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16 March, 2011

Midnight and Cinderella must run away!

Dear You,
If I just caress a little more of your strong hand intertwined in mine
I would probably walk miles without a panting.
A little more of you viewing me like you did which seemed to the world as though you were devouring the ethereal,
And I would not espy the scratching and scathing edges poking out of the tricky path as we continue to tread.

If I just sense a little more of the comfort that your broad shoulders assure of,
I would allow life to prolong its excruciating task of making my head dizzy with all the bafflements of fate it strikes me with.
Just dab a tear gently now and I promise not to let any vestige of it appear again.
Let me feel the proximity of your willing ears brushing against my trembling lips, while I exude the whines and moans and mumble all the wrongs meted out to me, I would perhaps press them shut to let them spread into infinite smiles.

If I could experience your hot breath against my skin, inhaling the whiff that you could never get enough of, I would perhaps stop sniffing out for more.
And hear your penetrating, silken voice, talking out the furrows and soothing me out of any quandary like a sweet lullaby,
I would perhaps again be able to create music out of living and not just being!

If only what we have got, was always enough and ‘a little more’ was just a harebrained, greedy, presumptuous demand,
If love would not fade and fading would not seem so painfully unreal.
Senses could be sensed and feelings really felt!
We could love like we did and we would live like never before.
If sympathise would swap positions with empathise,
May be we could breathe life into the hollow ‘happily ever after’
And not be a part of the thronging crowd wherein one wanders with a meaningless token and empty search in vain,
Maybe there would be no midnight for Cinderella to run away!



Pavitra .... said...

Hey dear!
Beautifully written and unique!
"I would allow life to prolong its excruciating task of making my head dizzy with all the bafflements of fate it strikes me with."
"Maybe there would be no midnight for Cinderella to run away!"
Loved the lines so much!
Wonderful post!

Akshay singh said...

that was a pleasant surprise are venturing into my territory , huh ?
kyon garib ke pate pe laat maar rahi hain ..

Loved it ! now if only I was the prince with the glass shoe ;-D

A said...


So beautiful post from you. Serious post but so enjoyable.

Sudhir Kekre said...

wow that was simply brilliant! I am speechless

Amit Gupta said...

this is the shortest post u have ever written in the history of this blog :D

Great one:)

Ria said...

Loved it...a pleasant departure from ur usual humorous posts. :)

Jack said...


??????????? What's up?????????

Take care

WarmSunshine said...

Suruchi... WOW!! Ozzing with a mush mush romance... and the last line just hit me... it has almost inspired me... why don't you add it to my "letters I'll never send" section? Would love that!

mwah! tc! :)

Shreya said...

that's awesome :)

Bikramjit said...

romantic romantic.. G ko boliye glass show layen :)

yes Suruchi if only.. If only love does not fade away and a little more stops at being you are glad what you have ..

I dont know what made you write this but whatever it is ALL IS FINE ... sing all is welll :)

A lovely thought and some lovely words with a mixture of sadness .. and sadness doesnot suit you.. you inspire other to smile so how about a nice smile now :)


Aparana Pitale said...

wow... nice... Loved the last line.. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Right when you think you don't need love is when you need it most
Even when you got the father the son and the holy ghost
Well there's more to truth baby than what we know is true
Ya we wander round in the darkness
But every now and then a little love shines thru
And a little love - just a little love - a little love can change it all
~Bryan Adams

That pretty much says what I've got to say.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for posting this… Absolutely LOVE it!! Wish there was a way to “fav” individual posts on WordPress, would definitely favor this post.

Regards, A
here's my site too

Alka Gurha said...

Each line is brilliant and different from your previous posts...yet so beautiful.

moonlite:D said...

woooowwww.. just loveleee!!

brilliant, i must say :)
let the passion/romance be brighter in the days to come :D

rainboy said...

awesome lines ji . You never disappoint a fan :D

belated happy holi
Take caRe

suruchi said...

