Amazing people who make me go on n on n on:)

03 September, 2011

Here's introducing:The Darlings of Venus!

I know I should write more, I want to write more, but alas-
The cruel intentions of time
And lack of ideas in my mind,
Constrain me to chime, rhyme or whine!
Waah, yeh to poetry ho gaye:-)

And since I can’t manage my one blog with regular updates, I have gone ahead and done the most logical thing on this planet that there can be:
Joined another blog and their team of writers you can nominate me for the Most Logical Thinker Award this year.

But really, Darlings of Venus is an amazing place to be a part of, where a group of dynamic girls yes, I think just the idea that I’ll be teamed in with the “girls” was motivation enough would bring you everything girlie that every man should know and every woman should follow. It seems like a promising and a fun place and I have already left my imprints there -god help them now!  Obviously, you are supposed to check this out too: Decoding Men who live in the Loo! This may be an eye opener, though we prefer it to be the washroom-door-opener instead!

Waise bhi I am in a little thoughtful mood these days-thankfully I don’t take many risks by going beyond the “little”. My posts with my so-called Encounters with men, which are actually not even encounters-more like window shopping don’t ask me to explain that seem to have given the impression to many that I am Lady Ranjeet on the loose don’t ask again who that is-I am not Google.

Oh, I am so hurt! Matlab logon ne yeh samajh bhi kaise liye-ki mera koi standard he nahi hain! And whatever happened to new age villains and vamps that they had to compare me to the obnoxious looking, old-even-in-his-youth, Ranjeet; although thankfully Shakti Kapoor didn’t come to their dim brains. Some readers owing to my own over-the-top excitement to generate something notable in the mundane think that I strip men mentally-I almost anticipate a day when boys would button up even the collar buttons of their shirt on seeing me for otherwise there might be a close-up of my face where my eyes glimmer with lust and I roll my tongue over my upper lip, for I saw some man-flesh just like in Hindi films, heroines ka pullo would sarko to show a dint of the cleavage and turn the watching man into a hungry beast.

And perhaps fathers would tell their sons to get inside the house as Suruchi is on the prowl and I would be asked questions on the street like-ghar mein baap-bhai nahi hain kya? Why don’t they ask for the complete package of “ma, behen and patni” by the way, in Hindi movies to cover all possibilities, kyonki mere ghar mein to actually baap and bhai nahi hain, woh to apne ghar mein honge, na. Aise to they would motivate me to do wrong, na? Anyways, point is-Wtf! Mere andar ki sati savitri ko kitna kasht hua hain-many days of chocolates, brownies and flirting would be required to drown my sorrows.

In my frustration I put up this status on Facebook where people in large numbers extended their support to me oh crap, now I feel like Anna!

"Okay, time for a recheck on our freedom of expression-I have two blogger friends on my friends list who are dating each other n knowing how I talk n my updates, apparently she warned him to stay away from me feeling that I am too wild for anybody's good. She has deleted me from her friends list (good for her and me). What I would like to ask-Are people so duh now that they cannot see my humour n exaggeration just to evoke laughter, often at my own expense by all the drama? Or is understanding of wit such an unreasonable thing to expect in friends?"  

I am also asked how my students/G feels about all these men! Helloooo, where are these bloody men, in the first place???????? My wishful hoping for some adventure is infectious it seems and drugged you all into thinking the same as reality perhaps...ah, it is still hurting and I don't even have Dettol antiseptic at home!*read this as my way of telling you that it is now time to shower me with some compliments*. And before you lose track of your goal mentioned in the asterisk, let me depart with my contemplations of an early sanyaas-damn you Himalayas for still not having sexy saadhus in your lush green set up!  


Sadiya Merchant said...

lol. Aaoo lolitaaaa! :P
yaar sumbody deleted u frm deir frn list cos dey wer dattttt insecure!!!
Dis is like d biggest compliment ever. Or maybe nex best wud b an 'i hate suruchi' group with one million likes :o

n chuck de all dese people thinkin rubbish. Got nothin bettr to do wid deir life!
U r like d coolest momma evrrr!
Keh diya na, bas keh diya!

