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14 June, 2010

The Grand Finale of The Tumbling Awards-Part 3!

Welcome back to the final part of the Tri-series of The Tumbling Thoughts Awards night! Did I mention you all look gorgeous in your beautiful attires?*making it sound like the Oscars or should it be the Booker...we truly deserve it yaar!*

So the wait would finally be over now:
Moving on to the next category...

And the recipients are:
Tanvii @The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich and Infamous
Shayon @Shayon's Labyrinth
Nads @Desi - Pardesi
Lena @The Colors Magazine

The hot girl next door Tanvii...She is what every girl dreams to n pretty and a head turner with simplicity!
She could be a great writer, a superb model but for the fact that her fashion sense deserves to be show cased just as well!
She is witty n pretty...and they don’t make many of those anymore! What’s more she’s so super humble and friendly that you wouldn’t think you are talking to a fashionista!
You rock in all you do and how you do it!

Sweet Shayon...When I first saw your picture on my comment, I thought you were like a mean biker types with loads of attitude! N then I saw your shirtless pictures and the cute chubby cheeks ones in later posts and soon OMG you made a space in my heart! You are so good with me and a have a superb knack of making everyday mundane things into readable n interesting stuff! So get your cute ass back to writing and also to giving long comments on my posts*we have to show the world that I am not the only one with a “long” fetish ;-)*

Nico baby for being just that...the most adorable baby whom I would love to cuddle! She uses these cute little Hindi liners in between her posts that bring out her vibrant personality. Thanks to her I have begun to feel mushy about Ranbir Kapoor*okay...not AS mushy as relax I am no threat;-)* You are a doll and someday would make us all very proud to know you...I have a gut feeling about it:-)

Lena and her Colours Magazine...if there is one blog that is so well organized and would cater to anything and everything that a reader may want...Colours Magazine is THE place to be!
With so many competitions and getting interactive with feels like a one stop guide to it all and a place where you can sit back and relax!

The next in line are two witty heads for

And it goes to:
Blunt Edges @Blunt Edges
Weirdo Guy @Rants and Raves

Dear, dear Blunts, always at the edge of fun and exuberating life...
I think I shall go to my grave in trying to know the names of some of my alias bloggers...but don’t you think you’d get rid of prepared to see me from the grave, in a white sari with a lantern*okay, we’ll make it a torch for modernity’s sake...the oil may drip n spoil my white dress and there might not even be a laundry in hell!*
Someday I’d know and perhaps then tell you how wonderfully cute you are on your page...the nice little witty porny insights into a totally fun existence...hell, I even envy you!

Weirdo Guy
...Now what do I say about someone who makes me laugh like there’s no tomorrow or laugh as though I have to fulfil this onus thrust on my not-so-tiny shoulders on behalf of the whole god damn world?
Anyywaaays, he taught me how to write in asterisk or rather inspired me too! He has one twenty years old brain with way too much knowledge...though he loves to ask me “What! How! Where!” and then insist that they are not questions but exclamations!
He’s the teenager I wanted to be...I tell him he’s so super cool n he’d say buggers trying to impress me! If there’s ever a sad moment...this boy would fill it up with his larger than life persona and then he says “I” am his role model! Ah irony! :-)


And the winners are:
Mohit @Being me
Ankur @My Notebook
Jack @Share Thoughts & Experiences

Sudhir at Hamari are so appreciated for the professional writings on your page...from politics to morality...humour to sarcasm...from experiences to thoughts...moving through your blog is like a journey through your experiences...a diary of a traveller, an insatiated heart and his quests and lessons we learn with you!
I truly look up to you!

Say Hellow to the adorable take-home-to-momma Mohit...
There’s so much we wanna know about this hunk but get so little to. He is fun and witty like a thorough gentleman. His posts border on polished humour to gentle sarcasm...from finding his paths to bringing a nice feel-good is a pleasure following you, for sure and watch a different kind of wit ooze out from your pores!

Dear Notebooker Ankur...
I started by admiring your writings...and ended up admiring you too! Of course in between I took great pleasure in poking you back to write and going on look outs for a suitable bride!
Now that you’ve found one...could you please get back to writing in your space n on my status on face book! You are being missed:/

Uncle Jack: I have a real high regard for you for bring your experiences and stories of your world to create an opinion and awareness. You are always helping others and doing all you do with such a dignity, that you evoke heartfelt respect from one n all.
Also for the fact to be blogging after being a grandfather is like soooo super cool!

And last but not the least,

And the recipients are:
Choco @Choco Desserts Of Chocolaty Life
Niraj @Masalla Lemonade
Ayu @☆Voice from a Distant Star☆
Prithwish @ Strings of Heart
Vemuri @Vemurisblog
Lincoln @My Arena where I live By my own Rulz
Anand @ Balanced Insanity

Choco for being sweet as per her name...I wish you’d be less sad n more you attract all that good positive energy to yourself!
You make us all feel so protective of you...and you know I always wish for your cheer!

