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12 September, 2009

The Fear Of the Unknown....

The fear of the unknown…
Has me firmly in its grip
I don’t know what it is
But I know it’s there…
Watching my every move
Perhaps anticipating its own,
Spreading its roots
Branching its hold!
The unknown is pleasant or discordant?
Let’s just say still a mystery
Shrouded in pleasure,
In company of pain
Partly logical, partly insane!

The fear of the unknown…
Makes me take baby steps at a time
Though each is a giant leap for ‘my’ kind!
I falter and resist
I give in and still insist…
It’s a turmoil that’s making me churned
It’s like getting something, I have yearned
But lavished freely and not really earned!
Do I deserve it or does it deserve me?
Should I accept it or just let it be?

The fear of the unknown…
Makes my heart palpitate, my senses titilate
And my philosophies to mutate!
You come within the radar of my aura
And I realize I am the one who is being magnetically pulled instead!
Is there a blindfold on my eyes?
Or have all forces suddenly become dark?
I stop, I call out, I reinstate my premise
I analyse, I dissect, I debate, I surmise!
Not knowing that all the while…my mind was playing games
I thought there was a distance,
Then why the proximity held my breath?
Despite ordering them to stop…my footsteps had been trotting still...
Don’t they receive my signals or have they developed their own free will?

The fear of the unknown…
Is it fear really?
Or is it the unknown indeed?
Perhaps when the pace of my heart quietens…
I’ll hear.
Perhaps when I stop dreaming with waking eyes…
I’ll see.
Perhaps when I shut down my pragmatic world…
I’ll feel.
Perhaps when the dust settles…
I’ll know.


Hopeless Romantic said...

hmmm...nicely written...!


suruchi said...

Hmmm...Thanks Amit...
Only a hopeless romantic like me would make sense out of these winding n diverging lines:)

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