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13 June, 2011

Sex and a whole lot like that!

These are just some baap of random thoughts/observations concerning/alluding to sex or lack/need/desire/madness of it and a whole lot like that kinda topics!
So bachcha log, please don’t read this and if you must then please don’t blame me later for not giving you spice enough!

  •         I often share posts of bloggers I like on my Facebook page and generally my friends log do read trusting my taste and instincts god help and bless them all. However, when recently I put up a link to a post entitled ‘porn nights’ there were more “likes” and comments than ever before hmmmmmm...acha ji-wink, wink, even though ironically there wasn’t any actual porn or even a whiff of it anywhere. Just the title was enough to generate curiosity and thereby clicks. Even my own most famous posts have been those with double meanings and hints of titillation do you sniff some inane pride there? so much that I have to physically stop my dainty right hand with my super dainty left hand, from typing more of just that stuff. Pooooooint is-sex sells!

  •            Like it or not, believe it or not, we are a bunch of sex starved voyeuristic lot no matter how many times we rattle the bed post in the cosy confines of our homes. We by which I am generalizing and in no way stating my personal preferences get thrilled still by watching hot lip-locks on screen or hearing about whose wife was caught in bed with whom. Complete crass shows like Big Boss, evoke such mass interest because the public is waiting with bated breath to hear someone abuse another in unfathomable terms or falter from the moralistic path into a fling. A hot item number ensures saleability of music and the movie no matter how crappy the content is. Katrina and John Abrahim still rule vast dingy corners of human imagination though they can ‘not-act’ the pants off anyone. Rahul Gandhi never mind masses calling him baba...he can be many’s baby;-) is the preferred politician among the youth for he is relatively sexier looking than the rest of the one-foot-in-grave or mouth-drenched-in-tobacco lot alright, maybe I am speaking for myself here, but isn’t he really?

  •            Recently a dear friend of mine was very annoyed when he went to his bank for his usual dealings. Upon questioning why, he said that they had changed his Relationship Manager to a GUY and that was most disagreeable for him, as from the last twenty years of his ‘relationship’ with the bank, he had pretty and even passable, marginally pretty females, more ready to oblige than otherwise for business of course. Another dear friend of mine does not like female instructors at the gym for she feels they do not have the understanding of the body as a male instructor does. And in my many years of discerning people and their drift, I know better than to ask them to explain their weird surmise.

  •             Why, sexier people do have greater chances of being hired than the ordinary dorks! And sometimes greater chances of being fired too. In my quest for maids came a damsel of a regular height and standard weight, except the top half of her body, just below the neck was inexplicably super bestowed, accentuated more hideously by the clingy kurta that she wore. So while I spoke to her, despite all my normal tendencies, please don’t raise that I still need to convince the masses of THAT? I would inevitably find my eyes juxtaposed to those humungous things that would be called breasts in normal human understanding. My god, I was wondering, did she accidently take in those injections that is rumoured to be used on mini watermelons to make them ripen into the most giant ones on the shelves in a day? And I said ‘no thank you, I don’t want you toppling over with my daughter just because the 2/3rd of your top half might not be able to handle the rest of the 1/3rd of the weight below’.

  •            It also is true that whatever we try to smother emerges out more strongly than ever. Tell your teenage daughter to stay away from boys and surely she’d be adventurous enough to commence on that very path to know ‘why’.  Create a hullaballoo about hot scenes in a movie and indisputably it would have more than the regular takers, wanting to satiate some urge or the other, if not just the curious one. Like I remember how a whole bunch of us friends and even many other ‘selective movie goers’ also, thronged the theatres for the movie Love, Sex and Dhokha although it boasted of no star cast or anything else, except what the title sheepishly hinted at. Neha Dhupia would forever be remembered, not for any movie that she was a part of, but for a simple quote she made, “Only Shahrukh and sex sells in Indian movies!”