Sadiya Merchant said...

emotion main aake i almost wanted to say i wish u wer MY mom bt den thot bettr of it :P

aakash said...

I am still holding on the support from my FB comment. Give me the blogger address.. :D

And you are still stuck with that lame issue x(
Darlings of Venus, help her out please :P


Bikramjit said...

Are dhyan se dekho .. lots of men.. its raining men.. :) he he he

hmm I liked the rhyme in start ..
and congrats on joining the blog, Now I will have to go and check that one out toooo.. phewwww kahan kahan jaun ...
but you mentioned GIRLS there so WHY NOT .. and as such it will be good to have you there .. Aaap ho to shayad ahmm ahmm .. he he he he
A friend in need is a friend indeed ...

and hey dont worry about such things .. people do act silly sometimes ... refering to the status I mean.. People are just jealous of your popularity and you being a good human being...

by the way Lady ranjeet I am trying to imagine that now ... he he he he

Take care girl and dont let such things hassel you ... Keep smiling you look great smiling ...


Scribbling Gal said...

I love you girl...end of discussion :D
You put a smile in worse of moods too...

And a girl deleted you for ur humour and warns his man :-s ..I am the kind who wd make her guy read u and say dekho aisa bindaas main rehne wali ho puri life ...after all aisa na jiya to kaise jiya :D

And I am running to the other blog and darlings of venus sound so sexy :D

Love your post <3

Shreya said...

would suruchi explain this ? ...this was the 1st thing that came into my mind after i read about "window shopping " :P but next you wrote "don't ask me to explain this " :(

Forget about insure people they don't understand humor :) loved your opening lines.

maithili said...

you should be flattered that other girls feel their guys might fall for you!! :) :)
But seriously you cant help insecure people!

Btw i totally get the hang of your humor and writing and I think you are adorable! ;) :)

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

I totally agree with Maithili!
People who don't get humour and sarcasm - God save them! There's nothing that you and I or anybody can do about it!
Although am new to ur blog.. am already spending hours reading ur old posts and laughing my a** off!

Oh and You are the first to officially introduce DOV on ur blog.. Need to do it soon!

blunt edges said...

And the fun girl returns! :D

And that maa-behen line reminds me of this funny thing I had heard somewhere a long time ago.
She: "Ghar me maa-behen nahi hai kya?"
He: "Nahi, dono bahar gaye hai. Ghar chalna hai kya?" ;)

PS: You might get a courier any day now. Don't be surprised, it's just Dettol :P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

aapke ghar mein dettol nahi hai?

Either your hubby is totally perfect in shaving (In that case, unko bolo ke naayi ka part time job karein, ekdum faayda hoga bahut bada) or he uses a different aftershave :P

And what to talk of girls with a girl (yes, men gossip too, just the topics are a little different. It's more of complaining than gossiping :P)
Par aapki blogger friend was getting too insecure, I can imagine her sense of humour.

And do what you feel like, duniya wale tel lene jaayien. Itna hi darr lagta hai to chupa ke rakhein apne aanchal mein.
(Wait, was that right?)

Oh, and best of luck with the other blog. Is blog ko bhool na jaana.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Rachit said...

So I' following a lady Ranjit :P and have read the post you mention, looks the gang of girls are in a mood to ransack men loo independence :P

And, the students, uff.. I wish I would have been your student.. :(

Weakest LINK

pRasad said...

My thanks to the came up with another hilarious post :)

Don't stop window shopping for silly salesperson :D

suruchi said...

Matlab ki you putting ideas in people ke already slow working brains to start up such a would be what-girlfriends sitting outside my house on a nirjala vrat to snatch my laptop and internet off my hands?

And thank you for jo keh diya...and baby I would have loved to be your mom too...magar aap itneeee chote nahi lagte n mein abhi itneeee bade nahi hue!
Waise this dp makes you look very chota sa bachcha...and emotion mein beh kar jo kaha woh change kar hoo...nobody wants me.
I hope Seeya does not disown me when she grows up:(

suruchi said...

