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16 August, 2009

Pleasure is Relative and Happiness is Absolute

In one of the Face book messages for the day, I got this simple little line which made a lot of sense:
Pleasure is relative while happiness is absolute.
At the first instance it leaves you with a sense of puzzlement as to how they are different?
But they really are...
Pleasures are small nitty gritties of life that we strive for each those dear tasks which we like- if they get fulfilled or those annoying ones- if they get removed from our path, they bring us pleasure. We bathe in the shower of this momentary joy feeling the blood rush and smiles widen and a general feel good factor within.

Happiness on the other hand is not transitory. It does not come and go like pleasure. It is either there and if there then to stay or you are completely devoid of it. It is deeper and more fulfilling. It just doesn’t cover the gaping holes; it saps the voids, protectively and meticulously. Once you get that job, pass your grade, throw that grand party, meet the deadline...the pleasure no doubt is great but only till you move on to the next task at hand and again sit to fret about it till its accomplishment; Whereas happiness becomes synonymous with permanent and long lasting peace and content. Happiness is not related to fulfilment or failures and to is a state of mind!

What should we strive for?
Obviously happiness...
In the mundane humdrum of life, if we stumble upon failure in complying to achieve these little pleasures, it’s not such a big deal. It’s constructive for it triggers off double the amount of endeavours. What we really need to strive making our inner self bask in contentment, for if we fail there, it’s pretty much a situation of complete despair. “What I have is enough and I could have been worse than this” is a beautiful self driving thought.

My better half and I met a friend of ours recently who had put on way too many pounds on his otherwise handsome and lean frame. So at the first instance of disbelief, my dearly beloved questioned him ‘Why did you let go yourself? How did you get so fat?’ To this a big cherry smile glowed on his face as he remarked... “Yaar but look at my face, still handsome na? And mera new hairstyle kaisa hain? Mast lag raha hoon na, and what’s in weight, phir lose kar lenge”, saying which he moved on in all his jocularity, leaving us with slight rub offs of it.

What a lesson it was in living life to the fullest! This man turned the tables of what could have otherwise been a tricky and embarrassing situation of putting the receiver in the dumps of self criticism or sympathy or both. But it seemed to make him radiate even more confidence as his intrinsic being was at peace with himself.

Let’s be at peace for that’s the only way. A dear friend of mine says that whatever good or bad happens with us is due to our karmas...completely true. But then if we stop indulging in taking credits or blames of these happenings, there would be a catharsis of sorts. When I am exalted, I am not the doer...this is by a greater design of the Almighty meant for my self-improvement and progress. When I fail or falter, it’s not me either...I merely chose to trod on the path that God laid before me. This does not imply that we rid ourselves of the responsibility to judiciously choose...but do rid of the guilt as well as the pride, which follows after every execution of outcomes and move on. Learn from our mistakes, be motivated by our achievements and also stay in acceptance of it, by sending the vibrations back to the universe. Don’t harp on it in a mind churn!

Live for happiness and not pleasures!
Just sit one day and think over unthinkable thoughts-what’s the worst that can happen to you? Like once I did...I could lose my beauty, I could lose my near and dear ones, I would no longer have a limb or I could be thrown out to live on the street...would I perish or decide to jump off the bridge?
Who’s to say now? But then I would not and hope not be completely flabbergasted by it. I would not lose my spirit. I may be emotionally weak, but sustenance strong...I would survive. If God has sent me to this world, he’s done so with certain realizations and would feed me or bring those occasional smiles...the rest would be my karam.

Interesting here is also the differentiation between karma and there one? Hmmm...More on this after I get a bit of enlightment myself over how relativity co-exists there!
Till then loads of happiness to all my readers and wiping out of all voids!


Anonymous said...

Nice thoughts.. go ahead.. fill the spiritual cup and share :)
Universal justice in the eyes of truth always watching u (Enigma)

suruchi said...

Hey Enigma...
Thank u...
I am trying to fill the spiritual cup...though it can never reach up to the brim...
So I drench in whatever I have managed to fill inside and keep replenishing it with whatever comes my way:-)

Tell them to keep that watch over me:-)

Anonymous said...

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