  •            Most boys do not begin as “men” unless circumstances make them promiscuous. This I realised post my blog article on ‘My Understanding of Men and Women’ where men have been cruelly stereotyped as solely driven by their libido I am sorry, please don’t take a morcha against me to ban me or something, I do love your specie at the end of the day. There a dear blogger Anshul remarked that he did not find many traces of himself or perhaps he just had to grow up to be a “man”. Bless you for being such a nice munda, bringing hope for my despairing sisterhood not yours obviously. Like always Anshul, even your comments give me food for thought; forget about your posts which are like a sinful banquet by those standards.
         Anyways, I then realised that although most men would say that there is    no man who does not have sex on his mind in his relation with a woman, I almost began to beg to differ. There are still boys who want to fall in love with one girl whom they’d eventually settle down with, dream of eternal love and bed hopping is just not their game though this variety is under a serious threat of extinction and such specimens are already declared as endangered species, fiercely guarded by the owners like Kohinoor Heeras. It’s easier to find tiger’s milk than them! Or perhaps, they are yet to become men- these tendencies surface even in the boy next door, more so in the middle ages, as a cynically wise dear friend says, when you realise that you gave up the best part of your twenties believing in ideals like those of teenage girls-even the teenage girls don’t think like that anymore, he says. 

  •             Recent cases of celeb infidelities have made headlines everywhere. People scrunch their noses in disdain at the Strauss-Kahn saga, from Tiger Woods okay, his tally more than anything else makes him so outrageous to Ryan Giggs and Gordon Ramsay. Actors like Charlie Sheen and Hugh Grant have ruled the roost more so with their sexual escapades. While I am in no way defending polygamy, I do sometimes feel how difficult it must be in show biz to continue tightening your leash around the flimsy slippery corners of conscience. It is okay for us lesser mortals to sit comfy in our not-so-glamorous or powerful arenas we don’t have to bear faces of a Hrithik or a Kareena, within breathing distance every day, crooning love lullaby to us and then test our god damn moralities We just have to raise an accusing finger at those who reach unfathomable heights through the sheer beauty of their countenances and body or swoon-worthy talent. It is so pleasurable to pick faults in others whereby you make an assertion of a lack of them in you, without having to say it in so many words.

I mean come on, if I were a Bill Clinton and sexy females thronging me would flirt and make passes, I would be too abnormally human to let it pass without retorting suitably back, especially after the world known established fact of my gift of gab. And no one counts the 101 times he may have resisted but the one time he could not dodge no puns intended he was crucified. Sometimes it becomes difficult to realise when the blurring lines of harmless flirting have crossed over. So before we burn their effigies, let us at least put ourselves in their shoes oh how we’d love that, won’t we?

Ranbir Kapoor is accused of being philandering. Hell! When women like Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif and the recent bevy of beauties associated with the Casanova, cling on him or they spend days and nights in locales that only the dreamiest of fairy tales could boast of, it should not really come as a surprise with his kind of charm. I don’t know how Sachin Tendulkar and Shahrukh have managed to not create such headlines but then do we really know the truth always?

Ordinary mortals attached to their families and living in a closer knit set ups have really no excuse to stray but the stars...they are stars after all, beyond reach and part of their appeal is the hype around them!
All I am saying here is that you can’t beat the drums about being loyal and moral till your morality has been suitably tested by something which is difficult to resist. When Vishwamitra can give in, the rest of the men are also only humans!
  •          While I am not being judgemental in the above cases, I would really like to jump the bandwagon in another one. In this age of internet relationships, it is easy getting hooked and easier still is assuring privacy with a person even though it may not be “touch”-phone like easy physical. While there may be chat rooms and the likes catering to such needs of individuals, it is sad how the youth is prone to blind faith or stupid thrill of exchanging nude pictures of themselves, with such non-chalance. I try to keep an open mind in most cases and think from the other’s point of view before being driven to conclusions yet I do believe that here one needs to be a whole lot more cautious of what is sacredly hers even after trusting the other to the point of obsession.

The younger lot are more confused than ever about their own preferences and loyalty because in relationships like these, they give too much of themselves too soon and then are extremely disillusioned if it does not work out. Sexual experimentation is worse when you are ignorant of the real world and worst still if you are on the internet, speaking from a girl’s point of view. From a man’s side-How can you let go of the belief in your loyal streaks because of a couple of failed internet relationships and convince yourself that you might not have it in you to not stray and thereby stray with the most guiltless of conscience?  

