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07 March, 2012

Some dreams are worth living in!

One of my biggest dreams is to have a house of my own someday, a living space with me as the mistress-a house that I could look at with my eyes and feel with my heart and every nook and corner would speak of a little bit of me-well, may be even yack...

Let me take you on a tour of a dream world that lives in me from eternity yet I manage to stumble upon it every now and then through some pictures I see...

Would you like to know where I would spend my lazy days?
Can anything be better than this?
Surrounded by books personifying writers and their eternal thoughts, fringed with French windows, overlooking a beautiful serene river sparkling outside as the criss cross of sunshine plays on the quivering surface-I can so see myself lost in here till someone would come and shake me from my trance. I reckon inhaling the muffled smell of books and exhaling peace with every breathe I take...

Shake me but only to take me to a living room like this, that I could adorn with pictures of all I have loved-people and moments. Let creativity leave its nimble footsteps on every wall. Let it be my vision of blessings to count on. Can you feel the warmth disseminating? Can you see a glow that does not exude from the exotic light bulbs but my beaming countenance when I watch this tree bloom with the promise of everlasting spring in life? 

And then take me out into the world but let me brace myself to face it with the panache of a lady and zest of a girl. Let me indulge here every once in a while so that I am more of a woman in all her shades. Come, let’s walk into my closet and watch in impeccable alignment all that I have tenderly gathered here, hand-picked with love, often just gazed at dotingly like a loved one. Yes, at times I need my celebrity moments.

How about a dip before we venture out? Let’s peer at the horizon as we bathe in its beauty. Let’s merge with nature in our most natural of forms. Let me be one with water and more water around and beyond....Do I see myself spending hours with arms crossed over my bosom heaving at the breathtaking spectacle lavishly laid out for my hungry eyes? Yes, I do.

But then who wants to go outdoors when the house becomes a home-your very own Utopia brought to life and the man you love becomes the one who clasps his fingers in between yours and sits with you on a little bench like here below or tries to catch you while you run like a mischievous imp over an enchanting red bridge or hop over the stones to amass pebbles and hurl them in the little pond to make a wish-the wish: Let me live in this dream forever! 

The dusk sets in and it’s time to wait for the stars to appear and adorn the beautiful shaded sky. It is time to gaze at the sun slowly sinking and telling you to hang in there-the darkness is commencing but he would rise again. It is time to watch the heat gradually give way to a soothing coolness. Let’s lounge up here with little candles around as we sip a little wine, have loved ones to dine and for dirty minds to go 69....

Somewhere here only in the laps of luscious and gracious trees, would also be the time when we’ll sit with the little ones to be like them. A cosy tree house where I think my baby would go less and me more. Always wanted to have one-a world of my own in the world of the world! Little lanterns would bring in just about enough light that would guide and not blind and little wind chimes would play a rhythm of their own. Bliss? Well not really, till the gentle flaps of a cool breeze blows-scattering the little perfection. Let me sleep in here for bedrooms are so not me.

And when we wake up, of course there would be some place to lounge again-an old fan overboard and the grace of pale or white curtains, I can so see myself loving yet another corner that could soak me in like an embrace, whether I sprawl with the newspaper or call you for a rendezvous or just fold my legs and rest my thinking head over a soft cushion, allowing the next blog post to filter in. 

And like this my fairy tale would be one that culminates in a happily ever after. I don't need the riches that are aspired by bitches. Give me love that seems sent from the heaven above. Give me peace and conversations that make me smile-yes, that's all I seek. And while I have realized it is high time I come out of my fairy tales, please let this one magical dream be.

P.S. I have been struggling with a blank mind that does not know what to write, every time I open my poor Microsoft Word. And yet I manage to churn out something that has lesser and lesser meaning for me with each post. I yearn to find my funny bone and write stuff that I truly love and am proud of. A weird weariness has set in whereby I not only don't want to write anything here but also I almost push myself to read the thoroughfares of bloggers I have loved. I think it is time for hibernation...a little disappearing to beckon an eventual appearing that makes more sense to me. I hope to come back soon....


sulagna ™ said...

su every post of yours makes us laugh smile emphathise giggle get misty eyed or simply dream,so dont ever say your posts are meaningless :)

my fav however remains the tree house where i can imagine our G's and their little cupcakes :)

and we would just be too emotionally cracked n busy taking pictures on our BB :)

Rahul Bhatia said...

Another Imleda Marcos in making:)

Jenny said...

How much ever I try, I couldnot choose my fav from the list! I want everything!!

Me, will be here, when you are back :-))

R-A-J said...

Wow, beautiful.. love the way u've picturised ur dreams.. simply love the pool pic.. makes me wanna dream too :)

May all ur wishes come true, Suruchi :)

RiĆ  said...

U took me into the world of dreams with this post. :)

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

Agree with Jenny! Loved everything too! :) I always wanted a beautiful house with the artistic aesthetic sense :)!! So even a simply house looks extraordinarily aesthetic!! :) I love the idea of candles too!!:) So in love with candles :)

pygmalion said...

Hibernate dear.. we all need that, when we feel to
And emerge.. the most charming one, the funny bone tickling us to laughter bursts and nerve therapy..

