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11 August, 2010

The Thailand Mystery!

There is something very alluring about Thailand and I feel there’s a reason why I have not yet been to this land!
*Based on statutory warnings I guess: Highly volatile substances should not be kept in close proximity!*
Actually the only phoren lands that I have traversed are Singapore n Malaysia...the poor man’s foreign get-away or so I taunt my beloved hoo!

But just what makes Thailand such a popular get-away?
Now, you don’t need to be Einstein to know that!
But just in case, you were born yesterday*like me who was born only last year* lemme provide you some rays from my enlightment!

In the last two years, the influx of tourists travelling to this particular destination has seen an all time rise!
How do I, the smarty pants, know it?
Well, I ain’t no researcher or statistician!
But more than 15 couples in our friend n acquaintance circle have been here so far and some doing it as a yearly ritual!

In fact I tease a couple of them saying, last year they went for a fling n this year they are probably going to meet their offspring of it!
The third year would be the first birthday day celebration n so on...
*you know how I can go on n I’ll spare you the details*

On a serious note,
Curious as to why only Thailand, keeping aside the fact that shopping is cheap n abundant...I was finally successful in my probing!

Some say they go there for the massages!
Now, now...I have nothing against massages and you are welcome anytime to gift me one at the nearest n most extravagant spa, to render me as your devout follower with lifetime validity!
But then those in Thailand are massages where you don’t just get laid*and for once...all the puns intended*!

The sandwich massage as I thought and as I discovered, were two poles of a stick*never mind, which stick!*
Me*minus enlightment*: Sandwich massage is when two people put themselves over n under you to give you a massage with...their hands*yes, in the name of sweet lord...I was THAT duh!*
Now please don’t ask me how the f@#$ did I fathom that ANY massage in such a way was possible?

Me *post enlightment*: This massage includes making you a sandwich but in more ways than is everything a massage can be and everywhere it could be and more. The rest of it is kinda run your own imagination horses, people!

You can pick the women of your choice, nationality, colour, contour, age...
Yes sir...womEN, whom you’d like to provide you with the service n the services!
You can have fun to your heart n body’s content and come back to the hotel and relate the adventures to your spouse with all the frenzy and kicks possible!
I have even heard arguments to the extent of “She spent those thousand bucks on a Louis Vitton bag and I spent it on my body...what’s the difference? Both were seeking pleasure!”

My point is...
Why are certain things being readily accepted, without raised eyebrows or disdain, just because you are in a foreign land?
Had the same rituals been performed at an arm’s distance from your own house, it would have been termed as philandering and your character having gone through an ass of an assassination!
Some standards we all live in!

Second, why paid sex, as a form of recreation, is more likely to be acknowledged while a physical association like just a casual one night stand looked down upon as cheating?
Isn’t that just a matter of social fear and set norms then that makes us moralistic or otherwise?
We want to be technically correct rather than sensibly right!

Often still, cheating in body is considered worse than cheating in mind...
What sense does it make?
Whether you are physically cheating on your partner or mentally committing yourself to are any which way being disloyal!
You can’t claim to be “pure” after verbally being involved or physically having strayed!

Third, when one thing is right for the man, how come the same thing becomes a question of chastity for a woman?

Amsterdam n Thailand have provided a different flavour to the variety-hungry traveller n also the voyeuristic one!
It is no longer a matter of watching with a gaping mouth when a nude show is performed in an arena! It is a form of art!
I have heard stories of how shows based on unimaginable tricks performed by unthinkable body parts are a rage with the Indian tourist!
It has become a matter of pride and flaunting that you were a part of it!
Strip tease or pole dancing bars and the likes are now on the agenda of a city tour where such flavours are openly available!

I am not trying to be moral police here!
Heck, going to Thailand and not having experimented is like going to Thailand and not having the Thai curry!
Err...okay...I know that analogy sucks! But point gone home, right?
I am just openly wondering!

In fact I tease my beloved to go ahead and be a tad more adventurous...
We must try out things at least once before discarding them as useless, insane, or dumb!
Whoa, I was all out looking for massage parlours in Singapore that would have lady masseurs giving him a dose of some fun...though it’s sad for him I did not succeed despite voracious efforts!

