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24 July, 2011

Of 'Zindagi Na Mile Dobara' and more!

It is 1 o’clock at night. I have just returned from my first night show of a movie in a year because the world was hollering about Zindagi na Milege Dobaara since a week and I thought if I won’t catch it now, I would soon probably be gasping for air or something or be labelled an outcast and deported to Alaska.

But as I was returning I was also pondering over my exact feelings about the movie. Of course there was a feel good but then there is also a tad bit of disappointment somewhere. That was also introspected and I came up with my very own bullet list again:

1. We actually had centre seats 6, 7, 8 (my nephew had also gone with my beloved and me) but the stupid seat guy made us sit at 3, 4, 5 and then came a fat aunty ji, some ten minutes late in the movie with two gawky guys dangling by her sides, made us all stand and create a ruckus and probably got us cussed under the breath by those seated behind us and despite me asserting that she’s seated her big butt on our space, they eventually gobbled up our seats and we had to settle back on her corner ones. Not that I was cribbing about those seats before, beloved was-but then the aftermath conclusion is I hate being bullied into giving what is rightly mine for no rhyme or reason. So bad start and also a nudge to beloved to remind him the umpteenth time that it is great that he is so super accommodating and all but there are times in life when he has to give up the ‘chalta hain’ attitude that surfaces EVERY where. I tell him people are using him for his niceness and he only says ‘Chalo, kisse ke kaam to aa raha hoon!’ Grrrr-believe me, it is not so “awwww...” every time.

2. Facebook was screaming and reeking with praises of the flick and how it was changing lives-some scores of very flattering updates were about the movie. I remember a cute blogger friend also updating this as her status. “Those who liked Delhi Belly and not ZNMD are sick.”
I did not dislike it really but just to be sure, I took the thermometer into my mouth to check if I was-98.4 it says and along with that in asterisk, are the invisible words that only I can perceive- ‘You are over healthy, could you please do something about it?’
I guess over expectations nipped the outcome a bit. Lesson learnt also that one must watch movies that we look forward to before the reviews flow in because you might not read the movie buzz section in the newspaper or avoid the pompous critics on television giving their ratings but you can run, you deny but you can’t escape the reviewers on Fb-count me as one of them too.

Zindagi Na Milege Dobaara:
Firstly, why such an excruciatingly painful title Madam Zoya Akhtar? I mean agreed there have been worst-Kabhi Alvida Na Kehne, Kuch Kuch Hota Hain, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam it’s now 1. 19 a.m. please forgive me for my tired memory and hence not coming up with more of such obnoxious names, I shall devote a post on this some other time to make up. But fortunately for those flicks the names kinda gelled well with the mouth. Zindagi-makes me just stop short at that...“Zindagi” for ZNMD is too weird an abbreviation and a very inconvenient for the lips.

Please don’t get me wrong here my friends- I have nothing against wholesome family entertainers-they’ve built our cinema on that. Look at The Johars and The Chopras achieving cult statuses by selling larger than life dreams. You come out hoping for a Raj to bump into or imagining flowers blooming at every encounter to turn it into love at first sight and then dance on well choreographed chartbuster numbers in Swiss locales, wearing heavily designed outfits at your sangeet. I never thought I’d be saying this but I now think-Isn’t it time we grew up?

I mean agreed ZNMD sounds such a fabulous proposition if it could really come true. If all men could go to Spain or even a poor old Singapore for bachelors party and then bump into beautiful scuba divers and have one night stands with good girls and with no strings attached! If we could meet up school friends after years and get together for such longish time as though nothing’s changed! If we could just dive into water or jump off a plane or run before a mad bull which I feel many do anyways in this part of Uttar Pradesh with rampant street animals making a go at your rear side at their whims and fancies and feel that we are living again. If only we could just as easily turn down marriage proposals without caring a damn about the feelings of those involved especially family and become Runaway Brides and grooms! Yes, we’d be kings of wishful thinking!

