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28 February, 2010

To Sachin Tendulkar..from a layman..err..a laywoman..uff..whatever!

Okay...first things first...
1. I have not watched a cricket match in like maybe a decade now*stop giving me those ‘if-looks-could-kill’ looks and don’t ‘eewww’ me as an outcast either...I’d sue you for discrimination or racism or something like that*I think it has not been since I got married and thereby got interested in ‘other’ games*wink, wink*

2. I don’t have much idea about Sachin’s strokes except some few of what he does on the field*hehe...yiyyeee(along with my jump on the bed n doing the famous yippee dance) Now go ahead and contradict me on this one you Sachin fanatic...tell me of his strokes in the confines of his bedroom...huh huh...bolo, bolo...ab chup kyon ho gaye?*

3. ‘Square cut, hook and straight drive’ are terms that send my gullible mind in TOTALLY different connotations*please don’t ask me to elaborate...already a dear friend and reader here has suggested ‘adult filter’ for my posts...after this I would get space only under Rakhi Sawant’s quotes* And as if that’s not has more terms to divert my innocent, straight-assuming line of thought into lateral thinking...silly point, gully point, fine leg???????????????? *now can you really blame me?*

3. Whenever I think of Sachin...I somehow picture him bending down a little to adjust the positioning of his legs, with his bat raised high*please don’t kill me...I have nice things to say too, I promise**and no I don’t have a one track mind either*

4. Dear father, forgive me for I have erred...I have watched him more in the commercials *"aile pepsi"* than doing that thing he does on the field*okaaaaay I am sulking now and you win...I truly am a loser...stop copying my yippee only looks good on me...on anyone else it seems like a rip off from the circus...that should calm you down!*

5. I always quote him while flirting with a younger guy... “Age is just a state of mind....see Tendulakar’s wife is older than him...yet they click and how”*needless to say I never win the guy at the end of this reference*

6. I can copy Sachin’s squeaky voice*oh now come on...even for a’ve got to have some amount of reasonability...nobody’s perfect and you’d admit that Sachin can never be a NOBODY...yiye yiye...finally got you on this one now...And you don’t even give me one of Sachin’s trophies for this...acha, 2-4-5 crores he de do uske yaar*

7. I also HAVE to go against Sachin’s case when my students tell me... “Ma’m what’s the point in studies? See even Sachin never went to college and look where he is now!” *I have to remind this wise guy then that if Sachin didn’t go to college at least he wasn’t caught behind the bush like you are often...I also have to tell him that this is not how you score a ‘sixer’ and hitting upon 50 girlfriends do not qualify for half a century!*

8...oye no 8...*bas seven he bahut hain...they call it “lucky seven” for nothing...maybe after this you’d still continue to read...*

Here are some great quotes that have been circling around since that 200 Sachin got for himself...
*I make 200 everyday...200 passes that is...and nothing ever echoes back to me except ‘grrrrr....hush...hurrrr’*
Darn...some guys have all the luck...I wish some of his lady luck brushed down on me too*and by the lady I don’t mean Anjali and by brushing down...errr.....never mind!!!!*

"Nothing bad can happen to us if we're on a plane in India with Sachin Tendulkar on it."
Said Hashim Amla, the South African batsmen

*Ya, right...if we get to board that plane that is...after being hounded by the press n public all through the way!*

"To Sachin, the man we all want to be"
Andrew Symonds wrote on a t-shirt for Sachin

Hmmm...but if you’d all be Sachin...imagine the plight of his wife Anjali...!!!!!!!!
*okay if I am killed by the end of, dad...I love you and my dear beloved...please take a while before getting those insurance claims on the life policies you issued in my guy you are, I now knew I’d be assassinated sooner or later for my big mouth*

"Even my father's name is Sachin Tendulkar."
- Tendulkar's daughter, Sara, tells her class her father's name after the teacher informs them of a restaurant of the same name in Mumbai.

*Ooo Sachin...please adopt me...I promise to be a good girl...err...woman...and write better stuff about you and watch every match and even their repeats and never ever insist on sleeping between you and Anjali mom*

'I Will See God When I Die But Till Then I Will See Sachin'
- A banner in Sharjah

*now I can only wish I were some female form of Sachin Tendulkar...of course taller, with a huskier voice, sexier n with long straight hair n playing 'other' games...Acha okay...the only similarity should be the way he is idolized yaar...ufffffffffff...half the world's GUYS are crazy about him even though he's not a gal with assets...**P.S. add the bank balance too, to list of similarities*

To sign off guys...there’s just one Sachin Tendulkar and we all love him....
*Amit, this last sher I have taken from your status...thanks to you, Saurabh and Rishi for your quotes that inspired me to this post*

“तुम बुलंदियां चुमते रहो, हम यूँ ही उड़ते रहे , तुम मील के पत्थर बनाओ , हम सफर करते रहे | तुम यूँ ही जीतते रहो, हम यूँ ही जश्न मनाते रहे.. तुम यूँ ही खेलते रहों, हमें ज़िन्दगी मिलती रहे !”


Weirdo guy said...

no no.. you are not the only outcast. Me too, since i am a football fan i too dont watch cricket or *gasp* know what a 'square cut' is !

i will give you company if this cricket crazy nation throws us out ! :P

suruchi said...

@Weirdo*pretending that this cricket crazy nation has thrown us out*...chalo kahan chalna hain?;-)

Hehe...AG..oho...the AG reminds me of AG-OG Suno ji...haha..
Did I scare u more now than the cricket crazy people ever could?;-)

P.S.I don't follow football either*darn, there go my "chalo" plans...sigh!sigh!*

Vemuri said...

