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13 May, 2012

Nobody Loves Me.

Drama and I have an age old association.

Usually blah these days, while in conversation with a dear friend I crooned my eternal favourite drama line “Nobody loves me” in my whining, attention reeking-seeking tone. And just like that he suggested putting it up on my status to see who all do. And yes, just like that I did. Some 90 comments later, this is what I have concluded from it all:

1. Fine, a lot of people commented though 1/3rd of this number was my own replies. A little drama never hurts anyone, but I don’t take chances and go all the way.  And three people actually “liked” the idea of me being unloved-et tu Brutuses. Bah, Facebook has gone to the dogs I tell you!

2. There were comments from:
       A. My brother (My own khoon, calling me crazy and attention seeker-meh!)
       B. My mother (The epitome of naatak-giving me a jhappad)
       C. 2 Maasis (expressing less concern for me and more for my G)
       D. 3 Mami jis
       E. 4 students
       F. 3 sisters-in-law
       G. 2 students’ mothers
       H. Handful of cousins
Really people? This is NOT THE love I was anticipating! I know hum saath saath hain, but family planning will have to step down for my flirt planning to materialize. Waise, I am blessed that none of them raised an eyebrow at such a distorted status-Nobody doubts me ;) Charm runs in my family, it practically gallops and so does over-expressiveness it seems. Control people, let others take the stage sometimes.

3.  I realized that many of my Facebook friends’ favourite national pass time is calling me a ‘Nautanki’ and how generous I am to provide them this fodder to graze on. Nobody appreciates me should come next. Any references to donkeys is purely coincidental and unintentional.

5. Some great minds sauntered in there and voiced how they empathised and whimpered that nobody loves them either. Ahem, so I ended up doing the very arduous task of sharing the already dim spotlight-boosting their sagging whatevers rather than focussing on my needs! I am a rebirth of the Buddha it seems-such selflessness is unheard of in Kalyug.

5. The targeted audience-THE MEN, were conspicuous by their absence. Bloody hell! What a waste of well-chalked out Naatak! I was hoping for some inbox messages at least to salvage my sinking self-worth or MSA (Market Shelf-life Analysis) but the box was as empty as my brain. *Sigh!*

6. More women dared to openly address the issue of loving me. Yes, that is a nice way, Dear God of hinting that since the men are anyway absent, I might try rethinking of my preferences-the Mayans were right, the end IS near.

7. I think I scared away any remotely prospective “I love you” with my little stint. Sometimes things pop in my head and jump feet first out of my mouth-I need to handle this OCD. Random fact-Most women suffer from some form of OCDs-Obsessive Caring/Cuddling/Cribbing/Crying/Cursing Disorder. Mine is Obsessive Cuteness Disorder which more often than not, materializes and backfires into Chutiappa sometimes.

8. Not ready to give up, my next status was:
Tough choice-To buy a branded watch or a DSLR camera first, especially since I don’t have money for either now.  All those who professed love for me yesterday on my status, now is the time to show. Even if you contribute 10% each, I will feel very loved. Truly!

Only three helpless comments so far, mostly suggesting that they love me but their hands are tied-as if I asked for their kinky bedroom details.

So now, all love has vaporized. Kitne matlabi duniya! *sniff, sniff*
Nobody loves me! *Now where are one of those crying icons when you need them?*


Anita Jeyan Sandeep said...

Hahaha The drama queen ! Ultimate ! Actually when I posted on twitter in general- that owning a DSLR doesnt mean that one has bcom a fotographer..its jealousy that makes people say that- and u replied that u were so jealous 'what 2 do anita' I thought you were mocking me and was thinking about that many times that day and the next day ! Even after I replied 2 on twitter for that, and you dint respond, I really thought something is wrong and I am sending out wrong signals :(

I dont know what happened Suruchi. You might have forgotten about that- then what a mighty drama queen am I?? sob !

Alka Gurha said...

Katti you did not mention me from a to h. And about ur DSLR comment I suddenly forgot to read or type so.....

Jenny said...

hahaha and with this post Suruchi is back and how!!! I could picture your facial expressions when you must have written this post :-)

Jack said...


LOL all the way. I love you for your such good writings.

Take care

Bikramjit said...

This is not true.. I wrote what I wrote and Now I am sad and heart broken you did not even think of saying anything about it .. I guess i will have to climb that mountain again ...

