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17 October, 2011

The Party Circus

It is enlightening to observe people at a social get together-real skins get peeled off and masks appear or rather the vice versa. Everyone’s out to project that they are the hippest and the happiest although the way their eyes peer around in an unnamed search, you feel their loneliness even in crowds. Then there are others who revel in mirth and frivolity, who would be living it up, getting drunk, and dancing their effing shoes off, inhaling pleasure like oxygen and exhaling oomph like carbon dioxide. You feel they are having fun but by then end of it all, they'll be falling over those who smile on their face but turn around and grimace or those who smirk harbouring deeper, murkier intentions within. And then there are those who are trying to ‘get in’, some trying to get out and those who are wanna-be’s. The party scene is suddenly very pretentious or have I turned old?

The bejewelled and the well draped lady who never repeats an outfit and always has her husband by her nape, is the ‘poor girl’ who is doing the dizziest rounds in the gossip circles as the one being cheated upon and shut up with the trinkets, reduced to the mere decked up version of the Hutch puppy. The garrulous dude, the centre of all attention, is regaling everyone with his wit, being round the clock conscious and perhaps nervous within of all who are watching and all whom he must impress for his night to be truly triumphant. The out-of-vogue girl, who dresses up weird enjoying the imbalance of shocking striking colours and hairdos that raise many a hair, romps around like a kitten let loose thinking the world is her runway. The poise perfect, dressed in brands that scream posh and heels that could dare to look at towers eye to eye, mingles with a rare charm although her feet are killing her and the plastic smile is becoming more than apparent.

The douche-bags who come to a party not for the party or the host but to dissect the people, strip them naked of clothes and emotions in their dirty mind’s eye, watch others act and let lose their guard, allowing the douche his moment of voyeuristic kick. Others come as the gossip vines for they only want to observe who is in which corner with whom or who sneaked out and is missing in action with someone else’s arm candy and that’s besides already having the onerous task of keeping count of who drank what and how much. The joker, who evokes laughter but are too duh to realize that people are laughing ‘at him’ instead of ‘with him’!

The clicking smiley faces love to move around wherever the shutterbugs go so that they get their Page 3 moment on facebook the next day. They have the biggest of smiles, not for people but for the lenses that would project them visually springy minus the verbal tales. The drunk on booze who have no clue what they are saying or doing and the drunk on beauty who have no clue if they are mouthing something dumb for they are too busy exuberating ‘I am too sexy for this party’. There is also the want-to-know-all who would be standing with you in a seeming conversation but wants to know who is the woman talking to X or without your asking shower you with his thesis done on the who’s who in the party. His sole aim in life is to make sure he knows them all so that they know him too and if there is someone he does not, he looks for ways to get introduced. Not a target should be spared.

The corner grabbers who do nothing through the party but sit in some dingy corner where they can’t be seen while they get the front seat view of all the madness circumventing on the dance floor. They have better things to do like text on mobiles or gulp down the snacks or watch everyone with disdain, feeling how the world is going to the dogs. Also in the same circuit would be the opportunists-those who use the fact that the music is too loud to come dangerously close brushing their lips against someone ears to try out the possibilities, those who dress a little too less or a little too much to grab attention, those who mingle to form some contacts and those who do so to avoid some others.

And amongst this all is a swish-swash of formal hugs as well as deliberate long embraces, sugar coated muaaahs and affected compliments, serious bitching and flirtish twitching and the obnoxious query of ‘how are you?’ for you know the answer will always be ‘fine’ and always an understatement. And where am I in this circus? I am switching garbs of one of these roles to another, trying to find my footing and fun.
But where is the fun? What happened to good old, good times?

P.S. (warning-mini post ahead): Sorry I am in a blah mood that is refusing to let go. I remember reading a statement made by a comedian once, god help me for I do not remember his good name. But he deserves all the credit for his words which often reverberate in the corners of my mind:
“It is a tough life making others laugh...and somehow just because I am funny on screen, people assume I would be the same in real life even without scripts. I often meet fans who would walk up and say, alright, say something funny and look at me expectantly with gaping mouths-I don’t know what to do then.”

