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23 January, 2009

The Tease Factor

What is it about a tease that draws people so much to itself?
Normal is boring...hey I didn’t say that...!I think it was Fido Dido....never mind who said did have a grain of truth in it.

A dear friend of mine says I love to needle and he loves being needled by me... more skill added to my list....!
It is an art people, need balls to be able to tease someone...and by the way that goes for women too, disregarding the literal meaning of it.

I am a tease...!
But then what would qualify for a tease?
I luuuuuuuuuuuv to put friends on the spot, the mind games or jugalbandi of words, is what keeps me on the edge and also those associated with me.
Often when people have no better way to retort to my scandalous statements, they take solace by simply saying...Suruchi, you have a one track mind...! Or are incorrigible!
Hey bas...oh come on people, surely you can do better than that!
Waise, I equally luuuuuuuuv the discomfort of cute embarrassment it brings on their faces...and some even wriggle and squirm and look so helplessly charming that it makes my day! Quite like...mission!

Another dear friend of mine would be termed as a tease for his brain too refuses to function on a single track...He’s a twister of words...a fisher of puns that he might add intentionally or unintentionally for you to decipher.
Make any harmless statement...any bloody innocent word....and for sure he would mesmerize you with a naughty adaptation of it...on the bloody spot.

See what I mean by a natural...
Tell feel over the top today....pat comes the retort...I didn’t know you call the shots there too...
Tell, that’s the best thing you can do with your lips...
Oho...that’s that THE only best thing you can do with it...coz lady I have a dozen other on my lips...oops on my mind.
Tell him...I was blown over by the performance...oh wow...that must have been some effortful performance...a perfect blow?
Tell him...never mind...don’t tell him anything...or be ready to blush and flush.

The kind of environ we all live in...It’s not really much to ask to give up on the inhibitions sometimes...
Like we love to give up on our clothes most of the time...what the heck, do the same with all that social banter and oh-so-propah behaviour.
It pays to stimulate, titillate and exhilarate...and if you still chose to have that blasphemous look on your face....
Well, ok...I would tolerate,
But only till you co-operate!
... Waah yaar...poetry ho gaye!
I know this whole post is kinda crap...but then....stylish, crappy sense it makes! Cheers! And tease on....!


ashez said...
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amit chaudhary said...

all the world's a stage and all of us merely players
and madam suruchi seems to suggest to tease on as the perfect renedition of our roles.
can somewhen beg to differ when the lady herself bares it so?

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