The Times of India recently informed of a study that revealed that romance novels lead to unstable mental health for women making them either over-the-top expectant or wanton to materialize such as they read, in their own mundane lives. So I guess it is time we told the movie makers to stop messing with our heads and please don’t give us larger than life ideas that seldom see the daylight. I mean till we craved for houses and families like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum it was alright-please don’t make us yearn for a life like what you show here! On a personal note perhaps I am also a bit bitter because I have always wanted to live like that-be on the move, new experiences around every corner-may be this mad post is just a response to the ‘sour grapes’ syndrome of the fox who is tempted by the grapes on the vine and then raises a snooty nose in disdain when it realises that they are beyond its reach.

Then I am also pondering that maybe it is the small city deficiency syndrome-may be life is such in metros of Delhi, Mumbai and the likes. But then we also have friends in these places that are equally stuck up in the grinds of the everyday earning of bread and butter that I suppose they strive to be served in gold plates adorned with precious diamonds, for their work schedules are so maddening that enjoying what they are reaping is postponed till some other time. Enough is never enough!

The movie-ZNMD was less of a movie and more of an experience, a journey you made with them. Of course I laughed and smiled and ogled at the three gorgeous and sexiest men in the Indian film industry and wanted to be Laila at many points yes, the smooch point topping the list. But then I also felt it all was too beyond our reach. I mean what could possibly have been the outcome of life for the trio after such a road trip-back to the grind or can they afford to party like that forever? How can you keep living Zindagi when zindagi makes 101 demands out of you to slog to survive? We all love holidays, we all love to be free without responsibilities, do things that make ME happy at the end of the day and period. But is it really possible? To just be with no strings attached?

It’s not that people like those don’t exist who live up their lives-they do, but their number is too miniscule to want everyone to be and behave like them. Possibly like a rare ‘Salman’-who gives up his obligations to an unborn child and his unwed mother for he never really grew up to want to grow up? And then also-do Hrithik, Farhan and Abhay really look as though they were out of college just four years back? Despite all their hotness, please! There were many shades of Dil Chahta Hai and The Hangover there and also some other movies which I could not put my finger on. I loved Farhan’s recital of poetry, loved the Senorita song and ached to be buried in the tomatoes too. And as far as the lip lock was concerned-we’ve seen Hrithik do better- remembering here the Dhoom kiss with Aishwarya that was oh-so-awesome!

On the other hand was Delhi Belly, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Again male bonding formed the crux with three guys as the protagonists. I read many reviews condemning the toilet humour and offensive language yet there was a novelty attached to it. The unique blend of English and Hindi that did not look artificial or put on in anyway-no songs, no intervals, no pretence, no dreams-just shit happening as it really does happen in actuality sometimes. There were genuinely moments when I laughed my head off my seat.

Despite all my aversions to crassness in real life, if you ask me which is closer home to me-I’d say there are more chances of me finding myself in trouble with the mafia and hear the worst of F and all the rest of the alphabet words than finding myself with a sexy finance man, who’d be ready to give up his job to go away with me to Morocco and the likes and sing Senorita there for the rest of our lives. I know what you are thinking-is ke liye tereko Katrina types hona padega-but then even hypothetically it is a weird possibility. I also know that you are going to tell me ‘It is just a movie-itna sochte nahi hain’-but you know, one of those days when a movie makes you-THINK!

After having blah-blahed about it all for three pages and still having you hear, let me also say this-our opinions of movies are formed not just by the content and merit of the movie itself but what frame of mind we are in when we venture to dekho them. I remember a couple friend and us went once to see this suspense thriller by the actor who played Meheer No. 2 in the television serial ‘Kyonki Saas bhi kabhi Bahu thi’ and laughed our guts out at the ham scenes and blatant and obnoxious over acting and omg-dialogues that were dissected and imitated-it remains one of my most enjoyable movie experiences ever! I don’t know what made me write a movie review for I generally don’t. Just that ZNMD makes you wanna be free and when you can’t, you wanna tell the world it is an impractical and bad idea! ;-) 


Nikita said...

i had plans to watch today but got sick....

Dishita said...

