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01 February, 2009

The Sensory Perceptions

This one comes post my khajuraho hangover...whereby the stimulations and perceptions were awakened and sharpened...It was not just a physical journey but an arousal of the senses-the sight, the words, the hearing, the smell and the touch. If you ask me these five instigations are often as imperative as man’s basic necessity of food, clothing and shelter. For what would we be, if we are not able to grasp the world around and allow it to sink in!

The Enchantment of the Eyes...Our lens to the world...
It is said the first strings of attraction are pulled by the sense of sight. We are drawn to someone or something purely by measure of how appealing he or it ‘seems’ to us. Even in the present times or rather more so in present times... ‘First impression is the last impression’ often holds true (though not so much for me).
When we see someone for the first time...our eyes swallow the image and transfer it to the brain...not as scientifically as it sounds...!
The mind then sends waves to the rest of the body after gauging the worth of the object in sight. And voila! Within split seconds we know if the object in question is sinfully adorable or downright repulsive by the stirring sensation it brings to the rest of our existence. Sight therefore is the first measure of attraction. Something being pleasant to behold suffices generally. If what we see is what we like, then it surely and soon becomes what we pursue too!

But like a dear friend of mine had once commented on one of my blogs...What then about a blind man who cannot enjoy this benefit? Is there no love beating within him or nothing that causes him the rush of blood?

Sight is a gateway, no doubt, but then equally true is the fact that it is not possible to love every good looking thing we behold. And what about loving someone who is just a figment of our imagination but whom we may have never seen...the dream around which so many teenage lives are woven. There has to be a ‘conditions apply’ clause somewhere to this law of temptation. The eyes have it, said Shakespeare...and in the initial stages, we would have to agree with him. For nothing pleases a smitten heart as much as to make the beloved sit before him and gaze on and on and on.

The Encompassing Mouth- To help us take in
This sense organ can have way too many implications than may be humanly possible to dissect and make sense of. The sense of taste or the feel of the mouth or so ever we approach it...remains of prime importance in allowing us to take in pun intended.
Ever felt the taste of something so good that could make you shut your eyes for those brief seconds to savour each mouthful or move those teeth in slow motion to let the flavour linger in the taste buds for as long as we could?
Chocolates do that for me...height of anti climax you would say...but then in this way I realize the complete upliftment such a short exercise may provide... and also make me look forward to developing more such varied tastes that could evoke an almost orgasmic reaction.

Of course with the taste comes the mouth...and what one can do with the lips is like opening the Pandora’s box of troubles...the more you open the lid, the bigger your demands get from this sense organ...
While hands can grope to reach closer to our object of pursuit... the mouth is equally skilled to explore untouched horizons. With every movement made by the lips you discover a hidden facet of your own self and of what you have in the mouth too.
Hence we can never underestimate the worth of this sense...
I once mentioned to my dear friends... ‘’s the best thing that you could do with your mouth’ and a volley of attacks and counter attacks were made on me to thoroughly uproot this wrong premise.
What could I say...I had to take back my words and I now mouth things differently!

The Soothing Sense of Hearing- Pour on...
I had heard somewhere a statement of extreme profundity...words either spoken or written, are meant to conceal more than reveal...
The sense of hearing helps us receive the world but often in a way that the world chooses...They shower us with words that we may like to hear as they soothe the senses or numb the pain...They may also pelt us with words that pierce sharper than needles. What we hear is often just those...words....for here it is required to have an accompaniment of the mind too...for gathering the grains of truth in the heard words...
The ears may be listening to something else while the heart maybe receiving it as another. So many ‘yes’ heard on the surface are perceived as ‘no’ within....often the biggest of love speeches fail to go beyond the ears while just one word of warmth goes deep inside and travels all around.

Often many lives are spent and wasted to hear those three words from their chosen one. Often lives are spent and wasted to shut off the words that taunt, blame or condemn from the chosen ones again.
Along with words come noises...which can jar the peace within.
Along with words come voices...which can render us weak in the knees.
Along with words also comes music...which is the food of life. Had we not had this sense...we had also not ever felt the unmatchable stirrings of music that appeals to us. So for the peace of our and the voice and the words that we pine to hear...may they continue to enthral!

The Captivating Sense of Smell-poke on
Poor under played and estimated...yet could take so many manifestations if rightly played upon.
Ever felt the nudge of the nose of a loved one on the cheeks or playfully down the bends of the shoulders...This one little thing can prove to be as competent as those famous fingers which gorge all the importance. And not just in its physical impact...the sense of smell can compel the body to lose many inhibitions.
A roomful of roses is not just visually a great motivator but also makes you sink in the experience of being in the laps of nature. The signature perfume of individuals is less of a style statement and more of a bid to attract, as the weapon may have been used profitably before to trap unsuspecting victims. Each one of us has our own smell...we all hope for a pleasant one and crave for an irresistible one that could draw our object of pursuit back to it again and again. The right smell can weaken our defences and pull us very beguilingly. However, if at gunpoint I had to pick a sense organ I could sustain without...I’m sorry nosy, I’d have to let you go...coz the other four are just so beyond my capacity to give up on.

The Tingling Touch-The Ultimate Reach Out
Thank god for touch! I mean my existence otherwise would have been quite impossible or grim. I just have to reach out through touch. For me the hug is the supreme expression of embracing each part of another with complete openness. The shiver a right touch can send down your spine is incomparable.
The holding of hands of lovers remains the eternal love expression. The clasping of the face at the time of that perfect kiss or the light touch of the back by your man as he introduces you to the rest of the little short of euphoria.
Like for the blind man referred to above...his only solace is to take his fingers all around the face of his loved one, gently and slowly forming a mind picture beyond just imagination. In the complete darkness of the silent night, when the eyes cannot see and the nose cannot smell or the ears are shut to words and the mouth is just breathing well can just the touch then take you to the heights of rapture and fill every pore with a jubilation.
Intimacy that takes a relation a step further can only be achieved through the right usage of touch and feel.

While all of these remain at work to provide us with a visual and sensory ecstasy...the mind must be given its due for formulating these feelings into emotions...for receiving such notions without logic...for letting us be natural for a change, just as nature wanted us to be.
For not letting interpretations and translations intervene in our paths.
Also for letting us take the right action ahead to transmit and materialize these perceptions into a beautiful reality. Like it is said...there may not be a destination...but the journey is bloody damn good!


amit chaudhary said...

it leaves the eyes,ears,nose,mouth n skin wide open..
sensed that frm the begning

Anonymous said...

hmmm....causes the senses to fumble for more:)

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