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04 January, 2009

In a Constant State of Denial...

Life is not a bed of roses...Wow, what a brain wave...!
(I’m sure you would have never heard that one before...)
But then most of us want to see it as a bed of roses.
We refuse to acknowledge the thorns below the blushing bud.
We decline to give importance to the dark patch under the burning diya.
We snub off the other side of the coin of our life, may even stop that coin’s rotation on the ground apprehending ‘what if...?’

Somewhere, somehow we act like leeches, binding ourselves to our points of security however detrimental and too timid to let go of our support system.
It’s not that there’s no problem...
It’s just that we don’t want to face it.
Facing it would mean looking for answers by delving deep into the cause itself or bringing changes in the fabric of what has become our living.
So we prefer to deny that we are bogged down by our small little worries, which are slowly piling up on us, making our backs stoop n heads to bend.

We reckon there is heaviness in our hearts...but we can’t put a finger on it...because we have chosen to look in the other direction.
So link by link and yard by yard, we formulate the chain that begins to wound around us....and we can do nothing but watch it engulf our existence.

Can we really not do anything?
Would it be so hard to acknowledge that we are standing at a cross road, and it’s time we took a decision to take the deal further towards its destination? It just needs the shedding of pretence, that there are still miles to go before we reach there. It just needs the realization that we should take one day at a time instead of being boggled by the ultimate. Are we afraid of the choices or the questions that we have to answer before reaching to them or then again scarier than the decision itself is the outcome of it? But then ‘whatever happens happens for the good’ does hold true too...then why not let it happen?

Yes, each one of us is in denial of some phase or reality of our lives.
But it does exist and will not let us breathe in freedom till we get past it.
So as the New Year beckons and we hunt for resolutions to cling to, let us decide to give up on the denials from today. Let us seek for that courage in us which lies latent and will help us get over all bitterness till our final release.
Let’s do THAT which we have been dodging from the infinite.
Let’s live without guilt, expectations, liabilities, obligations or explanations.
Happy New Year! Let’s live!


dimso said...

oh,aap ne to mere ankhein khol de.
ab deny bhi nahi kar sakta.
serious stuff.

amit chaudhary said...

would love to know what you are denying yourself here?

swati sharma said...

i'm sure u wrote this piece after attending some satsang with ur mom in law ya fir aastha,sanskar,etc.....dekhna shuru kar diya hai!!!!

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