Mr Lemon
...For little lime n lemony lessons, having the dash of humour...
For always making your presence felt on my comment box...and for taking me seriously enough to put your money on ‘Tumbling Thoughts’! You rock!

The distant but shining star, Ayu
She is a sweet little girl with poetry n animation n little stories and loads of features that keep her blog abuzz with activity and fun...
You shine like a true star!

Prithwish n Vemuri...for their simple ways and no-nonsense talk!
Also because I know for a fact that you two are such virtuous souls!

Lincoln, Anand n Sobhit
You guys have to be my most consistent followers!
Sobhit would make my day with his long detailed n equally funny comments on my much that for a while when he was not writing in his blog space, I was wondering if I was to be blamed.
Besides, the sweetheart that he is...he has made me promise to have a flaming affair with him in my next birth...Because I am worth it! ;-)

Lincoln n Anand guys also have dug up all my fun posts and were showing me your thumbs up, every time I thought I had gone too far on a post! I soooooooo appreciate having you around!

So, I guess...this is the end...or is it the beginning?

This has been my little journey and such awesome people my co-travellers...
Some more names are left to be acknowledged...some more readers who need mention...
And I promise to return again to them someday soon!

We share each others' ups and downs and a little family has emerged,
That does not judge you, which does not preach...
That only knows where to reach...
That knows how to side with and stand by each other!
That knows when to clap or when to lend a shoulder to cry on!
That does not lambast...that does not fawn!

These are precious people
And here are three cheers to a lifetime of togetherness!
Thank you once again...
I love you all sooooooooo much!
N God bless!


Niraj said...

Hey...thks for the award and ur kind words...u rock...

Mr Happy said...

I am on cloud 9 :) , u know why bcoz i sit on 9th floor in my building and its raining over here ;) but real reason is Wallah mera naam liya kisi ne :P

Thanku thanku ji :)

See i am a hypocrite In Thanku business, i hate taking Thanku but smetimes i like giving :)

Shayon said...

I am absolutely humbled. Thanks a lot, sweetheart! I love you!!

Ria said...

wow!!those were some awesome awards tht u gave out!! :)

blunt edges said...

a huge thanks 4 the award :D
n an applause to u 4 staging such a "huge" awards' show! quite a task indeed :)

n about the award..."the versatile blogger" banner says "poems, stories, messages, essays"

just outta curiosity, which of these did u find at blunt edges?? (not that i'm complaining...hell if u even gimme an award 4 best singer, i'll take it gladly) ;)

Anand M said...

Thanks a lot for being such a sweetheart. I am humbled and touched.


Jack said...


After reading all parts together at one sitting, I feel that you ought to be a consultant with Filmfare, Screen, Star Parivar and what not award functions. Having said that and accepting the so affectionate award, may I ask where is mike so I can also say my few words. I am highly moved and thank you from my heart. Hope not to disappoint you ever.

Take care

Tanvi said...

So you made wait till the last post for my award :P Haha! ... Well thank you so much. Blogging is truly therapeutic for me. And it means a lot see that people actually can see the 'real' you just thru words and pictures. I am so glad to have met you in this blogosphere. You are truly a very warm, affectionate person. I wanna rip through my laptop screen and *hug* you :o) Thank You! You made my morning 'yet.again*

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

awwwwwwwww.. love you
*hugs tight*
thanks for the award..
you are awesome ^_______^

suruchi said...

Hi Niraj...
Kind attracts kind...and lemme just say you are one of a kind!
You are most welcome!:-)

suruchi said...

Hey Mr. Happy,
Is there space up there on Cloud 9 happy ji, then I can come up there n share:-)

Ji aapka he naam liye...koi happy ho n Happy ko yaad na bahuut nainsaafi hoge na:-)

And please get used to of taking ‘thank u’s’ also for I have been showering on them to you after all the rainfall of praise that you do for me*there’s almost a danger of a flood now;-)*

suruchi said...

Hey Shoy...
I am absolutely delighted to see you here*if m comment box could, it would be doing a yippee dance for you as of now!*

You are most welcome baby...I love you too*does that mean I get you write again????????? Phuleeeeeze, you must!*
Love having you around!

suruchi said...

Hey Ria...
Thank you!
When you have some rocking bloggers around you like I tend to do special things for them to show what they mean to you!

suruchi said...

Hey there Blunts....
Yes these blog posts extracted all my juice....that god, it’s a big fat n usually duh machine or else my beloved would have been very suspicious!;-)

And screw the banner behind...
Aam khao..gutliyan mat gino!
I know you don’t write poems n essays..but the word VERSATILE fitted you to the T...
If you ask and Weirdo could just be doing nothing n yet make me laugh!
I think you guys are that Superman-ish!;-)

And the award for best singers would be devised too if I get a private audience;-)

I love reading you...anywhere n everywhere;-)

suruchi said...