There you go! Get whinny :)

tarunima said...

I totally agree, these movies lead to wishful thinking and sometimes a lot of disillusionment:(
But anyways ye life hai:)
Im yet to watch this movie( mujhe chulu bhar paani me doob jana chahiye)

Vagabond said...

exactly my thoughts. I didn't dislike it,neither did i think it is bad, but there is a big 'but..' when (and if) I recommend the movie to anyone.

pRasad said...

I can relate to your state of mind, after watching this movie myself!..:))) .. It was like, 'YEAH..AUDIENCE WILL SURELY LIKE THIS, LET'S PUT THIS IN THE MOVIE' (NO MATTER IF IT DOESN'T FIT..)

Why the hell Rhitik took soo much time to stop the car when Farhan threw his cell out ??? :D ... Just because they wanted to show now it's impossible to find the cell?:D

Light comedy films have become sure shot way to earn money by pulling huge crowd..
Don't think banao paisa kamao is the funda..what say?

suruchi said...

Awww...get well soon and sorry for spoiling the fun!

I know...sometimes the best way to be is whinny:-)

Chulu bhar paani mein mat doobna, meine try kiya tha...chulu toot gaya:-)

Rachit said...

I never liked that movie.., its boring, slow and the kiss part never aroused my senses. Yeah, DB clanged with me.

A review Zoha would never have liked, ahan:)
Weakest Link

suruchi said...

Yup, we don’t say the flick is bad-just not as outstandingly awesome as everyone screamed it is.
Though it is definitely not worth a miss! :-)

It is very well marketed-just as Delhi Belly was.
They stressed on the cusses, these guys used the get-aways and adventure and the hot stars to tempt the audience!

And woh cell waale baat pe yaad aaya-phone bhi to mila sakte the-shaayad ring bajte and phone mil jaata....haha, we’ve gone mad in our dissection now:-)

Actually sometimes the light comedies do work too-if only they are portrayed that way-this one had posed to be a living mantra of sorts!

A said...


Honestly I really loved the movie. watched it last night It is an awesome movie - script based, not too many love songs, subtle humor..reminded me of young days...

Purba said...

Franky the movie never excited me even though my friends have been raving about it. How far can you stretch a story which is basically about friends rediscovering themselves as they set out to discover Spain!

Shreya said...

ahh.. mm .. i didnt watch both the movies :D so no comments on them :) but there is just one thing coming into my mind and it is probably the people in the movie world know how people crave for happiness externally .. or how plain life is in reality so they put into movies everything you dream of to be perfect. Perfect men, women , songs , situations etc.
May be that is how they expect people to forget their real life and dream about reel life for those 3 hrs ?
May be the bitter truth is that we hate truth :)

Anita :) said...

haha cool review...:D As i am in such a situation that doesnt allow me to be at the movies now or for the next 12 months, I am satisfied reading entertaining reviews like these.. !

Sakshi said...

I know what you mean! But I still loved the movie :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Afsos, I haven't had the chance to watch either. Chance? Nay, I'm just plain lazy to moce myself to a theatre seat. I'll wait for the DVD release, or for a better internet connection.

Now, while the moti wali aunty was seeking aarakshan for her lanky flankies on either sides, I'd say your beloved played it safe.
While the full form of ZNMD has always confused me, (they all have, the K3G et al) so confused that I think that I haven't read my syllabus books right and have skipped on some important abbreviation. There was a Y2K bug, then there was a K3G movie. The ZNMD feels like it is the name of some conference like IEEE. :P
Anyways, I am digressing.