I feel a tad of the same. Somewhere down the line I gathered the repute of being the funny blogger, who creates a laugh riot through her posts-if I sound as though I am complaining, please pardon me for I am eternally grateful for earning this formidable little claim to fame. But sometimes I feel a sort of pressure to write for the readers instead of writing for myself. I used to earlier employ this space as my journal-you know by and large rant about my life and feelings and somehow it transformed to being tirades on issues-the funny ones, where I felt and stripped my feelings less and opined and ripped the outrageous more. I like the adulation as a humorist but I loved the venting as a human. Often I write things I might want to voice my views on not the political or general awareness ones-please, I won’t be able to muster anything on those matters even if I went into amnesia and someone convinced me to read the newspapers daily, saying I was the chief advisor to the Prime Minister but they end up in drafts perpetually. Anyways, what I am saying is that I can’t be funny all the time. Hopefully I will the next time you are here :-)


Rahul Bhatia said...

A nice analysis of partying people!How come you missed the dance tillyou drop and the gatecrashers type...

Bikramjit said...

Well Madam ji You are right one cant be funny all the time , so dont worry you write whatyou want to write how you want to .. thats why this is your space :)

the analysis on the party going people oh yes lovely, I can relate to each one seen them so often the show off's , the I know everything ...
The finding a problem in the party no matter how good it is, types

The ones who will drink drink as if they have not seen it earlier FREE after all.. and then get sick and spoil it for others

THe ones who will pick up a fight for some reason ...

So many types

yes where are those good old days when few friends meet and have a ball of a time , laughing dancing eating drinking ... I miss them too

and Why are you in a blah mood .. Bolo what can we do to cheer you up :) tell tell



A said...

Ms. Analyzer Suruchi,

Great job in dissecting through the clothes, minds and emotions of people and presenting different personalities.

I guess you are. Let me guess in this case.....douche-bags. But that was just the post.

I don't get the impression you care who is who......

So what is your category?

Can you guess mine?

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

I don't think anyone is expecting you to be funny all the time. At least I speak for all your genuine readers/followers when i say this. Yes we love your sense of humor but more importantly we love you and your blog... so whatever Suruchi has to offer, we'll lap it up ;)
I guess every blogger, at some point feels this kind of pressure. Of wanting to write what the audience wants and wanting to write what you want. People say you need to find a balance... which i have no clue how!! 'coz I keep going through this kind of thing again and again... at least you are not alone! :)

Coming to the post... amazing analysis... although I am NOT AT ALL a party person.. I still prefer the good old, good times kind of fun!

PeeVee said...

No pressure Madamji. Write for yourself for your best posts are ones that seem like you wrote for yourself.

As for the party animals, I have only seen these types in movies and serials and read about them in books; kabhi mulakat bhi hogi and then I'll remember you:D

Tanvi said...

I don't expect you to be anything ... I will take whatever you give me! Happy, Sad, Pensive, and also funny ... :D So no pressure from me.

And about your categories ... as always spot on! I haven't been to very many parties in last couple of years but when I did go ... I don't think I fell under any 'one' category ... but may be a little bit of a few of them!

♡ from ©

TheBluntBlogger said...

Good god! Why do you have to please people? You are no joker and have your own life and this blog belongs to you. I say, you blog what you feel like and I demand :D that you vent if you must, why just a little note that eventually did steal the limelight?

And, I am not a party person for the reasons you mentioned above, neither I am rich nor can I act rich.... :) I am the one who laughs loud and has bad hair day, every day :)

And I have heard that quote, either it was Johny Lever or Boman Irani or Arshad Warsi or Vinay Pathak or I have seriously forgotten!

Zeba said...

I just realized how long it has been since I last partied. Sigh. Informative words, beautifully woven.

Live2cherish said...

OMG! yeh kahan se galta femi ho gayi apko?
I still find the way you narrate things funny and i love to read your stumbling thoughts irrespective of the genre :)

Just curious, which type do you fit in mostly in parties?

Ashutosh said...

Cool Observation :)

I think you are the Observer in the party :P

Priya said...

Suruchi, you should be a social commentator. Your blog has brought about beautifully retrospectively self evident truths. Keep writing ! Whenever a blog is heartfelt it makes it much more effective and a better read than a so called funny post. Har ek friend ..etc ...etc

Sadiya Merchant said...

ek baat to mujhe samajh main hi nahi aayi.
wat is an oxygen concentrator?
'new used rent to own any brand sequal evergo life choice inogen'
matlab? :o

Anita Jeyan Sandeep said...

Yes Suruchi is expected to be funny, but whatever u write is nice, and everything can be related too.
I am also not a PARTY person at all...I like to hang out with friends at their or our apartment and celebrate with food and movies :)

☆ Rià ღ said...