Hey Anand...
You are most welcome!
“And such a sweetheart” ...awwww!

suruchi said...

Hellow Uncle Jack,
Woh mike waale ko poore paise nahi he packed up with the mike system n ran off right after my speech!

But I am sure with your splendid baritone....we’d be eager ears anyways!
You are a ray of light...and light never only shines the way and makes our choices clearer!

And consultant job, eh?
Would there be cute guys to interact with?;-)

suruchi said...

Hi Tanii, they the best for last!
And please don’t try to rip apart the laptop screen*poor thing already burns every time you put up your scorching pictures*...I already tried ripping and reaching out to you with my hugs before but failed!

Wow...I make so many mornings...and this when I thought all my beloved did with me was making his nights;-)

suruchi said...

Hey Choco...
You already have a sea of awards there...hope this one is a first of its kind:-)

You are awesome too..
And awwww-worthy also...
Hugs n happiness back to you and you are always welcome:-)

CyberSquatter said...

Where's my award? I know it's only for your buddies in the blogosphere (who have a blog of their own), but still, I WANT an award. On second thoughts, I'd settle for that chick in shades, kissing that lucky guy (in the pic). Yes, I am sick, but I am lonely too. Package her and send it to me, ASAP!

mohit said...

oye....its a sa sin u haven't become a shrink yet.... u sure do seem to know what ppl want ;)

thanks for the award ...lit up my day ...:D


Vinita Kohli said...

Temptation & Confession: I may also give a shot at writing!!!

Hoping & Dreaming: I, too, am a fortunate recipient of one of the prestigious awards at SURUCHI's blog!!!


suruchi said...

Hey Cyber Squatter...
I did mention that I need to devote space to other precious readers also, who are not bloggers and yet make their presence felt time and again in my comment box...
You are one such follower...who followed me so dedicatedly that I had to look up for you and send you a friend’s request on facebook*thank god I did* and rest as they say is history!
Having you as a friend has been MY award and having me to chomp your brains out is has come in your jholi...and no matter how much you pull my leg..I know you are as happy about this as any reward can make you feel*emotional blackmail I know...*

And that chick in deserve someone till I find her....wait and watch this space:-)
And you are not are adorable and will remain:-)

suruchi said...

Hello Mohit
What people I wish I knew THAT...
Or even what people interesting life would become*okay of “people” sounds too much to ask, I’d even settle for ‘what men think’;-)

Glad to have lit up your day...
Hugs and stay enlighten us more!:-)

CyberSquatter said...

I was just kidding, yaar. I don't want any award when I have the reward of being your friend. The best thing is (being the lazy chap that I am), I had to just take a gander around your blog to be friends with you.

Coming back to that chick in shades. "you deserve someone till I find her."
So, until then, can't I have her? Please!!!

Sudhir Kekre said...

Phew. God Suruchi.I wrote such a long sob sob acceptance speech. all got washed away. whats with your comments just vanish.
Well thanks for your kindness. you should get the greatest human being award. very thoughtful of you to have written something good for everyone.
I am in good company. so my name too came up with all these good people. :P
Thanks a lot.

Nads said...

I love you baba!! Thanks a lot for my first award *wipes tears of joy* :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll make it to the awards next time.. :) ... Congratulations to all winner's !

Ankur said...

oh and i thought am gonna b in the circle of friends award! :| :-/

suruchi said...

Hey CS..
Ek “I” our laga dete apne Cyber Squatters mein to mein aapko Nips ke jagah garv se CSI kehte;-)
Mast Action;-)

Okay but I am seriously not kidding...
When I was so generously giving awards it was very much there in my mind to acknowledge the readers who are just that...plain simple readers and not bloggers!

That’s why I mentioned this in the close of my last post!
Like you for instance...make the most valid of observations and sweetest of comments on my post....sirf aap haq se bolte ho “daffa ho jao” when you don’t like anything...

So till I find someone as amazing as please stay single n wait for her
*read this as can’t have that dumb chick...uske shakl bhi theek se nahi dikh rahe hain wahan...par nahi...shakl kya karne hote hain waise bhi:/*

suruchi said...

Hi Sudhir,
Phew...but Susdhir...shouldn’t it be Goddess Suruchi...instead of ‘God Suruchi’!

What’s with your always say they get washed away!:/
Chalo as long as you leave footprints...:-)

And greatest human being award yaar!
It’s simple logic...I follow them because they are there cannot be anything except nice or good to say for them!:-)

Your name came up not because you were in good company...but because you are bloody good at this writing thing than many of us!
We are amateurs and you show how a professional should be...
Mine is mindless blabbering...good for laughs!
Yours is thought provoking n deep...good for analysis and introspection!

