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16 July, 2011

Adopt, Adapt, Adept!

Love at First sight!
And this month we complete a full year of having Seeya in our lives-a year which on reminiscing was one, that sometimes went by in a jiffy and at other times I remember turning around and questioning, ‘What, it’s just been a month since!’

For those of you who have joined me late-Seeya is my adopted daughter and we got her into our arms at exactly 5 p.m. a year back on 13th July, 2010. She was then a tiny, timid looking bundle that was relatively quiet yes, appearances can be deceptive and somewhat lost when she entered the household and met all eager faces ready to welcome and pamper her. She spent the first few hours observing with thorough amusement the seemingly circus of our friends and relatives, enfolding before her and then around 9-ish, we heard the first of the later very regular and louder of blood curdling screams and wailing.

The first day dazed look
‘Oh my god’, I had thought! She misses the familiar hands of those who nurtured her for her first seven months. What if this is a mistake? What if she continues to cry and does not stop? What if she does not like the feel of having me next to her? I had spent the whole of that night with one eye awake and at this point it is almost a habit now. My journey began on an apprehensive and pressurized note-I had to make this work as I had taken up the cause-come what may!

When we had decided to go in for adoption, contrary to popular beliefs, my main concern was not where the baby came from or what religion would she be of or that should we not want a male child instead or why did the mother leave the infant. Neither did I think that this baby would be any different from one that would have come out of my own womb. These thoughts did not transpire in my mind even fleetingly. My main concern was-would she accept me as a mother? Would I be able to do justice to a child that is being handed to my care unconditionally?

My life for thirty two years prior to Seeya, had set into a routine that made me very less answerable to anyone except myself. I was fulfilling all my duties and with the rest of my time I was gratifying all my desires with all possible indulgences-teaching, blogging, shopping, travelling, gyming, meeting up friends for movies and outings. This was not a giant leap for the child who barely crawled-it was more so for me, almost like going to the moon. I wondered if I would be able to fit into the mould of a traditional and sacrificing mother, the kind that I always saw being reflected in my own mom. At the risk of sounding vain, let me just say I have surprised myself in the last one year although also occasionally admonished and sometimes self-shaken like a cough syrup bottle!

There is something in that word ‘MOTHER’ that binds two souls-one who calls it and the one to whom it is addressed. It brings in a magical attachment and the feeling I guess is mutually beautiful-when you hear a child cry out ‘mamma’ in her sleep as though she knows you would make her safe and when little ears hear someone say it is okay and cuddling her heartbeat close and tenderly.

I had pondered for a long while over baseless worries like what if she went to others’ arms more willingly like may be mothers around me who had brought up children. There must be some special charge about natural mothers that children get drawn to-something that comes with pregnancy perhaps and the waiting period of nine months. Did I miss on that which would cost me dearly?

Thereby there must be a latent organism or arrangement within the body that excreted exceptional amount of patience into a female system so that she would smile even if the baby woke and cried every half an hour of the night for half a year non-stop, even when it would have loose motions extending to a score or took one hour despite a dark room and pin drop silence to be put to sleep whenever tried. And when Seeya mouthed words like ‘papa’ and ‘umbrella’ before “mummy”, I could almost see my worst fears being realised.

I always and sometimes still do considered myself as non-motherly types. I was most decidedly convinced that there exist a plethora of genes that are preordained to different individuals variedly- the study genes, marriage-genes, mother-genes, arranged/love marriage-genes, business/service sector genes and the likes. And hence some are suited to a particular environment and others scuffle in the same like penguins brought to the equator.

I have had my share of struggles. I gave up on my social life and round the clock became a permanent fixture before Seeya’s big, beautiful eyes. I took a sabbatical of one month from teaching which left me with nothing else to do than hover around her like a relentless bee over a juicy flower. With the absence of domestic help to come to rescue for a long while I was managing the show single-handedly and the biggest positive that emerged out of it was- I had lost three kgs of weight in the first month, although along with a little bit of my mind too. Also the fact that my beloved’s super hectic work schedules till 10 p.m. and my mother-in-law’s social and television-al commitments saw no dip, escalated my woes nope, she is neither a social worker nor a television actress.