Aah u hav nailed to types of ppl so well...and don't worry hun there is no pressure on u to be funny all the time. :) We do understand that funny ppl have a serious side too. Feel free to write what's on ur mind.

Sakshi said...

Oh ho ki hoya!
All okay hai na ji!
I think even though your forte is humor, I love the twist that you give to it. The dark side of the life, with a dash humor!
And your romances, I die for them!

And, of course I know the real you.. super lovely person that you are! :)

Just keep on writing whatever you want, this is your space, and I love you for it!

And, NICE lil analysis.. It is a funny thing to notice people in a party.. it is like a mask over a mask.. :)

Red Handed said...

Hahaha i have seen all of those kinds!
Madam you are good at humour. I should say awesome!
But if you miss writing down something, then do it. This is your personal space, and you write for urself first and then for others.

Again thr is one more category of party people. call then the WOOFERLICKERS. That is me. I do not care if i go to a club with ten others If thr is good music, i will isolate myself from the herd, go real close to the biig banging woofer speakers and dance as if it was my beau!

Suruchi said...

Haha, I went for an outing-noticed some of these species and got down to categorising though dance till you drop kinds are worth a mention:-)

I loved the “The finding a problem in the party no matter how good it is, types”
So very aptly defined...and aise kitne saare log hote hain!
And blah mood aise he-and don’t you worry, this too shall pass:-)
Thank you for always commenting-even on such lame posts like the last two here...some loyalties we can depend on with eyes closed:-)

Suruchi said...

I have no category yaar-I am like a chameleon perhaps as I undergo changes very constantly, sometimes getting to my own nerves. I guess the trouble then arises coz you are never really sure who you are and where to place yourself:-)
And you-you mustn’t be attending parties at all-doesn’t seem like the kinda thing you’d waste time on:-)

Thank you gurl, you are such a sweet n down to earth soul!
And makes me feel much better to know I am not alone*hugs*:-)
Love you for all the genuineness you bring on board!

Suruchi said...

I don’t know whether to feel happy or old when you call me “madam ji”
And then I feel ki teacher hoon, so better get used to it:-)And you said my dil waale baat, coz my best posts are when I blabber nonsense the way I like it:-)
As for the party animals-aise hote hain...and hopefully you would have more genuine people and more fun!:-)

Suruchi said...

You are my sweetheart and someone who’s been with me from the start-I will always remember that super sexy glares waale pic of yours when you first dropped by my blog and I thought my god she is hot-I now feel you are not just hot but sooooooooooo warm! THANK YOU!:-)

@Zeba,’s hoping you party hard and don’t care a damn about what others are thinking! Thank you for the appreciation:-)

Tanvi said...

You must already know this, but I will say anyways, I always come back and read your responses to my comment. I do that with just 2 people and you are one of them! :)

♡ from ©

maithili said...

Oh well I see that I m too late to comment!
A very good classification of the party people!

About your P.S I totally agree. The pressure to write for the readers than yourself builds up. You have earned your reputation as the witty humored one and me as the story teller! I can completely relate to the lesser comments that come when we meander away from the topic or that "I was expecting more" reaction!
OF late I m writing less because of time constraints but I m a more relaxed blogger now..taking my own sweet time to cover my post :)

Andd yes you should still continue this journal! I m sure people will accept it too and not always want funniness out of your post!

sulagna ™ said...

Su m out of time these days and hence the low presence in your blog, but honestly i wanna say, i am so so glad we are friends because of this blog of yours. Its what you are, whta you see, what you think and what you beleive in...i love you and that what matters

PS:Kitne din se party nahi kia re !!!

SUB said...

hey! nice one...somehow i found it funny as well, just imagining the situation...well i am not a party animal at all :)...or may be i am so happy that i am seeing fun in everything now a days :)

be yourself and be your blog :)

my new blog at>>>

Purba said...

I"d rather opt for a small get-together - they seem more genuine and exude warmth :)

Jack said...


Read 5 posts now. You have covered almost all what fat persons face or go through. This reminded me of a couple in our circle of friends whom we used to call See-Saw couple. They knew the reasons, of course. A very very mushy but realistic one on Love. Had a good laugh on Facebook description. So finally you have said SALAAM to cards, is it? This reminds me that we, she & me, had been contributors for running Tambola successfully. A good description of different groups you find in parties. There is another group which seeks free advice from professionals. Once a lawyer was at his wits ends due to this so he asked his doctor friend how did he manage such persons. The doctor confided that whenever someone approaches him for advice he tell them to strip for check up. You should write what you feel like and not for what will be the reaction of readers. Let them like it or not is their look out.

