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17 June, 2012

The only thing sure about Love is-you'll fall again!

She found him in the flocking milieu, a face in the crowd yet one in millions. Their eyes embraced each other clinching, even before the rest of their senses could fathom why every pore in their being was joggled beyond restrain. The dance of passion was set in motion as their steps coordinated and love induced nimble bodies waltzed onto a nameless music. The accord emanating from each movement, the amalgam radiating with every posture! The intertwining of limbs not proof enough of how in their minds they were clung and wrapped.

The music played on and they did too till the beats became recurring, the sound seemed proverbial and the harmony predictable. The fervent steps were no longer animated and began to get weary and slowed down. They held on unyielding, not letting the fading music come between them, as though by being indifferent they could be oblivious.

Soon the moving record lost the rhythm and drew closer to a standstill. They did not budge, hung-over on the synchrony they had so reached. Doesn’t happen every day-two feet knowing exactly where the other is headed so as to stride along and not be directed by the other. So the drowning someone held on to the straw till the spot lights were shut off and darkness enveloped them. It was time to go-the centre stage, hitherto their field, suddenly seemed too vast and deserted-hauntingly mocking at the lonesome twosome to leave.

They parted and moved on. Faces going back to being faces in the crowd! They tried to call out and reach with an extended hand but perhaps the spaces in between became too big, too far. The unmitigated fire was now just a few simmering sparks before the coal pieces were charred to nothingness. But before the thwarted hand could reach back somebody held it tenderly and a warm prologue followed. A new overture, a beckoning gaze an unknown domain, was it time to play again?

But weren’t you burning? The scars of the one who left-weren’t the wounds open? Yes, they were but the stranger brought a balm of sweet whispers that echoed and stirred the insides again to soothe them. The hands held in a friendly grasp soon became a firm clasp, like little children laughing, engrossing and tumbling over each other while building sand castles on the sea side.

Yes, this was forever. The breeze playing impishly with their hair, the waves softly splashing a cooling wetness and awakening new-fangled desires, the hot skin gearing to burn with sensations that came without being touched. Was it love? Drenched in the sunlight, it seemed to have dispelled the darkness-the little castle they built vouched for things to come-a future together. Yes, we’ve found the one. And while he dusted the sand off her glistening body, they were ready for an encore.

How sweet was love again! How unimaginable the sense, it left the hungry body with! How charged it made one of a passion that can engulf all reason and pragmatism-knowing only surrender and wanting only completion! The love boat had found the anchor-the storms were at rest, the resistance failed at the test. Surely the bodies gave in, too overpowering-the thrill of the novel, the curiosity of the mysterious and the satiation of being lost in a utopia of stirred sentiments.

Till the waves grew tired of being placid and the breeze could not contain being stationary no more. The sand castle that stood sturdy slowly began to quiver as the agitated and restless grains decided to change paths again or go back to their origin. And the water that was wetting till now, took the form of an awakening-a rude splash begetting them back to reality.

The heat of the sun threatened to tan, the waves came too ominously to break upon the unfaultable shore and the rains followed. The castle was now a sloshed mass of nothingness as they rushed in to seek shelter. Relegating to different and distant corners, perhaps one took to dry up too long, perhaps the other wanted to remain wet, the seeking eyes didn’t get the glimpse they craved for and tears welled. Ah, the pain of seeing something gradually relegate to a backdrop which had instantly formed your fore and core! Another broken heart-would it not tear you apart?

And just then someone extended a piece of cloth-tears are not enough to do away the pain. Perhaps brushing them away with a handkerchief would? You look up-a beaming face, a concerned voice, a gentle pat and a fascinated someone-it was time to try to smile once more. Perhaps what was the end was really the commencement-THE beginning? Enough of stories that have a beginning and no middle and then an end!

The only thing sure about love is-that you will fall again!


Zeebs said...

Story of my life.

Jack said...


Engrossing till the end.

Take care

Punam said...

Suruchi, I usually only read your blog posts, and hardly comment. But the last one and this one.. somehow ring a bell.. and I could not resist. Yes, what you say is so true.. when the heart is still raw with pain and hurt, is the time when the ones who stay, remain forever. It is in those times that those who lift you up, end up being with you forever.
Sometimes, it takes many wrong ones to arrive at the right one. Some are lucky sooner, some struggle. But I believe every one has a special story woven for them.