Enough! So much of sex talk is making me sexy oh how I wish it was THAT easy!
So until next time when I make more sense...stay sexy! :-)


Bikramjit said...

well you are true in that basically we are animals and if you look at the animal world , sex is not a big thing but in mankind and all th social things i do believe that we are sex starved :)

and the programs you mentioned Have seen none of them maybe a episode here or two but they dont do anything for me SORRY :)

hmmm sexier people getting the jobs well thats true.. rememeber the neighbour ahmm ahmm well even she got the JOB :) he he he he

I did raise that eyebrow when talking to the MAID.. I hope you did not give her the job.. he he he yeah good job... what a pallava it would have been had she toppled over by the way any chance you can hire a few part time then maybe I can come and visit you especially when you are at work .. HA HA HA HA AH.. shhhhhhhh

YEah I must agree there are still boys who think one women .. the reason is I think is girls have taken over that part of BEd hopping .. sorry do i sound sexist here ..

What makes me mad is why are we so influenced wit hthe celebrities.. we know about them because they are in limelight but what common person's do Ah well thats a entire different Ball game.. you jsut got to read my pocket notebook to see what crap happen.. (pocket notebook is what we have to maintain for Each shift, each minute of work)...

you are right do we know the truth always, what heppens behind closed doors is seldom known ...

The tounger lot are confused cause now amongst everything knowing about One's own sexual preference has also come up.. I dont want to sound naive but when i was a young boy GAY was not even thought of.. if you know what i mean .. the first time i heard was when i was in college and then too the guy was thrown out of the canteen and what not ...

oh man I guess the sex article is making me write more and more adn more.. SEE the difference in previous comments and on this one he he he he he ...

Always a pleasure reading ur artciles makes me smile tooo ..


Nikita said...


maithili said...

woooahh! This was an interesting read..IT wasn't something different but the way you presented with hints of humor was something to be applauded! Yes the youth need to be aware of not giving oneself too much too early ..reality strikes hard when things don't work!
Anshul is the mast munda on blogger I agree!

Sex is always the hot topic and in a way the whole world is after it or revolves around it..

Rachit said...

hehe interesting :) And, I remember those days when that silly outrageous remark of Neha Dhupia created a hysteria.

Hey review my latest blog News not Making news @

Nice read :)

Anonymous said...

Not sure about some of the points you were trying to make in this post , suruchi. Are you trying to say that it's alright for celebrities to be infidel because of more temptation and adulation ? Nicely written post but some of the points you were trying to raise are ambiguous. Whats with the part of boys becoming men first ...Pls decode.

shikha said...

as always,superbly written.and so true...just that we dont like to discuss these thoughts.
u r wasted suruchi arora :-)

sulagna ™ said...

such a sexy post Su !! i agree on almost every word you wrote !!
:) :) :)

☆ Rià ღ said...

loved reading it...and u r so true!! And about staying sexy, we'll. :)

Alka Gurha said...

No doubt SEX sells. Even a hint of it. My post titled, Under Indian Beds got maximum page views though it was not about what happens on the bed.
When its tough to restrain from writing about what sells I can very well imagine the plight of powerful men who have to resist women throwing at them.
One thing is sure, men will love you for understanding their point of view..
A very honest post, as always. Surucee...You should write for magazines and papers. Very pro.Muah!

PG said...

That was hilarIous ! Enjoyable read. Pls read my blog as well and comment on it.

A said...

Oh My God. Thesis !!!!

Well sex sells in all countries. I agree on most parts. Also I want to add that some men like to speak with some females because of females' intelligence and without thinking about sex. You may or may not agree but that is true.

Tanvi said...

So So So So So True... You had me nodding in agreement in every 2 seconds! :P

♥ from ©

buckingfastard said...

wen a person starts referring youth as a third person...she has crossed over to the other side...amen!!

if u say youth are sex starved...i will take the opportunity to generalize it...mankind is sex starved...once a person has the luxury to not worry abt food, clothes and shelter...the bedroom beckons him...

it is also the same logic that makes me more irritated wen i get product ad calls on my cell from male representatives den female...means who wants to listen a guy explaining to me the utility of life insurance..huh!!

but still dat doesnt explains infidelity...if one has a high libido..get into an open relationship and get dirty...does not justifies cheating someone of his/her trust

and btw...if anytime i plan to settle in kanpur...refer that rejected maid to me...ur help will be appreciated

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I remember a blogger lady who narrated how she opted for a certain bank just because the one who had come to give that presentation, or rather canvassing session was a handsome man and she, along with many other innocent first timers gave into the temptation that He'd be their link with the bank. Much to their disappointment, the guy was never meant for that, and the bank? well, they changed it very soon.

