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24 June, 2012

Rain on Me.

I am looking out of the French window of my closing-in room onto the gaping skies above-somewhere a long overcast stretch and then in intermittent smudge-a cotton fluff, streaked as though with lighter shades of black. Shades of black? Who could have thought! But alas, there’s always something intriguing happening only in between the two extremes-the black and white, the dark and the light, the day and the night! I look at the vacant seat beside me, pull my feet closer and then talk to myself and talk to the rain, attempting to whip the mundane.

They won’t fathom who only see the scorched patches on earth, not live with parched scraps within. I rummage around thirstily for rain to dim the Sun’s splendour and steal his silent thunder right from under his fiery nose, to hurl it across the corners of my earth like manna. Show him the brawn, for you don’t silently do your charge, you bloody well make sure everyone stands up and notices. Impede them in their paths if you must but not let anyone go untouched.

I have yet to cry in the rain like Chaplin did but having done that, standing in the washroom shower and watching the ease of the pain-I can barely imagine how purging you would be once in.

Am I looking at you or are the skies showing me, me? Turning from serene to stirred, from white to grey, from anger dipped bawls to action that follows-not just the thundering cloud, are we, but the bursting ones too? So ominously full of yourself one minute and then the next-howling, shedding endless tears, fearing the loss of how you were. Yes, rains fill you with delusions sometimes.

The clouds roar with blood-curdling rage and watchful, keen eyes, scrunch and look out, enthused and then waiting again to hear you transform into a gentle pitter patter on the roof tops. You are soothing to the eyes and ears, rousing all senses like new love that promises to douse in pleasure knowing it will eventually seep slowly into faded impressions.

How synonymous are emotions with your showers!
For some romance is evoked as though the water trickles down to their souls and pacifies the burning heat of heart aches, anger, jealousy and the likes. You raise dead passions for others-who remember being kissed in the rain and also those who pine for it.  That would be so life altering-a milestone that you may just want to settle at with bag and baggage. For a handful of fortunate others love is unwarily infused, when they share an umbrella or realize, how arrestingly mesmeric someone looks when water dribbles down the forehead or plays with wet hair.

You flow in love and like a nimble leaf floating along on your quivering ascend, the loved ones are carried through, effortlessly and naturally. You bleed into desires deeper than the earth and ooze out emotions wider than oceans. Yes, rains are mush and so much. Romance and rain are the eternal couple playing hide and seek, till they embrace and weep.

But then again, for some you stir the melancholy-the same showers become screams of wrath as the lonely heart feels the clouds mock his solitude. To look into the rain alone can sometimes be the toughest call.

I sit here by my window, letting the breeze pass through me. Watching the harsh sunshine simmer into a pleasing dullness that lightens, for in the offing would be dispersed layers of stubborn dust, cathartic washing away and eventual little pools of water gathering around, inviting my feet to jump onto them with childish abandon! The smell of wet mud wafting through the air, giving an ethereal feel to earthly life as we know it!

I waited for the storm to pass, I stood firm before the daunting winds. I waited for the skies to clear, for maybe because I was hoping for someone to walk in. Perhaps I was only waiting to throw my umbrella away and dance in the rain, even minus my dancing shoes. The springing of heart would give birth to the rhythm in my feet and lead me to where I should be. The clinging of my clothes would be a new feeling-I like the clinging maybe.

Would you please wash away my sanity-I ache to be insane?
Would you please balm my wounds, I pine to ease the pain?
What tears do to the eyes and mind, you cleanse the body and soul.
Come, drip, soak, drench and flood me!


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

I don't know why but I was trembling inside while reading this... Your words have profound effect on me. :D :) :)

Vagabond said...

this is a roller-coaster of emotions and as I read this it is raining cats and dogs outside.

*So ominously full of yourself one minute and then the next-howling, shedding endless tears, fearing the loss of how you were. Yes, rains fill you with delusions sometimes.*

it is raining out of the window and today it looks like night

[listen to this song here :]

Jack said...