Rachit said...

I wish I could hold her... I wish I could kiss her.... I wish I could be with her.... and then something unreal and weird happen.... I fell in love...

Weakest LINK

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Perfect timing! :D

Vagabond said...

And I agree with the title and at the same time hate that it is so easy.

Sakshi said...

Ah, the pain in the love, and the labor that it lost! Such is life :)
And our prolific blogger is back with a bang :)

Dr Roshan said...

I know I truly believe in love and silver linings... but I just have lost hope in it for myself :(

I still know people who have lost in love and remember motivating them that theyd find love again.. some of them did... but I just worry about whether that moment will come for me itself.. does that make me a hypocrite ?

shikha said...

i really dont know wot to are amazing,Suruchi n i wish you would listen to me and have the knack of portraying the emotions,oh so precisely...i was engrossed till the end.."Life goes on" what seems to be the end is actually the beginning... please keep writing and please publish sooooooooon !!

RiĆ  said... good to see u write again. :) Such is life, sigh!

Bikramjit said...

Well THis i do beleive in that Heart to pagal hai ji, It will fall for someone again, and again Thats what being a human is , I guess.

make the most of it I will say , but the question is what is love , do we actually know what it is for sure


RareSeldomOften said...

"Enough of stories that have a beginning and no middle and then an end!"

But doesnt a second story take long enough to begin once ended??

jo said...

Couldn't agree more with you ! You learn it the hard way the first time..but once you rocks after that :P
We all claim to know so much about so much, when the truth is we know so little about so little. You here seem to light up the dark road a lil bit. :)

Joshi Mukard said...

"The only thing sure about love is-that you will fall again!" so true!! Im one perfect example for that!!

Saru Singhal said...

One of the most beautiful pieces I have read in recent times. I could actually feel the words, felt as if it happened with me. Love is such an ever present phenomena.

sulagna ™ said... seriously need to consider writing a book..i know i am very infrequent but every time i am at it,you surprise me with your awesomeness in a new post, new feelings, new words but the same ol awesomeness !!

sulagna ™ said...

i am serious ok

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Break the cycle sometimes and make it stay.

For words are always too much, and overrated too to be fallen over.


Blasphemous Aesthete

Amrit said...

Very nice as usual !!! Engrossing

Suruchi said...

Everybody’s life in the current times-heartbreaks seem hard and not-getting over one, is even harder:-)

Thank you :-)

Wow! I wish I could know more there....:-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you for reading me Punam and I am glad you decided to comment too-it feels nice to be told that you are read :-)
What me considered as a rebound relationship may often be THE one and then again maybe not. Yes, it is true-we do need to kiss many frogs to reach the Prince, that is perhaps the way to recognize that he’s the one.

Whenever we speak of love, it strikes a chord somewhere :-)

What we hate is often what saves us-imagine had it not! :=)

Suruchi said...

What prolific blogger yaar! Just coming n going whenever I feel the need to vent :D

It does not make you a hypocrite, it makes you shy coz you’ve been once bitten...
Love happens and continues to do so-you think you can control the emotions? Just leave it on time-when we don’t seek love, we get companionship and sometimes love follows:-)
Don’t give up-you are too wonderful to be left alone, I know.

Thank you so much for the love you always shower on me :-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you and I hope it continues :-)

Why bother in finding what love is actually when something feels just as good! We all love love more than a person and that’s what keeps us sane I guess-otherwise we would have moved the Romeo-Juliet, Heer Ranha way! :-)

For some it does, though it should not. The longer you stay in the past, the longer it takes for the past to let you go. Sad but true, the only way to get over a hurt is to find another balm to soothe the wounds :-)

Suruchi said...

There is no lighting of the dark road yaar-I just hope I am not misleading them. The message was to not sink

We all are-that’s how love is :-)

Thank you so much-that is such high praise. I am going to float over it for sometime :-)

Suruchi said...

I know you are serious and thank god for people like you. I keep thinking I have lost it and egg on to write some more:-) Just experimenting to come up with something worthwhile whenever I do manage to rack my brains too :-)

Anshul, they’d like to break the cycle-settle, but somehow things conspire. They move towards that aim and somehow realize they have wandered instead. Words are overrated and perhaps so is love-at least till we don’t experience it like we’ve imagined it through ages:-)

Thank you so much :-)

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