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12 March, 2011

Seeya's First Fifty!

Naah...Seeya has not joined any cricket league despite the cricketing fever gripping one and all, though she is making sixes of her own.
And naah...this is also not about Seeya’s first fifty dates either, which omg, I would have to tackle someday dates that is and not fifty of them-omg multiplied by fifty otherwise.

As Seeya turns one year and three months now, here are few of the words she blabbers besides aa-aa, baayla, yoo-yoo, pata-pata, apriya app, etc, that she keeps saying incessantly and we are still in the process of de-coding what these stand for.

She started with proper nouns a long time back...
So mamma, that’s moi, she alternates in calling Sucha smart girl, she knows how sucha and pavitra is her mom-who dareth snigger?
G she calls Thom-tom cause she cannot pronounce or perhaps take the effort of saying his entire name Gautam see, like mother like daughter, I just hope it does not shorten to G for her too some day
She calls my Gauri bhabhi-Gooyeeee
Preeti bhabhi- Pri-ta
Her cousins Chaitanya-Chayta, Kartikey-Kaka, Yashveer-Yajshu
Our servant Bablu- is Bubbbal, which he calls himself now
And Cheela for Sheile and Moyee for Munni, she learnt before all of these thanks to gyrating on their numbers watching the idiot box.

Since many months she constantly asks one question to all and sundry, no matter who they are and what they are doing. Her eternal quest is to find out ‘ka kal laye hain aap?’ (What are you doing?) -some very nosey grandma traits there that kinda bother me, but when she dances like Sheila, my fears kinda rest in peace, before new ones take birth.

And if I tell her once ‘aapko pyjama pehna rahe hoon’ perhaps she is slow on understanding that or just too sharp and insistent on learning what she hears, for she would persist in asking me that again and again till the damn pyjama is up her little legs. Needless to say I hurry up with the process as much as I can, but then comes the wearing of socks and sandals and the rest of the jinga-bang and her intriguing, grilling interrogation continues I wonder then if I should make her join the police force when she grows up-she’ll easily crack up the toughest of nuts

She learnt saying dogh and cat almost along side of saying paapaa and mumma not very good at selecting the synonymous pairing, is she?
She knows what is hot and cold, though she would put her palm on her cheek and take a deep breath, with an aghast expression on her little face, to indicate both as the same. While feeding her with the bottle, she’ll take one gulp and say hawt for she knows mom would then go to the tap to put it under water the bottle silly, not the milk so that it cools and she would get time again to stand on the bed and run in circles as though the pillow was the sun and she must orbit around it diligently like mother earth, to honour the holy processes.

Paani she learnt a long while back too and thank god she did not call it mum-um like other children do-she has now learnt waater, reminding me much of Rani Mukherjee in ‘Black’ saying the same. Now if only my daughter’s teacher ala me, was half as mesmerizing as Rani’s teacher ala Amitabh-I said “half” because one-forth of that I already am but it does not sound good enough, na?

And though I drilled into her whatch too indicating to my hand, just to annoy me she would insist it is not watch but ghaadiii as one of the maids casually explained to her and come back to saying watch only after I would thump my head in despair sadist tendencies too, eh?
And then she would say soyee to imply sorry, touching her ears and tilting her little head that beams with her charming smile and a minute later repeat the mistake. 

She’s a fruit-o-holic and hence ay-apple, guavaaa, papayyaa and o-ange feature big time on her speech list. Ask her at any time of the day, what she is eating or what she wants to eat and pat would come the reply aaaapple! Ask her what you should draw on the paper and voila ‘apple’ again. I mean agreed it is round and red and juicy and scoopy, but it is just a god damn apple at the end of the day, na? Since the time of Adam dadaji and Eve dadi ma, man has not been able to translate the essence of this tempting fruit and Seeya stretches the idea even more.

Other items on the list: 
Ba-ba-is what the balloons are called
Shauce-that is actually tomato sauce, which ends up on her fingers and tongue I don't know how!
Choos for shoes
Book-her eternal friend giving her company on the potty seat.
Boy n gaarl-thank god she can make out the difference from now itself and thank god not in the way that you are thinking of with your naughty mind.
Zip, ship, cow and bird are the lucky names too, that made it to the elite list.
Aur- to indicate more-and her dil forever maange more of everything

Door- which she would pronounce with a big rounding of her sweetest of lips, causing me to ask her on every bloody door step like a moron with the forgetful disease ‘what is this?’
Doll, whom she loves to ill treat-tear their legs apart or rotate their heads.
And teddah for teddy, her first love- you have to see how she makes her huge teddy lie down on the floor and then she lying on top of him to give him the greatest of crushing and actual bear hugs. It’s scary sometimes but then it makes me thank god even more for:
A) I am not that crushed tedda, 
B) It is just a tedda and not a boy, at the end of the day 
C) It is just a harmless hug, at least for now.