So, I don't mind watching movies provided no one asks me at the end, how was the movie. :)
As for the life, I think I am not much of adventurous. Okay, that is also laziness, but still, I find adventure in walking too, so I don't need to become a tramp for that. I think I'll live quite well, the way I am.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Fatima said...

hehe...I and my frens planed on watching ZNMD but the cost was freaking 170 bucks in a hot shot theater and you know what they had HP 7 3D for the same rate...wch fool would go for ZNMD when HP rulez :P

And yes I thoroughly enjoyed it...and ZNMD is still pending..god knows uska time kab aayega n DB hayee...woh toh hum dekhne hi nae gaye ;)

And I read Anshul's comment and lol IEEE gosh kuch zyada hi aacha ECE engineer nahi ban gaya k yahan bhi IEEE ki publicity ho rahi hai when all we are talking abt movies and some more movies :P

Ok I guess enough of my nautanki in this post...I'll take my leave and wait for your reply patiently :D

And hey why my blog ain't opening its alrite..the link works..really! Try goin from my FB page I posted the link on my profile page :)

Take Care.

☆ Rià ღ said...

Well i never really thought tht a movie would rouse such reactions...never really thought tht i wud see what i had said here. :P

Not tht i mind...but seriously, u liked DB!! :D I think ZNMD was gr8 coz it was far more reaistic than the KJo or Yashraj films. And its not abt a trip to Spain, or a kiss here and there. Its abt not being so tied up with life n obligations all the time. And hey its not always so hard to loosen up a bit every once in a while! Is it?

Bikramjit said...

I read somewhere that the film is only about people in a tomato dance or something and also there was a comment by a very good friend of mine .. which says
"Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
yeh movie na dekhna Dobara
kyunki, paise aur waqt kabhi bhi
nahi milenge Dobara.

youtube mein Go Spain ka ad dekh
tv par Hrithink Kat ke ads dekh
aur dil thambkar intezar kar
woh waqt ke liye
jab sirf naseer farhaan aur bagwati aayenge dubhara"


suruchi said...

I did not dislike the movie per se-just not over the top excited about it as I had thought I would be-and DB clicked, eh? My kinda guy:-)

Yup, Farhan is super good in that subtle humour department!
And younger days kya ji...aap to abhi bhi young-shung ho;-)
I also enjoyed the movie-just not TOO much:-)

Yes, the story-where was that? But even then-I thought it was kinda predictable too:-)

suruchi said...

Haha...exactly-Loved how you summarised it!
Truth is- we hate the truth that does not please us:-)

Haaaaw-no movies?
Koi na-there is always enough drama happening around you anyways;-)

I know you loved the movie baby, I kinda loved it too-just in bits and parts than the whole soul:-)

suruchi said...

Why are you always on my beloved’s side?
Matlab I am not averse to the idea of having super cute/hot/witty/awesome writers on my side...please note!:-)

And pleeeease don’t be lazy about going to the theatres-it is such an event in itself. I remember me n G used to go for the movies religiously even ten years back when there were no multiplexes and AC’s and people in general lookied down upon those who went! Such a nice way to spend few hours without having to spend too much(read- in shopping) or add too much(read-calories, in going to the restaurants)

Haha...and I love your digressing, please keep going at it...I always marvel at how you give super in depth comments to everyone. In fact sometimes when I go to the comment section and spot you there-I actually stop to read you first and forget the post n then have to go back again to read it and comment!

And I just don’t THINK you’ll live quite well- I BELIEVE you will:-)

suruchi said...

My god-you technical people...abhi mein Anshul Ke IEEE ko samajh bhi nahi paye the ki aapka HP 73D aa gaya...gosh, sometimes I feel like such an illiterate!:(

I hope you get to see it soon. N I tried opening your page from Fb too-but again the post is blank- I can see the gadgets and widgets n all but not the written post...pata nahi kyon. Doesn’t happen with any other blog?:(

suruchi said...

I did like DB yaar-pata nahi kyon...I laughed n giggled as though I have got entry into a boys only zone or something!

Also because my hubby came out of the theatre saying and asserting that the movie had opened his eyes and he now wants to live his life n all-and the next day he is back at work and not back till 10 p.m. and all that “change” happening is changed. I really do wanna be not so tied up...magar itna easy nahi hain!

And thanks for taking the status mention so sportingly as I thought you would :-)

suruchi said...

Baap re-abhi itneeee bhi bure nahi hain yaar!
One time watch to banta hain and it does give you the feel good

Aparana Pitale said...

