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19 November, 2011

The Day with the Magnate

My husband is into garment business-retail and wholesale and the entire big joint family has a few reputed brands and their distributorship under their growing bellies’ belts. For all you know if you are wearing good branded clothing and living in the NCR, it might have somehow channelized through the Arora Parivaar or someone we know closely we aren’t really THAT big but then so aren’t the bulls if you look at them standing next to the elephants as against the dogs. Oho just thinking a random fact #1 here: if A=B and B=C and thereby A=C, does that mean if I touch my husband and my husband touches a jacket and that jacket is touched by a shopkeeper to whom it is sent and then you touch it to buy it, would this imply that I touched you? Issssshhhh...uncalled-for display of my mathematical and calculative genius should be kept aside for some other time.

So when it was heard that Mr Nitin Kasliwal, the owner of S Kumar’s and Reid N Taylors, is coming to town for some business expansion meetings and would be visiting the house for lunch, it was not just another day in the household, heaving with arrangements to dazzle the business magnate, who basically lives in London now, going to and fro nationally when required.

Now being the most chotti bahu not in terms of size or gray matter of course, I do not care have much idea about all that’s happening at the top levels, unless rumour/gossip/news trickles down to me through some kind route. I just heard the oldies talking about how well read and very intelligent THE man is and among the ladies the vine was abuzz about how charming and humble is his wife, Jyoti. They spoke of how varied are his interests and we should open our mouths only if we had something witty to say. Instantly I decided to shut my gap for I kinda have this love-hate relationship with trouble and did not want to be the bread burner with the oven that provides us with our bread and butter. Troubles love to hate me.

So I sat in a corner lounge all dressed up while the rest of the jing bang of some thirty people of the ‘just’ family, ran to and fro making arrangements from laying matching napkin rings on the dining table, right down to keeping scented door mats on the threshold. I resigned to the corner with my thoughts but then troubles go round and strike at the corners first it seems.

The brakes of the long car came to a screeching halt as a pig came right in front of the car from nowhere. But I love these street animals-if it weren’t for them my daughter would never sit put in the car while we commute. We were told that their chartered plane had landed some half an hour ago and the wait had caused a few yawns in some and circulation of scandalous bitching amongst the rest of those waiting. The brakes rang loud like an annoying alarm clock, making you jump at your feet like you do when the realization sets in early morning that you have grossly overslept. Settling the creases on the clothes and managing to place the hair strategically at just the right slant on our foreheads, the pretty ladies ventured to the door while the men sought to please and welcome. Mr Kasliwal is known to be a tad particular about stuff and easy to get offended if things are not to perfection. As for me, this was the materializing of my childhood dream of watching the President’s salutation first hand on Republic Day at the Rashtrapati Bhawan-only in this case there were no trumpets and salaami of bandooks. If I didn’t know better, I might as well look around the milieu with my Ms Homes invisible hat on, snooping for some hidden terrorists all set to attack. Ufff....basically saying there was solemnity and formal seriousness like I have never seen before.

We all smiled-they at us, we at them and the servants at each other-it is not every day they saw their masters as submissive as now. The man did have an impressive and towering personality and strides of someone who’s walked half the world and owned some of it. All the tayajis and chachajis and the bhaiyyas were definitely at the “attention/tension” mode and that made my “stand-at-ease” also restless. The general round of introductions followed as the king’s feast was laid and all the bhabhis got down to serving and coaxing the guests to eat. Random fact#2: Now we are much defamed for over-feeding using statements that are dipped in just the right amount of cajoling and emotional blackmail and facial expressions that are so distressed at your refusal that you feel like an executioner. This happens so much that my father lives in mortal fear of being invited to our house for dinner. He gives up on food since morning for he knows his drink would be refilled before it reached the bottom and plate reloaded before he opens his mouth to say ‘no’.

Anyways, when my turn came going through the chronological order, almost like saving the best for last, Mr Kasliwal, THE tycoon stopped before me and smiled, “So you are Suruchi?”

