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25 March, 2012

Unisex to One Sex.

Alright, once upon a time I used to go to a gymnasium-a regular not much shoo-sha, sasta-tikau affair kinda space and daybreak was the best time to do so before my body could fully awaken and dawned on with what was happening to it and revolt. Since mornings it were, I was glad to have the much appreciated company of fellow sex-no, we were not having sex here per se simply referring to the presence of the ‘superior’ gender-the men, the boys and even those somewhere in between these two horizons.

And it would be fun to go there with playful, shampooed hair and hook them up in a semi messy but sexy and ruffled butterfly clipped look and let them cascade down post the work out, giving the head a shake as though you just de-boarded in leather skimpies after a long bike ride on a Harley Davidson and removed the helmet to sway the released tresses from left to right in slow motion. Girls, by the way, this NEVER fails and guys, please continue to fall for this one and save us from racking our brains with actual opening lines to draw your attention.

So, that unisex gym was fun. There would be men of all shapes and sizes strictly speaking in physiques, dressed in all colours and clothing, also wearing the weirdest of expressions and mouthing the horniest of moans though just made to dumbbells and also stopping after each set for almost a five minutes gap to “catch a breather”. I often had to physically stop myself from announcing to them that we as a species are called ‘women’ and not ‘breather’ sought to be caught.

It would be fun to gaze at someone eyeing you from some corner that got unwittingly reflected in the mirrors or watching how sometimes men would herd around the area where women were doing the jumps too often so that they could get an up close look of how it feels to go up and down. Fun to notice how often some cute ones attempted to pick up more weights on their rods than their poor frames could handle just because there was a hot chick there to impress non metaphorically speaking.

Fun how some very middle aged man would try to strike a conversation by asking, “Aapka kaisa chal raha hain?” and you reply, “Chal raha hain” and watch the million dollar expression of his face as though I didn’t say it to him but threw it on his face. And also super entertaining if by chance some sexy-smoking hot kitten would get lost in that desi gym and what a stir she would cause as I have enumerated before in a post: The Ultimate Seductress or the Ultimate Bitch?

But then putting on 4 kgs in the six months in this gym was like a shock jolting my senses and screeching in my ears that perhaps I was having way too much fun for my bloody body’s good. Tried as much as I could with the toughest of routines, I was just not sweating-I justified it by saying that I may have an IDDM-Inbuilt Default Defence Mechanism that prevents me from looking grimy in front of hot bloodied men but then how long can you hold a candle in the wind. The tightening jeans finally ripped the truth.

It was time to change. So I looked into the track record of some other gyms flourishing sadistically on the malfunctioning of food loving lazy bums like me and hand-picked one. The only drawback-it was an ‘Only for women’ workout space. What? Are there still places like that except Convent schools, which served the purpose but dished out to the society specimens like me? And there wasn’t even a male instructor? Crap! Who would give me those, divine back and leg stretches after the workout that sent some of the eyebrows up and some jaws to drop?  

Happiest at the prospect was dearly beloved who had mocked and queried if I really went to the gym in those early hours every day for I had inches on my sides to prove an otherwise story. I would pout and talk in a deeply husky, breathing whisper to fan some insecurity that would get my leg pulled even more.

Anyway, so came my first day at this new so-called gym for I’d rather call it 'one giant step back for mykind' and a development of a new sort of claustrophobia, may be. So many women under one roof-I can’t breathe....OH MYYY GAAAWD yes, in Janice style from F.R.I.E.N.D.S my friends. I can barely bear my girlfriends at social get-togethers and find myself magnetically inching towards the male corners and here I was almost tethered in a room full of in-the-heat women: some jabbering, making it an extended kitty party circuit, some exercising as though how far they came in life depended on how far they had panted on the treadmill and some admiring themselves only in the mirrors with god knows what tendencies surfacing along with their curves.

Don’t get me wrong-there were women in my earlier gym too, but they were either so busy in trying to appear presentable while doing their jobs, or too old to bother about how their flab dangled from under their arms how else do you think I got so much attention there? Besides, most women in small towns generally still chicken out from appearing at the male timings for obvious reasons and that would explain the near population explosion at this new one.

So although used to of being scrutinized, this is a new ball game altogether, like I have said somewhere before-women dress less for men than for other women-as in not less in quantity but as an act in its number.

Competition has been taken to a new level as brands galore and ‘how did she get on the treadmill before me?’ look with the envious twinge gets rampant. Good old days, when I would stand next to the cross trainer and some nice guy who’d almost stepped on it, would get down and say “Pehle aap kar leejeye” as though I’d become happy and agree to a twosome someday-on the cross trainer of course.   

