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22 May, 2010

Looking for a Reason!

They say there is a reason behind everything...
Reason why India is hostile towards Pakistan and vice versa...
Reason why a baby is cranky in the middle of the night...
Reason why some marriages work and others don’t!

But then, is a reason really that important?
Must all our actions be reactions?
Must we always know the whys and hows and what fors?
Imagine a world, where we could just shut up our brains for a while, to enjoy what is coming our way?
Like they say... ‘Aam khao...gutliyan mat gino!’

How do I find a reason for these?
The feeling for wanting to be a child again!
The need to love someone 24*7 or expect to be loved back just the same!
The void I feel within just like that in the middle of a hectic day!
The urge to call up a friend, with a sinking feeling for his/her well being!
The mind being never at rest, even when the body is!
How there is an excited gut feeling for a first time meeting with one and none what so ever even after meeting many times over with another!
The tiredness that encompasses my body even before I have kept down my first step from the bed in the morning!

Even if I do find a reason, my next quest is how to explain it to my heart, get it around to accepting it with a complete consensus and get over it?
The mind nagging continues...with or without stumbling upon reasons!

How can one explain these?
Digging for logic in the smile that curls at the corners of our mouth when we see a loved one?
Why a mother is more biased towards one child than another born out of her own womb?
Why sometimes silence speaks greater volumes than words?

What can be said about the worry gripping our heart when we see someone we love in pain?
We reflect an equal amount of pain with no making even injury!
You may say, it is love....but then what is love?
That’s the biggest reason defying phenomenon of all!

Why does it take just a few seconds for it to develop and even fewer for it to be killed?
Why is it more with someone met so fleetingly and not there at all for another, even after burning the midnight oil, day in and day out with them?

What could possibly be the reason?
Why someone wants to hear someone else’s voice each day?
Why we feel a heart-ache beyond logic or convention?
What we hate in someone we hate becomes what we love in someone we love?
Then also why we get tired of the same things that we loved once?
Why we can’t believe someone can love us so much or why and how can we love someone to the point of self forgetfulness?
Why little gestures sometimes become big and huge considerations fail to impress?
Try as you may, there would be no plausible or pragmatic explanation!

Where do I find a reason for-
The act of a mother walking down a road holding the palm of her little child, shifting herself towards the road to avoid the zooming vehicles which are still a good ten steps away!
The rationale why a rich man pulls down his Mercedes car window to watch the street urchins play in the monsoon gifted street puddle!
Why we give up on time spent together to earn more money and when earned enough, we use it to buy time?

For some questions there are no answers...
It is like me asking you why the sun is so hot or the night so dark?
It is...for it is supposed to be like that!
Has been and will be!
Beyond logic or scientific analysis!
Even if we find reasons, we can’t find alterations...even if we alter everything around us to perfection...we still find something else irking the eye or boggling the senses! Then why resist? Why not succumb?

Sometimes accepting things as they are becomes the key to solving n resolving the most complicated issues!
Sometimes not taking a decision when in a dilemma is the best decision taken!
Saying I am not closing my mind’s door...if ‘this’ happens, I welcome it with open arms...if ‘that’ does, I’ll be equally convinced that something better is in store!
Sometimes reasons kill spontaneity!
Logic defies nature!
For nature tells you to just be!

It does not give logic to the little flower why it should bloom only when spring comes or reasons why mountains must remain strong even in the face of all disasters! They just do so like following a natural law!
It does not allow clouds to fret for being uprooted and carried away like the weeds and having no base to cling to!
Nature will not let snow argue with it to justify why it should lose its identity just to make someone else fuller!
It will not tell the harsh wind to blow in another direction to save its beloved!
It accepts things as it is!
It teaches us to just be as we are meant to be!
Not fight...not fret...not resist...not insist!
Go with the flow like the matter how much the many rocks to stumble much slackness in its path...there is no other outcome, except to reach its destination if it just keeps moving on!

Stop asking ‘Why me?’
Start saying ‘What next?’
Stop looking for their motives...
Start searching for your motivations!

Don’t be scared of confusion...welcome it to lead to flow of thoughts...channelize it!
Don’t deny the presence of voids...attempt to fill them!

There are many things to do, to feel, to ask, to tell, to live, to show, to share, to build, to destroy, to care, to enjoy, to hold on, to give up, to celebrate, to own...
All this to be done...just for the mere “reason” that they must be!

And after my volley of questions, I am sure you have one to ask me too:
What is the sense of this post?
I don’t know!
I am still trying to find a reason!


Madhu said...

helloiez miss inspirer.That was such an effing motivator there..:) If godever gave me problem,i would never ask "why me?" I'd rather say "try me" :)

V Bluetemplate..Cool X hugs X

blunt edges said...

n the whacky suruchi turns sensible n philosophical suruchi mata ;)
jai ho! :D

suruchi said...

Hi Mady...
Kahan ka inspiration yaar...
Was super confused myself, thought would spread the disease among my readers too;-)

By the way, "Try me" sounds better than "What next";-)
I'll try it too:-)
Hugsssssss back:-)

Sakshi said...