Have you ever seen a magic show on stage in which a magician cuts a woman into pieces and then shows her moving in different boxes kept at a distance? I had the exactly same expression. And have you seen a parent whose ten years old child has peed in his pants and dropped the cake just as the party is nearing its zenith of being termed as ‘the party of the year’? That was my husband’s expression and a little less aghast but definitely concerned reflections were marked on the faces of the others. Now wtf had I done?

“Ji”, I managed to speak out and my lips alternating in doing a dance between rising into a smile and drooping with anxiety and hands almost shivering in such a timid handshake I could have been mistaken for a bunny. And in the next minute, without any warning, he hugged me with a roaring laughter. Now have you seen the expression on the face of a highly placed Incomes Tax official who has broken an expensive vase in some defaulter’s house and knows that they can’t do a fuck about it? Now that was MY expression. I was being embraced by a random stranger in front of everyone in the family and my super-conservative husband when it comes to this and no one could do a fuck about it.

But what he said in the next instant was even more earth-shattering.
“I am a big fan of your blog posts...”
Oh my gaaaaaaaaaawd! (Ekdum woh Janice from F.R.I.E.N.D.S waala OMG here was reverberating in my mind)
“You read my blog?” yes, we suck sometimes in asking the obvious and appearing totally dumb, just at the moment we have been complimented for our wit #God couldn’t find another moment to show me personification of irony.
“Of course I do, in fact just the other day I showed the ‘virginity’ post to my son, teasing him with queries if he went through the same and we laughed about it, didn’t we Jyoti?”
And all eyes now moved from him at one end to Jyoti at the other, like they do in a tennis match. And Jyoti just beamed with such sweet smiles that were it words, it would sound as the sweetest compliment.

“I am so honoured, thank you. I never realized...”
“Oh but not your fault, I never comment and when I do, I use the anonymous feature. It is not easy to do all this with my real profile. Haven’t you noticed all that showering of my complete adulation in so many recent posts as “anonymous”?
“Oh my god, the one with whom I enter into mindless banter. I am so sorry. I just didn’t think...”
And he burst into a boisterous laughter again.
“It’s not your fault. How would you know who I was?

He turned now to my father-in-law’s eldest brother, who was as alien to the entire subject at hand as “Whill you do phrandsheep by me?”-kinda people are to English. “Mr Arora, you have a gem of a writer in your family? Itna talent hain Kanpur jaise sheher mein, it is amazing!” And eyes back to me again, “I thought you looked familiar when I saw you with everyone as I entered, but never did I think that the Suruchi Arora I have been reading so voraciously from a few months would belong to this family.”

By now I had gotten used to the sudden tilt of the spotlight bulb on my proud little head and I was smiling almost comfortably. I had to almost physically stop my finger from rising against them all in an accusing posture. So you people, who thought I spend useless hours on the computer and ‘what blogging-shlogging she does, we only know of water logging’ kinda retorts-here was a mooh tod jawab! I did not know or care how he stumbled upon my blog, all I knew and wanted to know was how much he loved my posts. He was no longer the feared Mr Kasliwal-he was transformed into just another fan and me as the Blog Goddess on the altar that I often placed myself on.

My husband also butt in now, “Oh she writes amazingly well! She even has 250 followers now...” Shhh, abhi celebrity bani nahi ki autograph and photograph greedy log ki line lag gaye! Ya right, as though you read Mr Parmeshwar of Pati variety and as though you would have ever known how many, had I not hammered it about a 50 times into your too-dipped-in-work head, as soon as the figure turned to 250!

“I know Mr Gautam and you are a very lucky man. I hope you know that. In fact just the other day, I mentioned your wife and her absolutely riot writing to Anil...”
Anil who I thought-Anil his secretary, Anil Kumble, Anil Kapoor may be...
Looking at our blank expressions, he clarified, “Anil Ambaniiii and he was very interested in knowing more....”