It is really great to be acknowledged by a prolific blogger like none other than Suruchi, but madam, trust me, you write beautifully.

About Amul baby, well, if Indian politics could have a few more good looking young single men, a fair share of the fairer sex would go out there to vote. Similar could be the case if likes of Rajneeti's Katrina (just for example) would contest elections than beauty pageants.
Modern youth is misguided for sure, or rather unguided as most parents tend to take a sage like view with maun vrat when it comes to relationships and things like relationships are better explained in theory first than poking a hornets nest with naked fingers.

This might be getting long, so I think I will stop. Plus, I am forgetting points now. :D
Awesome read.

Blasphemous Aesthete

el_idioto said...

hate to discount most of your theory but sex doesn't sell always.

the unknown is the exciting one. that's y things sell. sex is just as exciting as aliens... heck alien sex will be the most exciting thing ever.

the whole hoopla is actually a causal effect of the inherent human nature of need to know anything and everything. That's y the first sex tape is exciting for all but when the same actress makes a second one, ho-hum exciting aka Pamela Anderson.

Jack said...


Today's scenario well narrated. Like one is honest till opportunity of corruption is available. Same goes for sex too. So those who wish to remain loyal need to avoid such opportunities. 100 times one may be strong not to give in to such temptation but only 1 slip up condemns that person. So true. Factual post.

Take care

Pythoroshan said...

My type prefer to be called a Swarowski diamond rather than A Kohinoor heera... the latter sounds suspiciously similar to a girl in this seedy dance bar I visi.. I mean this girl in the orphanage where i donate gazillions of dollars and feed the hungry.

suruchi said...

Hi Biky,
Yeh lo...abhi MAID ki liye senti ho gaye aap to;-)
And you are right when you say that girls have taken over the bed hopping madness...what’s happening around is seriously sad...certain things should NOT be so casual:/

And would love to see that pocket notebook of yours...who knows, wahin se kitne blog ideas nikal jaayenge!
And so cute to know about the gay idea at was a happy naive world that we lived in...sigh!

Thank you for always reading me:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Nikita,

Hello Maithili,
Thank you for agreeing with me and yes, Anshul your market value is rocketing...see, two of us just here:-)

Hi Rachit,
Neha Dhupia n her only claim to fame!
Will check you soon:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Anonymous,
I shall do all the decoding once you come out of the closet...
Otherwise thank you very much for reading:-)

Hi Shikhu,
I am not wasted Shikha, I am just a waste:-)Thank you for always encouraging me beyond words:-)

Hi Su n Ria,
Thank you!:-)

suruchi said...

Hellooooooo Alks,
You know the celeb take in my post was inspired by your blog post a couple of weeks back on the same issue...
You do for my general awareness what newspaper does for ordinary mortals:-)
If we try to understand the other’s point of view and why someone is doing what he is doing..we would probably be a happier lot:-)


suruchi said...

Hi PG,
Thank you:-)

Hi A,
I like doing thesis...jab tak baal ki khaal na ukhad lo, maza nahi aata;-)
And thank god for men who like women with intelligence, warna mera kya hota?;-)

Hey Tanvi,

suruchi said...

Hi BF,
This post marks the return of my Bf:-)yiy yiy yiy
And when a person starts referring to youth as a third person, it is because she is smartly trying to make the point that she is not a part of their stated activities...and fence to apne hi banaye hue hain...she can cross back whenever she wants to:P

And blasted me for explaining infidelity in such a way that I am almost agreeing to you more than what I have written there...Damn, love is blind!;-)

And if any time you are planning to settle in Kanpur, I would have to first nicely inspect you to pass on the reject...kisse bechare ki zindagi ka sawaal hain!:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Anshul,
Seeeeee...human nature!:-)
And “prolific writer” n all, eh?*swooning*
Thank you*blushing*
See, the I scratch your back and you scratch mine works..hehe...just kidding, but while we are at feels gooooooooooood:-)

And yes, please get more good looking and good acting(as in good at actions too) people in politics:-)
And I like the “awesome read”...that’s a drift from “nice read”
Yiy, yiy, yiy:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Rishi,
Please don’t hate to discount my theories, I wait for someone to do that honestly:-)
Alien sex, but....?????????