I generally watch almost all movies, even if it is the super flop at the box office I see something good into the movie.. And for ZNMD, I went to watch it on the first day of the movie release. Everyone has their own views… However I loved the movie, probably because I love all such Relation saga movies like K3G, or KKHH :) :) And I love day dreams, having fantasies, they are achieved or not they still keep me happy… Nobody has that gr8 life, nor those big mansions, but we have something we can cherish. Movie never told us to visit Spain; however the waterfall 50km from here is also worthwhile if you are with buddies. Its 4 years I have completed my graduation, and we were group of 15, every six months we still meet, go for some outing, enjoy, half of us have got married, some are not in India, still jisko possible hota hai vo sab ate hai and with their spouses. :) :) Movie surely entertained us, and just has passed a thought to get a life if we have lost it… :) :) Nothing against your views:)

Sameera said...

Such a nicely done post-mortem of the movie.. Though I liked the movie, but loved your reviews more ;)

BTW.. totally agree on the Dhoom and ZNMD fact.. We cant compare the Dhoom 3 & ZNMD lip locks ;)

jo said...

When I was in college, we would watch every single movie, first day second show, except for the absolutely repelling ones. We always made it a point never to read the reviews. And we usually liked them. There was a time when I actually started doubting my taste coz there were people who loved 'I hate luv stories' and yet had the guts to actually hate movies like 'Raavan' and 'Guzaarish' which if not great were certainly better than 'I hate...'. So I guess public opinion and movie reviews are simply overrated.
I usually watch movies for the people in them :P And rest of the times I watch them anyhow for no reason whatsoever and I kinda like doing that.
And yes these movies tell us impractical stories and make us dream faltu mein, but then isn't that the entire point of entertainment.
Oh! btw loved the post ;)

Scribbling Gal said...

Hahhahaah seeing movies with u wd be so fun :D

I am yet to see ZNMD and i do wanna watch it and then i can judge.....because i havent really got time off late...and so i missed DB too....but i am glad u enjoyed :)

sm said...

nice post

Fatima said...

@ Suruchi: Actually you have to scroll down a bit some browsers I guess this problem is happening I noticed it too when I accessed my blog from my college..just scroll down a bit till the end, you'll get the post on the way...I'm so sorry that my blog is causing inconvenience to some of my readers but frankly speaking I don't even have time to change my blog's template... such a hectic schedule :(

I hope you this works for you, if not then I guess I'll need to do something, if the problem still persists :|

Aur btw IEEE ka full form is Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers :P and oye HP 7 3D is...Harry Potter Part 7 in 3D :P

Take Care.

Anonymous said...

I had a lot of expectations from this movie and the reviews and ratings had reaffirmed my belief that this was going to be the movie of the season. Sadly it failed to create that magic. It was a pleasant watch but I expected more. :(

Thousif Raza said...

hmmm i got ur idea... living free and without a worry is what we yearn for... but i believe if we can live what we love doing... that's amazing too... :).... yeah everyone cant achive the same because as delhi belly says... shit happens in life... we just gotta deal with it... i just wanna say... ebing in a relationship and even breaking up later because of it not working out is so much more better than one ngt stands and no strings attached stands... because true love is something that is pure and so powerful that it can change the person for o much better even if he has to sacrifice so many things for the person...

i dint see the film, maybe will see no promises... but life is better with its complications than without it... we just have to find that one person whom we can look upto at the end of the day, by which we can forget our worries... n life life to the fullest... saying ZNMD, but not going by the filmi standards... thats all :)

take care and keep writing.... n i have missed u :* kishi mere taraf say...
P.S: to suruchi's sweeto... dont get jealous ;)... hum bhi suruchi ko chahte hai to ek kiss ka to hisab banta hai :P take care.. give my love to seeya :)

tarunima said...

You have been awarded:)

Anonymous said...

just found your blog
love it!

Check out my new post.: Lost sommer
Would love to have you as a follower.