But then I put a simple condition before him that always acts as a leash...
“Whatever you try out, expect me to do the same too!”
And that ends the story there!*diplomacy you’d say...I say nopes...its tit for tat...and never mind what’s ‘tat’ here!* I condemn or condone?
I really don’t know...lemme go n get some first-hand experience of “stuff” myself and enlighten you further!
Now you can’t expect me to have all the answers, can you?

Till each one his own!
Let’s keep our judgemental caps off for a change and anyone wishing to sponsor my Thailand holiday for his upliftment via my enlightment...
Please feel free to email me with details and win a special mention in the next, free, free!:-)



lmao ! dad took me to one of "those" clubs in thailand . AH ! sweet memories ;-)

Ria said...

Aah Sandwich massage definitely sound interesting! Although i know i might not want to try it after all.

For me a massage should serve the plain purpose of relaxation n nothing else.

I believe whats wrong for me should be wrong for my spouse too. I like n totally agree with ur tit for tat funda. :)

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Haha I guess I went to Thailand and did the equivalent of not having a Thai curry then :) We did not see any shows involving ping pong balls etc, no massages (although I told my friend he could, with all expression of willing acceptance, but all within my heart of seeing this as a big test :D), and the closest we came to seeing anything was some 'ladies' who set up just next door to our hotel after midnight.

Thailand is amazing for so many more things. I loved the scenery, the culture (most amazing people), theme parks, the markets and the food. And, I am sure your nice good friends are only interested in such things...really.

It is interesting though, and something I see all the time - whether in Vegas, Bali or Thailand - people go to where nobody knows them and behave in ways they never would back home - and somehow even avoid assimilating this as part of their own behaviour as it is 'part of the holiday experience'. And, it shows that 'morals' are so often so much less an expression of what people value and how they wish to behave, than of how they wish others to think they behave.

Tanvi said...

*** In fact I tease a couple of them saying, last year they went for a fling n this year they are probably going to meet their offspring of it! *** Hahaha

I am still laughing! You raise all valid points here ... but I am just going to skip my take on it 'coz it's early morning and I just do not want to get all serious and lecture giving YET! :P I am sticking with the funny parts about your writing and cheering up my day!

*** in Thailand are massages where you don’t just get laid *** Hahahah

buckingfastard said...

firstly, its not ok to do such things in india...imagine one of those FAT massage women giving me "vadapav" massage..will end up being the poatato paste!!

secondly, paid sex is not cheating... how can i cheat wen i dint woo-ed the woman but just paid her!!

third, wat WAT WATTT!! u asked ur husband he can get a "massage" from thai girls.... and in return you will also hav a "massage" from thai girls!! who doesnt agrees to such a deal!!

suruchi said...

Hi Akshay, can’t just say “sweet memories” as in waken our curious instincts n then just get away without details...

And we soooooooooo wanna know more about “those” clubs...
Arre for general knowledge baba:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Ria,
Thanks for thumbs up to tit for tat...
Works all the time...
The best part is husbands are sooo duh na...they’ll never turn around n say that the same funda applies to them too!
So u bloody well do what u wanna n get away n don’t let him get away with anything!

Omg...I sound like a bitch here...hehe...
But kabhi kabhi chalta hain;-)
And agar hassle free chance mile to sab try karna chahiye:-)

suruchi said...

Hey WWW...
Great to have you here again!
And you went to Thailand and did not have Thai curry or its equivalent!
Woe! Woe!
Fie! Fie!
Anyyywayys...there’s always a lifetime there to explore and make up for opportunities lost;-)

And also so true is the “test” bit between couples...
I sometimes wonder if my beloved pretends to be so liberal just to see how far I’ll go...*makes a mental note of not going toooooooooo far!;-)*

And as for my good fiends...oops...friends...I am sure they’ll agree with u too!
So true when you say that the idea of not being known acts as a motivation!
If only we all could be how we really are!:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Tanvi,
Wish u a very goooooooooooood morning...though I am sure it is afternoon by now at your end!
A day that starts on laughter promises to be light n nice:-)

And those “hahaha’s” are super cute...made me smile too:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Bucking...
Okay...for ‘firstly’...but you get to choose na, right?
Unless you go there only with a hundred rupee note*I am just guessing don’t ask me the rates now;-)*

And woo-ed the woman does not alone tantamounts to cheating...what about seducing, luring, tempting n the likes?
*scratching my head here for a moment to decide if I am making sense...too groggy though to think as the day’s coming to an end*

And thirdly...o my dear blessed sweet lord of duh-ness...tit for tat matlab...he gets a massage from a woman then I get a massage from a guy na...
And woh “moo moo” waale gao mata nahi...a hunk of a guy...before you question me again!

