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28 June, 2009

Good Friendships!

In life we live in big bubbles of sorts...said a dear friend of mine when he was consoling me recently with life’s gyan. So it is, I reflected! When one of it bursts, we latch on to another...we are tuned to look for cosy zones to snug up to, in regardless of testing them first if they are for real or just with us in transition. So pop goes one bubble and we search or create other ones in belief that these might not burst.

Well, I am talking of a 360 degrees turn in my opinion...for having just a couple of days before written my guts out on bad is amazing that I have discovered or realized all over again- great ones are around still, to more than make up. Someone once said I was a bundle of contradictions...seems like I am hell bent on proving it right.

If one trust gets broken somewhere...god opens other windows and doors for you to explore...This was not said by any wise has been repeated and used and misused so many times everywhere that the statement has lost its import...yet it has the whole grain of truth! Just as there are people out there to take advantage so are also human specimens that add colour and meaning...They provide friendships that you may see yourself getting old detouring to love here, just a sauntering into the private zones of layers of you and help you unfold.

And great friendships are just that-a great exhilarating high!
They make you live life queen or king size because you know someone is there to cater to your whims and fancies. You know these friends would side by you whether you break down and cry or rot and wry. You keep the other fit by taking him or her on perpetual rides up the gum tree-the famous chane ka jhaadh, by constant realizing and appreciating what the other has to offer! They make you forget you had been glum or dumb...or even numb to such overtures...They bring peace to your mind that is otherwise so used to wandering, that this breather comes like a whiff of fresh air...that uplifts you in more than one ways!
See...healthy for the body and mind! Wonder why doctors don’t prescribe it to patients, especially depressed souls?

Hmm...How the body you may ask? Well, good friends make you laugh, not just your blues away but also lead to blood flow. “Hum khoon badhate hain” should be the slogan of friendship sites...and imagine the fitness level when all the facial expressions get involved in constant jabbering and smiling...the arms keep getting extended for hugs that we never get enough of...the rushing of blood... and the keeping us on our toes so that when there is the need for a friend to walk in, we may not be found lacking!

Good friendships are just that-too good!
May we all find our friendships to live with and die for!


Sudhir Kekre said...

Hi Suruchi,
Nice blog. I read almost all your posts. The remaining I shall come back and read.
After reading your blog i am certain you must be a great teacher.
well done.

suruchi said...

hi sudhir...
great to have u here..though i am equally impressed by ur work n line of thought shining thru in ur blog...

hmm....n i am a good teacher even if i have to rub it in here myself...just that what i teach may be a different story;)
n see ya around

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