And just at that precise moment, my glory-shory could not be digested by jealous onlookers and I was visibly and actually being shaken. “Get up Suruchi, the guests have come...” Now that was my husband, doing rightly what he always does in the real world-check me out of my reverie. I had sauntered again into my imagination world and brought back just at the climax-you know how you ‘get turned on to the hilt and then are told-we’ll do it tomorrow’ kinda expression spread on my face as Mr Kasliwal and his wife came, did a “Namaste” to me, ate and chatted with the others and left just like that-without any screech of car brakes, without any happy coincidence and without making me go anywhere near that Blog Goddess altar again! Sigh!

P.S.1 The moral of this story is that being anonymous can be injurious to everyone’s health. So all those who come here, read and go away without doing any cho-cha in the comment box with your name, you realize how years of therapy may be needed to get me to overcome this mind fuck.
P.S.2 Not all the absurd always happens with me-sometimes I attract it by my power of imagination.
P.S.3 If this post ever reaches Mr Kasliwal by some cruel game of fate, please remember to be sporting about it-mere bread and butter ka sawaal hain! And also you should read the Virginity post along with the others, maybe even recommend them to Anil.
P.S. 4 Sorry to put you through such a long post that turned out to be a phoos pataka-damp squib in the end. I guess it is my answer to God-what goes around, comes around!    


Pooja_G said...

OMG.....O----M---------G....I almost believed the whole 'reverie' to be true and resolved not posting further comments lest who knows who reads them :D:D :D

maithili said...

*DUmbstruck* You had me! I was already thinking "OMG shes really turned a celebrity" and thinking if I should check the comment section to see if your anonymous Kasliwal has posted any comment :P :P

Uloo banaya :( :(

Anyway I loved the post.. Movies me toh pehle hi pata chalta hai mujhe ki dream sequence hai :P This one I couldn't catch!

avinash said...

Never in my entire existence did I like an anti-climax so much. Was about to strangulate myself for commenting on THAT post, if such a thing, self-strangulation that is, could somehow be done. But then, what a relief it was. Tell you, that was scary! If you keep writing like this, somewhere some poor soul might as well pass away :D. Icing on the cake..I work for Reliance..double panga!!

Menachery said...

hahahha....... my first time here, and i was like .. oh my gawd.. really?? when th ephuski like you mentioned.... and i was actua;lly after a long tym lmfao :D .... awesome raed :) :P

Dr Roshan R said...

it's missing a slow motion scene of Him and his wife running towards you with an autograph book through the yellow fields :) But wah!! Everyone who's reading this is gonna be going 'wow!! i gotta tell my friends that I read the same blog as a celebrity and she replies to my comments too' :)

Shady said...

F%^$##*& holy lords , you almost got me till he hugged you scene.

Damn I owe you a double of finest't singe malt and since you don't drink that stuff i will keep it anyway .

Anita Jeyan Sandeep said...

I was about to ping my sister and tell her that u know the Suruchi Arora i was telling u about...she is a celebrity...she is in my facebook and had even commented on my blog u amazing is that ..? and then I read the climax. Now this is super cool stuff !

kalpak n. said...


Phew. Thank god it was a dream. i was gettin so damn jealous. :D

But dont worry, i'm sure wen i happen to run across u someday, i will tell whoever there is with me "hey...thats suruchi arora...shes a popular blogger...250 followers...awesome lady"

that person will then say "dude, u need to get a life"

but yeah...u already are famous lady. know that. Blog goddess

Red Handed said...

I GOT A HEART ATTACK! If someone came upto me and said...U R RED HANDED arent u? I have caught u RED HANDED! I read ur blog!!
Thank God it was just a dream :P
But yeh I too would have been jealous of u :P

Vinod Vyas said...

Last time i said you r one of the best writers i have read,i stand vindicated now..

