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28 June, 2009

Bad Frienships!

Relationships are great boosters and bummers...
They help you bloom and can cause you to wither...
Whom we choose to walk by our side as we traverse life, actually determines our quantum of peace and content.

It is said we can’t choose our relations...we are born with them and cling along regardless of how well or otherwise we gel or how mutually beneficial is the association. But then we can choose our friends-people who stick with us through thick and thin or so we hope!
I beg to differ...we don’t choose nothing...!
It’s all a bloody crap...!
It is ‘they’ who choose us! Victims never walk up to the hunters to be slaughtered...we are caught at our unawares!

We may want to be with a chalked out set of people... give our all in such relationships and give, give, give...till the point we begin to feel drained and yet remain wanting for some spark of a return gesture. It’s not that we conspire friendships for’s not the quantity or frequency of communication either that we look out’s the quality of association being meaningful on both sides. We want, crave and pine to have friends like on the series ‘Friends’...but then it’s all just wishful thinking...!
If you are lucky, true friendship glows on you wetting you in pure ecstasy like manna from the sky... and if not, which is generally the case, you continue to degrade and rot under the false shade of solace...and by the time you realize it, the damage is already done!

Bad friendships are just that- BAD
For your body, mind and soul!
Like bad love jeopardises your chances of ever falling upon the right guy to fall in love with...bad friends block your chances of experimenting with the truth that might be there.
They leave you in perpetual doubts when u suspect intensions and jump to insane conclusions even in cases of prospects which could materialize in helping you find a soul mate.
They make your premises shaky...they cramp you with so much of themselves that perhaps you feel there’s not much in you that anyone out there would be interested in!

We all go through bad friendships whether we are strong enough to admit or not...Yes, it needs an admission for in worst cases these are the addictive ones, like you the short lived highs but drop you down with a ‘thud’ in the worst of dumps.

Get rid of them...uproot them...remove all traces and signs of their existence...block all doors that may tempt you to return for once you give in, it’s pretty much a give up. Realize your worth and to what lows there is a possibility of that ‘friend’ falling to or taking you to. It is said we invite troubles...yes, we do! We are humans...I may have a “use me” tag attached to me or bloody engraved on my forehead...Does that reduce your guilt of having used me? I may also have an expression that says ‘kill me’ because I don’t want to go on facing deception again and again...Have the balls my friend now to strangulate me...!
Ah...Don’t let the human laws deter you...when you disregard the laws of basic humanity and what bloody shit can the law making society do to you and the likes anyways!

Yup, bad friendships are bad...they go deep in you when you are least aware and just when you begin to realize it’s goes whoosh...leaving a vacuum there!
Let’s not create more black holes...let’s be more cautious of whom we let in despite the continuous knock at our doors!


Anonymous said...

Relationships are never easy to fathom, difficult to narrate and impossible to comprehend. Its two minds ticking and evolving. Constantly changing...making it difficult to tune up. Two souls can never have it easy, staying together, working together, playing together or growing together. There are bound to be regions of imperfection and states beyond comprehension. Its almost impossible to find mid grounds for acceptance...
is liye enjoy whatever comes ur way for whatever time!

suruchi said...

hmm..this was written in a bad, rotten mood...when expectations crumble...but i guess u are right here...always are...:)
aapne mere aankhein khol de:)

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