Bola tha “ache waale” dosti kar lo...maybe my wisdom would have rubbed off!;-)

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Oh, I did have a Thai curry (just one)...just not the equivalent...but then, I went to Vegas and didn't gamble so I am just...odd.

Yes, we should all be how we are. People and their 'morals' are very odd in many cases. For example, a couple who will choose to (carefully, openly and by agreement) see another person or two over time is 'bad' even though they are maintaining the integrity of their relationship...but the same who would condemn would also cheat and lie to their spouse too. Oh, people!

sulagna ™ said...

Su we had sucha fun time in thailand,,we were walking down some beach and gopal and i were in the middle of some serious conversation,suddenly this chinki comes before us looks at gopal and says "foot massgae, pleasure massage" all the while rubbing her hand sover her body...i was left laughing for the enitre trip and Gopal was sooo of massgaes and my man will turn red..i am not even mentioning the part where a man came and asked for "come massage"

Madhu said...

wtf? How can massages differ when they have different nationals giving it..screwed up thoughts no? I mean,an indian messages better than an african? whats the difference?
wait a min! may be hand pressure varied * Look whats uve got me telling!

Paid sex? hmm? No my area though!!

tum kaisi biwi ho? U asked ur hubby to choose a thai girl for a massage..too much uh??

Aur waise bhi,i feel like having a massage now..any contributions?

Bikramjit said...

First of all you stay home looking after the little one.. let me go and investigate this first.. priorities madam ji priorities he he he he he

Well since i know a bit more in detail ok before you go on tangent , knowing it you will , my work and its not giving massages.. rather it catching such people :)

anyway Massage parlours are a Front for ahmm ahmm ahmm ...

My mates went there and they had ball of a time well so THEY said.. I have not been there yet but reading ur article surly makes me book my ticket now.. :)

Condemn and Condone :- well i dont know , thats part of there life and thats one of the busiest and wealthiest TRADE in thailand and Bangkok too.. So its up to us how we go .. do we need the massage or the pleasure massage.. No harm in JUST the massage...

and oooh poor hubby dear has to listen to your DIPLOMATIC ways hmmmm Tit for tat i like .. so maybe I can ahve HIS email if please , we can BOTH go and leave you home to look after the kiddy :) what say he he he he

its open here now.. Prague is a newest place people going for night life.. amsterdam already has Legalised it .. and India too is becoming and coming up Its just you dont know and its all hush hush.. Goa , mumbai has its nightclubs and massage places.. OH YES... :)

but I agree with you CHEATING is cheating no matter how you do it and what is wrong for women is wrong for men too.. no doubts about it ...

Oh thats why now i know only my MALE friends went together for a trip he heehhe :)

on serious note nice article loved it ... your points taken.. and agreed with you fully..

and see i did offer to go and take hubby dear with me so dont foget the special mentioning of me in the next post .. ok half the name Bikram wud do other then the full nameee he he he hehehe :)

blunt edges said...

"Cheating in mind?" Who hasn't done that? The real test is not to cheat in person (Who hasn't done that either?) ;)

I would have enlightened you on a lot of stuff there, but I got a plane to catch (to Amsterdam via Thailand of course!!) So ta ta :D

Jack said...


You are absolutely right. To each his or her own. If it is OK for him, so it is OK for her also. If he believes in that or she does, then let them do what they wish to as long as they do not make themselves a public nuisance. However they also need to keep in mind that what they do they should not object to if their children do the same. I think that in itself is moral police.

Take care

Mr. "Niraj" Lemon said...

he he he...that was really a enlighten post. It seems a new trave; blog who guiding travel freak like me to do's and don't on a travelling mission...Great one...I to agree with your policy completely...

Hey by the way,its ok for the guest post..I know u r really busy now days its really fine..whenever u free in near future do write as per ur convenience...

Hey by the way u have awarded at masalla lemonade on my blogs first bday...Do collect your award...

Sakshi said...

