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11 March, 2009

...It happened in split seconds....

Ok...I plan to keep this really short, so God help me in this.
Today I started off for my evening walk as usual with my paraphernalia...
You know...the mobile, just in case someone wants to hear something soothing like my voice before dying and the I-pod, just in case I want to hear something good before being cajoled or jammed against a truck or something...

And since my dumb internet had cramped up...I also had done some nice little technical R&D of my own and downloaded the yahoo page to keep a check there of my blog fan following....haha...Oh come on! That one deserves a laugh at least...
Matlab is paragraph mein two humorous stunts that I did something technical and second that there is a fan following for me!

Anyways, gawsh I had to keep it short!
Must remind myself!
As listless as I was (I had just finished teaching the most notorious of my batches ever, of class 12th), I walked on towards the gate of the huge college campus, just outside my own house’s entrance. Yaar mohaul- environment to bana loon pehle...poora picture tabhi milega na aapko...!
And there, in a never ending line, I saw a troop of, no....not the ordinary variety but full bloodied, big, fat langoors of all shapes and sizes were all galore because just in the vicinity is the zoo.... “jiiiiiiiiiiiii nahi” (that’s the favourite phrase of a dear friend of mine)...oho....ji nahiiiiiiiiiiiiii was for the fact that hello, ‘I’ don’t live in the zoo...just in case you thought so.

And there I thought for a split, maaaaaaaaaaan!
Now how will I cross these unpleasantly ‘wild’ creatures?
Aaj ke walk gaye paani mein!
My reverie was broken by a sweet voice coming from a Wagon-R car that was going to pass through but then stopped.
And I looked up...the sweet voice surely did belong to a very sweet looking guy...mmm...Farhan Akhtar type of hair, wearing a t-shirt and with a child of about 7-8 years old in tow, on the next seat...
Aaaaaaaaa... (That’s my dumb retort by the way, made just standing there)
“Do you want to go across this thing? I mean I can drop you there?”
mmm.....just a split second and...
I got into the car!
I don’t believe myself now!
What was I thinking or rather why was I not thinking?

I cutely moved my big butt and just sat in the car!
Waise it was not as dumb at that moment as I have made it sound.
I had just opened a yahoo mail on the mobile and was half engrossed in that so had no time for things to sink in. I pushed ahead a packet of apples and a couple of squash racquets kept there on the back seat...and just like that, I just sat there in a stranger’s car...a stranger who looked very sweet and sounded sweeter...
But here is the irony, as always is, I won’t be able to recognize him again probably because I couldn’t have the guts to look up at his face.

Another 30 seconds, and we had whisked pass the line of monkeys...
I said, “I guess just here would do” without daring to take a peek into the rare view mirror or extending a polite hello...
And the gentleman stopped the car.
I mumbled a ‘thank u’ as the wheels came to a smooth halt and again ‘thank u so much’ as I got down the car, without bothering to walk up to his door and looking him in the face and saying it as decency and courtesy demands.

The little dumb me, just stepped on to the sidewalk, put back the plugs of the I-pod in my ears...continued reading the message on the mobile and started to trot.
And the generous stranger and his car just rambled on to his destination leaving behind a mini cloud of dust and me.

As I walked on I wondered...Was this an expected magnanimity or had the young man been extra ordinary?
Are we as people too suspicious of other’s motives or too imprudent about doing things without thinking?
Is it not a rare chance encounter that reinforces your belief in the good in strangers?
Or is it too much to ask out of us, to be a little more considerate towards our surroundings and those that encompass it, known or unknown?

Of course, there was more of a curdling drill that followed with a pot full of even more insane questions...
Like who was the ‘dish’ as I had never seen him around before?
Did he always take this route and at 5.30? Will he be there tomorrow again?
Am I looking presentable enough today?
Will he, by some weird chance, be here again after an hour of my return, ready to rescue the damsel in distress?
Was that his son?
Why didn’t I take a better view of his face?
And finally....why do I have to make a romantic mush...out of nothing at all?

While I search for answers, please remember...lend a helping hand whenever and wherever you can...who knows someone, somewhere, someday may actually write about it!


Vemuri said...

hey you should have factored in two things while boarding
1) what if he is one of those.. who would hold you for ransom?
2) what if he is one of those delhi characters who has other stupid intentions?

Well leaving them aside should appreciate the good samaritan who did the extra ordinary and well you also reciprocated it by not saying - Thanks but hmmmm no thanks...

This also shows the confidence of the new gen of India ... dont you concur ?.. wellthis is to other commentars....

Anonymous said...

ahhh this ones so perfect....and by the way wat were u reading.....that got u into the moment without remembering the surroundings...that piece would surely be a winner...and the writer blessed..

But then world's all about random acts of kindness and its just that....faceless....nameless lending a helping hand or its Gods way of making his presence felt...its moments like these that get u connected to him deeply....and these are events that u remember for a longwhile and never forget them in a hurry....

tarunima said...

i love the last line:)
and this is indeed a short and nice post:)
p.s- i don't mind reading long ones from you:)

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