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12 February, 2012

To the Voice, To THE Woman

Dear Love,
After talking my insides out with you over the past many months, I don’t really know what to articulate here. But I know I want to and I have to say what you must know.

It is strange how I always knew someone like you would come along. How I discerned I would be finished even before I was introduced to your mesmeric though decidedly anonymous persona on the internet. Like they say “I knew I loved you before I met you, I think I dreamed you into life...”

When I first came across your chitter-chatter in the web world, I smiled even perhaps as my heart naively ached. I made a little holler, you coyly and graciously reciprocated and the rolling of inconceivable conversations took me to the utopia that I didn’t think exists in the mundane. You made my mind come alive and my being gyrate to an unknown rhythm and accord. It was as though you stirred me into mind orgasms that left me hankering for more.

Was I lucky that you spotted me in your milieu of ardent admirers or was fate finally beginning to compensate for keeping me in yearning for all of my twenty seven years?

My most beloved, if most people are like visitors to my heart, carefully scrutinized and allowed access and shown to their separate chambers, you were like a tidal wave of passion which crashed and sank my castle, occupying every single room and every individual speck and dragging and drowning me in every facet of your emotion. Your eagerness in contacting me, your unsurpassable wit and your openly frolicking teases in plain sight of everyone, made me go red in the cheeks. Yes, only you can make me this adolescent that I never was, even when I was in those years to prove it and with those girls to show it. 

Your literal dragging me to the secret messaging chambers and whining light-heartedly how you want my words to be only yours....I have never seen or even heard of anyone like you. Here finally is someone who ignites a young mind in the day while her alter ego ignites passions in hearts. Not ignites as much as chains and drags them to the town hall and sets fire to them in full view of the rest-peasants and nobles alike.

Remember when you childishly asked, “Why don’t you add me on Facebook now?” and I instantly retorted, “Because if I did see any more of you, I would fall for you.” I meant it with all my heart as you laughed filling my voids with its tinkling, considering it just another fancy.

And then I saw you and I could see what no one else could. Pictures after pictures of a smiling beautiful face but searching eyes! I saw you wrapped in the arms of a child who basked in the affection you bestowed and beside a man gloating with the pride of owning you.

If there is another thing that cannot be explained, besides the fatal lure I feel for you, is how could this man leave you for another woman? How clogged would his mind and senses be to let go of nature’s own special child-bountiful in life like a tree blossoming in springtime and bequeathing love everywhere she treads as the eagerly cascading waterfall, sparkling with freshness and affable even in the apparent din.

How I could sell my body and soul just to trade places with him-to feel you in proximity, to watch you open those lovely fish eyes every morning, waking up to me! To know the curves under the sheet by my bedside are yours and the soft palm that reaches out from it to clasp my fingers will be mine. To feel that the exquisite mind that weaves magic with its every manifestation, ponders about me!

You think I just know you through your pictures, I just know you though your voice...wish you could realize I know you through my soul that feels tugged by every iota I get of you! You tell me that nothing can transpire between us when I have ambled way too ahead towards you to even remember where I came from or how I was, without you in my head. And don’t make a mistake my love, had you told me this even when I took the first step, I would have doubtlessly said the same. There is no other way that does not lead to you. 

I have my own enticing vision of you. In your home, in your kitchen quarters, you would be wearing a sari well tucked at the edge, those long tresses wrapped and bondaged sketchily on your perfectly symmetrical forehead. You would be there caught day dreaming, leaning against the refrigerator with one leg bent and both hands supporting your behind on the door and your eyes forlorn into the ceiling. If even I appear in that situation just once, I for one would feel truly blessed.

I go about thinking how you would be teaching your adorable son with a pencil rolled between your full lips and sighing at the mathematical complications. I picture him looking at you with the familiar to me awe-filled eyes, as your expressions see-saw between the baffled and despair. How I want to reach out to you, to smoothen the cresses that mar your glowing countenance and put my palms on your shoulders to gently press them and unlock the knots forming within.

