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22 February, 2009

Are we really as complex as we make ourselves to look?

Some people take the cake when it comes to being difficult to be understood...hey not just the cake honey, but the cherry and icing on it too...yup they lick it clean!
And all you are doing when you behold such a sight is to look flabbergasted and with a gaping mouth and a flustered brain, racking it hard but coming up with no brilliant conclusions.

Why are some people so difficult to fathom?
Can human nature actually be so complex despite the fact that how many moulds could the Almighty may possibly have?
I don’t know if I am fortunate or otherwise...but in my short life span (come on yaar, I’m not that old...just ventured into my third decade on the planet) I have come across many such characters.

Although I generally have personality slots for whomever I meet...these handful of human specimens refuse to be classified.
At one moment they allow me to come to a positive and prophet-like assumption about them...and lo! The very next...I perceive the devil with horns moonlighting within too...
They have the gumption to sweep you off your feet with their warmth and also the balls to give you the coldest shoulder possible.
Through words they show one trait and in action the contrary and soon switch gears again.
They have no lines of conformity, no bounds of expected behaviour and no qualms about leaving people in perpetual state of bafflement and scratching their heads in disdain. Rather they thrive on it!

So I wonder what the driving force behind this oxymoron-ish behaviour is.
Are people really as unpredictable as the shooting star striking by or are we less meticulous in noticing their orbits? Is this just another form of a game being played or genuinely a personality disorder and a scream for attention?

One possible reason could be a confused lack of realization of self identity. Such people are unaware of what they really want and hence scatter in all possible directions probing their way onto a goal. They do things without thinking and then look for ways to justify it. They are good at articulation and stubbornly stuck up on their view points and so would argue their galls out until you accept defeat and allow them to gobble the glory. However, deep down they themselves don’t know why they confirm to a particular stand. They randomly pick up values and beliefs and convince themselves of it being the ultimate truth and ferociously stick to it.

Another plausible explanation may be the fascination with the idea of playing games, like most people anyways do. Through experience and otherwise, they have realized that what is mysterious would always be alluring. Hence, they like to keep themselves in that state of enigmatic aura. They closely guard their space and hence behave erratically when someone tries to venture a step into that. Deep down they feel the emotion but are scared to allow it to surface conspicuously because of the age old beliefs that might associate it with a tad bit of weakness. They pretend or put on smokescreens and go over the top and then suddenly plummet. So while we get a glimpse of humane feelings every now and then....they are quick to hide it, in case they notice you observing it too keenly.
They live the life of a jig saw puzzle refusing to give up because the thrill then is gone, when the game is over.

For such as do exist, it is like a conquest to be not understood. It is a way to redeem themselves from chances of getting hurt. It is a way of remaining in the child-like state that allows one to live in dreams and clean of brutal realities. It is a way of saving themselves from being hurt.
If someone begins to reach upon some kind of inferences about them...all their warning signals become super active and prompt them immediately into an unpredictable behaviour mode. They crave for true intimacy and are also afraid when getting too much of it, fearing the possibility of it being lost or switching to a state of being temporary.

What they need is empathy and not sympathy.
What is actually happening in that mind no one knows?
But then perseverance becomes the key stick around till all the games are over and till subconsciously they pass you through their set of trials and tribulations...before letting you enter their space. Can such people be trusted? Of course they can...they have been in the higher state of battling with themselves and know how sweet a conquest is. However, once within you would have to find your way my friend through the deep alleys and over darkened ways. The journey may not be easy, but the destination would be quite a find for sure!

1 comment:

harshit said...

there is 1 more possible xplanation to the motive to those complex things...i.e if a
person comes up with a very complex sentence (he might have an objective here) for those
of you who may not know...a human brain when comes accross complexities tends to looks
for solutions in its subconcious mind ...unknowingly stepping into a trance.. from where
if carefully worked upon ...beleive it or not.. a person can be hypnotised !!!

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