereko kaise dekhte na?;-)

And please count your blessings...there are many...for starters the way you are-and that’s because all that you’ve gone through...
Is liye, bad luck-shuck kuch nahi hota:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Blunts,
Thank you for the reality check there!
And “what quantam-shauntam” exactly?! Meine use to kiya par merko bhi pata nahi ki saala quantam hain kya:-)

Matlab you mean to say ki sab bakwas hain?
Magar kuch to hain n hoga?
Kya yaar...bubble burst kar diya...koi na, we’ll find a new one to blow:-)

Hi Apu,
Join the too still trying to grasp what exactly did I say here:-)

Anonymous said...

I've finally found a normal presentation on this issue. Thank you.

Miles Of Style said...

Suruchi, trying getting your hands on a tele serial called Fringe. I don't know if it comes on tele but u should be able to get a dvd I suppose.

It is an amazing sci-fi serial about a parallel universe, it's effect on our earth, quantum physics...the works! you'll love it.

Pavitra .... said...

Hey suruchi!
I agree with Miles of watch Fringe....It deals with theories and concepts that are really amazing..and most of them are concerned with mysteries of the parallel universe..very interesting....
Source Code is still on my "to watch" list...
And inception...I've seen it three times and i see the movie in a whole new light every time i watch it....Awesome is an understatement for it! :))
anyways....i was pleasantly surprised to see a very un-suruchi topic! :)) Very interesting post...
Take care! Cheers!! :))

A said...


That is not fair. It is very well written post...(I never said or implied it is lame...see your comment).

I was just trying to make a point that it is a completely different pick of subject and different style...

But post is wonderful.

Jack said...


Were you hit on the head by Dear Seeya with some hard toy? Or have you been affected by so many serials on TV showing main character hallucinating? Good to confuse someone and send him or her in search of Parallel Universe. LOL.

Take care

Alka Gurha said...

This one is so different from your other posts but equally interesting.My son forced me to watch Inception which is based on the same concept. There is a book called the Time Travelers wife...or something like that.. I have to read it.The concept itself holds hazaar possibilities.
And that you teach class 11, manage home, cuddle Seeya and write a blog.....Applause!

suruchi said...

Hi Anon,
Well...I guess thank YOU!:-)

Hi Persis,
I was advised for Fringe before too, would try n thanks for stopping by always :-)

suruchi said...

Hi Pavitra,
Haha... “un-suruchi” topic...I know, right!
I need more of those, but such that make me equally happy with the outcome:-)
And ‘Inception’ is so on my list:-)

suruchi said...

Hi A,
Thoda samajhne mein gadbad ho gaya...
Anyways, I was quick to snub myself on this coz it is not my genre:-)

Thank you as always for all you do so wonderfully:-)

suruchi said...

@Uncle J,
I wasn’t hit with something on the head but this something in my head kinda hit my enough to write about it:-)

Hi Alks,
Thank you for the applause,
I guess that is why they say blogging is addictive:-)

Enchanta said...

Blasphemous Aesthete suggested I read this upon bumping into this and I should be so thankful that I did.

The "What if?" question is so bothersome and all that we choose to believe is that whatever happens, happens for the best reasons.

By the way, I read that story about the Professor you mentioned. But I don't think it was about Indian History. I forgot the name and author of the story of course, so it would be really nice if you could remind me. :-)

Oh, and I am bookmarking this page.

suruchi said...

Hi Enchanta,
Sorry I had forgotten about returning here

I looked up for that story and author's name. It is:
The Adventure-By Jayant Narlikar

It is in CBSE Board's Class 11th syllabus:-)

Thanks for visiting:-)

Enchanta said...

Thanks a lot!
Now I recall that I had read this as it was in my syllabus!

Thanks again!

suruchi said...

You are welcome:-)

Keerthi Chandar R S said...

Just one word "Awesome"!!!

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