So please continue to do the brilliant work!
I for sure would follow you forever types!

Anonymous said...

Bebe 100 Points to you for sticking with life

suruchi said...

Hey Nico baby...
Wow, now I am baba too...
Reminds me of the ba black sheep...;-)

Please don’t wipe those khushi ke aanson...unhe behne do aur pyaasi man ke dharti ko khilne do...okaaaaaaaaaaay...zyaada drama ho gaya...

But jab tak u n I don’t do some naatak n drama...hamara khaana kaise hajam hoga, right!
And the khaana must get hajam to keep us looking as pretty as we do!
First in many more to come:-)

suruchi said...

Hellowwwwwww The Enduring Spirit,
Welcome aboard!
Thanks for gracing the occasion...
Please occupy the front row seats and next year for sure, we’d call you on stage!

Till then...enjoy the winners and the treats they bring for us everyday...
Hehe...hope to see you around!

suruchi said...

Oye Ankur...
Ab I would actually have to CERTIFY that you are in my circle of friend...

Facebook ke bakwaas is baat ke gawah nahi hain kya??????????

Apne shaadi mein nahi bulaya to kya hua...
I would have called you definitely in my shaadi if you were around then!
Boo hoo...dil ke armaan aansoon mein beh gaye:-(

Sirf “Oh” karke janaab nikal pade;-)

suruchi said...

Hi Anon...
Thank you for the 100 points...
I guess I am kinda clingy;-)n who would know that better than you!

Just another way of thanking you!

N for heaven's sake write something like I knew how you used to!

Vemuri said...

A thank you tweet on the joyous occasion of receiving an award and that to o a big one ‘ Circle of Friends’ from the great Suruchi – love to share some update – the award goes to none other than Suruchi herself – for her encouragement and a great support – Was reading a book called If god was a banker a story of 2 bankers in India and how pride n self esteem drove two IIM grads in the corp life and I couldn’t help but to think how circle of life effects every one – managed to get a job after many months of patient wait – its been 4 days since I started work again – my x boss who played dirty due to me being an Indian was shown the door – and the circle continued I felt – not relieved I even sent a message to him to thank for his support during the time I was working with him – and this message to the great guru I was fortunate to have met – I m very much alive and will soon come from the self hibernation mode I got in – after all – life isn’t worth the self destruction one thinks it is – did this become a blog? Well apol’s its not twitter I m glad for that – now how do I place the trophy ? this is bigger than the numerous awards I won for my work – bigger than the grand prix gold I managed two years ago

Prithwish....... said...

I am really honoured and feel lucky to have my name in your circle of friends award..this is a testimony to the fact of our lovely friendship which will continue for ever :)
At this forum, i would like to say that u r one of the sweetest and noble souls i have ever come across..I really appreciate and admire your ritings, each and every bit of it..:)
Cheers to our friendship..and 3 cheers to your lovely blog..and 6 cheers for the wonderful lady :)

suruchi said...

Hey Vemuri...
Wow...that “great” Suruchi was quite something!
I am still undecided how to accept that or sent it back to you with “no thanks”...I am not great...just another human being...

Congratulations on the new job...and I guess you don’t need much of wishes now...but all the very best!
And this is not as big as you are hollering it out to be!
I guess what goes around does come around!
Glad to have been your friend:-)

suruchi said...

Hey Prith...
You are an absolute sweetheart...
I had to praise n applaud your presence on my space n you end up doing mine instead...

Okay, I'll take the sweet tag but the noble one we'd julke kaam karne se pyar badhta hain:-)

Take care n stay as sweet as you are!

sobhit said...

hi thnx ya.. not bad 1 got 2b part f d grand finale n get d circle f frnds awards :).. not bad et al.. well 2b honest was scanning thru to find my name in here :P... n sure ws not disappointed .. but guess dats ur deal.. u nvr disappoint no1 do u??consistent followr guess dat doesnt hold now :-/ .. stk wid routine ofyc life.. aint got to tym to sit dwn n read gud stuff n evn if i do dat.. hv no enrgy left to leave dos trade mark comments ... :( ...

was scrolling thru random posts f urs n thot y not chk dis 1.. got a reason enuf 2b proud f myself :P.. only i dnt hold such lavish award ceremonies else u wud hv been among d top most awardees.. chalo thnx 4d d honors.. n hopefully will try 2 commnt more n write more.. tho aint got no ideas to jott dwn on my blogsphere.. n if i do den am to lazy to sit n key in d thots... guess i shud rather start a blog wd all my comments in ti .. mite work bttr dat ways.. ;p

chalo ji have fun wid ur kiddo n needless to say keep posting u jst mite find me here n there not very consistnt now.. but sure will pop up time n again.. so miss me :P ;p n miss me not ... :P

tk cr... CHEERS!!!

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