A-eyes, thigh, toes-e, arm, navel, carrot, bread, cot, soap, car, bush, Santa, star, oon for moon, naaye for Naani and maaye for mami...
Aa jaayeye aap- to call just about anyone or anything. She would look at water and ask it to come to her for her highness would not take the pains to walk up to it.

Yeh-bhi hai for two of anything- like ask her to kiss on one cheek and she’ll point at your other one asking yeh-bhi, almost indicating mom, what are you saving that one for omg-I hope she is not a reincarnation of Mahatma Gandhi, but then she screams one of her blood curdling yells for just about nothing consequential and even Gandhiji turns in his grave in horror.

She’ll pick up the phone and say hewylooh reminding me that I have to work big time of rectifying that accent.
She loves to get herself clicked and would insist on you showing her the fhoto then on the camera.
There has to be the sound of band-baaja on the road, even at a long distance and watch her go shaayee for she would want to go out and see the shaadi.

She would say haaat in the most offending of manner to all passing by cars for madam’s car is on the road and all must hato to give her way and if they don’t, she takes out her toy gun and says tha-tha-tha to shoot them all off contrary to what you might think, I did not teach her ought to know by now that I don’t use guns to shoot and I never do tha-tha-tha anyways...there are sounds of a different variety and pitch altogether.
And when the car reaches home she has to scream out kholo although I may be thumping the horn for all my dear life implying to the watchman to do the same.

She has also learnt shtop and chup, both the words, used on none other than me, when I am asking her to do something or am in feeble attempts of getting something done out of her.
She also knows what I call her and ask her ki aap mumma ke kya ho and pat she would say dodo again in an amazingly cute rounding of her lips.

Well, aren’t we done with the 50 yet, you ask?
 Offo, haaaw, fire, heart, no...okay enough already.
For when people say, wait till she begins to speak, I feel omg, I mean there would be more?
You’ll have to meet her to know more and baby sit her for me to allow you to meet her...for it is exactly one month now post no maid hoo, some anniversary, I’d say!
I will survive; I know I’ll stay alive
Please imagine that being played in the background for a better import of my situation here.

P.S. I am sorry for not being able to reply to the comments on my posts in the last few cases. The reason here is obvious, I do so much talking with her that I can barely manage to blabber back on my page beyond a few blog ideas and these too are connived actually for the hunger of more comments...ah, vicious cycle. I promise to do that at the earliest.


Pavitra .... said...

hahahaha...Sucha cute post! ;) :D
Thats quite a list you've made....
Love the cute pronunciations...
you must really be having a lot of fun! The photos are really nice!!
Do keep writing! Hugs!!

Pythoroshan said...

totally love this post.. so cute.. and just great to read that list... its like a little pocketbook of anecdotes

Alka Gurha said...

Awwww..this post reminded me of my sons 'anepant'(Elephant) and mama ne 'lippip' (Lipstick) laga li..

God Bless Seeya...Shes adorable.

Ria said...

Super cute post with awesome pics. I cudnt take my eyes off the pics. She's cuteness personified. :) Give my love to her and stay blessed!

Neeha said...

Lovely post:)
I jus wanna hear her babbling des wrds,dat will surely be funny..

jo said...

Awwww!!! She's so cute! May God bless her always..And lets pray for a maid too ;)
Very cute post :)

Bikramjit said...

As they say he is the man... here is SHE's THE GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL :)

awesome and God bles seeya ... She is beautiful ... and i loved knowing so much more about her ... and seems she is having so much fun and keeping you and hubby busy busy .. GOOOD :)

A Great Liar said...

Ah so cute. And I agree with the rest here, she is absolutely adorable. :)
Beautiful post :)

suruchi said...

Hi Pavitra,
Thank you girl...great to see you bounce back every once in a while:-)

Yes, life alternates between being fun and funny now:-)
Hope all issss well at your end:-)

suruchi said...

@Roshan, Alka n Ria,
Thank you and god bless you too...
And just after I added this post, madam has been able to say "foto" to indicate all the pictures that I have put up of her around the room and "shaaye" to indicate the band baaja baarat of a shaadi going past the street, that she loves to watch:-)

Seeya sends loads of love back:-)

suruchi said...

Neeha, Jo and AGL,
Thank you...she is adorable...and you should not take my word for it and not saying this coz she is mine, but she just knows how to extract the "awwww's" from you:-)

She is THE GIRL for sure:-)

Jack said...