Also when my t-shirt gets a little inched up while doing the bending stretch, I perceive more vixen vibes here than foxy ones as of the erstwhile space. Good old days again when conversations occurred aankhon he aankhon mein- He: *you look hot* Me: *you do not*. Cut to now-the polite conversations on treadmills and mother-in-law and the television serial recitals would definitely kill me some day, if the trainer madam ji does not. She is women’s answer to Sunny by the way-not Sunny Leone, stupid-Sunny Deol. I know lame and over-abused joke, but could not resist. She almost makes it a sophisticated akhhada.

And worst of all are their diet plans-eat 8 rasugullas along with milk in a day and nothing else??????? What, balls to you-I feel like saying. They are worse than horny nuns in the school I went to-although they do say no to bananas. Or just a bowlful of papaya in dinner-really? Do they know how hyper active I get at night and thereby the need for more energy and food? Bah! Let’s just hope I knock down some 20 kgs and be such a head turner soon that the pain of being sandwiched without men gets replaced by being flocked by them-the desirable ones though of course. Till then I keep telling myself I am more important than a bloody number on the weighing scale and the number of grey cells and niceness within count too as I keep waiting for my stupid fat to cry and release in the form of sweat.

But just to vent out my frustration, here’s my parting letter to:
Dear Diet,
It’s not me, it is you. Let me tell you, no matter how much important you feel by coming into my life every now and then, you suck, literally and otherwise and I care a flying fuck about you. You are the bitch who laughs when I fail although you tempt me in the first place even when I decide not to cheat on you. Please be gentle with me this time and let me complete the drill so that you get rid of me once and for all.
Thank you,
Not yours sincerely ever,
Pleasantly Plump Me.
P.S. Someday soon I would be looking like this-more clothed though of course:


KHOJ said...

Sweet Spicy Sexy Suruchi-like Superb...

fun read

Jack said...


LOL all the way. You have a way to make the day. Did you finally lose some weight you wanted to?

Take care

Rachit said...

the pic at the last kept me hooked :P Now I got the mantra of unisex gym's :D

Weakest LINK

Pankaj said...

You are so tharki ...!!! Gautam is a lucky man.

Amnn.......//1! said...

ha ha ha ah ah you know as blog writer it just irritates me that if you realli want the people out there to read ur blog u have got to .. got to mention sex in there some where and yet as a reader i have got to admit it was the word sex in the title even though it was a sub part of whole word unisex that got me to actaully start reading your post ....
hypocrtic or irnoical .. loll n e wayz ,,,,,oh my gawdd jaince style lolll....laughed a lot there ,,,,!!! and the picture i m sure u alrady almost look like her ...!! 4 kgs is nothing man ,,,,!!
pleasantly plump ha ah aha ha

Bikramjit said...

"P.S. Someday soon I would be looking like this-more clothed though of course:"

Why would you say that .. If one has a body like that might as well FLAUNT it , WHY hide it .. doing so much hard work to get there only to cover it all .. NO FUN..

By the way i think i need to change my gym timings, I go at 6Am and NO gilrs come I guess they all come in DAYTIME .. now i know thats when I need to change my timings tooo .. and who knows I might just get a view of those beautiful ladies ahmmm ahmmm


Suruchi said...

So many ‘S’ there...I must add my ‘S’miling :-)

Thank you and yes, we are reaching there, singing ‘Kadam badhaye ja na darr’ :-)

I knew the pic would at least get me some page views if not the post;-)

Suruchi said...

I am assuming someone from my real life has sauntered in here to name G...hmmm, I better be careful:-)
And I was wondering if I should publish this “tharki” bit or not and then I thought, chalo koi na, finally the world is realizing my worth :-)

@Amn, god, you came here expecting sex? Awww...I hope you were not too disappointed. And I ALMOST look like her? Omg, we need to redefine ‘almost’ now, though I love you for even thinking it were possible :-)

@Biky, you to catch what you are supposed to just casually walk past :-) And do change your gym timings-maybe the women in your gym deserve to see your dolle-sholle too:-)

Tarun said...

So , is your record of 5 times a week still on ??

maithili said...

If you succeed please give some tips to me too :(
Joining yoga tomorrow :P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Best of luck Madame, for soon you'd want to set a standard before your own beloved daughter (A few many years though :P). Now won't you set an ideal standard? :D
Unisex gyms might not be the order of the day in Kanpur, but I've come to believe that it is a must in NCR, you know why.
So THAT is G's full name :D

Blasphemous Aesthete

Keirthana said...

Hilarious. I loved reading the finer prints and enjoyed them even more :)

Suruchi said...

