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16 November, 2008

To the child yet unconcieved

Hey you,
The little one...
Are you being formed in me as I speak?
Is it really possible that an ecstasy so pure can give rise to a gratification even more perfect?
Can u feel my interiors churning n tumbling to envelop you?
Will you be coming soon or be drained down again with my hopes?

And when you will get formed...
Will my wobbly existence be strong enough to clasp you?
Will the inside of me accept you with just as prominence as the outside of me would project you?
Will I be able to nourish you with all I have or flush you with the turbulence of my moods n reflections?

And when you do come out...
How would it feel to hold your petite identity with my unsure fingers?
How would it seem possible that a tiny creation like you would overshadow my all encompassing essence?
How would that embrace be when I would press you against me n crush all emotions else?
How would I deal with it when I would hold your little fingers and you would take me to a journey unknown?

You would come, wouldn’t you?
Otherwise how would it feel to be stuck in these questions forever?
I hope you can hear I speak...


swati sharma said...

hey suruchi i think we've known each other for many yrs n have had many heart to heart conversations too but seriously yaar i never thought u think so bloody deeply about things...i am unable to come to terms with this facet of your personality...i feel u are one of the very few people who r in complete control of their emotions unlike me n hats off to u women for this...and may i mention here that u've brought tears to my eyes n i feel like running to you n giving u a big hug!

Ashraf said...

Wow.... So finally soemthing great to follow... too good bebe!!!! didnt go through.... sure u got one big fan following all ur write-ups!!!!

Vishal&Sheetal said...

Hi Suruchi,We thank you for inviting us to come and read ur blog.It is today that we have come to know a lot more about you than what we knew you , but there is another problem we feel that we still have a lot more to know about you. Everytime we feel we know you a lot, u prove us wrong and i hope u keeping doing that all the time.You really know how to put words to the feelings which can be felt and not expressed.May god bless you and hope to read a lot more from you but do send a box of tissues along with it

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece of writing !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Made a lot of sense for the first time after 3 posts.. [:p}

Add me to your fan list too..[:D]

Ashraf said...

Tooo goood!!!! read it again love ur writing so proud to be ur first fan!!! keep up ur good work SuruCCC

Nipun said...

It's a wonderful post, Suruchi Ji. :) The flow of emotions in this one was amazing. Seeing that it was written back in 2008, I can very well understand why you wrote it, and what were you thinking at that point in time. It's touching, to say the least. Your child will be blessed to have a mother like you!

Bless you, Chips!

suruchi said...

@Swati,Ashraf,Vishal n Sheetal,Anonymous n Nipun...

Thank u guys...for a change I don't know what else to say:-)

P.S.Nipun..."Suruchi ji"...abe 'Chips' is any day better:-)
Bless u too:-)Hugssssssss

Nikhil Bhaskar said...

wow....touchy and superb flow, sigh!

suruchi said...

Hi Nikhil...
Wow..I wonder how you dropped in here...
But glad that you did!
Thank you...I guess some moments can only be classified as "sigh" moments...for everyone!

This is one of them:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi suruchi,

Read a few of your other posts..all witty and brilliant! but this one simply touched me in a way i dont have words for..u see, im in the same state of mind right now..waiting for THE miracle to happen..and i have the same conversation with my unborn baby, but my words have never been as beautiful as yours..

A girl who writes such beautiful prose, im sure is a wonderful m other. your baby is blessed to have u and u r blessed too. u have her to shower all your love which reflects in this post. simply brilliant!

god bless u n your family..

Fatima said...

I dunno why I've been reading just your blog since quite a few days..there are so many who've updated but there is no connection that I feel whilst reading them...I read but somehow I'm unable to voice out...and here I am again on a post dated 2008...three years later almost!

It was a touching poem you know and it somehow made me think a lot...and I really dunno much about you but as far as I know all I can say is that period must have been painful for you coz these words come directly from your heart.. and you know I'm so happy for Seeya to have such a loving mom like you!

God bless you and my love to Seeya too :)
I won't speak much..somethings are better left to themselves !


Suruchi said...

I hope your dreams come true and happiness does come knocking our doors sometime or the other, in some hang in there:-)

Thank you for reading me so consistently:-)
It was a bad phase, despite the surface appearing calm n cool...well, that's life at times:-)

Wish u all the joys always:-)

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