From Insurance to Soft Drinks to VISA power - thats the power of his endorsements and u forgot to put an amount to his wealth - if @ all any wealth managers in Banks r also following you that is - sure they may get more gyaan.. dont u agree. :) Liked the pun and the humor side of your blog - a comment after many seasons from my end to a great blogger

Hopeless Romantic said...

Ok, i am here....firstly Awesome pic...Sachin is a superman, i agree :D

You don't watch cricket, did i hear that correctly...and on the top of that you have the GUTS to tell us that you haven't watched it in the last 10 don't have the right to live in India...i am so disappointed with u :D :D (thoda taunt maarna to bantha hain :D)

My earlier comment about adult filter still holds, my commiserations are with ur tution wale baccha party....shh....wat all round development they are having...hats off :D

I like deep point and deep cricket terms :D

you don't have one track have ONLY one track mind :D (not that we mind hearing about that one track mind, ok mind you, usage of mind is mind blowing here :D)

Last lines which i used status message still gives me goosebumps...proud to be Indian because Sachin plays for India :D

Now, please fulfill your promise of giving me publicity...i so deserve it Di...koi to naya follower aaye(preferably females plz :D)


Anand Madhav said...

"To Sachin, the man we all want to be"
Andrew Symonds wrote on a t-shirt for Sachin
Hmmm...but if you’d all be Sachin...imagine the plight of his wife Anjali...!!!!!!!!

half the world's GUYS are crazy about him even though he's not a gal with assets...


Chocolate Lover said...

hehehehe loved the pic :P ;)

suruchi said... glad to have you back here...and mujhe personal wealth se kya lena dena long as i am not getting a share in it...
sirf dukhi he honge at the lop sided distribution of wealth in this world....lols:-)

Thanks for stopping by:-)
And bigger thanks for the "great blogger" bit...u made me smile big time:-)

suruchi said...

@Amit...yeh thoda taunt hota hain...mein to dar ke maare curtain ke peeche chup gaye the...just peeped out to finish the comment n then would go back n hide there again;-)
(thoda nautanki karna bhi banta hain na;-)

And since u are insisting on the adult filter...might as well tell u ke sirf "hats" off se kaam nahi chalega...hehe...;-)

And thanks for realizing my potential...of ONLY having one track mind...mind blowing comment hai yaar aapka..I am sure the readers are enjoying reading u here more than they did while reading my post....
So guys check him out more at his awesome blog of the Hopeless Romantic at:
(mera cut banta hain yahan...lols)

Uff...mein thak gaye jawab dete dete...females take's a dish u just can't miss...:-)

suruchi said...

@Anand and Chocolate Lover...
Thanks guys...
I am glad Anand u Laughed your Ass Off...I hope u saved some though for posts that might follow..;-)

@CL...oye...u only loved the pic?:-(

Rahul Khatri said...

You and your pun-filled posts...naughty as ever and nicely written and articulated as always...kyun nahin bhai, madam teacher ji jo and only SC from Kanpur;):)

Nice post.

BTW, I need to make a confession too...last 10 years kya...I have never liked cricket and in fact I hate cricket. See, I am daring to admit it over here too!!;):)

But I'm glad to have a great player as Sachin playing for India. Cheers to the superman of cricket world!!:)

suruchi said...

@Rahul...yeh to saaf suthre the baba ekdum...ab mein isse zyaada saaf nahi ho's the dirt of ages (waise dirty mind n me?i call that being imaginative...lols;-)
dheere dheere jaayege...btw in my case I think it is becoming worse with age...
Oye did I mention age as in ageing? is getting worse with wisdom attained;-)

Thanks for liking it...waise mein kuch bhi karon..u are a sweetheart n would like it..I know;-)

Chalo u n me ek he thaali ke chatte ke not-so-shuakeen n phir bhi haseen...*that was just for rhyme's sake*;-)

Prithwish....... said...

hey suruchi..nicely articulated.:) keep blogging.
take good care

suruchi said...

Hey Prithwish...
I guess I would keep blogging...
Remembered that song from Sholay... "jab tak hain jaan jaane jahan mein naachonge"
...mein likhonge in this case;-)
U take good care too n do the same:-)

Amnn.......//1! said...

hey 50 girlfriends does make up a half century .. just of some other game .. u know ,,the game u mentioned earlier...
n yeah that sachin card doesn work when u r flirtin with older girls also,,,what is with that ..??

sulagna ™ said...

so true

suruchi said... we all play;-)
And that sachin card ke to @#$#%$#@...
Pssstt...jab koi naya card mile to batana...dost he dost ke kaam aata hain mushkil mein;-)lolzzzzz

True hain na...;-)

Haddock said...

All said and done, there are two from the cricket fraternity whom I admire.
They are Sacin and Gavaskar, and my admiration has got nothing to do with cricket !!

Rajlakshmi said...

LOLZZZ thats was a Rofling post :D
hehehe enjoyed reading it :D

suruchi said...

Haddock...very well said..I admire them too..wish they'd admire me too..just to keep the balance in nature;-)

suruchi said...

Stay around I might give u more reasons to roll on the floor...lolzzzzzzzzz:-)

foysalpavel said...

owwu.......sochin also a superman in the cricket world.I like him.........very much........

SMS said...

Sachin had reached the unparalleled stature in One Day Internationals due to his determined effort to rightly mix talent and fortitude. He realized not to stay on until the body not obeying the mind and thus losing his standing. Let him be there in the sports arena to motivate the next generation, but desirable not to get entangled into any spiteful lobby of politicians.

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