However, seeing so many people in the joint family on and off made her extra demanding as she would get bored of anything/everything and any one person within fifteen minutes and get cranky to necessitate more. Within a few months I seemed to have aged a few years, more so in mind than in body. I was losing the inclination to mingle with friends for we had no place to leave back the little one, with a relaxed mind and I had nothing significant to contribute to enjoyable conversations except garnish them with my cribbing to make it indigestible.

I sometimes felt hawk eyes were watching me intently waiting for me to err and in this delusion perhaps I had given so much of myself that I often felt little remained within me. I lived in the perpetual scare in the first half year of having her that someone someday would turn around with a pointing finger and say ‘She is not so good a mother, as the child is not born of her’. It made me burn the midnight oil also midday, noon and evening oil with a ferocity hitherto unknown to my placid existence. I would rarely let her off my sight as a result of which she rarely wants me now to go out anywhere minus her or be ready for hell being raised of tantrums and another night of sleep cruelly slaughtered when I return even from an occasional movie. In the last twelve months, we have been for just seven night outs without Seeya yes, I keep a count, comes handy in emotionally blackmailing the beloved!

There were days when I would ask other mommies, if they had really had it so tough or was Seeya an extraordinarily gifted troublesome baby. Turned out that it was a mix of both! She has mischief written perhaps with invisible ink on every pore of her body. She clings to me like a baby monkey to its mother. She has understood that she just has to shriek in her jarring volume, worse than Sunny Deol’s spine-tingling yells and she would get absolutely anything, for everyone runs to save their ear drums than save the child from getting spoilt and pampered. She is a smart one with tear drops waiting at the edges of her eyes to make sudden and super frequent public appearance its the days of publicity my friends and although one year and seven months old-she still does not sleep non-stop at nights for more than two hours at a stretch and sometimes breaking even in between to make us hear those cries as though we’d perish out of missing them so much!

However, all said and done, life does settle! Perhaps despite all my claims then, I really wasn’t prepared for motherhood, or the fact that I would have to do it all alone. And how does one prepare anyways-you can’t get the neighbours infants for three days of trial to your house to see if you’d survive it and live to tell, can you? The system gradually adopts, adjusts and adapts. I no longer care about being judged by others for I know my daughter cannot be without me even for a few hours, which by the way is something I sigh upon too sometimes.

I am slowly trying to get back vestiges of my erstwhile soul-meeting people, facebooking, blogging though still not able to take care of my shape as much as the mirror would prefer me to or impart my knowledge cells as much as the students would like me too. But the tightest bear hug from her and the genuinely nautanki smile makes me forget about anything deficient anywhere.

Seeya is a unique child-she can mouth rhymes to sing of Sheila and Ready to recognize the names, songs, ads and people and pronounce complicated things like helicopter, octopus, dinosaur, hiccup and yawning. She runs around me calling “mamma, mamma” like in the ‘mute-off’ version of the Hutch puppy ad. She does drama even more than I can possibly fathom to contrive despite my Drama Queen Title and nakhras that would put Begum Akhtar to shame. She is destined for great things, I just know it somehow. When she would lower her tone and marinate it with the yummiest of hug and say ‘mamma’ with her soulful eyes looking at feels like heaven to say the least although it takes very little to cross on to the other side of the fence too.

So one year down the line, I have come to a conclusion which is generally what I come to, when I get too tired of thinking -Adoption is simple, parenting is difficult and well guided parenting is the easiest. To love a child as your own is not tough, to love a child despite yourself is. A child opens vistas in a person that are hitherto unknown and if you think you’ve ever loved a man/woman with your heart and soul, worry not, for then you’d realise it is absolutely effortless to love a child.  

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tarunima said...

Your daughter is so pretty *touchwood*.
She has got lovely eyes:)
I'm sure motherhood is a great experience, i have seen my mother sacrificing things for me.
I remember when i was a small kid and we were having something delicious to eat, and ma saw me eyeing her plate after finishing mine, she selflessly gave her share to me. That is too little to say for my muma...
Mothers are great and im sure you are a great mom to seeya:)
Wishing that you make a million more beautiful memories with her..
loads of love:)

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

i didnt know the adoption bit ... so let me just say this : Seeya couldn't have got a better, whackier, more loving mother ever. She's blessed in more ways than she'll ever know.