Hi Pavitra,
Thanks a ton...coming from an impeccable poetess, it means a whole lot:-)

Hey Akshay,
Yeh garib and uska pet...dono naatak company hain bilkul:-)
And how do u know if you are not the prince with the glass shoe?;-)

suruchi said...

Hello A, Sudhir, Ria, Shreya , Aparana and Alka,
Thank you so much..the humorous posts are anyways kinda lost!

But you guys keep appreciating whatever I churn out here...super glad to have such loyal followers:-)

suruchi said...

@Amit, are keeping a tab on the length of my posts?
Even I noticed that and had to consciously stop myself from writing more;-)

Hi Uncle J,
Yup...almost all’s okay...almost!:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Mehreen,
Thank you do I add it?
Please do the needful yaar...technically duh know na;-)
And may be your letters subconsciously inspired this...I sooooo love them:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Biky,
Smiling big time now...
And yes all izzzz well...and what is not well is a tubewell...offo, pata hain bahuuut sad pj hain...poor pj hain..par kya karen, control nahi hota;-)

suruchi said...

Hey BA,
Wow...those lines are super awesome and pretty much summarise for what I took so many lines to do the same:-)

suruchi said...

Hey Moonlite and Rainboy,
Thanks guys,
Let the romance flow...and flow my way too;-),tussi?
Yeh lo...yeh to mere line hain, na?;-)

Cinderella said...

Your best post till date Su.

I loved the every undulation your verbiage creates in my heart, and yet I soak it all with all earnestness this subliminal write up deserves, yet it would be less that I would want to offer!


Its poignant and powerful, and serene and sublime - all at once.

Gorgeous. This will be bookmarked in my directory.

Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

Nicely written... By the way, Seeya is cute.. :-)

Miles Of Style said...

beautiful!! ... ::speechless::

suruchi said...

Hey Cinderella,
You know when this came out on screen, you came up in my mind and naturally the 'Cinderella' reference flowed in:-)

That's the power of good writing and it's effect on readers.
While I was writing this I felt I was reading something that is normally your forte...and when it went beyond the decent 'brief' lines, I knew I had given it my 'longish' touch:-)

Thank you...your generous appreciation means a lot..coz otherwise I was thinking this was just a lame attempt at doing something that I admire otherwise from a distance in others:-)

suruchi said...

@Pranavam...thank u and thanks from Seeya too:-)


Nanki said...

just stumbled and tumbled upon your some of your posts of finding prince charming and really enjoyed them. I've just started going through the same experience as i've reached a certain age (ahem 26 ahem haha).

I've seen seen pics of a certain guy and OMG. Never seen such a hot guy, 6 feet and all..
His father says that we should 'talk' and given his email address and taken mine!! Yeah I was actually excited. BUT, haven't received an email or a FB friend request in over a week. I feel like i've been rejected and it's upsetting !!!
I;m not sure if I shuld add him on FB as I though he would. What a douce.
I feel like if I keep getting rejected its really going to take a toll on me!

Design Elements said...

wonderfully written

The Blue Periwinkle said...

Very well written..!

Anonymous said...

great blog If you are the type to update your blog regulary, then you have gained one daily reader in me today. keep up the super work.

Anonymous said...

I think you have a great page here… today was my first time coming here.. I just happened to find it doing a google search. anyway, good post.. I’ll be bookmarking this page for sure.

suruchi said...

Hi Nanki,
Please hang in matter how many rejections, don't let it play on your self respect and esteem...whatever happens, happens for the good and you would eventually see it when the right guy comes along, that good the other ones decided not to stay.

It worked that way with me:-)
And the good looking ones are anyways not good, mostly:-)

I wish you all the very best and all the patience in the world...because that eventually pays:-)

suruchi said...

@Design Element and The Blue Periwinkle...Thank you guys:-)
Hope to see you around

Erratic Thoughts said...

Bless You Suruchi, it's a fab composition..


suruchi said...

Hey Erratic Thoughts,
Bless you too for taking it so much time to read me and shower me with such generous praises:-)


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