Take care

A said...


Oh My God. You never met me. You only read my blog post - sometimes. And you guessed it right. I am not a party goer...I find it waste of time.

Suruchi said...

Awwww...that was such an adorable blasting! *hugs* Thank you...I wish I was half as spirited as you:-) And yes, I think I would stick to the I-care-a-damn attitude:-)

Haha...thank you so much and I guess I would continue to stumble and tumble till I have you all loving me:-)I used to be mostly the chatak matak, masti waale types, not caring much about what others were doing than dancing the night off...abhi thoda change aa gaya hain-haye, badti umar shayad:-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you and yes, I like to observe-and why just at parties, everywhere else...It is the fun-nest thing to do:-)

Thank you so much-those were such overwhelming words:-)and yes, I was not trying to categorise all the party goers but just generally stating some of them I saw at a get together attended last:-)

Hain?????????? Yeh kahan likha hain post mein??????*scratching head*

Suruchi said...

Thank you so much, and I know you know that the admiration is mutual....I so relate to your wonderful posts...and I guess after babies, parties anyways take a whole new dimension:-)

You are such a sweethearto:-)
And when my bestest buddies on blogosphere and the most loyal ones say things like these-I feel so blessed:-)

Oye kuch nahi hua...I guess I PMSed over my blog! Lol!
And wow, I never knew about the twists you say, but then I am glad someone’s noticing:-)Love you for this and you!:-)

Suruchi said...

Haha...the WOOFERLICKRES, eh?
Looooooooooouved the term-and I so see you as this totally mast person and wish that parties remain the same for you always...btw, lucky woofers;-)
Thank you for the “awesome”:-)

You know I had goose bumps when I read that comment of yours-it is so humbling and uplifting to see all the love showered here-and you my dear, dear Fashion Blog Goddess, you are a "find"-precious, rare and adorable! I am so glad we connected on phone when you were are beautiful inside and out:-)

Suruchi said...

Thanks a ton gurl, did I tell you, you are the most sensible just-stepped-into-twenties that I know?:-)
Thank you for understanding..I was almost feeling guilty and like a child with whims here, as though inviting and fishing for all the praise!:-)
I guess we can always learn...even from our comment section.
Thank you!:-)

Touchwood to the happiness and yes, if you imagine the characters-the funniness kinda forms with the imagery.
Thank you for loving the blog and always finding time for it:-)

Suruchi said...

Wow, new mommy on my blog-yiy, yiy, yiy!
I can totally understand how little miss pinky must be keeping you on your toes, so it is okay with the low presence-I just need the love. You know so many of my best friends read the posts and never comment here...
I am equally glad to know you Sulagna and you make me want to be more patient as a mom when I see you:-)

Small get-togethers are surely the only way now to have fun-lost in crowd and parting ways with fun in parties seems to be getting common:-)

Suruchi said...

@Uncle Jack,
Wow...5 posts ek saath padhe aapne-and woh bhi itne long waale sab!
My god, thank you so much! And yes, I have decided to say whatever and however:-)

I don’t read you posts SOMETIMES-I ALWAYS read them!
Boo hoo...itna bada ilzaam?
And we can always form a picture of bloggers by their posts and reactions to ours and reading you from so long, kuch to credit milna chahiye:-)

A said...


Okay. I take 'sometimes' back. I was thinking something else.

Granted you are an intelligent person and make assessment by reading posts.

I got an assignment (I was going to say challenge but is not challenging for you and teaching professionals like word assignment) for you. Why don't you write a post on me? Let us how accurate you describe me and I will be honest in my replies.

Kumar said...

Amazing blog!! Came across your blog following some links and got hooked so bad that just now finished reading i guess all posts upto Salman's starting from recent ones. Will surely go through the entire archive by tomorrow. Simple writing with clarity of thought i guess was they ingredient which hooked me.

Sovina said...

totally understand what do you mean by writing for the readers not for is easy to fall in this trap, spl when you start doing something that you like and then petty soon you realize you want to do something else, but now you have a reputation to do the thing that you started in the first place...kinda going through the same phase..but as far as I know you through this blog, you will be able to break out of this circle pretty soon..sooner than me for sure :))

Happy Sunday!