RiĆ  said...

Loved the post and i must say that Seeya is very lucky to have u as a mother coz u r a wonderful human being.

Sameera said...

You know how to make a person laugh and cry.. You have a beautiful daughter, and she definitely has an awesome mother.
God bless you both..

Hugs and kisses to Siya.. :)

maithili said...

I just came to know with this post that Seeya is adopted and I have seen your snaps together before and trust me she looks every bit like your very own flesh and blood.. She is your daughter and no one can change that.. adopted or otherwise! Seeya is very cute and agreed with you looks very innocent and quiet ;P As they say packages can be deceptive :) Well she has a naughty mother to look after that, isn't it? :P ;)

Sakshi said...

Oh Phlease- You are an AWESOME Mother! And See, is an awesome kid! She has all your traits! And she is super cute!
And I am glad that you took this decision! :D
Hugs to her & You!
Love you!

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

she is so cute..:-) is effortless as long as you know how to love...

Mishilicious Mishi said...

awwwww she is cute n pretty n beautiful! n you know what she looks as if she is your own daughter! no one can tell if she is adopted! you two have this bond thing with eachother which is so two are lucky to have each other ! do kiss her on cheek for me..she is a beauty mashALLAH;-)

Anwesa said...

Dipped in love. Beautiful.

Give my love to the baby :)

Shady said...

Heart felt. Written with ink of love , this would be one of very few pieces written by you .

pRasad said...

She looks adorable, cute & of course happy with you..:)

Feel nice to read that you have given sooo much care, love & affection ..probably, more than her real mother would have given.

From next post onwards, hope you won't use the word adopted..for whatever reason..:) ....Liked your genes theory :) which genes you have ? business/service sector ?..hehe..

Fatima said...

Since I'm new out here..I din know Seeya is adopted, but does it matter ?? Adopted, step or your own blood its the love and care that matters the most at the end!

Reading this post of yours I'm reminded of a teacher of mine...I've not forgotten her! Even she has an adopted daughter and she adopted di (tht's wht we call her)when she was 8 years old..yet the bond the mother and daughter share brings tears to my eyes...till date i never met anyone apart from her who loved a child who was not her own to this extent and today I can say I know someone else too Suruchi...its you !

I mean I dunno whether to smile or shed tears but its wonderful..and Seeya is a wonderful baby and she'll surely be proud of her mom when she grows up...and at the end she is YOUR daughter and will forever be :)

And yes she does seem to be mastikhor..akhir beeti kiski hai, traits toh aenge hi :P

Heart touching post..

Take Care.

Suruchi said...

Moms are like that only-partly what scared me, coz in many ways I am still the baby who loves my share. However, sharing is caring takes a new meaning with Seeya:-)
Thank you for the love and beautiful words:-)

Lot of people tell me to hide the fact and I see no sense in it-though I do wonder sometimes how I would break it to her:-)And one lucky person attracts another-it is magnetic after all, trust me!:-)

Suruchi said...

@Ria-thank you:-)

God bless you too and you make me feel so super-womanish , girl:-)

@Maithili, mean to say as compared to me she looks innocent and quiet..sigh, if only pictures could speak-she would make a full length movie out of each one!:-)So sweet of you to say that she looks like me, though people around say she is more on my husband...and like you say-kya faraq padta hain!:-)
Thank you!

Suruchi said...

You are an awesome friend-you’ve heard me crib often and I’ve heard you say oftener to leave See with you-she has a perfect maasi in you baby:-)
Hugs n love back:-)

Thank you:-)

A kiss given to her although she is sleeping (one of my favourite activities, as at that time she does not run after away five kisses)
Thank you:-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you:-)

‘Ink of love’-thank you for the beautiful and deep comment:-)

I don’t know which other word to use instead-I would probably not mention this backdrop again-it’s nothing that I would like to flaunt
Thank you and my genes-they are under process of comprehension-shhhhh, don’t disturb;-)

Suruchi said...