When i stumbled upon your blog i was so impressed that i read almost all of your postings.Not even a single post was uninteresting..The best thing about your writing is that when u write sarcastically or any other way it appears....Readers can relate to it...Not like few writers who shout from rooftop that they are writing sarcastically and readers should intrepret that way even if they dont find any sarcasm

Vinod Vyas said...

Yaar i did not read PS and commented....Your imaginations runs wildly...Nice one..Yet another proof of your writing skills

Nikhil Menon said...

lol. I was dumb enough to buy this COMPLETELY. :P Tells me how convincing your writing is. :)

Suruchi said...

Haha...good then, it seems the work was well done:-)

Whoooo hooooo...the purpose was not to banao ullu-pucca yaar...
I actually sat there and thought ki kitna acha ho agar kuch aisa ho and then checked myself coz I go on those lines too often for my own good!:-)
You make me now feel sooooo good that I created a psudo-suspense post even without intending it!:-)

Suruchi said...

Haha-and I am so glad you liked the anti-climax and soooo liked it:-)
Please don’t strangulate yourself, as it is there are a handful of comment providers on this page-each one of you is precious for me:-) And no poor soul would pass away-mein hoon na, pass him over here;-)

And you work for Reliance, chalo acha hain, what Nitin couldn’t do perhaps you could-chalo, kar lo duniya mutthi mein:p

Thank you so much and I hope to see you around!
Glad you found this laugh worthy:-)

Suruchi said...

The slow motion running scene sounds good, but why include the wife?
I also thought of adding the romantic angle but then his wife is super beautiful and the bread-butter, bread-butter kept ringing in my ears-is liye maaf kiya bachche ko!:-)
And you baby are a bigger celebrity than I could ever fathom to be and I AM SO PROUD of being able to comment on what you write and get you dragged here:-)

Awwww..please don't say dumb enough-let's just say sweet enough!:-)
Thank you so much!

Suruchi said...

Haaaaw, chote mote se to hug the-more like say a peck on the cheek is as compared to a kiss...bas 2 seconds ka! So that should not have spilt the beans :-)
And I would do with the single malt bhi free mein aa raha ho usse bhagwan ka prasad samajh kar le lena chahiye! So no need to keep it with you..pass it on!:-)

Oye hoye, you were telling your sister about me*going to some cloud 9 minus the parachutes now*
Haha...damn the climax, I lost another great mention;-)
Thank you!

Suruchi said...

I LIKE SADIST, SELFISH COMMENTS...they help me relate better:-)
Arre jealousy ke kya baat hain...lemme explain by my A=B=C formula...
Now if I am famous and I am friend of U then U are also famous as I...
Wow....I can finally use the A-B-C to my advantage:-)

And oye no one would tell you to get a can tell me that when you run into me...let’s start running now, so we bump into each other sooner rather than later:-)

How would we ever know who Red Handed is? Even if we did bump into each other, how mean is that-you’d be looking at me and smirking for you’d know and think, “ache yeh aise hain!” and we would have no clue.
That is why one of P.S. says being anonymous can be injurious to my health:-)
And as for jealousy-my solution given to Kalpak works just as well:-)

aakash said...

And I had already melted before the end wondering dude, am I really friend with some super-high-fi-celebrity-status lady. But the point worth noticing here is that we all believed you, which indirectly means that we believe you are good enough to reach that status.
Fun, as always, your posts. I hope I get to see you someday in real. :)


Suruchi said...

@Vinod, are so cute and you so make me smile. Thank you! and you’ve been reading my posts? Wow...I am so overwhelmed. Sarcasm is not everyone’s cup of tea-is liye sometimes you have to underline and declare it. It is better to keep it simple:-)

And koi baat nahi P.S. nahi read kiye to-hota hain, hota hain...If I were you guys I would breeze through such long posts that I put you up with-I am so glad you all are more patient than I am:-)

Kaaash, eh?:-)
Thank you sooooo much! You are always good for my ego:-)
And I too hope I get to talk to you at least some day:-)

Paanipuri Lover said...