You say you can’t love or trust any more. How then do I feel a blind trust you place in me as you relate how unfair life has been with you? Why do I feel your heart throbbing when I whisper sweet nothings as though I had you pressing against my chest? Why do I feel even when I’ll meet you, it would be like you were never away?

I know no fancy words....I promise no unfathomable oaths....I just want you, to love forever and more. I don’t care about your body or how you fear it might fail to meet my expectations. I don’t have any. All I have is love that is prevailing in my insides and too formidable to contain anymore. All I have is me telling you that your son and you would never be alone or know another tear again. It is never too soon or never too late when it feels this right.

I do not bring roses or champagne glasses....I have no fancy tuxedos to wear or a band playing a romantic tune in the backdrop but if you can hear which I am sure you would if you try-hear my soul pining for you, my blood rushing through my body wanting to protect you and my breaths coming and going just to hear you say “Yes” when I ask you this-

Yours-in every life coming my way, whether you do or not,

P.S.1 I wanted to end this letter on a sad and dejected note conflicting with even a foretaste of the 'happily ever after' but it is Valentine's Day and what the heck, you can't say Santa does not exist at Christmas.
P.S. 2. This is another attempt at the Open love letters and hopefully there would be more after everyone liked the first one- To The Girl at 27


Jack said...


A Masterpiece of love letter.

Take care

Writing Bee said...

Beautiful. I know that is a very high unsuitable word for this post, but I am out of words. Smiled at so many places, felt the love he had for her, felt a lot many feelings at the same time.

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

Saying Wow is an understatement! I was just smiling and so many memories rushed back at the same time!It's a solid love letter which couldn't be put more delicately at someone who means a lot to his/her soulmate!

Romance is in the air. Have a great Valentine's Suruchi!! :)

Ameena said...

So appropriate for what's to come this week! I love your writing style - you effortlessly say so much with so few words.

Happy Valentine's Day my friend!

Tanvi said...

How sweet! Your beloved is so lucky to have you! :)

♡ from ©

Siddharth said...

Best Love letter I've ever witnessed! :)
I will get a lot to learn a lot from u! :)


Rià said...

This was beautiful in a single word!! :)

Dr Roshan R said...

that was sweet... one of the few times ive seen u write from it "from the guys side" but really beautiful...

Bikramjit said...

it did not work for me :(

You know you should think of a BOOK now.. I am not joking or exaggerating seriously give it a thought and dont laugh it off ...


Keirthana said...

Beautiful writing Suruchi!


jo said...

Well! Isn't the object of your love one hell of a lucky person ?
I'd say its overwhelmingly beautiful and not to forget romantic. If this was written keeping Valentine's day in mind, then I'd say, Mission Accomplished! :)

Paanipuri Lover said...

Suruchi Di, you write posts that make me come back for more. I read this one thrice. This beautiful it was. Really, describing it as wow, beautiful, amazing is mere under statement. It was just so pure and divine. I could somehow feel it. Loved it. You write such awesome stuff!

Saru Singhal said...

Suruchi, this was beautiful. I can feel the love in every word...


pygmalion said...

When a woman writes (as a man) .. to a woman.. the impact is more
She knows what (the other) she wants!
And you have spread around a million offlines in the making!! ;)
Keep writing Suru.. love letters and more:-)

Sakshi said...

God, Su, this is just Valentinish! It is oozing with that looooorve and your panache for writing the way you do :)


Suruchi said...

Thank you so much:-)

@Writing Bee,
I am glad that it evoked such feelings in you-love tends to do that to us:-)

@Jen...The Butterfly Effect,
I am happy with the “wow” also Jen and also with the “solid” love letter compliment-that’s one of my favourite adjectives:-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you Ameena, means a lot coming from such a practical person like you and wish I could use “few” words actually:-)

Thank you and I would convey it to him:-)

Learn from me...really? All ready to help you there-just holler:-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you so much:-)

This is the second love letter...even the first one was from a guy’s is easier to express the rush that only a man can feel and the desire that can be felt for a woman:-)

Aww...the post or the honesty?
Keep trying, love always works:-)
And I don’t know about the book yaar, I can barely manage to come up with something suitable enough to update here...