On a Hilarious Note- we can actually make a "Tell me why" series on the questions you have asked...

And on the note that you post talks about-
Well questioned may be one of the opinions... the other is, to follow this very path.
To take each day as a new challenge, of making it different from yesterday.

In a bid to live a 'practical' life, we end up surviving. Just.
And in words of a poem I read when I am down the most-
"We are adding years to life,
but not Life to years"

Esp Loved: "Sometimes not taking a decision when in a dilemma is the best decision taken!"

suruchi said...

Hi Blunts...
That's a super conscious effort...
Incase you guys consider me too wacky to be let loose;-)

Suruchi mata...ewwwwwww...
*self-reminder: need to get back to my mad mode...Suruchi wacky at least sounds better*

Thanks for always making it here...
Hugs to you too:-)

suruchi said...

Hellooooooooooooow Sakshi...
I have already a 100 volume series of "Tell me Why's"...
You guys don't believe me when I say I was born curious:-)

I guess questions are good...if we had all the answers, what would be left to seek...

Loved your line too...
What fun to add life to years!
Without fears!


Niraj said...

Many questions are asked to remain unanswered and they remain forever..Its for human to see learn and grow from this questions which remain unanswered forever..It's like why rainy season comes after summer and before winter..why summer comes every year despite knowing people are not happy with this season...Only things we can do is enjoy all the season seeing the best part..Summers are meant for vacations..thats life...

I completely agree with these sentences:

Stop asking ‘Why me?’
Start saying ‘What next?’
Stop looking for their motives...
Start searching for your motivations!

I was getting confused in last 2-3 days and here i got the asnwer..
There are many things to do, to feel, to ask, to tell, to live, to show, to share, to build, to destroy, to care, to enjoy, to hold on, to give up, to celebrate, to own...
All this to be done...just for the mere “reason” that they must be!

There are something in life need to be left behind in order to move ahead coz they are meant to be left behind and not remain with you..

If you got hurt by rose it does not mean all flowers are the same..

At times we need to move on without knowing the reason coz thats it meant to be..

Thks for the post..I got the answer for my questions...Keep going

suruchi said...

Hi Niraj...
Wow...You make it sound so big!
Now I am searching for the reason what did it for you!
I guess we all have one...and we have our own:-)

We do end up looking at a silver lining in every dark cloud...if we look really hard!

I would often complain in the beginning of my marriage as my hubby would return home after 10 p.m. I slowly realized this gave me enough time to do my own thing all day...and that bit of space brought us closer n look forward to it each day!

I am glad you found some answers through this!:-)

Shayon said...

I shall not spoil the essence of the post by mentioning that most questions you have asked, do have answers. I know, I am the most unromantic prick in the world. But then, since when have pricks started to become romantic? It's just us men to try to put up our best romantic face so that our pricks get satiated!

But yeah, reading your post, it does (at least) makes me want to turn romantic :-p

Jack said...


I will not be able to sleep tonight trying to think of reason as to why you wrote this. LOL. Very philosophical post but has truth in it. However there is always a reason for each and everything but we should not get too involved to look for it to lose spontaneity of beautiful moment. Thoughtful post, a must for those who keep looking at motive of each and everyone thus missing out of happiness.

Take care

The Bald Guy said...


Need a shrink?

Ria said...

That was a superb post, and like u said, somethings really do defy logic and reason. :) Well said and loved the last line!

suruchi said...

Hi Shayon...
Nahi yaar...there are answers but not the kinds that bring a consolation...
There are reasons but feelings that defy rationality!

And if this makes you romantic...well, it is a job well done from my end!

My confusion is mostly about this feeling of 'falling in love' or 'being' in it happens..gets strengthened...makes one act contrary to normal..
you may have points what draws you to another but then no particular or finger pointing reasons WHY...

Bas pyar hain to hain...
Is liye nahi ke woh sundar hain...she is sweet...she understands me..she is witty...a 1000 women would match that...
But what makes her outstanding for me...I have no clue..
All I bas hain!:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Jack,
Please sleep well...mera to aise he chalta hain...ek post mein mad, doosre mein confused...:-)

Zyaada thought mat dena aap...thinking too much about all that I say here can be injurious to health...

I think I need to issue a disclaimer too;-)
Thank you for being around:-)

suruchi said...

Know one;-)

Or lend my thy ears;-)

Rahul Khatri said...

Your thoughts are tumbing, and how!!!^__^

Such a lovely post Suruchi!! loved it!!

And your questions, you've already answered all of them by saying,

"Sometimes accepting things as they are becomes the key to solving n resolving the most complicated issues!
Sometimes not taking a decision when in a dilemma is the best decision taken!
Saying I am not closing my mind’s door...if ‘this’ happens, I welcome it with open arms...if ‘that’ does, I’ll be equally convinced that something better is in store!
Sometimes reasons kill spontaneity!
Logic defies nature!
For nature tells you to just be!"

And you senseless creature how can you say,

"What is the sense of this post?
I don’t know!"

If this makes no sense, there is nothing sensible in this world!!

Bas kya also starting to be modest??!! u were superbly sensible when u said all okay...and note that in bold letters!!

