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26 January, 2011

All that hoopla about Flirting-Sigh!

While rummaging around for Jawarhar Lal Nehru’s picture for the last post, Google brought to me some more interesting facts about his persona and extra-curricular activities.

Though I had sighed and cringed and pined in ‘Impressionable Reading!’ about his unfaltering loyalty and exemplary love, interestingly Google says Lady Edwina Mountbatten was not the only one who was flushed by his overflowing juices of mush, drenching many a women in ecstasy.

Hmm...Kya baat hain, Nehru ji, India’s very own n perhaps the only Casanova n charismatic Prime Minister.

The ‘stumbled upon’ post mentioned that Nehru could not help being an incorrigible flirt. Wow...path breaking-the man who wrote The Discovery of India, seems like he made many cute discoveries for his own wandering self too.

My first impulsive reaction to that was of OMG and I felt he just fell thud down from the enviable altar that I had unpretentiously sited him on.
On second thoughts*and thank god for them*I pondered over if it really was such a blasphemous sin to tarnish the poor guys’ super dapper clean stint otherwise?

Is flirting as bad as the general scrunching of noses that it evokes, followed by an unreasonable character assassination?
Could Nehru really help it, being in the enviable prime position that he was and thereby privileged to come across the crème of the society?
Many of these would have been women who were distinguished in exceptional lady like graces and would evoke praise even from their own gender...and in such a predicament, my friends....kya hua body Prime Minister ke hain to...aakhir dil to bachcha he hain na ji!

I have never tried to be a hypocrite and hide the fact that I love to flirt.
I often cite it as a favourite hobby where I feel the listeners would not be shocked into an untimely demise caused by irreversible stroke of heart failure.
Occasional flirting keeps me creative juices flowing and provides me the mind games that keep me at the edge.

And I don’t pretend to do it under covers, I make my beloved stand with me and watch me play and watch him smile.
He knows he would never find me in a bevy of ladies twittering about the mundane, but in a circle of men, bursting into guffaws for I would be enthralling with a tease*sigh for those days too as post Seeya my reins seem to suddenly go in a heartbreaking state of own heart breaking that is, rather than of anyone else*

Of course though in most cases it is harmless and more of ‘blah, blah’ big talk than thunderous and volcanic “actions”!
*Look at my comment box for example...I never miss an opportunity!*
And whenever it has fringed on being harmful to my mangal sutra and maathe ka sindoor, I let the urges pass by and sigh some more.
*What the if by sighing less I would reduce the global I sigh to my heart’s!*

My point is...why does flirting harbour in the territory of negative discretion by the so-called social guardians?
With education and self dependence, opening up of minds and perceptions, it is a very natural urge to impress the opposite sex into a belief that you are a cut above the rest in your gender.

It is an unsurpassable ego boost to have someone intellectual, be inclined to hear you for he finds you interesting enough to hold a conversation*of course in case of men, let’s say the ego boost would come by someone sexy as hell, inclined to see you for she finds you interesting enough to bed...and there we sigh again! Please don’t keep a sigh count in this post....numerically that would be a challenge and hence this statutory warning for I like my readers to have a furrow free mind*

Another point of dispute here would be the very definition of flirting.
One man’s dip may be another man’s drowning*ah...what a mind-blowing twist in the the world a new, blaze a trail theory...
I am so damn good that I sometimes scare myself only*

Like take me for example*yes, a scapegoat again for the experimentation to derive onto pioneering conclusions that alter the destiny of mankind*
What I term as flirting you might deem as just interesting and intriguing conversational skills and if you are crass and unintelligent and pseudo-modern, you might call me a kalank to naari-jaat!

I like to hold the interest of a man in my conversation...
I sometimes let the laughs flow like a natural cascade and smiles to remain a permanent fixture on my pretty face.
And I might unwittingly ask you questions that show my genuine interest in you. Contrary to what my blogs project, I am a better listener than a talker.
I notice, I sometimes bat my eyelids a little too innocently or use the signature handshake of my softest of hands to make a point.
As if making these things ain’t enough I also make the wittiest of repartee and rebuttals without wasting a moment of thought on it.
My voice sometimes becomes huskier than usual and somehow a twirl of a lock of hair playfully dangles down my forehead.
Alrite, maybe I don’t use all of these arsenals together but I have seen them being used and win many a quaint battles.

Of course also these are observations and not conscious deliberations.
But the frequency of these naturally occurring behaviour patterns, made me stumble upon the idea that may be I am a natural flirt and these instinctive urges flow out without so much as even an effort required from my side.

Like I said...some may deem that as just dipping my feet in the troubled waters and others might rip me apart for having the waters gone past my head already.

Flirting is an integral thread of the fabric of today’s society and anyone out there with a reasonable amount of impression made has used it to reach where he is...consciously or greater degrees or less...garbing it in the array of charm or flaunting it in the wake of his sexuality.

So can the moral police please rest in peace and let the flirt games begin!

P.S. I do have some standards flirting with the author in the wake of this post, without the essential back-up of my list of requirements may be injurious to your health.


Deepika said...

Hmmm.. Flirting isn't a harm till its limited to talks, twirling hair on finger or batting eyes more often.. It keeps up the 'masala' in otherwise not so interesting life.. Isn't it? Sometimes its enough to raise our lower moods by being treated special. :)

Chhavi said...

I totally agree with you.... Small doses of flirting is not harmaful at all. As a matter of fact, all of us play this game more often than we realize... :)

Ria said...

Yes i totally believe in healthy flirting...its good for health!! ;)

Shahid Mukadam a.k.a Shady West Side said...

I agree with your explanation of flirting and the fact is that its just to desire to impress the other sex..and not necessarily mean getting got a bold blog...but its always interesting reading one

Pavitra .... said...