One needs a little sharp sense to read story between the story. Show of hidden emotions very well written.

Take care

Bikramjit said...

TO me rain reminds me of those days of childhood

yeh daulat bhi le lo
yeh shauhrat bhi le lo
bhale cheen lo mujhse meri jawani
magar mujhko lauta do
bachpan ka sawan

woh kagaz ki kishti
woh baarish ka paani


meoww said...

its like a myriad of emotions all encompassed into one blog post..
its so well written..
your mastery over the language, the formation of lines construed with the thoughts is simply magical..
as always...beautiful :)


Jenny said...

Never again would I look at the rains the same way after reading this. So many memories came back flooding my mind, and connected with your words. Touching, spel bound.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Can you help me out, can you lend me a hand?
It's safe to say that I'm stuck again,
Trapped between this life and the light,
I just can't figure out, how to make it right...

A thousand times before
I've wondered if there's something more... something more...

I feel it's gonna rain like this for days,
So let it rain down and wash everything away,
I hope that tomorrow the sun will shine,
With every tomorrow comes another life...

I feel it's gonna rain, for days and days

Beautiful, melancholic, sadly and gladly happy, content post.

I like this =)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Sakshi said...

How poetic Su! And I really can't seem to say anything more! :)

sulagna ™ said...

ohh Su..just what i needed to read after fighting with G :(

but on a serious note..Su your writing has actually come of age..i know the damn line is cliched but i mean every word.

Suruchi said...

Just like your comment had on me. Thank you...I thought the post was a little dark too:-)

I have come to realize that anything and everything in life, would come as a roller-coaster and sometimes I am even thankful that it does....
We tend to get uncomfortable even in our comfort zones! :-)

I know, I have done a lot of jumping and hopping out there-childish abandon taking over mature introspection :-)

Suruchi said...

Beautiful song and simple, sane memories :D

Thank you so much Aditi for always being super generous with your praise :-)

Thank you-I still wonder though if I like rains more or dislike them the same. After a while, rains get depressing :-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you so much. And you are that amazingly harmonious man who has a song for every occasion or some perfect Literature to celebrate it.

I’m glad you like it-Sometimes in some of my posts, I see a reflection of the writing styles of people I like reading –in this post I thought I wrote like you:-)

You don’t need to baby. Thank you

Haaaaaw, fight kyon kiya and I am so surprised ki you both also fight!
And yes, even I feel my writing has come of age-I sound like a sad, bored and boring old woman now :(

On a serious note-thank you, I know what you mean :-)

pygmalion said...

Suru, I am drenched in your words, told and untold!
Loved the ending ..

Jenny said...

Suruchi, rains are depressing terribly.

Mishi said...

hmmm you know you Undoubtly are one of my MOST FAV BLOGGER here! and i mean it..I just wish i could write like you, you are so good with words , with ideas, the more abstract an idea is, the more easy it is for you to explain that..Love you..Keep writing and stay happy hameesha:-*

Saru Singhal said...

I liked the way you said everything happened in extremes. May be we notice things when they are either of these shades, otherwise who looks at the ordinary. BTW, loved the paragraph where you mentioned various emotions and the closing lines!

Amrit said...

Very nicely written. I like rain too ..but not too much of it.

Zeebs said...

Sometimes I'd rather wash away my insanity. Sighs.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I wish I knew my writing style. If I did, I'd change it often. :)

Purba said...

Watching the rain fall in sheets has a cathartic effect on me. It coaxes the long buried child in me. Makes me hum, fills me with longing...

Dreamy, romantic, sublime...especially loved how you ended it.

Manushree said...

Its not raining in here but you,through you writing generated those feeling that accompany when it rains ...

your newest follower :)

please checkout my blog Nail Art Hues and please do follow if you like :D

Alka Gurha said...

Read it again...women have a special connection with rains...the starting and the ending are magical.Wish it rains soon...

Divya said...

I love the rains...I loved reading this...It was like experiencing a whirlwind of emotions all at one time...I think you write really well :)

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