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30 March, 2009

Life through a Wider Lens!

If there is no sunset...there will be no sunrise...something like look at life through a wide angle and you will catch everything in the picture...but then after a while you have to focus and zoom or vice versa on whatever catches your interest....
Hmmm...This came from a dear friend of mine when he was talking about a course he did in conventional photography and how there he learnt about this aspect practically....

Profound I thought...very insightful about life in general!
How wide are our lenses? Or should they be?
Are we ready to imbibe new and thorough perspectives or are we going to remain the frog of the well...our own well?

Many things in life are scattered like the single useful grain in a heap of useless chaff...
But then the chaff needs to be searched...and hence its necessity in reaching to the surmise of eventuality.
Not always the grain would appear solely as the grain before your naked eyes...we need to master the art of unveiling the disguise to reach the latent truth about life, us and people around us.

What we see is not always how it really the zoom becomes inevitable. Broaden your horizons...see the whole picture minutely before jumping to and construing inferences.
We need to scan and analyse through microscopic eyes to pick out whatever suits are sensibilities. Upon closer look, we are able to scratch through the surface...see through even surfaces which we deemed were opaque.

However, once reached on to the core...that we were aiming at...we must zoom back to the base. Travel the vast ocean but return to the shore to be able to run your eyes through the journey you made and how fruitful or otherwise it has been.
So much for being able to extract as well as nudge wherever and however it is required! Let our photographic lens be ready to adjust and comprehend before clicking that final picture of perfection!

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