Wow, taking up an eight year old baby-your teacher must be a wonderful soul. We were so apprehensive that the baby must be a few months so that there is no memory of the past that she’d have to struggle to forget.

Thank you for such emotions-I hope Seeya would be proud of me too just as much as I am proud of her:-)
And mastikhor to hain he...woh “rub off” kehte hain na...I guess every time I cuddle her, it gets into action;-)

Live2cherish said...

Belated Bday to Seeya and congratulations on your one year of parenting. You are a rockstar.

Rachit said...

well I'm more of an emotionless brat but from the bottom of my heart I acknowledge you for your great work.

Weakest LINK

Tanvi said...

WOW! Has it already been one year?!?! Time flies ... LOVE all the pictures you have put here ... and loved reading your experience as a mother so far ... You are very sweet and kind ... Seeya is lucky to you and vice versa! God Bless your sweet little family! Mwah!!!

♡ from ©

Cinderella said...

I'm all smiles!

And I am thinking of what Leigh Ann Touhey (Sandra Bullock) said in 'The Blind Side' said to her friends, when they said she was doing a great thing by changing that boy's life. She said "No. He's changing mine."

I can see a synonymic emotion scurry through in your words as you lay them here Su.

Its a wonderful world. God bless you. TC. :)

p.s : Mailed you.

Amit said...

My biggest problem is - who is more beautiful, mother or the daughter ;)

sobhit said...

bas baar baar apni tareef karane ke bahane chahiye apko aur kuch ni :P.. jokes apart nice senti wala post from u.. :P :).. waise am mention karte rehte ho but if some doesnt know lagega ni dat seeya is ur adopted kid... she has d same glint in d eye like u... nautanki toh hai hi apki tarah like u say :P..(apki maa hai drama karne mein toh ;P) plus she does hv ur looks n attitude toh thode time mein aap khud hi bhul jaoge ki u adopted her, mark my words..

d way u hv described seeya, looks like a xerox of my niece riya... bahoot nautanki karti hai n d crocodile tears r alwaz ready to drop out.. n if u gv into her will toh dey jst vanish... aaj kal ke bache bahoot tez hai.. abhi toh cute lagta hai.. bas bade hote hue pata ni kya hoga.. chalo dekho.. its 4d parents to handle.. :P

congrats for completing d wonderfull year n letting all f us b a part f it thru ur blog :P :P feels nice 2b part f dis journey f urs.. n all d best ahead.. bas tayar raho 4 more 2 come from seeya :P :P

love n hugs for d mother n daughter :P :P

Fatima said...

@ Suruchi: Yes she indeed is a wonderful soul, and the day she narrated this incident in our how she used to go to the orphanage to spend time with kids and then she spent time even with her... and then finally one day they decided to adopt a everyone felt like the kid must be small so that he/she doesn't have memory of the past..but then her daughter(now) made a card and gave it to her and said if I were this small you would have adopted me na...and many more things were there, after that ma'am was like if I'm adopting a kid its her or none...and finally everyone agreed :)

That story bought tears to my eyes, not just mine or any other girl..even the guys in the class were emotional!

Its been years to that incident in fact di is also so big now...I guess almost more than 25 years if I'm not wrong...and the bond keeps on getting strong!

I dunno why I had this urge to share this story with you, maybe coz somewhere down the line I'm sure that Seeya will be very proud of you...and the bond you guys will share is gonna be amazing, asar toh abhi se dikh rahe hai :P but jokes apart...its nice to see people actually loving someone else's child as their own...and when its a girl its even more touching!

Sorry if I spoke too much...but I couldn't contain :)

Take Care.

Am In Trance said...

I have no words to express my feelings...
Heart Touching...
Way to Go SuperMom...
God Bless...

Anonymous said...

Suruchi , I loved this post . It was so heartfelt and honest. I love the way you dont behave as you are perfect and put forward all your apprehensions and fears when most people would sweep such feelings under the carpet. kudos to you for that.
There is nothing deeper than a mother and child bond and I totally agree about motherhood opening up vistas in your mind that one never knew existed. Siya is a beautiful child and wish your sweet family all the best. I agree with someone who wrote this - will be nice if you dont mention the word adoption again . She is yours and it no longer matters - she has come from your heart.

