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14 June, 2010

The Tumbling Awards Gala-Part 2

Moving on to the next segments...
Ladies n gentleman,
goes to:
Persis @Miles Of Style
Tamanna @Frenchleave
Cathy @Ramblings of an ever changing mind
Dusk @The Dusk Zone

Pavitra with her Deafening Silence, for her
super true takes on life n awesome poetry. You make me travel on the philosophical path and make the journey so not-boring!

Gorgeous Persis and luscious Tamanna...
I so would like to see “you” Persis...but till then your amazing sense of aesthetics, would keep me glued to you!
Tamanna, I still need to know you more...but whatever I see, I likey likey...Keep it stylish! :-)

The Wild Wicked Witch...My sweetest are the first foreigner friend that I made through this medium. You so naturally and quietly enter into hearts that before we know, you are already there for good! In so many of your posts, my heart went out to you and in so many others you brought in the sunshine! You are an inspiration of how a woman should be in a man’s world...and you shall continue to be!

The unbelievable show stopper Dusk
You are one fashion blogger, I can’t get enough of!
Your pictures are like a riot of colours, a festival of fashion and a masterpiece of style! You make the unthinkable, possible!
You web a world of great write ups interceded with pictures and it is difficult to gauge whether your words are more impressive or your impeccable beauty. You are the true diva and so very generous to always take out time to comment whole heartedly on my madness!
A treat to the surely are! I wish I was as stunning as you!

recipients are:
Please welcome with open arms:
Cinderella @Intelligensia
Madhu @Careless Whispers.
Vagabond @in-between
Hopeless Romantic @Love Is Always New

Dear out-of-the-box n a true inspiration Cinderella...
Someone whom I looked at with awe when I some super duper witty goddess...Today she’s a cute buddy but the awe continues in frequent outbursts. How can one girl look drop dead gorgeous, write mature poetry and yet share with equal humour my madness on boobs n butt n everything else! You are a learning experience just by being in the vicinity!

My Kumb mela sis, Mady, with all her honesty and integrity...
She thinks like a man*as I do too* and can make a whole lot of sense in few words*which would not suffice even for MY introductions*.
You and I are so strangely similar...that the connect would forever be! Your posts are always refreshing...never repetetive...and bring out you in them all! So what say sis...let’s rule the world!

...for bringing the depth of simple lines that touch the heart...for truly creating an impact by the fact that one so young has a mind full of wisdom and sense...for all the magical music that she brings to her readers...for her Hindi poetry that strikes a chord with me despite growing up with no exposure to such wonderful kavitayein! I like you so much for your attitude... “This is how I am...take it or leave it!” I’d take you any day! :-)

Hopeless Romanti
c...for all the mush that you sprayed in the environment and also for mad, in-your-face takes that only you can make! It is difficult to say why I like you so much...maybe because you are brutally honest...what’s in your mind is in your writing. You aren’t wanting to please anyone...You are whacky yet are strong yet culminate the best of many worlds!

And now, please join your hands with an applause for
going to:
Amn @The Mush Room
Hary @cartoonists
Smrithi @Vintage Obsession

The whacky yet grounded Mushroom that has Amn, who is a face to reckon in any crowd...simple in his writings, sometimes wanting to change the world when frustrated with confusions of life...
So adorable! Thank you for being around!

Hary, for all his super Southern touch of humour...for being great with one liners and definitions...for his detailed take and analysis of people around him...I so enjoy reading you for your simple and sometimes laugh out loud kinda humour!

The thorough gentleman at Tonight’s Entertainment,
Malpani is one of the nicest boys on the block.
His blogs are vocal n yet restrained! I somehow feel you are too nice to ever hurt anyone. I so look forward to your reviews for generally our choices match!
And when you go down the philosophical lines, you leave little choice for me but to applaud and agree with you!

The very Vintage Obsession of sultry siren Smrithi
Smrithi makes fashion seem easy...her do-it-yourselves are to die for! She makes you believe that style can be cultivated and can come as easy as ABC. You seem so natural and with true poise in your pictures that one can’t help but admire your confidence and panache!
Way to go girl!

I know it is difficult to wait for more...
But there’s still one more part to go!
Some more bloggers I adore...
Some more appreciation from my heart’s core!

(To be continued...)


Cinderella said...


I go MIA and this is what you're upto ?! I read all your posts that I'd missed and honey trust me this is a gr8 act of unusual female humility you have been doing.

And one more secret, the awards part one post I was looking for my name all thru the post, I went thru the post like twice trying to get a dekko somewhere my name would Talk about narcissism!

Thanks a ton for your kind kind words babe. I am honored. Big time.

And hey, I didn't know I was drop dead gorgeous!! *blush blush*

Pavitra .... said...

Thank you so much sweetie! :D

Vagabond said...

thanks a ton!
that is my FIRST AWARD!!!
how can you be so sweet!!!

i almost have diabetes now =P

love ya!

Vagabond said...

p.s. it is a pleasant surprise. i wasn't expecting it =P

suruchi said...

Hellow Cindy,
You did not know you were drop dead gorgeous????????*looks at the screen again...rubs eyes...opens eye balls bigger to check if she is still seeing this statement*
Then you madam are not spending enough time with Mr. Mirror!
Even the mirror must be wondering why you are MIA!;-)

N narcissism is good...somehow it suits us people more than anything material ever can! What the heck...if we can’t love would we love anyone else?