Its my turn to do sniff snifff .. did not expect this at alll


blunt edges said...

Guess you can take Suruchi out of the drama, but you can't take the drama out of Suruchi ;)

Tanvi said...

I left a comment. Don't know if it went or not! :(

∞ © ∞

Manu Katyaayan said...

Funny as hell ! Seriously you'd be quiet a friend to have around, I'm sure the sadness will undoubtedly reduce in life. I personally love happy people. Cheers ! :-)

Shreya said...

Damn not being on twitter i missed such a fab drama ;)...It is no way being attention seeking :) your nautanki is a l'll infectious so i wish i could add even half of it in my life :P :)

P.S Love you

Purba said...

Aww...but all that drama-shamaa was worth it, no?

Suruchi got her groove back :p

RiĆ  said...

Lol!! You r too cute...yes I read that status update on fb but stayed away from commenting on it coz you'd already got 90 comments on it, quite a feat achieved I'd say! ;) Hope u get the much needed love n tlc...till then will it do if I say 'I Love U' :D

Chocolate Lover said...

Awwwwwwwww, I love you! xD

Sakshi said...

True drama queen you are!
BTW- I was amongst the first to comment on your statuses! :!

Suruchi said...

One Drama Queen with another here...I have instantly rectified my fault madam of having to forget replying to the mention. Like always, I was only creating some drama :-)

Hahaha-only the non mentionables were mentioned na, re....the genuine ones were smiled at and given virtual hugs. I am sure you received one but then you must have forgotten like you forgot to read and type :-)

Thank you so much:-)

Suruchi said...

Amazingly yes, besides being unable to control my mouth, I can’t control my facial expressions or hands in emoting when I do.
Thanks for always being around :-)

Arre arre control Mann saab, I really didn’t expect anyone to say “yes”, so I have still not recovered from the shock of it to actually say something...
Waise aap India kab aa rahe ho phir? :-)
And aanson pooch lo, khushi ke aanson hain na?

@Blunt Edges,
Where is your signature “nautanki” Blunty? :-)

Suruchi said...

Awww...I don’t know where the comment went but I love you for always being around:-)

Thank you so much and I personally love happy people too-I just hope we don’t fall in love with the same ones:-)

That “P.S. I love you” made my what you are not Gerald Butler:-)
Thank you so much.

Suruchi said...

Drama-shamaa is always worth it-if nothing else, it always leaves back a smile :-)

I am so glad to hear a woman calling me cute-I was almost wondering if people from my own gender would call me an attention hog:-)
Love you too.

@Choco Lover,
Awwww, thank you so much*hugs n love*:-)

Suruchi said...

Yes, ma’m. First one everywhere. I have never once doubted your love baby and that is the reason why I would be there to share it with you when you walk down the aisle to be joined with your loved one:-)

Arpit Rastogi said...

Itna Drama.. *Rama re Rama*

Ye lo Gana apke liye ::
Ye duniya.. Ye Mehfil aapke kaam ki nahi.. aapke kaam ki nahi.. :)

Sahi hai, aise hi FB par dhoom machao! \m/

Amrit said...

I do feel you are an ultimate Drama Queen. But who says that is bad.........ain't we all seeking attention one way or other?

Amrit said...

Funny post as always from start to end.:))

Pavitra .... said...

Hahahahaa..... Suruchi... i missed you so much!!!! (virtual hug!)
i'm so glad to get back to blogging again...
And what a post to start my catching up with!! :))
I totally understand what you're saying...
I remember when i had put my status up as angry and frustrated (yeah i was at my attention seeking best :P)
and i got about 20 likes for it. and i'm like REALLY?? Hate FB for the like button :\

Loved your post!
Hugs n cheers! :))

Zeebs said...

Thank you for making me laugh. Made my day. You've got a lovely blog and a new follower :)

Varun Punjabi said...

read ur blog ur amazing makes perfect sence,the only thing missing is self confidence and all the men are missing because half of us dont know where or how to comment we are dumb u know and the other half are just too lazy- well we are lazy too sometimes i am amazed how women tolerate us and u want one of us be careful what u wish for :D

A said...

nice one :)

Saru Singhal said...

LOL...I loved reading it and now I feel I should do something like that. It would be fun...:)

pygmalion said...

hilarious! muah..

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