Suruchi said...

Thank you so much:-)

The object of my affection has no interest to read this for he says it is all a part of my hyper active imagination...sigh...true actually. So I make up by writing such stuff for myself only:-)

@Paanipuri Lover,
Thank you soooooo much...for appreciating this on twitter as well as here with such beautiful words:-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you so much:-)

Thanks Pygy...and yes you are right....somewhere I tend to write lines that I would love to hear...that’s why perhaps women loved this more:-)

Valentinish is the word sweetheart....I wanted to write something to mark this day and an open letter always comes to my rescue when I have nothing else to say:-) Thank you so much

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Love to faults is always blind,
Always is to joy inclin’d,
Lawless, wing’d & unconfin’d,
And breaks all chains from every mind.

- William Blake

Love at its best, beautiful post.

I don't fantasize of you as any Aphrodite on mount Olympus, but only seek to watch you, as a daily dose, doing the daily chores.

I don't mind where you come from, as long as you come to me...It's all the same

Beautiful post!

Blasphemous Aesthete

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Lovely! =)

Anita Jeyan Sandeep said...

OMG ! Suruchi ! YES ! YES ! Please marry me !!!

Joshi Mukard said...

I think I should forward this letter to my friend who is struggling to draft a beautiful love letter to his beloved girl. Thnaks

Jenny said...

Ohhh awww! I wish I were that enchanting and beautiful.. and I wish I had someone write such beautifullllll words to me! Marvellous Suruchi!!!!

Fowarding to hubby dearest for some knowledge transfer on love letters and proposals :-) This is really THE proposal!

Purba said...

While the rest of us are spitting outrage, fuming and fretting over trivial things - this dreamy eyed girl refuses to let go of love.

May you never change.

Lady Whispers said...

you are one magical lady
I love ur open letters I want them often :)

btw this whole letter made me remember someone who said all this to me once....but then he found someone similar pretty soon ;-)


Chintan said...

Kinni bholi hai Suru <3

I second Purba here... :)

Red Handed said...

And the girl proposes. Soooo cute! A breath of fresh and pure love! This was beautiful...Trading ur body and soul just to b with him...amazing!

blunt edges said...

Unattainable love never sounded this honest and beautiful! We all have been there :)

R-A-J said...

Wow, what an amazing ode to love... n wow, this is a "Love Letter" - the depth, the passion, the yearning.. all brilliantly brought out in a letter.. simply superb one, Suruchi !

n I'm so using ur line "I think I dreamed you into life..." for my dating world...:)

Brilliantly done, Suruchi.. one of the best that I've seen.. :D

Suruchi said...

How, how, how do you get and give the most beautiful of lines for everything under the make me watch you with all the marvel in my eyes:-)
Thank you.

Thank you:-)

Haha...I think I should-it’s pointless to expect men to ever deliver like this;-)

Suruchi said...

I think anyone can be enchanting n beautiful yaar-for me you are, with all your ripe thoughts and wonderful niceness...His eyes make us beautiful :-)
And I so like the way you said “This is THE proposal” :-) Thank you.

I don’t know what else to write about Purba, except love as I see around with people close to me n sometimes humour when it comes my way.
But I think slowly I am letting go of it-trying to come out of my fairy tale world :-)

@Lady Whispers,
Thank you...and like I said, love is no more how we want and how it should has become how “they” want it....sad but true.

Suruchi said...

Bholi nahi hoon yaar, dumb hoon...34 years and I still believe in love like kids believe in magic:-)

Omg-baby, the girl does not propose, the guy does. Anyways, I think either one of us did not get the stuff spoken:-)

Suruchi said...

I love it when you come around here, just sauntering in your usual self way...thank you. You know what else I have to say:-)

Haha...I hope the line helps you in the dating world although your charms would suffice. Thank you:-)

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