No comments- Coz I have not been to phoren lands. :(

Mr Happy said...

oh i so want to thailand only for massages :) ,

Mr Happy said...

And i so agree with tit for tat thing , but i need to find a counterpart who responds in same way :P

nikita said...

I am so..totally against all this....and i do wonder how do couples allow their partners....


pRasad said...

You will never leave "this topic"..don't you?? :)).. then be it All wide open , Number of times or for that sake now, Massage :))...Hehee..

I don't know about massage you are talking abt..but yeah.. can tell you what goes inside massage parlors of Mumbai ..(or for Chennai....or Bangalore.....or whole India D ...Yeah I know you can imagine..How abt writing a post abt it..:D )

suruchi said...

Hi Cathy,
You are not odd are normal...
We are the odd ones who run after things that everyone thinks one should!

And yes ‘people’!
If we could only understand them even at the cost of understanding ourselves...maybe...just maybe life would be easier:-(

suruchi said...

Omg Su...pleasure massage...hmm...and running hands over the body
I guess half her job was already done...the alluring that is!
Actually these guys in our life...they talk of doing things...being people...but when actually time comes for a little dare...
They become PHATOO SINGHS...
That’s what happens with my G at least....
Baatein bade bade...but this once in Goa there was this hot gurl who came too strongly on him, despite tagging along with her husband n kid...
He freaked out n avoided them both at the buffets of the hotel!

And “come massage”....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Mady,
Baba...there’s a BIIIIIIIIG difference...starting with the fact that the so-called “massages” are actually massages in name!
Anymore explicit and my comment box would get an A-certificate!

And it is not the question of “kaise biwi hona”
See...if someone really wants can’t deter him!
Even if he loves you the might as well be a part of it to keep things in check...rather than being a nagging wife so the husband gets an excuse to do things behind your back and the intensity of things turn from bad to worse!

I feel like a massage too btw...but with Seeya around...she’s the only one who seems to be getting them these days:/

suruchi said...

Hi Bikram,
Sir ji...mere saare kaam aap kar loge to mein kya karonge?
I mean mere G bhi kahin phir aapke taraf he turn hone lage to mera kya hoga kaaliya!

Thank you for that loooooooooong comment....feels super duper to know someone bothers so much about what u write!

I get that now that the massage parlours are a front!
And I did not go into any tangent...thanks for your specifications...otherwise would have*gosh...u do know me now thoda thoda*

And your points on “condemn n condone”
Well for a second there I read “condom” instead and got the shock of my life that when did I use this word! was just for a second:-)

And hubby ko le jaaoge sirf...mein n mera kiddy yahan aksar phir yeh baatein karenge...ka wahan kya ho raha hoga...aap log is baat pe par wagereh wagerah karoge....etc!

So take me along...promise not to be upto too much mischief!
And also thanks for the enlightment on Prague...details solicited now:-)
And you don’t need a mention in my post....
You are awesome any which way!:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Blunts... ask the question n you only give the answers!
To phir mere liye yahan kya kaam hain?
Oh yes...I about asking some other questions like...
Bluntu...aapka naam kya hain?
Aap face book pe hain to kripya mujhe wahan search karen?
And the likes...just like I always rant n u never relent!
Abhi to Bucking ne bhi haath khade kar diye mere aage...
Ab tera kya hoga kaaliya?

Please tell me though how did your trip go!

suruchi said...

Hi Jack...
Wow...that’s a super new angle to look at things from!
What we do...we should not object if our children do the same!
That holds such a world of wisdom n restrain!

And long as people do not become a public nuisance or the wrong example for the vulnerable minds to follow...
Let’s just do our jig n let them get jiggy with it!:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Niraj...
So travel plans set already!
Glad to be of help...however it is my moral duty to inform you that I myself have not been to this place...
So all claims are subject to market risks and the author does not take any liability for the same;-)

Thanks for the award...would go now n check:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Sakshi...
Yeh tu!
Let’s make an all girls plan to Bangkok and do something which all boys do generally...that is...make a single gender trip by themselves!
Aaah....wish though the plan would have come earlier...prior to motherhood...for even hoping for it to materialize...

All the best for greater adventures in future!

suruchi said...