May God bless all of you with happiness always. You took me back by so many years and again few years ago when our grandchildren made us eager to hear what they say. Don't you worry about dates, she is going to be one smart and wise girl who will make you proud.

Take care

PS : Love to meet her, so do let me know when you are visiting this side.

Mani Lalwani said...


How I wanted this post to go on and on...
amazingly adorable, ur daughter must be... (dont gimme the 'maa pe gaayi hai' reply :D ) :)
Lots of love to seeya! :)

choo cccute :)

Shreya said...

Awww.. Seeya is such a sweetheart .. me just read the post and wanted to give a kissi to the l'll angel :) lotsa love to seeya :)

God bless seeya :)

Sakshi said...

Ok, pack her and send her here! Right now!!! :P

A said...

When she starts talking more someone in the house will not get a chance to talk...guess who is that someone.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

She's leaning, fast... she'll make a fine lady! :)

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

cuteeeee!!! i love her smile :3

sulagna ™ said...

Su this was looonggg due, you ahve any idea how religiously i read this post and know how she has to apple like cheeks !

God bless our lil baby and lots n lots of love from maashi :) about thom-tom, i am sure he loves the name his daughter calls him by :)

Shayon said...

Nice new theme. You need a new blog header though, it seems :)

And well, it felt extremely peaceful reading this blog post of yours. Seeya sounds as mesmerizing as her looks. I am so happy for you. Hopefully some day I get to take both the mother and the daughter out on a date. Err... maybe 2 dates... separately! ;-)

Miles Of Style said...

aww how adorable! its such a pleasure to know that you're enjoying every bit of your motherhood Suruchi...and sharing it with us too!

i love it when kids talk and blab in a way that is just too cute and inimmitable...i think this is the best phase. enjoy it before the "why mummy?" phase starts :))

Sudhir Kekre said...

Hi Suruchi,
coming back after a long hiatus and have i missed it! You both look great. Nice post.
I had been lately busy with my project. it is in Manipal, Karnataka.
It is a small pretty town with only colleges and nothing else. about 35000 students live there. you have a standing invitation any time its on the house!
And thanks once again for writing all those wonderful things about me.

Sameera said...

hewylooh Suruchi ;)

First of all.. Mujhe Seeya de do.. Please.. I so want to get married abhi and have a baby like Seeya ;)
She a true blessing. :)

Love to her :)

suruchi said...

Hi Uncle J,
Thank you so much for always wishing and blessing...
Would love to meet you too...surely on my next trip to Delhi, would see you there:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Mani,
At the risk of sounding repetitive and cliched...there isn’t much of a choice:
“ma pe gaye hain”

Hi Shreya and Ayu,
Thank you baby...Seeya also sends you a big hug and love,
God bless you too

suruchi said...

She’ll be all yours anyways when she comes to the capital...
Abhi pack kar ke send kar diya to parcel explosive ho jaayega;-)

Hi A,
I know someone in the house would not get a chance to talk..she already does not and whatever little she opens her mouth at a given is generally to crib:/

suruchi said...

Thank you BA,
She better make a “lady” first...fine ho na ho...lady hona zaroori hain;-)

Hello Su,
Thank you so much...I know your fondness for Seeya:-)
And G loves anything she says anyways;-)
Maashi ko bhi lots of love:-)

suruchi said...

Hey Shayon,
Wow...aap aaye hamare bog pe? Kya baat hain ji!
And yes date for sure...but two separate ones ka pata nahi...
One would be called a date and the other baby sitting date:-)

Hi Persis,
My god...don’t even remind me of the ‘why mummy’ phase...
Already her question “ka kal laye ho aap?” is a humungous task to answer:-)

suruchi said...

Hey Sudhir,
Thank you for dropping by and also on the little update so I know a little more of what you are upto;-)

Hi Sameera,
Please do get married and have lots of babies...
Though the path is not always so rosy:-)
And Seeya is a are most welcome to come n meet her anytime:-)

Erratic Thoughts said...

Aww!Seeya is a sweat-heart...
I wonder when she picks up a call n says hewylooh, dogh/cat n shtop in the same breath what must the person on other side think...its quite interesting a situation...
Li'l kiddo is gem n blessing :)

suruchi said...

Hahaha...with Seeya that's quite a possibility ET:-)
Thanks a million for the love:-)

Punam said...

amazing!! I am so in awe of Seeya after reading this post. Her pic is very cute - the smile mesmerizing. Let me tell you, you've got a lot of worrying to do once she grows up. She will be a killer armed with that smile. :)

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