Arre what raining men is just rimjhim baarish and I am not even standing in the midst of the downpour with an umbrella...I am just watching it from within through a closed window of my house:-)

Kahan kahan! I thought we had agreed upon an unspoken pact:
Tu jahan jahan chalega, mera saaya saath hoga....
And itneeeeeeeeee big fat female fan following hain aapke...abhi mann nahi bhara?

And you don’t have to imagine Lady Ranjeet btw, she is imagining you as we speak-offfooo itnee garmi mein kitne kapde pehne hue hain aapne :p

Thanks Biky for all those super nice words:-)

suruchi said...

Haha...will keep you in mind if it is required..and I am not stuck re...aaj bhai ka phone bhi aa gaya, ki kya locha chal raha hain fb wall pe...
Aapke Delhi belly ne to almost fasa diya;-)

Arre Dubai waale bhai ka nahi, mere asli waale eh he khoon ka bhai:-)

@Scribbling Gal,, you are the only one who is literate and understood the last paragraph correctly
Thank you so much...and I am sure the man would say you are perfect as you are:-)

suruchi said...

Wow, I think you are adorable too and this post should go out to you actually for creating the Darlings of Venus:-)

And that line “You can’t help insecure people” was THE compliment of the day...thank you ji and big hugs:-)

Welcome to my blog and so glad that you are catching up on the old posts:-)

suruchi said...

The fun girl never went too far away from you yaar!
And I thought of other cheesy “he” lines there:
She: Ghar mein maa-behen nahi hain kya?
He 1: Nahi, chalo aur unke kami poore kar do!
He 2: Hain magar ab unke saamne kya karna sab kuch, yehin kar lete hain!
He 3 : Nahi...but tumhe un mein zyaada interest hain kya? Mere gender se kaam nahi chala sakte?

And courier bhi kiya to Dettol....kya yaar, thode bandages bhi bhej dena, kuch toot gaya hain;-)

suruchi said...

Dettol nahi hain...hum zyaada tote fote hue kaam nahi karte na. And Dettol waalon ne kuch diya nahi for this publicity so we are anyways shifting to Soframycin.

And woh “complaining-gosspi” ke liye to my ears are ever ready charged fuller than those dumb batteries! And that ‘chupa ki rakhe in aanchal’ was so cute bas apne size ka aanchal lena baaki hain;-)

This blog can never be forgotten...for tumbling is an everyday affair for me;)

suruchi said...

Arre window shopping karna matlab baahar baahar se andar ki nazarein dekh dekh kar he khush ho lena..abhi there was a reason why there is a phrase ‘Mukandar ka Sikander’;-)

Awww...I wish you were too...but mein students se thoda reserved hoke baat karte hoon. So I’ll say this is better;-)

I can’t, even if and when I want to:/
Abhi baahar se he sahi, great dishes ko check out na kiya, to kya kiya!;-)

Raam Pyari said...

lols! your post made me smile so many times :D

Tanvi said...

LOL How dumb! Beautiful things and people are meant to be appreciated ... doesn't mean everything shall be acquired! You do your thing. You are ADORABLE! :D

♡ from ©

☆ Rià ღ said...

Totally agree with what Tanvi has said. :) U rock gurl!! Be the way u are.

Sakshi said...

Lol, su! Definitely, should be blog hopping now!

All the best!

Shreya said...

Happy teachers day :) Dear teacher :)

Sovina said...

ah! You don't need (and I don't think you will) worry about what others are saying! Your writing and you art of exaggeration and humor is great ;)

Keep kicking ass,


WarmSunshine said...

Awwwww... some girls are plain nuts and people who can't get ur humor are even nuttier. I love your spirit the way you write. You come by as a very spirited young lady and if by any chance i get to come to India, then like it or not, we're going to have a tea party where I'd love to hear you chirp like a cute birdie!! I would definitely check out your post on the group blog :)


Sameera said...

Awww.. Itna badha zulm and atyachar ek bechari sundar susheel ladki par ;)

The spice in your post.. Amazing!! And, she deleted you from your friend list!!! Definitely, good for you :)

Purba said...

Geez what's wrong with people. It was such a delightful post and how many have the guts to be this honest!

And what's wrong if a woman does check out other men? Such hypocrisy gets my goat.