And the need to know anything and everything...yes, I know THAT very well now:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Uncle Jack,
Exactly...honest till opportunity of corruption is available is a synonymous situation na:-)
1 slip and you tumble down for ever from the pinnacle...sad but true
Thank take care too:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Roshan,
Haha...I know Kohinoor visited me the other day and asked me how Roshan bhaiyya was doing?
She said ke the orphanage girls are waiting with bated breath to catch a glimpse of him’ve been missing there post your shaadi...

And Swarowski diamond says, “heera hain sada ki liye”

Anonymous said...

Personally , I feel to say that all men have sex on their minds is a cliche. i think as many men have sex on their mind as ..women! It really is v individual ...and not restricted to men in general. as for sex being a major selling point , it is true but I do think in this day and age where everybody has so much access to pornography as well as free sex , it has become demystified atleast in metros. Whatever you are saying is more relevant for smaller cities.
Just my opinion !

suruchi said...

Hi Anon,
I think Metros make up for just 4-5 big shots in the country....and the rest of he country space is taken up by small cities:-)

Of course it is individual..there is for a reason that they say, "Exceptions are always there":-)

pRasad said...

I second your views :)

Someone has said- Man is either Hungry, Horny or Sleepy..How true is that..:)

Those days are not too far when getting physical out of married relationship will no longer be taboo.. Almost all men do it..but I have seen even women doing it nwdays..
Everyone says women have stronger sexual urge than men..then why is it always a man who takes initiative?..

suruchi said...

Hi pRasad,
I sooooooooooo loved what "someone" said in your comment that it went straight to my facebook status n what fun we had with it:-)

Getting physical out of marriage is almost becoming a commonplace thing thanks to the influence of the West and opening up of our own cultures. How far it is right depends upon the motives of it-someone suffering at home front due to an unbearable spouse, should seek at least solace outside...n someone doing so just for fun, should be seriously dealt with!

Men take initiative to fan the instincts of women engrained through ages of wanting to be seen as desirable..I guess!:-)

Fatima said...

First off what I would like to say've got a wonderful blog and I'm in love with it...gonna be a regular reader here..maybe more coz it has more reality attached to it than most of the blogs :)

About the post...yep the title was gripping and it compelled me to comment on this one first than the current blog post! It's true sex sells and its seen everywhere...its not just confined to the job sector or hi-5 people it has its roots deep embedded in even in the college and school sector, its just a common scenario everywhere. And the saddest of all is people encourage it rather than limiting it...All I'm trying to say is the right talk should be the focus...

I remember some 5-6 days back I had a conversation with a friend, when she suddenly said she's single..I was shocked coz as far as I remember she said she was serious...and the reason for break up ws her bf wanted to get physical..doh! what I don't get is when you din have problem kissing him and et al. why problem with just 1 step ahead??..I mean its down right weird according to me...and there you go on telling people you're not mature if you don't have a bf/gf...has love vanished ??

ermm...I'm not gonna comment more coz if I do, it'll really be a long one dissecting each and every point by you...

Anyways I liked it..hope you visit my review it and gimme your views, you're quite a good writer :)

Take Care.

SUB said...

should i say... sexy post? hilarious...

True, we are sexual beings...


Vikrant said...

wow, you write so well :) cool, keeeep it up ...;) I mean writing ok

Vikrant said...

wow, you write so well .. nice ones. Keep it up Su ... I mean the writings ;)

cliff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
suruchi said...

Thank you girl...that was a wonderful comment!
Long comments make my day for they show I am not the only one who believes in using too many words in expressing all I have to say:-)

Love is known and realized in a very limited way and as it suits our convenience!
Thanks again:-)

So much fun na when we club something sexy with hilarious?;-)

Thanks a bunch...though I am wondering what else could I keep UP by myself anyways:-)

Varun Punjabi said...

well i think sex is just sex,people talking about it jus makes it less sexy imagine a guy talking about kissing before auctually kissing in that spontanios magical moment he goes like u know blah blah blah STOP TALKING START DOING!! - message in refrence to public interest.

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