Ashutosh said...

@Suruchi - yes i agree its the funniest thing to do..i too like observing people but at the same time its important to respect their individualities coz sumtimes while extracting fun out of the obseervations, we end up hurting those people..happened with me couple of times :( :P

Thousif Raza said...

I think it was awesome whatever i write. and take this as a compliment, whatever crap i am reading nowadays in the name of 'Indian novels'. this suruchi was amazing. It said so many new things in such a awesome way. I love reading pieces like this, which are so strong and heartfelt. I completely understand your feeling of writing for readers, i too did the same, but the new post that i have wrote, is kinda for myself. You have been an inspiration every time and you continue to remains so... great post ya... loved it... loved it :)

Take care and keep writing...........

Cinderella said...

I love this post. Not just for the audacious presentation of characters we all see and hear and talk about but also for just the sheer lucidity with which you conjugate them, the way you did. I am not even the clubbing-shubbing types. So all those things get cranked up several notches for me what may be normal for aaj-kal ka generation. Crap, I sound old.

I dont see why you should feel responsible to influenced in any manner to put down what the crowd embellishes on you, just cz you shone in certain ways. That never was the reason why you came here and created this space, did you?

What pisses me off, are the foolhardy 'I-am-here-just-to-ensure-a-comment-of-yours-at-my-effin-page-where-I-just-put-up-random-pictures-I-pick-from-the-internet-and-jokes-and-shit-of-of-the-same-kind' who comment as if they have gone thru your every line atloeast thrice and suffer from a pathological urgency to sum your post on a line that goes 'omg you're so funny' - 'yet another funny post from you, good work' - 'i always have such a good laugh when i read you'. When the post is totally something else, only garbed in the fun and jocular style that comes to you effortlessly.

Just be yourself. :)

R-A-J said...

Hahaha.. very cool analysis.. u knw I just went to a party the day before n i can actually connect ppl to most of the characters tht u mentioned here :)

Superb read, Suruchi :)

Linhy said...

cute writing you got going on here!

Megha Sarin said...

Wow, very detailed analysis. Well it has become a part and parcel of life and partying now.

I party to break free I am one of those who gets dressed to kill others but surely let myself loose. hehe.


Megha Sarin said...

One more thing. You don’t have to worry about being labeled as someone and please your readers.

Write for yourself, for your heart, mind and soul. Period.

Live2cherish said...

i was looking for your response and oh god! i couldn't rem what post was it, heheheh.

You were deadly with the DOV interview. so spontaneous and fun.

Suruchi said...

Thank you so much for reading them all and also promising to coming back for more-I am so glad you followed the links-hope to see you around:-)

Thank you girl-we all go through these phases when we want to do something constructive and especially those people who generally banter-so hence that chain of thoughts! And so sweet of you to say that I would get over it...makes me wanna strive to do the same:-)

Suruchi said...

Haha...Indian novels ki market is so abuzz with new writers na? Makes you feel anyone and everyone can be a novelist!
But I do think you love me so much that you would never be able to see me as anything lesser than awesome-I love being mentioned on your blog...makes my day and having you around is THE inspiration baba and not the other way round:-)Thank you for always!

Thank you:-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you for the suggestion-I agree sometimes we become unreasonable and I too have been a victim of exaggeration in my ripping of the outrageous!
But I always try to make sure I won’t be hurting anyone’s sentiments or that those who are mentioned won’t be reading my page:-)

My god, that’s a HUGE challenge-okay, lemme find some time and I would do it-pucca pucca:-)

Suruchi said...

First of all thank you so much madam for taking it soooooooo much time from the busy momma to be schedule and not just reading me but also writing this awesome comment!

You are not getting old baby-you are getting wiser(if that was possible)
Haha...I soooooooooooo loved what you said about the kinda people who blog with just about nothing that contributes to a good reading or comment like they’ve read it all when the comment surely says they were just wanting to leave their footprint!

Muaaaaaaaah, love you for the bindaas, rocking babe that you are!:-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you Raj!

Thank you for reading it all...I have almost come to the conclusion that those who comment only on the party bit and not on the P.S. bit do not read the posts entirely;-)
Keep partying and rocking!:-)

Thank you so much!:-)

Saucy said...

Like! The last P.S. part. Journal vs. readers is difficult to decide

Suruchi said...

Thank you:-)

Anonymous said...

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< Loved it!

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