A said...

Why bloggers don't think about Mars and handsome men like me? Man, so many fashion blogs, so many blogs on women.........

A said...

Not sure if Ms Logical Thinker plans to do with this blog....

Soumyadeep said...

so the lady is back with a bang...I was waiting for your posts for the last few days...

pity on the guy that hes gonna miss ur posts....
I thought boys feel insecure in love but nice to find girls too.....

Jack said...


Finally caught up with pending posts after shrugging off my lethargy. It is so nice of you to send right warning in A Night To Remember. Youngsters are upto much more than we would like to believe. They get into bad situations due to lack of knowledge. For this proper parental relationship is a must. I have not joined Facebook but what I gathered from those who are that it is quite addictive and has pitfalls too. However laughed throughout while reading. Made a short visit to your new space to read what you wrote and laughed out startling my wife who was watching TV serial while I was on laptop. Will visit again to leave comment there. You as usual are upto your best writing skills with tongue in cheek manner. Let those who do not understand you go and leave us in peace to enjoy your writings.

Take care

Sairam said...

A teacher with honesty and great sense of humour! They should give you Indiana jones award!! (The award for the coolest professor)

Lady's blog?? It's high time some men come together and create a blog.

Suruchi said...

@Raam Pyari,
Thank you so much ji and I feel super smug when people smile because of me :-)

Awwww...I loved the ‘adorable’ part...made me realize that sometimes praise and appreciation from your own gender makes you just as much kicked:-)

Thanks a bunch girl...I actually don’t know of any other way to be than as I liye for good or better or worse, sab ko isse se kaam chalana padega:-)

Suruchi said...

I wish I knew what was blog hopping for when hopping comes to my mind I can only think of one thing;-)

Thank you and such a cutie pie to remember:-)

Thanks a lot girl and you are right-for all the time and space this post took up, I actually care a damn and would remain the same;-)

Suruchi said...

Hello, wow...please come to India and we’ll catch up...but I am not sure if I can actually chirp that much in person as I do to my laptop’s screen.
Par koi na...will not let you get bored sweetheart, so hop on and we’ll welcome you with open arms:-)
Thank you so much!

Yes, yes, yes...what’s wrong if a woman checks out other men-men do it all the time...matlab check out other women and men:-) Thank you...your praise always gets me very smiley:-)

Suruchi said...

I know right-itnaaaaaaaaa badaaaaaaaaaa zulm aur mein bechaare is zulm ki bojh se dabb gaye:-)
And the poor girl who deleted me-wish she knew how she is being ripped...
I want to sing for her now:
Mein saddist to nahi, magar aye dumb-y, jab se dekha meine tujh ko mujh ko ..saddiasm aa gaye;-)

Bloggers think about Mars and handsome men like you A, ask me;-)
And yes, there are too many blogs on women...we need the men too!:-)
And I am not sure what I plan to do there either yaar...hopefully something worthwhile:-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you so much for waiting..makes me feel all smug n good here:-)
And more than boys, girls are insecure in love-they have a hyper imagination running amok at the slightest hint of getting less attention:-)

Thank you Uncle Jack for always coming around to my space and catching up with previous posts too...In A Night to Remember, I almost felt I was being like you-warning the world of how ghastly things can be...Glad to have you enjoyed the posts:-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you ji...coming from you it means BIG:-)
And please set up that men’s blog-we’ll all come there often if not to read, just to ogle-matlab google:-0

Alka Gurha said...

Absolute riot...i had missed this one...ur Fb status are equally amusing.

Suruchi said...

Thanks Alks,
You are such a consistent reader here and even more consistent on praising me...and that has nothing to do with why I like you soooooooo much:-)

Anirudh Chopra said...


sobhit said...

yar meri samjh ni ayi yeh post... probably cos i aint part f d darling f venus (n it bttr dis way :P) but last mein diff font mein jo likh dala apne.. woh padke badi hasi ayi :P :P.. d girl deleted u d askd d guy not 2 interact wid u?? dat 2 a blogger female.. not take her 2 venus n let ur darling take care f her :P :P.. chalo baki post dekhta hun..

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