You actually had me, till Anil Ambani! :P
You write awesome re! :P :P
You don't need to dream about it! Its true! Ab ye tuchhe tuchhe log taarif kare na kare, ki farak penda hai?! :D :D

Amazing ability you have, of writing and ullu-banaooing! :P

Shreya said...

OMG Suruchi you are a star :D hain ji so down to earth star :P I loved how you described everyone's expression how apt and wonderful :)

Na jane kitne aur celebrities line me hain ;-)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous, really enjoyed that ! This was the original 'anonymous'. You really are an original . Where do you get your ideas from ?!

Anonymous said...

first visit to the blog and what a best start...the twist was unexpected..enjoyed thoroughly..
Always welcomed to my space -

Relax Please said...

Do you write your own blogs or are they ghost written....??
Coz I think you are never past your dreaming... or day-dreaming I may say!!!
lolzzzz.. got u there!!!

TheBluntBlogger said...

DARN! You are rich :D Adopt me na :D heheheeh......

Yeah, I wish so too :'( Ek din, MMS or Mayawati or the local Queen will meet me and hand me a Noble Peace Prize for my blog. Shoosh :(

Subah se by god, people have been arguing with me, am in such a crappy mood. So much that I couldn't spare this comment space too....I LOU UUUUU <3

Alka Gurha said...

Keep dreaming babe..oops sorry choti bahu. Who knows Barack Obama might be reading your posts.Esp the virginity post.
Your family seems like Sooraj Barjatya's one big happy family..

Devoured the post.

meoww said...


i was almost about to scream with joy and excitement when you reached the ambani part..
dammmm...aap mujhe zameen mae dhankke se le aayi..!!!
par kya baat hai..!!!
kudos to your imagination..!!
and i am sure...the rate at which your fan following is increasing the day won't be far when you would become phamous like that..!!!

massttt post..!!
and your phalta-phulta parivaar..!!

lots of love and hugs..!!!

cheers !!

Sakshi said...

I believed the whole thing.. blah! but now that I know abt the whole whole sale brands shrands.. I am gonna get you to get me the suit shuit ka pieces at nice discounted prices for the wedding- mine re.. you know for gifting shfting.. ;P

Purba said...

You, my dear are very convincing! And why can't Mr Kasliwal and Mr Ambani be your biggest fans? They could certainly do with some masti and lots of laughter :)

Loved this post!

Anu/anon said...

Lol - did you check with nitin kasliwal about his illustrous relatives like abhishek. Quite a 'shiny' example he had set ! Jokes apart , super like your post. You really have a gift !

Sameera said...

Almost till the end..Almost!! I BELIEVED THAT IT'S REAL. And, when that 'my son read your post on Virginity' came, I thought poor Suruchi.. What explanation would she had given to her family.

Again, aapko koi takkar de hi nahi sakta Suruchi ji ;)

sulagna ™ said...

su you know i was like "ohh teriii " till all the way !!! damn maaan..i took inevery word for real :) matlab socho that you write so damn well.

loved this one and especially the "anil " part..who else but you can write this..and of course the disclaimers at the end...worth it !

Jenny said...

hehehehaha rofl!!! Suruchi, have been following you, and I know you dont like it.. but i am a silent reader... (i dunno, i feel i wld make a fool of myself, so rarely comment, but do read each of ur blogs)

But this post has worked in your favour, and lol i am commenting..

a brief mention of one of ur previous blogs, wherein you thought, that men touching or hugging women could get the women preggers.. lol, i useddd to soooo think that for such a long time!!!! and I showed that link with roomie in office, and gawd, we were all rollie polli on the floor.. with 10 eyes staring into our cubicles!!

and about this post, well you write so well, that never did anyone doubt that this was just a spoof

☆ Rià ღ said...

gosh u almost made me believe it!! :P Gr8 post as always....and thank god it was a dream.

Suruchi said...