Anonymous said...

You have remarked very interesting points ! ps decent site.

Aabha Vatsa said...

Hi Suruchi.... i just stumbled to your Blog. this post is simply wonderful where you have shared every tiny bit of anxiety in your journey of being a Mum, so that your daughter loved u unconditionally.

All the best for parenting her.

Will surely visit your blog again.

Dusk said...

A year???? Already??

...and I am going to nominate this post to link blogs/IFB etc... so beautiful Suruchi... brought tears to my eyes, your honesty has always thrilled me and I am humbled by the generosity of your spirit. You are inspirational.

Much warmth to you and your beautiful Seeya and your family.

Shreya said... made me senti i wanna hug you Big tight HUG :) i am so happy for both of you and seeya looks so lovely in all her pics *touchwood* :) it is 1 year already na wow i seem to remember all those days when you had 1st started with seeya and wrote posts about how everything was making you sleepless and helpless :P and see ik saal ho gaya kudiye :)

God just bless you both :)

Suruchi said...

Thank you-you know I told her the same thing ki aaj “happy birthday to you hain Seeya ka” and we cut a little cake:-)

Wow-thank you for the acknowledgement and phleeze you are not an emotionless brat and we all know that-a very sensitive one albeit :-)

You left me all smiles like always:-)Big hugs to Amit Mamu from See n me:-)

Suruchi said...

Thanks yaar...I know, I always used to say the same thing when I would get invitations to children’s first birthday parties by their moms-it is amazing how the equation changes on the other side-kabhi kabhi lagta hain, oye hoye, abhi one year he hua hain! Jaldi se bade ho jao na please:-)

So finally Seeya has managed to get you back here-yiy, yiy, yiy:-)
I actually don’t know how to react when people say Seeya is lucky to have me-actually Seeya with her luck could have found someone way better n cribless-but with my luck she’s now stuck on me...irreversibly :-)

Suruchi said...

I have forgotten way back that she’s not born of me-I just wanted to bring out this post to maybe guide someone who is thinking on the same lines or on the threshold of motherhood. You know, not many women in India would tell you that mothering is the toughest job, they’ll always paint such an effortless picture that sometimes it can create doubt.

Hence wanted to clear the air a little-n mere kya tareef yaar-instead I am admitting here that I am not the mommy types n have had such a tough time!
And like you said-aage dekho kya hota hain! Phew!:-)

Thank you for always loving her pics on Fb the most!
Bug hugs to you too!:-)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Look at her and her little nakhras. The last pic is Shoooooo cute.
Umm, no mother can be compared with any other mother so if you are apprehensive of the upbringing of Seeya, I think she is darn confident that she's in safe and right hands.

Congratulations on completing an year, and best wishes for so many more to come.

And about the tears, let her know that like her, her tears should also be celebrities, not showing off too often lest they might go unnoticed. And she'll definitely achieve something great, given that her mother already has some plans for her?

Congratulations again. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

jo said...

I wonder if you could be any more cooler (not the paani wala cooler :P) ??
You two look perfect in each other's company. God bless you two always :)

Thousif Raza said...

that was so beautiful... it was the most amazing blog post i have ever read.. suruchi i am glad that i have had this one year of experience, which has made you, stonger, more mature and understand what it is to have a child in your life... i am so very happy for u and seeya for having such a caring and loving mother.

When i was reading your log post, belive me i had tears in y eyes waiting to jump out... really it was that beautiful... i am hapy for u and seeya for having each other in your life and i wish that for all the coming years may you guys remain as happy as always... and i'll pray with god to give baby seeya more sleep.. so that you can benifit from those too ;) he he

all in all... i am very happy for you guys and hope you guys as a family remain happy always :)

take care and keep writing...........

Suruchi said...

You spoke so well-and what that little girl said is actually heart rendering!
I can almost picture the great bond thereby :-)

Please don’t say sorry-you are so sweet to speak so you for this. I have so many times tried to open your blog page but it always comes blank...please see if that problem can be solved for me!

