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21 December, 2008

Are you interested?

Well, for all those of you who are still not hooked to the internet and Facebook bug...Are You Interested? a feature or application there that helps you get connected to a vast horde of men and women, guys and gals who are looking for fun or friendships....some are looking for relationships and some others I still cannot fathom are looking for what....!

Well, with my advent into Facebook, I came across this wonder land and just for curiosity’s sake got myself registered...there’s nothing more soothing and pleasing to a woman’s heart than flattery and the constant reminder of how good her market value is....oops....bad metaphor....that is to say....the number of clicks you induce can well, tell you much about yourself.

So making it an issue of my pride and prejudice...with skipping heartbeats and a nervous flutter, I refreshed my account to check my status...literally...
And viola! I was not disappointed....Arrey waah! I said with a pat on my back and with the raising of my collars...not bad....and went through the list.

Of course it was a mixed and boys and some even toddlers (bloody hell just 18 years old and clicking on me...what’s the bloody point here I am scared to even imagine) they were all there having clicked on me....yaar, this makes me feel like a bottle of whipped cream with toppings on the confectioner’s counter on which people come and click... ‘Yeh wala ek bottle dena bhaiya ji! (Give me one of these bottles) ....but dismissing such offending propositions, I ventured ahead.

It was quite a global expedition...I knew there was no destination but the journey was going to be damn, damn good....there were men of all shapes and sizes and from random parts of the world...thank god for the reasonably attractive photo I had uploaded....I was tempted to replace it with some hot chick’s just to see the transformation in responses...
After all I was never going to meet them...but like the 110 other temptations I encounter everyday...I let this one also pass.

Well, to start on a good note, there were some cute guys with nice, big, disarming smiles....oh how I luuuuuuv good, genuine smiles....! ‘Ghus to gaye fb mein, aage kya....?’ (I have made a grand entry here but what next)
There was a line of options that said I could click back a ‘yes’ to, send a wink ...huh...why should I wink at someone whom I don’t even know?...I’m not the road side Romeo or Juliet to bring in the right gender...and after I wink would they ask me to whistle too...?
Anyways, also I could view their profile or send them a message...

So I sauntered through the names....choosing at my whims and fancies...felt a bit like our ancient counterparts... the royal maidens who moved with the wedding garland in their hands, in the royal court in a swayamvar, to choose a suitable groom...only in this case, there was not one to be chosen and there would be no wedding to follow...thank god for small mercies...!
Ek nahi sambhalta theek se...Yeh poori fauj to mujhe nigal he jaayege (can’t handle one properly for now and this battalion would probably gulp me down).

Unfortunately here again...the wise crack... ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’...doesn’t hold a friend of mine retorted recently ‘...yaar cover acha hoga tabhi to book padhne mein maza aayega’ (if the cover would be appealing only then would the book be worth picking up and flipping through).
So there I began my process of selection and elimination....cute ones with a great, warm mean ‘YES’.... snaps of over pompous mean here was a guy who clicked his picture before a mirror so that there would be a twin image of think the world can handle two of you so much in love with yourself....

Then there were guys with big moustaches and bigger paunches....oh my god!
They were all like South Indian film stars ready to take out a pistol at the first instigation and mouth out ‘vandappa’ –don’t know what it means but sounded very like what my Southie bhais would say, no offence intended. Waise, like a dear friend of mine anyone a ‘bhai’ and the offence is already done.
Anyways, there were some other profiles with whacky snaps clicked at weird angles...ok for an inane day I guess...but I let them pass too...
Did I mention the smug content in my heart at this precise moment, that here were 50 of cute guys, being reinforced everyday...ok mostly cute guys...alright...some cute guys, thinking that I am is said when no one else flatters you, it doesn’t harm to push your envelope yourself....

Then there were whole lot of winks and ‘I think you are cute’ and gifts of wine bottles, roses and ya even lips...the virtual can buy and sell, give and take, just about anything here....waise, I must mention at this juncture that soon I was informed most of these these guys go about clicking on every gal’s picture in the hope that someday, somewhere, someone out there would click back on them....
OH MY GOD again! So much for pricking that big fat balloon of my ego that was just building up!

Well, how did this end you may ask...well, it didn’’s an ongoing process of discovery and inventions...made a couple of good friends on the way...had some of my best ‘message exchanges’ conversations and a few of unforgettable, dumb ones....but it is fun....!
Like I tell my dear beloved....just catching up on the chatting fun I missed out in school and college....and like my dear beloved says...I’ve lost it...with a big, warm, disarming smile of course....!


Anonymous said...

yes,yes,yes the whole facebook fundas are resolved,reinterpretted and reloaded here and this could well be a step by step guide to a learner of how to climb on the popularity chart.
and there right on the top is our dear little suruchi arora.
is that flattery enough, or lemme know and i would be ready to oblige anyday!

amit chaudhary said...

well after this all i can say, rather ask is:
coz i sure am:)

Anonymous said...

Its the Internet generation that zaps with the click, flips and clicks for the next best option - next is what; This translates in every aspect of life, we lack paitence as a generation, we want to achieve in 5 wat we did in 50 yrs. We dont have faith in the traditional systems....lack patience or will to invest in partners, spouses, society, parents, we are in a hurry...without knowing for what? There is an eternal gap....loss...restlessness...lack of faith....connect....with self and the same manifests in our dealing with others. We continue to away from away from search of HAPPINESS.

Vemuri said...

Then there were guys with big moustaches and bigger paunches....oh my god!
They were all like South Indian film stars ready to take out a pistol at the first instigation and mouth out ‘vandappa’ –don’t know what it means but sounded very like what my Southie bhais would say, no offence intended.

Excuse me but one comment - not all southies are dark n have moustaches and also say vandappa.. BTW even I dont know wht it means.. it more tamilllllllllll

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