Love and Peace (and loads of hugs...he he iske bina aapka kaam kaise chalega!!;):P:D),

suruchi said...

Hi Rahul...
I have such a cute following here...when I write something I almost always know, who's gonna like it, who would yawn n ignore n who would really love it...

I knew you n Nipun would love this...coz you both end up not like my mad hatter avtaar...even though you both remain sweet on my face...I know I end up scandalizing you;-)

So this one comes after you told me to tone down...I don't know how long it would last...but keep reminding me to return this lane, time and again:-)

You know I am actually senseless coz you are calling me one and I am loving it;-)

P.S.Thank you for the bold letters and the hugs*woh hugs waale mera kaam nahi chalta...BINGO! Right on!:-)*

suruchi said...

Hi Ria...
I am glad you found logic in this..
You my dear are a recent discovery of mine being added to those wonderful writers who make so much sense!

I am sharing that 'Installing love' waala post...It is outstanding in my opinion and anyone who reads it would agree...

You have a big fan in me:-)
Thanks for stopping by:-)

malpani.!! said...

A very difficult but ideal thing to do.. is to flow with the present moment without getting caught in the expectation of how joyful or comfortable the next minute will be..

P.s i loved ur comment on my blogpost.. brought a big smile on my reasons required.. :)

Cinderella said...

Okay I'm gonna sound like a total douchebag but this post flew right above me brains..


buckingfastard said...

huh!! i missed a post on porn and condoms!!! WATS WRONG WID ME!!!

nyways...btw in ur last the first pic i dint noticed ur mom initially and was scared dat u hav 3 hands :O

and cummon i kno why sun is hot and night is dark!!!

sun is hot coz stars are generally hot ball of hydrogen based gases which under dere own gravity generate high pressure to cause nuclear fusion reaction which caused mass deficit and by einstien's energy law E=mc^2 generate huge amount of energy as heat!!!!

night is dark coz due to absence of sun's blinding light we can see the outer space and coz due to big bang it is proved dere is fixed amount of matter in infinite time-space dimension...the light source is finite and occupies infinitesimally low portion of our visibility range of outer space..the rest is dark time space region which is dark...makes the night dark!!

phew!!! why i explained it to u!!! to prove dat I AM DIS BORED!!!

btw in turn u explain the answers of rest of the much complicated questions which i cant figure!!

(** dis huge comment is compensation of not commenting on last post)

suruchi said...

Hello Malpani...
Thank u...although I assume when you said “beautiful” you meant just the post...lolz:-)
Yup..stay with the present...

And hey...that post was good...
Got me started on my own sob story...
So there...
Glad you smiled...
Let it stay there for good:-)

suruchi said...

Hey Cin
Hahaha...that’s okay sweetie...
Serious posts of mine...I always end up in a doubt after writing them, whether they are worth a read or totally head spinners...
Often I even wait for the first five comments to appear...have prepared to delete the entire post at the first sign that spells “disaster”

You don’t sound like a total douchebag...
You sound just the way you are..honest n sweet
N thank you even for this:-)

suruchi said...

Mr. Bucky
“Hmphf” first for doing the kinda disappearing act on the previous post...
I had a 101 expected comments lined up in my mind that would come from your profound mouth...
*Err....mouth’s not profound...never mind*

Then I thought you had probably been kidnapped...held hostage on a plane or your laptop’s been stolen...preventing thou from commenting here..
It even occurred to me that probably you’ve flunked a paper n contemplating to kill the most wittiest*I know you can’t use most n ‘est’ together*person in the world...
And then realized what you said to me earlier, “You can’t kill me over the internet”

Basically what I am trying to say here...

P.S. 1. This huge answer is a compensation for the huge comment;-)
P.S. 2. I ACTUALLY read the explanation about why night is dark n sun is hot...n realized...I am that bored too:-)
P.S.3. I have just two hands...just to set straight the record!
P.S.4. I didn’t mean the kidnapping, hostage or flunking part...wish u all the very best for your exams:-)

WarmSunshine said...

I think it makes sense to me. I'd like to be driven by my heart and not mind. I wish this life could be led without having to bound ourselves in rules and regulations to see where God leads us. There's something beautiful in the raw. :)

do i make sense?? :P

The Bald Guy said...

You know my ears are always open.

But please clarify, I thought you slipped and fell on your butt? Or was it head?


suruchi said...

Hi WS...
You make absolute sense sweetie..

Raw is the way to be...
There's something very appealing about being an amateur...

It means there is scope for growing...for going from one to beyond:-)

If we want to lead a free is in our hands often...just the right choices, at the right time instead of just wishing!:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Tbg...
Now how did I miss on commenting back on this one?:-)

How on earth would I know your ears are always open?
I know your mouth is...for it loves to laugh at me*not complaining here, like your laugh...just eating a little bhav*

I keep slipping n falling on all kinds of things n also in all kinds of stuff!
Which one are you talking about?
Please clarify:-)

Tanvi said...

Lovely & Inspiring :o)

P.S. Pls join Bloglovin' Pls! For me? :P

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