I loved the library space
But the others didnt look like 'home' to me.. Our taste differs na, in such things..
Love you dear ..Hugs

maithili said...

I lovvvved the library and the bench ! So cozy and I could be lost there for years!!! <3 <3
I dream like crazy but I never thought of compiling my imaginations!! You took me right into the world of your dreams

Bikramjit said...

why SOME dreams , I want all my dreams fulfilled , got so many of them ..
Happy reading this article as shows me that my dreams are after all not that weird or I am not the only one , a couple of them have come true but got a long list still to go ..

God willing one day ...
and here is wishing you that you get what you have dreamed of in this life time very soon ..

take care and dont go for too long a hibernation ... will look forward you coming.. All the best and enjoy and have FUN..


Red Handed said...

I dont think I can say that I want different things..
Now when u told us about your dream house, all I think about is. I WANT THE SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!

sumukh bansal said...

big dreams..... :)

me too have dreamed about a reading room but not a match like you..
now i think i should consult some Dream therapist... :)

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Love it! That windowseat surrounded by books has always been one of my top 'wants' as well.

Jack said...


I really hope and wish that your this magic dream comes true with a lot of love from everyone you care for. Do take rest but get back to your normal self and give us more to read.

Take care

Rachit said...

can I steal your dream... ?? I'm hooked to it :)

Weakest LINK

Anita Jeyan Sandeep said...

I also want everything you just said...but then when I also think ahead - about cleaning the aforesaid rooms - I think I will certainly go for a smaller and more compact setup for everyday living - and choose something like this for a holiday only. Ever since I remember...I always dreamt of a small and compact living area than multifloored luxury types :)

Lady Whispers said...

You make me relive my dreams :)
Long back I wrote a similar post with my dream house and u took me back to it :)

I wish u get it all :)

And dont worry abt funny bone....write ....for we love whatever u write :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Isn't it every woman's dream,to have her dream house?or rather isn't it everyone's dream, to have the house of their dreams into reality?
I too have a dream, of a house, not so extravagant as yours, but is warm and cosy and has a perspective. But I think that it has been inherited from my mother.

We will all make efforts to not just dwell in dreams, but dwell in green homes.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Devil Incarnate... said...

:) i should say thats every womens dream, including mine.. You took me to ur dream world with all those lovely piks..

Sourav said...

And I was almost there, thank you! :D

Purba said...

I walked the walk, dreamed the dream, inhaled the scents and smiled wistfully.

This was even better than a fairy tale.

Just a minor typo - I think my baby would *go* less and me more.

Btw...When you move in, I hope you are inviting me!

Soumya said...

Dreamy!! I can feel all of it.

Lovely post! :)

Saru Singhal said...

It's like a living a dream when you live in a house as you narrated. Books, closet and what not. BTW, you did a great job picking up the photos. Very alluring...:)

Suruchi said...

Awww...I love you for the comment and even without those, you know that:-)
I have learnt how to write the love posts from you...Thank you.

Now you’ve made me want to go and google Imleda Marcos-damn, ignorance :-)

Thanks Jenny, there are some people I truly love here in blogosphere and you are one of them:-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you so much...and dream on:-)

Haha, isn’t that a speciality with us women? :-)

Amen, to all our dreams. And there is something about the glow of candles that gets reflected in our faces :-)

Suruchi said...

I did hibernate yet felt a pull from this space...though I have decided to put up posts without pressure.
They aren’t really ‘home’ per se, I agree, but if we could create glimpses of these in our homes, our way, it would be something:-)

Our tastes differ perhaps to contrast the similarity that strikes everywhere else :-)

Hehe, we are all little girls trapped in grown up moulds:-)
And that Library space binds us all.

Thanks yaar and may both of us get our share of fulfilments, in our dreams and otherwise. We both connect so well for somewhere down the line, we are wanderers and seekers, just the same :-)

Suruchi said...

Haha, let’s see if there will be a sharing basis system, I’d love to do so with a witty soul like you:-)

Dream therapist-hmmm, not a bad idea there-not for you, for me:-)

It’s amazing how many of us actually connected on the matter of books and drowning ourselves in them. Maybe it is a cue:-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful wishes and always being here:-)

Be my guest, let’s dream on together:-)

Awww...what you mentioned is the part that comes in my dream too, but just when I am about to wake up-to reality that is :-)

Suruchi said...

@Lady Whispers,
Thanks baby, for being so cute with me always :-)

Anshul, this is not extravagant but extended bits of how I’d like things to be-I would love to have a reading space or say a place from where I could watch the stars...the rest if you scratch the surface is just an insane need to be pampered and cosy-I hate big houses too. I don’t know, somehow loved these pictures :-)

@Devil Incarnate,
May all our dreams come true:-)

Suruchi said...

Almost, eh? Me too;-)

Wow, that’s such a compliment. I thought here I penned down another little non-practical and over mushy out pouring :-) Thank you and that house or no house, you are definitely being invited anywhere for all the fun that you encapsulate :-)

@Soumya and Saru,
Thank you:-)

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Oh la la! Is there a guest bedroom in your dream house? ;)


Arpit Rastogi said...

Beautiful! :)

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