I agree....small doses of flirting isn't harmful.....Everyone does it...we may not even realize it...but we shouldn't go overboard.. :)
J. Nehru the Flirty First President...Hmmm...interesting :))
And I don't think we should make it a big deal out of the fact that he was quite the casanova...After all, he is human :))
And i kinda like it :D

"One man’s dip may be another man’s drowning". Killer line!


Johnny Raptor said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

I hear what you are saying but I also know I have no real time experience to comment! Probably need to learn some 'fun' things from you ... ;)

clueless said...

I was shocked when a professor told me that nehru had died of syphilis....the same OMG kinda reaction :)

flirting is an universal phenomenon...however the onus to keep it 'healthy' lies on the person ;)

Aparana Pitale said...

So the humor is back… I have one mantra, when u r down just go and do some flirting that gives a refreshing push and the praises you get makes you smile more… :)
The best line I liked is - kya hua body Prime Minister ke hain to...aakhir dil to bachcha he hain na ji!
Keep posting, its fun reading your write ups…

A said...


You are such an awesome author. Your writing skills are wonderful. You can write humor and serious reading perfect. You are the best.

You are probably the best looking person in the whole entire world. (I have not seen you in person..that is why probably).

Does it work Suruchi? Do I get best blogger of the year award from you? Hahaha

Sakshi said...

Flirt and let flirt! I mean, cmon, harmless flirting is so much better than sitting with the ladies and bitching about the one who is not present.
And I feel that the moral police is nothing but a bunch of frustrated souls! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Nice post and was good to read.
We recently won The Stylish Blogger Award and now we are passing it onto you. Cheer's to dancing in your own way! Congrats and enjoy. Find out award details here:

Thank You.
Take Care.

Prithwish....... said...

well written suruchi..

harmless flirting is good for health, and harmful flirting is injurious ..:)
loved ur has always been like this..


Miles Of Style said...

reminds me of those days in school where me and my girl friend had coined the word "HVF" as in healthy verbal flirting...and then we had "PF" as in perverse flirting which kind of crossed the boundaries and made a girl cringe instead of swoon. I guess flirting can't be all that bad...its good to know that you're still in demand or people are interested for a married woman's ego, no ? :)

Neeha said...

Suruchi,each time you come up with different topic.
That's why you were awarded in my blog:)

blunt edges said...

What's life without some flirting (mild or otherwise) ;)

And innocent li'l souls like me thrive on it :)

nil said...

hahahahahahha! loved the post! damn couldn't agree more ;)

suruchi said...

@Deepika..I am glad you’s a super mood booster n sadness buster:-)

@Chhavi...exactly. Everyone’s flirting whether they agree or admit it or is a pseudo society that we live in though! now...whenever I say “healthy flirting”, there are questions raised on what exactly is “healthy” now I rest in peace...matlab do shhhh n flirt;-)

suruchi said...

@Shahid...yes it is the physical aspect that makes people look down at this...they don’t realize that often people get interested in others purely for the fact that they are interesting...n not because they are sexy or cool or would be hot in bed!
Thanks for reading!

suruchi said...

Hi Pavitra...Everyone of us is human...I hate pointing fingers at others who waver from the so-called set paths of the society, as though it would mean that these rule founders themselves were purely righteous...bull shit!

Thanks gurl...for liking that line...I was quite proud of it when I wrote it...glad someone else also appreciated:-)

suruchi said...

Tanvi, now...finally there is something you say that you can learn from me...huh!
But when u said “being fun”...u contradicted yourself!

Flirting may not always have the manifestations that we deem it has...maybe you do it and don’t even realize it...come on, you are super good with your words. You can’t help but being charming...and you mean to say guys around you can help, but being not-charmed?

suruchi said...

Hey Clueless,
Nehru died of god, you made me search for the meaning of the disease first before commenting further..and yes, OMG came again, despite it all!
I guess power does get you drunk sometimes!

And how gross or cute the phenomenon is, it definitely lies with an individual who uses it.

suruchi said...

Hey Aparana,
I do follow that mantra...when in the dumps, make sure there’s someone cute out there to give you company. That’s a sure shot way of making me bounce up/back:-)
Thanks for always appreciating:-)

suruchi said...

Dearest A,
Ladies n gentlemen...presenting before you..THE BEST BLOGGER OF THE YEAR!
I guess, that says it does work, doesn’t it?;-)
P.S. If this is flirting, you need to upgrade:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Sakshi,
But you baby are out of the flirting domain...abhi to aap Shoy ke seva-shewa karo...10 years baad sochenge:-)
N yes, so agree with you about the moral police being frustrated souls...

Often we are critical about certain things which we can’t do ourselves or have no guts to!

Jack said...


Who does not like little flirting? Even those with moral policing look for a chance to do so and if they do not get one, they barge into others space. Limit is an individual's choice but it must be kept in mind that this does not harm someone or encroach into someone's territory.

Take care

suruchi said...

Hi Ajay n Neeha,
Congratulations on the award and thank you sooooooo much for giving it to me too...yiy, yiy, yiy.
But don’t know when I’ll be able to do the tag...hopefully soon:-)
Thanks again!

You never have a bad word for me, do you?
*not complaining here...please note that you cannot see my big fat smug smile here:-)*

suruchi said...

Hiyya Persis,
Wow HVF n PF are such cool terms.
Trust you to be novel n cool from forever:-)
And yes, married women’s ego...super booster;-)

Helloooo Nil,
Thanks gurl...keep laughing:-)

suruchi said...

Hey Blunts,
My poor little innocent soul...
Half my comment-flirting is done with you...the other half with Buckingfastard who is kinda gaayab these days...

So u both need to fulfil your duties n keep my flirting instincts working..warna rust ho jaayenge yaar:-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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