@Paanipuri Lover,
Haha-I liked the tuchhe tuchche part-finally someone who knows what that word means:-)
Thank you so much for all the praises always-and ulla banana was not the intention-I actually sat there and thought it all!:-)

I am so glad someone appreciated the expressions part waale anology!:-)
I personally raised my collars many times for it;-)
And aap to itneeee taaref se sharminda kar rahe hain ji:-)

Suruchi said...

There you come again! I guess you did not learn any morals from that story...tch, tch! Whichever waale anonymous you are-thank you ji and try coming out of the closet-I’d love that!:-)

@Relax Please,
Actually you are right-most of the posts suffer from dreaming and exaggerated imagination:-)Thank you for reading!

Suruchi said...

Darn, I am not rich yaar-poora post he was based on over-the-topness! And I am also out in the market for adoption and pampering, so join the gang!
And amen to our wishes-mil kar phir duniya ke lenge:-)
I love you tooooooooooooo <3

Thank you yaar and the dreams are beyond my control now-they come and go and ruffle me hitherto placcid and ordinary existence!
Abhi Barack Obama thoda zyaada ho gaya-he won;t understand half the posts mixed with Hindi and English!
The family is tootaalll Sooraj Barjatya’s dream come true:-)

Suruchi said...

Haye aapke mooh mein aapka boyfriend-I would love THAT more than ghee shakkar if someone were to wish me that:-)
Yaar the aim was not to bring you neeche with dhakka but push my luck with some-but kabhi kabhi kya se kya hi jaata hain, na:-)
Loads of love n hugs back to u too:-)

Arre come-shum and we will do some bum-chum and then find the suit-shuit and whatever rest you want! Ekdum bade waale discount-shount pe...waise bhi G will take one look at you and kahin free mein he kapda na akatne lage;-)

Suruchi said...

They could be my fans yaar-but then I could also so be flying...
We are such queens of wishful thinking re:-)
Thank you so much-loved your loving the post:-)

My god, this post was partly dedicated to you, you know?
You are the anonymous hinted at with whom I had that mad banter on one of the posts:-)Kuch seekha ki nahi post se?:-)
And that Abhishek incident you know too...hmmm, now I am almost wondering at whether I created this imaginative piece or is it going to create something for me:-)

Justbcos2pplfellinlove said...

ROFL..another one of your great narration..for a while i was like woow u r now linked to the magnaates and then ur dream at the last..great writing again..

Anu said...

Yup, I am the most well read person around ....challenge anybody to a trivia competition ! The mind is crammed with unnecessary facts so I placed the Abhishek incident imm :-) You write so well , Suruchi that it surprises me when you say that you don't read books or I think you said that you used to etc .
Thanks for the dedication to me in the blog :-) I'm flattered! First the mention in your interview and then your blog ..bhai wah !

Sairam said...

Please don't do this 'dream' thing again.

Half way through, I had become so jealous :-)
Loved the post. Right from the 'we aren't that big but so are the bulls... :)

Cinderella said...

Hehehehehehe......I knew it! The moment you mentioned that he was your anonymous blogger - I knew this girl's being cheeky!

A said...


You kept the suspense so well. So very well written :))))

Proud of you.

But knowing you, I don't think you are if Anil Ambani or S Kumar owner read your blogs... :))))

Droopy Rose said...

A lot of thrill in the story! World is round, I tell you...You bumped into a known anonymous reader come fan, pretty interesting :-)

Jack said...


It was like crash landing after such joyous flight. You really know how to do such twists. And the message is so clear in the PSs.

Take care

SuKupedia :) :) said...

@ every punch I was like.. awww... voww.. OMG.. seriously.. how lucky.. and in my mind promising never never ever to ignore an anon comment ...

aur end mein aakar.. tie tie phish :D :D :D..

thoroughly enjoyed Suruchi :) :) :)

Suruchi said...