Big hugs for being such a wonderful person :-)

Sometimes we don’t need words to express what we feel for the other person understands nevertheless :-)
God bless you and soon to be Super Mom 2 :-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you for your kind words. I always try to project my short comings and failures first and mock about things others might find good in me-keeps the expectation level and thereby disappointment level in check :-)

Although I would never want to hide the fact that Seeya is adopted, I neither want to flaunt it. The purpose of this post like I said above is to bring on board the idea that adoption of children is as natural as giving birth to them and also that parenting is not as easy as half-more than half the parents show it to be.

Thank you for reading and appreciating:-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you for visiting here and your good wishes.
Hope to see you around :-)

Soooooooooo wonderful to see you back here!
And you wish me so tenderly that I am humbled:-)
There is no generosity of spirit...just two people giving and taking what they both want desperately-love!:-)

Always wonderful to hear from you!

Suruchi said...

Thank you for the big tight hug-I always welcome them and the more the merrier :-)
I know-aise karte karte shaayad 15-20 saal ho jaayenge and I would then write posts about handling difficult teenage girls:-)

Thank you so much for being around-god bless you too! :-)

Isse zyaada cooler kiya to AC ban jaayenge;-)
Thanks for the good wishes n god bless u too!

Suruchi said...

Thank you so much for always managing to say just the right thing!
Seeya ko dekh kar nahi lagta na, ki iske mother could have been a hassled soul...that’s the beauty of her:-)

I am sure she does not understand the concept of celebrities-YET...but when she does, I will put forth your brilliant argument and I am sure she’d understand-You are super awesome with suggestions*making a mental note to contact you more when I go more mental*:-)

Thank you for your wishes!

Suruchi said...

Awwww....itneeee saare good are a sweetheart!:-)
I could almost feel your happiness-the comment was that cute n strong!
Thank you sooooo much for the love n the prayers-yes, I do need some benefits at night;-)sigh!:-)

I don’t know if I have become more mature, but I have definitely become stronger and that’s what parenting is all about, I guess:-)

I pray for all the happiness for you too-for you are one amazing person flooding me with it always:-)

The Enchantress said...

awwww..such a cute bachaaaa

you're lucky to have such a fairy in your life..i feel like taking her in my arms and cuddling her n kisssing her...

she is awwieeeeeee and you love her so much..suruchi...


Bikram said...

let me say that you make me proud .. and i am proud you are a friend ..

and as for Seeya she is beautiful girl .. God bless her .. with all that i know you are doing a lovely job and Well done to you and hubby dear (i thought i shud mention , lest he gets cross with me ) he he he

You are the best but seeya is the bestest :)

lots of love and hugs to the little one ..


Jack said...


All I will say it NAZAR NAA LAGE.

Take care

Pavitra said...

Awww...such a beautiful post!! Your daughter is sooo cute!! I'm soo happy for you...

Purba said...

Motherhood is no cakewalk - we all realize it at our expense. And all of us are constantly plagued with the guilt of not being a good enough mother.

Seeya is lucky to have a mom like you.

A very heartfelt post Suruchi....

Bikram said...

Congrats suruchi your article is the pick of the week at Blogadda Congrats

Amrit said...


I always knew you are a nice person but I did not know you are a great person too. I did not know that you are not biological mother of Seeya. Biological or not, you are an epitome of motherhood.

Congratulations :)))

Haresh said...

I wish to adopt two baby girls too.

And, it was pleasing reading the post :-)

Cracking Interviews can be fun said...

Your post tugs at the heart strings. i would say Seeya was lucky to have such a sensitive mother.
excellent post as usual.

Anonymous said...

Suruchi.....I am sure you are a wonderful mother and your baby daughter is absolutely stunning. It was very brave of you to pour your heart in this post. Not many people can do that. May the Gods shower all their blessings her.

Suruchi said...

You are most welcome Niki to come n cuddle her-she loves Huggies-not the diaper ones but ‘extend your arms and take her in’ ones:-)

You anyways think the world of me Biky-aap maano na maano-mereko pata hain:-)

May god bless you and your family too for you are such an amazing soul!
And Congratulations to you too for being featured on Blog Adda-waise you gave me news first before their email did:-)

Thank you soooo much:-)

Suruchi said...