So keep loving your lovely blogging history owes a lot of maturity to you!:-)

suruchi said...

Pavitra darling...
Hugs that’s being gracious...
Awards n rewards to koi bhi de dega...
Yeh jadoo ke jhappi is for keeps n forever!

suruchi said...

Hey VB...
How can I be so sweet is the same thing as me asking how can you be so awesome!
Thank god for Weirdo Guy where I spotted you with your witty comments and the rest as they say is history*well, not THAT history...but some history alrite ;)*

And please don’t say you were not expecting it. The entire jury was super biased on your name...
The awards give away would have been incomplete without you!
Love you too,
Keep smiling, you look OMG so pretty when you do so!

P.S. I am complaints-free...try me;-)

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Awww you're so kind, Suruchi!! :) I think you have a wonderful blog here and receiving this award from YOU means a loooott!! :) I would really love for you to check my other blog out which is's more about writing and kinds and not much about what you see on Frenchleave. I usually keep that blog hidden in my blogger profile because I kind of want people to really really read it and not just skim through and say "Lovely post!" you know! If you read it, I'll be amazed!! :)

I'm in the middle of a major exam preps so I'm not very good at communicating right now but trust me once I'm done with it, I'll write to you and we are definitely meeting up when I get to India next!! Till then, love you!! And thanks again!!:)

Madhu said...

YIY! i get one award..super cool..thankie..
well yeah we shud have been actual siblings.We would have ruined..err ruled the world togther..And yes i do have mixed gender emotions..not all understand it..

thanks again..

love ya..:)

Cinderella said...

And my desire of writing more of humor owes to you! Wanna write more funny stuff I used to write so much of humor before.

Go thru my humor labelled posts when you have time. I am guessing, going by knowing your awesome taste for humor you will like it ! :P :P :P

Vinita Kohli said...

And who says there is a dearth of good writers!!! I am introduced to such talented ones through your blog!!!Thanks a ton, Suruchi!

suruchi said...

Hi Tamanna, write serious stuff too...How come it skipped my notice?
Well, the fashion blog with all that it has to offer, kinda takes the focus!

Sure thing honey, would check the other blog space too soon! Thanks for the praise and all the best for the exam preps...meeting for sure whenever India gets a chance to have you!
Till then stay stylish and smiling:-)

suruchi said...

Heyya Mady,
Yiyee got an award!
You truly are lovely and a mind blowing writer...I am so glad to have a sis like ya...always wanted to have a sister...and you make me feel kicked about this!

And three cheers to understanding the mixed gender emotions thing!
Phew! Finally someone is as mad as I am;-)

No thanks yaar...completely my pleasure:-)

suruchi said...

Hey Cin.
You are a laugh riot when you write funny stuff...
I mean more than the situations*which can be hilarious also*I enjoy your use of language n words and the way you hit below the belt but do it so charmingly;-)

I do need to read some of your previous posts..if only I would get more time...

Someday soon! Pucca...
Hugs n always:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Vinita Mami...
There is absolutely no dearth...
And on a dull day just walking through or along with these amazing people’s does not seem such a drab at all!
You are most welcome!

A good read should always be shared:-)
Thank you for taking this seriously enough:-)

Vagabond said...

oh please tell me who the jury was =P
ill make sure that keep them safe.
and "try me" sounded oh well so...ahem...erm =P
thanks for the compliments. =P

suruchi said...

The jury consisted of three people VB...
I, me and myself...
And all the three buggers are biased when it comes to you...
So it was a clean sweep;-)

And "try me" sounded just like you think it did*damn...I need to remember the gender discrimination next time when I use that one;-)*

Dusk said...

You are such a beautiful generous wondrous being.
...I really don't know what to say... I am so humbled by your words... by the way, your "madness"? You say tomato, we see genius. Your tumbling thoughts rock and roll and blow us away! I think of your writing as a voluptuous, undulating wave of lyrical wit!

Thank you so much for the award and mujhe maaf kar dijiye... I may not be making sense right now as it is after 1am and I am typing with one eye open but I just HAD to comment!


Amnn.......//1! said...

u definately r the next shobha de n arundhiti roy is boring
n u wirte better than chetan bhagat ,,,!!tat is if u ever come up with a whole novel which i sincerely ask u to so,,get on it right now !!!

so now do i get promoted ?//
thank u thnk u ..1!!!

Prithwish....... said...

Awww my dear...

thank you so much..u made my day dear...:)

suruchi said...

Award 2:
Hey Dusk...
You know I feel like giving you a big hug that says “” although I am the younger one here...
But that’s how you are so huggable and wonderful!
Stop praising me coz then I’d get on my why-I think-Dusk-is amazing trip and then there’s no stopping me!

It’s a pleasure being communicative with you!
God bless you with all the joys...and please rub some strikingly beautiful or awesomeness quotient while you are here on me too;-)

suruchi said...

Hey Amnn..
Wow...I write better than Chetan Bhagat...yiyee yiyee yiyee*for I personally liked The Two States-at least the first 100 pages of it, after which I couldn’t read more:/*

Yes sir...You get promoted...
Wait for the next year’s awards, that would be bigger n brighter n you’d be a shining star just as you are:-)
*can I now see that seemingly dirty post that I cannot open on your page?;-)*

suruchi said...


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