Miles Of Style said...

im so there with you on this Suruchi! i didnt care much for ZNMD either. i guess i went with great expectations. also found the fact that so many of my friends are dying to go to spain after seeing the movie. i was there last year and i really didnt think the movie captured the essence of Spain there are no wild horses who race with your car in the country side like they showed in the movie hahahaha! :P

Arpit Rastogi said...

I don't think that i should make any comments to this post kyunki i watched it twice or agar mein kuch bolunga to kahin aap mujhe saja-e-maut na dedo.. so i ll better keep quiet & wait for the next post..
ciao! :)

Lipsy said...

yeah so true...a big BUT follows with review and I loved DB and much loved your post!!

Do participate in my giveaway here

suruchi said...

Wow, such a sweet comment and you are a lucky girl apart from being the sweetest and prettiest one:-)
15 friends and still so bonded-I know what you are saying. The dream world of movies is soooo relieving, na...Maybe I was not rightly receptive that day for I am generally a sucker for mush and romance otherwise:-)

Please keep watching movies-they are like therapy for the tired body and mind:-)

suruchi said...

Finally someone sees my point about the lip lock-Hrithik and Aish burnt the screen and made my sigh so much that I could have burnt whatever rest was left:-)

@Scribbling Gal,
Yes, watching movies with me is fun-I remember how we as bunch of giggly school girls would go for movies and comment more on the backdrop actions and expressions than of the lead and laugh through it all, much to the annoyance of others. I hope you find time soon to catch up with these flicks:-)

suruchi said...

You remind me of me how I was...I would generally go for movies based on the fact that it had people who were a treat to watch...n I liked Raavan and Guzaarish too and I could bear I hate luv storys for the fact that it was the first movie we saw after Seeya came in our lives and after a gap of two it was like a home coming and hence everything seemed nice:-)

Yes, stupid, stupid reviews...they soooo make us judgemental!:)

suruchi said...

Thank you:-)

Wow, thank you for that enlightenment on the full forms...and offooo yeh Harry Porter fans bhi na...reminds me of a gal in college who once told me during break time-let’s go to the canteen for some sams n CD’s!

Turned out it meant samosa and cold drinks...Lol!:-)

Exactly my sentiments:-)

suruchi said...

You are such a sweetheart and so unabashedly expressive of love for me that I love you for it...Big kisse back to you and your sweetheart girlfriend*asking my jealous veins to settle down a bit*:-)

Yes, true love is the only reason why we should bear what we do-it is the only reason that makes life a life. I believe in living to the fullest too and sometimes struggle to do the same...phir jitne jaise milta hain...usmein full-shull dhoondh lete hain:-)

I always miss you and your comments just the same as you do for me...sigh-yeh husband and girlfriend kahan se aa gaye, tere mere beech mein;-)

suruchi said...

Thank you award after soooo long...makes me very kicked:-)

@fashiongamble n Lipsy,
Thank you...would check you out soon!:-)

Haha...the wild horses part-so cute!
And bechaare if they had shown more Spain than what they already did, the movie might have to be re-titled as ‘Spain na Mile Dobaara’:-)

Mein aapko saja-e-maut nahi donge yaar...mereko ache lage the film-bas itneeeeeeeeee achee nahi lage jitne aapko lage jahan panah:-)

Tanvi said...

I really enjoyed the movie. It was a 'feel-good' movie, I came out smiling ... and LOVED the couplets written by Javed ji ... all in all was a great evening in the company of Hubby, Hrithik, Abhay and Farhan - all great men ;)

♡ from ©

Jack said...


Nice review without any punches being pulled. One should just enjoy movie as it is, laughing at stupid unbelievable ideas, and not identify with it.

Take care

Sairam said...

You are right about ZNMD. Though you are the first person I have come across to hold such a muted opinion.

I myself felt that Zindagi na milegi dobara should have been the statutory warning and not the title.

suruchi said...

Movies do reflect the truth at a certain level...and movies are known to get the audiences carried away too!:-)

Haha...I read your post on the god, I was not THAT bored..just a bit bitter for getting no taste in my mouth;-)

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