Let bygones be bygones. How does my strike rate affect anyone anyway, unless I feel the need to disclose it? :-)

I find yoga extremely slow and boring-could never really do it, knowing it is the best form of exercise there is-all the best:-)

Anshul, I don’t know if I would set an ideal standard or not but I am sure all those who read my blogs and don’t know me from real life, may not agree:-)

Yup, that is G’s name. This post was more to create the madness that I am reckoned with, in whatever humble way, than really cater to my writing instinct. Although I’ll be damned if I knew what did cater to my so-called writing instinct :-)

Alka Gurha said...

The pleasantly plump you is gorgeous..much better than the boob popping model...
I wonder why I am motivated to join a gym after reading this post....No, not to exercise but a gym appears to be a fertile ground for writers.

Jenny said...

Hello! You have an award awaiting on my blog :-)

jo said...

Haha! Nice one.
I think 20 kgs is a little too much for me to believe. You look great!

Saru Singhal said...

I have a theory, I don't shed weight as my fat protects me from cold. I would love to go to gym but not for exercise and you know better what for...;)

The pleasantly plump us represent the shinning India. Why tarnish that image of our country???

Anu said...

Being surprised we know gautamns name is like " bas anti , tumhara kya naam hai " !!

tarun said...

Baby, anything you put up here is for public consumption :-)

Purba said...

Damn! the morning slot at my gym is full of boringly disciplined, grim faced exercise maniacs. We compare muscles and discuss injuries :D

On a serious note - it's only running that will jiggle the stubborn fat.

Suruchi said...

Thank you so much:-)

Haha, thank you for finding me better than the boob popping model-now only if the men thought the same. Actually I find the boob popping model kinda hot too....but never mind that:-)
And yes, gym is a fertile ground, not just for writing but for everything else, though you are the last person to really need it.

Wow, thank you so much-I looooooooouve awards:-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you for the “great” part-it tool years of “intelligent” posing to finally get it right on pictures:-) And believe you me, 20 kgs is exactly required to be passable as non-plump:-(

Haha, yes, we shall remain cuddly and fuzzy for the betterment of our nation-now that’s the least we could do, right? :-)
Wow, thank you for another of the excuses to perpetrate my laziness.

My god, people are more excited about Gautam’s name here than the post-hmmmm! Mere blog ka kuch nahi ho sakta:-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you baby, I know that...but then I am not so excited to answer to those I do not know on a personal basis. You can only consume what I give and not demand. Anonymous people with personal questions are not really my day-makers :-)

My god, what gym you go to and no wonder you are in this glowing shape...sigh! :-)

Tarun said...

Baby , you write for anonymous people ....and why should you resist a reiteration on info that you yourself have shared on the blog ?

Sakshi said...

Tell me about it.. I feel exactly the same when I am put in a girl centric environment :P

Hope said...

Waiting for your 'After' pic ;)

Dr Roshan R said...

from a guys point of view, i am always the 'weakest link' in the gym when i go... but can you really blame us guys for staring ( directly and via mirror ) when you guys are glistening and jumping et al ? :))

RiĆ  said...

Sigh...I need to lose a couple of kilos but the problem is I hate the gym! :(

Prithwish....... said...

hey suruchi,

I am back to blogging after a long time, but your blog, stays as usual, refreshing and captivating. Immensely likeable post..
keep riting ..ur followers will never unfollow you.

buckingfastard said...

"sexy-smoking hot kitten would get lost in that desi gym and what a stir she would cause as I have enumerated before in a post: The Ultimate Seductress or the Ultimate Bitch?"

haha, u shud be giving titles to pulp fictions books on wheeler stands...Kabhi Seductress Kabhi Bitch.

but watever u claim, gyming wid gunnysack-figure-ladies is much better than for likes of me who hav been to only-men gym.

Atleast u dont have to stay in vicinity of sweaty monsters whose one wheeze can throw you out to eternity...sometimes i wish i was wud have been easier for sure

Hari Akkavajhula said...

wow...this is so damn sitting in office and laughing out loud!!! :D
and btw...good luck on ur workout/diet plan...i gave up on happy being fat(not too fat to worry though) and i eat so much of grandpa used to say that we die only do whatever u wanna do(as long as it is ethical/legal) before you following his footsteps :)

Ameena said...

I want to look like her's not looking likely for me!!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Manu Katyaayan said...

I wonder what'd happen if one of your fellow gym-mates stumble upon your blog... that'd be a sight for sour eyes ;-)

Shreya said...

You have been tagged. Would love to know more about you.

sobhit said...

came to blogger after a long time. apke page pe ek visit toh banti thi, and found the right post too :D.. post padke apke gym ka visit bhi lagta hai ki banta hai. was a fun read

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