Haha-hain na, imagine my pind getting to know I write posts on virginity of little boys...haaaaaaaaaaw, mein loot jaaonge, barbaad ho jaaonge;-)
Thank you baby-waise kuch real life takkars ho jaayen to life mein spice aa jaaye to write more here:-)

Thank you so damn much:-)And everyone loves me too much and knows my knack of running into trouble to believe I would falter again:-)

Suruchi said...

Your comment made me so happy...and also prove that some silent readers are a pleasure:-)
And please would never make a fool of yourself with a fool like me here! And thank you to this post for making you come out-I am obliged:-)
And that preggy thing I guess is common with many girls:-)
I hope to see you around now...

Thank you so much:-)

Suruchi said...

My god, you have to do something about that very long name:-)
Thank you for visiting!

The more I read you the more I get convinced about the fact that you are a man-going back to square one now. Yes, I don’t read much now-and all that you would hear here is just mad bantering or mush-don’t know anything beyond that:-)
And yes, even the dedication does not help you come out of the shadows-crap, yaar...abhi kuch aur sochna padega:-)

Suruchi said...

Alright-I would not do this dream thing again, just because you insist so much :-) And why is everyone so jealous-lemme get famous and I will pucca share the glory...mere khushi mein khush hona chahiye na friends ko?:-)
Thank you for reading!

Smart girl...though I wasn’t being cheeky-I actually sat there and visualized this happening for a good ten minutes! Now you should say this girl is being mad:(

Suruchi said...

Thank you and yes, I am kinda not bothered who reads my blogs-freedom of expression...real life mein nahi milta, yahan to lene do:-)

@Droopy Rose,
I did not bump into a known anonymous reader come fan if only you had read the whole post!:-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you so much-hope to see you around:-)

@Uncle J,
Thank you and sorry about the crash landing-kahin lage to nahi?;-)

Haha-yes, we should never ignore an anon comment anyways:-)
Thank you girl and hope to see you around:-)

R-A-J said...

Hey Suruchi, Dinka Chikka all the way !!! :)

Congrats, congrats :)

I'm sure the feelin is awesum to hv found a fan of ur writin in someone so unexpected n so revered :)

Congrats again, Suruchi!!! :)

Anu said...

Omg Suruchi, I really think there are a whole lot of fans out there who have read your post and not GOT it ( read R-A-J above ). Well if not anything you should appreciate my intellect ! And much as you would prefer to me a man ,I am a woman . In any case , my identity is of no relevance let's just stick to tue content of my feedback. Unless you want me to never come back and comment, that is your call as well. I will respect what you feel about this !

SuKupedia :) :) said...

:) :) i dont intend to leave this place..bhaghaoge to bhi nahi jayenge hum :D :D :D

ab itne bade magnet to nahi hai..lekin phir bhi aap ke liye ek chota sa gift choda hai humari blog pe aapke liye.. hope u like it :) :)

Ameena said...

I was so jealous too...sorry it was just a dream! :)

Suruchi said...

You are a great observer-at least two can be hand picked here who did not read the post and commented-it is not a matter of is the matter of getting to the end!:-)

I do appreciate your intellect and a whole lot more-your comments are as eagerly looked forward to as of some of my blog crushes-and I don’t know why a woman should want to be anonymous to another woman...sigh, some things are beyond my understanding, finally!:-)And zyaada drama mat karo re...stick around and comment, I appreciate that more than I can say:-)

Suruchi said...

Wow, you finally removed the clouds of doubt from my mind-you never really read the full post do you? thanks for spending the first paragraph glance time on my page:-)

Thank you so much for the beautiful award-it is proudly displayed on my home page:-)Wish u all the love always!

I am so glad to see you here so often-you are one of the new bloggers whom I am beginning to love reading...and I am also sorry that half my joys are killed because I wake up-damn! :-)

Sudhir Kekre said...

You are a raconteur par excellence.
The best thing about you is your ability to laugh at your self. Just brilliant.

Rachit said...