@Uncle Jack,
Everyone tells me not to put up so many pictures of Seeya, nazar lag jaate hain! I don’t believe in it although roz apne samajh se nazar utaar lete hoon!
I love flaunting her...she is my pride:-)

Thank you dear...I guess everyone goes through the nitty gritties and just coz we blog we blah blah about it more than the others!
Phew-small mercies!:-)

Suruchi said...

My god...
Your “epitome of motherhood” has made my life, A:-)
Thank you!

Great thought-I wish you all the best
And thank you for visiting me here:-)

@The Opaque Prism,
Offoooo...I have been trying to open Hamari Chaupal since forever but it says the page does not exist-how do I reach and read you?:(
Thank you for visiting me though-always great to see you here!

Suruchi said...

So cute to hear the word “stunning” for Seeya abhi se...she is a head turner for sure:-)

It is not brave yaar to pour my fears n tribulations here-it’s just that I went through a tough time where no one was there to warm me of it and hence I unnecessarily tortured myself for a long while.

I was hoping some mother might feel better or guided by reading this and you know what two would-be mothers appreciated this and made it worth while:-)

Alka Gurha said...

No words are good enough for this post. It came from the heart and went straight the readers hearts.

I am sure you are a wonderful mother. A mother who is honest, candid and has a heart as big as yours will make Seeya proud.Always.

Priya said...

Saas ki burai kar hi di ;-)))

Suruchi said...

Thank you, I feel so good hearing everyone reassert their faith in me-It's like pumping in more strength, really:-)

Can't say more, couldn't say less:-)

Prateek Bagri said...

Motherhood is never easy. Relishing it is a way to ease it. Seeya is a one cutie girl. Aww is the expression for her second pic.

Priyal said...

Suruchi , fab answer ;-))) like your repartee.

nimrat bhatia said...

great blog di.....motherhood is really tough...whenever i get impatient with my kids i just hear this song my elder one sang on mother's day in gives me more energy to tolerate their tantrums...;-)

Mother of mine you gave to me,
All of my life to do as i please,
I own everything i have to you,
Mother sweet mother of mine.

Mother of mine when i was young
You showed me the right way
Things should be done,
Without your love where would i be,
Mother sweet mother of mine.

Mother you gave me happiness,
Much more than words can say,
I pray the lord that he may bless you,
Every night and every day.

Mother of mine now i am grown
And i can walk straight all on my own,
I'd like to give you what you gave to me,
Mother sweet mother of mine.

Suruchi said...

So nice to hear a guy say this-and thank you for visiting!:-)


My god, this is such a sweet poem!
And yes, there are always super great moments with kids that make it all so bearable :-)
Thank you for the lovely poem-it must have felt so amazing to hear him say it:-)
God bless!

Horizon said...

Did not know abt the adoption part and I can totally understand when you say "Will she accept me as a mother" I too want to adopt a baby (if possible), apart from family pressure my main concern is will she accept me as a mother?
When I was a kid my parents used to tell for fun that they got me from the road to tease me and my answer would be "Well, you shouldnt have got me, now that you have you are just stuck with me" and I used to think that if now my real parents comes(u know like in Hindi cinemas where they appear at the end), I would never ever leave my parents to go with them...:)

Your baby is adorable.. Luv the pics


Sudhir Kekre said...


Sorry i logged from a wrong email. this blog is defunct.

Suruchi said...

Thanks Sudhir,
I was wondering what was happening here...I have unfollowed you and re-following you now...hopefully I shall get your updates again:-)

Take care and thanks for visiting me here...hope all is well at your end!:-)

Rishika Sharma said...

she is cute....
god bless!

Suruchi said...

Hi Seema,
It is lovely if you wanna do it...when one is sure about oneself as in what they want-the path is much easier. I was always sceptical whether “I” wanted to and hence perhaps the initial hiccups:-)

Trust me even without you doing much, just the word “mummy” creates a bond-no one can help but become attached to the child-such is this beautiful relationship...I wish you all the very best! And that story about the road side thingy, don’t all our parents say so...mere bhi yehi kehte the!:-)

Thank you...god bless you too:-)

Arpit said...

Awww.. She is so so so cuteeeee.. :)

And you are doing great mumma bear! :)

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