Hi Happy!
Thank you for agreeing...
And when u return from tell us how it was!
The trip that is...and any other details, you would want to fill us on!
And yup...all the best in finding that counterpart!:-)

blunt edges said...

Does that mean Bucking revealed his true identity?? :o

Didn't I like already send you a fraandship request on FB? Lemme check, I'll resend :)

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Well, men will always love it and want it, whether they say it or not. Women might too. It's okay to do whatever shit you want to till you're either single or if your partner doesn't mind. When you are committed and involve in anything like this, even though it maybe purely physical and for once, if your partner doesn't approve, it's #fail. Also, a lot of it is personal/mutual.

Sovina said...

i too follow the tit for tat policy..may be not to the core but yeah about 99% of the times :)

and i agree moral cheating is a bigger sin than physical one, yet how often we see that couple fail to take account of this..loved the article and love the way u have added *suruchi element* in it everywhere :)

have a great week

rainboy said...


about these trips a lot of Indian husbands are making with their've got a lot of info.

I know a few who go every year..married and un-married.For paid sex with lovely girls... and they sure are...I've seen a few clips made by my friends.They even strip dance on bollywood songs :P

One of the married ones he's going there again this year for what he calls Boom Boom(screwing chicks)!!
and once he found out that I am still virgin , every time we are drinking he offers to sponsor my trip.He says 'Dude,let's go for Boom boom !'
I have never been in favor of paid sex ... I'm old school.He never understands that and gets mad at me.

They call it bangkok... they should change it to Bang -cock.
That would be more appropriate.

Dr Roshan R said...

just two points.. one, thank you !!! and i thought i knew all about sex !! I had never heard of the "sandwich massage" before.. shame on my perverted mind !!

Secondly, on a more serious note, call me weird, but honestly, I'd be more hurt if a girl cheated on me emotionally than physically.. its tough to explain really... i just feel the emotional part is more important.. i'm sure PPl wont agree with this, but its just my take on it

wise donkey said...

kids get kidnapped and sold for this trade. its not fun.
next time simpy try the curry or the regular massages:)

suruchi said...

Hi Blunts...
Shhhh....kuch cheezen parde mein rehne dene chahiye;-)
And please don’t be sooooooooo duh to ask me this n not understand it on your own...
Thanks for the fraandsheep btw;-)
You rock on my facebook too:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Tamanna,
I agree with you totally!
It is okay I guess, till you are single!
Commitment of any kind is violated when you cheat mentally or physically, repeatedly or just once!
To each one his own!

suruchi said...

Hi Sovina,
Wow...I didn’t know there was a “suruchi element”
Thank you thank you...bows in all humility n yet a bit of bursting pride:-)
Tit for tat is the way to be!
Or u’d just be a door mat:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Rainboy...
Now if they say I am bold, they should read your comment...hehe...
Thanks for adding to my information stock;-)
I mean pretending under the garbs of massages is one thing but openly professing about going there for “paid sex” is another!

And you do not let these roving thomas’ spoil the sweet you!
Remain old school..the newer ones fall even before you blink anyways;-)

suruchi said...

Hi Nikita...
It is not really THAT condemnatory!
I mean a little bit of fun is long as you are doing it once for experimenting’s sake...
But doing so out of lust...or getting addicted to such pleasures...
I don’t think I am able to explain it well!

There is a difference between having fun n getting cheap thrills!

suruchi said...

Hi pRasad,
Arreee...when did I “hold” this topic ke usko “leave” karon?;-)
How about YOU writing a post on what goes on inside massage parlours of Mumbai, Chennai, etc...?
Agar mein likhonge then again you’ll say...
“You will never leave this topic?”;-)

suruchi said...

Hi Dr Roshan R,
Yup...shame on you...knowing about sandwich massage is like knowing your ABC...kya yaar!
Jeena vyarth...hehe!

I agree with you on the emotional cheating being more serious than physical one!
It is easier to accept that u wandered once because your body desired is difficult to fathom that the mind that loved you, has wandered off somewhere else...because the return of the mind is almost impossible!

suruchi said...

Hi Wise Donkey...
There is muck everywhere...
Of course there’s a serious side to this too!

But this time I was not trying to give a social message...
Just a fun one...hopefully would try the other end of the spectrum too!
And as far as staying with curry n regular massages is concerned...I probaly would stick to them only anyways!

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