Its like someday a girl comes in my home... hugs me.. kisses me.. n say I love your "Poor Nerd" post ! and all this in front of my bewildered parents :P

Alice in wonderland was way back... now we will make Suruchi or Rachit in new Awadhland :P

Weakest LINK

Shillu said...

ROFL!!! OMG - U R HILARIOUS!!! Keep writing - you could soon be my Blog Goddess!!

Bikramjit said...

What do you mean a day with magnate But aap mere ko to Mille hi nahin :) when did this happen ..

he he he he How are you doing , sorry for being late ..
Now looking forwaard to the day when you will say so You are Bikram :) hamare liye to aap hi magnate ho ji..
beautiful writer makes me smile each time i come to read the article .. So you the best ...

Take care and Thanks for the smiles again


Karishma said...

hey Suruchi!
Kara this side, remember Kalpak's blog wali anonymous girl.
Your PS1 made me give up my anonymity.. hehe..

gosh now that i come to think about it, how was i even believing the story in the first place, chances of this happening are not that much.. eh

and thanks for your comment in regard to my story, i appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. :D i was just playing the anonymous stuff cuz I have a lifestyle blog, and you know Kalpak is sexist enough already.

you have a very refreshing n witty blog here,
following you sweets.

Arpit Rastogi said...

Faadu post..

Ek baar to bewkoof bana hi diya..

Pad gayi shanti mujhe bewkoof bana kar??
Apko pata ni.. Arpit Rastogi ko bewkoof banana muskil hi nahi namumkin hai.. Par kabi kabi doston ki khushi ke liye bewkoof bi banna padta hai.. :P

A.T.Raghu Nandan said...

ha ha ha...beautiful! enjoyed laughing myself all alone...u r a hell of a writer...i remember Yann Martel doing the same in his books :-)

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p said...

Tch Tch just when I was thinking 'arre wah Suruchi tho Ambani's ke saat dine karegi iske baad' you were woken up. Wonder where the dream would have progressed to though if you hadn't woken up. Choti bahu ki savari jaati Rashtrapati Bhavan to collect some Bhusan award :P ;) :).

Suruchi said...

Thank you and yes, I love laughing at myself better than letting others do so!;-)

Haha-both of us stuck in wonder land...wonder how wonderful it would be if it all came true:-)

Suruchi said...

Thank you yaar-aap to bas words ka nice little web bana lete ho hamesha and I go awwww...yes, hopefully the day would/should come when I get to say,
“So you are Biky!”

Thank you so much:-)

Suruchi said...

I am sooooooooooooo glad to know you and thank you so much for dropping by-I loved that note and put it up even on my facebook page. It was as though you struck the perfect cord with me for I kind of went through similar emotions once! I hope to see you around and also going now to check you out!
Please write more such posts and guest blog for me anytime if you don’t want to put them up on your lifestyle blog-plsssssssssssss:-)

Thank you so much:-)

Suruchi said...

Haha...kya yaar-that was not the intention..pata nahi kyon sab bol rahe hain-mein to itne achche bachche hoon:-)
So glad you liked it and thank you for always dropping by:-)

@The Dragon,
Yeh lo, Bhushan ka award mein loonge to Bhushan kya
Koi na...let’s dream on-Shahrukh uncle kehte hain kaaynaat phir conspire karege...let’s see;-)

PeeVee™ said...

I wouldn't be surprised at all if this actually happened :D I can just picture the whole scene with a mouth-open family, a guffawing guest, smug you and a bewildered hubby :D

Che, it should have happened :P

sobhit said...

oo ji humne toh celebrty pehle hi bana diya apko,, aap kaha yeh business men ke chakkar mien pade ho.. but kya baat evn d busy bees f d bus"y"ness world r ur fans.. matlab wah.. n aap bhi mauka ni chaddte apni tareef karane ka :P

PS yar apke mr husband toh hefty discount dila denge brands pe fir?? kuch karao yar.. brakns ko pocket friendly banvao 4me :P :P said...

hahahaha ... bandalbaaz :P

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