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03 June, 2010

What a Steal!

What would we do without funny anecdotes happening in and around our otherwise mundane life?

I was recently a guest at a kitty party-sharty, with around 15-20 babbling and sighing women, some show-offing their latest sunshades*yes, within the interiors of a CLOSED restaurant...probably they should be called ‘bulb’shades instead*, glittering rock-y diamond rings on their stout or too thin fingers*there is no mid way balanced path...there’s always a size zero or a size with many zeroes* and the broadest of artificial smiles dabbed in plastic polite conversations.

Amidst the hullabaloo, or so probably as the hostess thought, often things go unnoticed. But since I was bored to the core and almost on the verge of a big fat yawn, my perception instincts were probably better aroused and I looked around to fish for some entertainment. It was then that I saw my gracious hostess was also looking around but her gaze aimed at making sure she was not being watched. And in the next instant, as quickly as a chameleon would be at work, she picked up the cute salt n pepper cellars off the table and slid them into her purse, kept by their side!

Holy f@#$ing shit!
My jaw dropped and needless to say, it was not because of the yawn!
What in God’s name did she think she was doing?
I looked around to ascertain if there was any as aghast a countenance as mine, but everyone else was too busy in themselves!

Kleptomania as a disease is a sorry state to be!
I mean even Wynona Ryder is guilty of the same!
But stealing like this is often a wretched excuse to perpetuate being stingy!

I related the same to my dear friend who took me there*just for gossip’s for every 10 pieces of scandals transmitted by her to me, I feel morally bound to at least return one and this was my only don’t judge me*
I was educated back on how her household has forks and napkins*used as dusters only I presume...otherwise it is too gross to let my imagination wonder at that* of that same restaurant where we were lunching in!

Okay...not that I am totally ‘doodh ka dhula’. The dumbest thing but that I do to ‘save’ money is, to refill the mineral water bottle to take it to the theatre when we go for movies. I tell my dear beloved quite proudly ‘if I can’t save your Rs. 40 at the parking...I can at least save the same amount on the elixir of life-water, which is a bountiful gift of nature and yet is being sold???????? How low can people get!’

Anyways...this one incident brought back many memories of perfect as well as pathetic pocketing encounters!
I remember a couple of years ago we had gone for a ‘teen patti’ cards session to one of our distant acquaintance’s house on Diwali. The furniture had been cleared out from the drawing room and clean white sheets had been sprawled upon the carpet for ‘players’ to sit, form a circle and impart with their hard earned cash, just for the love of three pieces of paper held covetously in their palms!

I too unloaded myself on one of the sheets!
Imagine again my horrified state when after a few minutes, I noticed at the edge of it, a printed symbol of ‘The Indian Railways’!
It was not just on one sheet but on two out of the five spread out!*yes, I went around the edges of every sheet after that as inconspicuously as James Bond at work and as curiously as a sly cat to confirm my suspicions...and the culprit was caught*
Oh my gaaaaaaaawd!

Again, during my brother’s wedding at a posh resort, where the guests were put up, after all the dust had settled in and we were packing up, the receptionist called us to the desk to inform that two paintings had vanished off the walls of one of the rooms occupied by our guests!

I couldn’t help saying “wow” to this artistry!
I mean I am guilty of taking back the shampoos, creams, etc from the bathrooms, much to the grimace of my dearly beloved*but then five stars charge us through our nose and this is the least that they can do without. Those little bottles make excellent travelling companions yaar*
But it never occurred to me*and thank god for it* that there was scope for expansion of my embezzlements!

Okay...before you guys close all your hospitable doors on my face, I DO NOT steal...never have and never would...except for this once and it was more like a dare! Like everything else, let me get here again in confessional mode,
“Father, I have sinned....”

This was when I was young...younger...and we would often visit this really popular book store. Once I had gone there with my father n uncle and I really wanted this great new book on the shelf! Pa had run short of cash for we had already purchased my year’s quota of school books!

So I asked my uncle to buy me one!
And then, for the mischievous genes that run in our blood...he challenged me to try somehow to get it myself to prove to him that I was actually resourceful and a true bloodied ‘Kapoor’! Now, I was too young then to know or use my art of seduction, but old enough to know that my aan-baan n shaan or the uprightness of my long nose depended on this.
So I pinched it!
Yup...just like that!
Kept it under my shirt and put my bag between my arms, in front to conceal it!
And I walked out of there with my head held high!

I was later blasted by both my uncle and father for doing something so foolish when the former only meant it as a joke! ought to be careful with an eleven year old about what you joke! She is too young then to articulate them*I mean as it is I used to have a tough time in trying to understand the pure non-veg jokes then...on top of that, I was expected to understand even the veg ones...unfair, I tell you*!

They gave me money to return back to the store....which of course I didn’t have the guts to do and I let it rest at that!
I still have the book as the first and last trophy of my actual mehnat-ki-kamai but gave up on my dream then to become the master of any fleecing game!

Now, where were we on this issue?
Never mind...
This post I hope has taught you important lessons!
To sum it up...let me tell you a short birdie parable:
Once, a little bird was flying back home in winter, but soon the bird froze and fell to the ground.
A cow came by and dropped some dung on it.
The bird began to realize how warm it was and soon began to sing with joy!
A passing cat heard the bird singing, dug the bird out, cleaned it and ate it!

Lessons to learn:
1. Not everyone who drops shit on you is your enemy!
2. Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend!
3. When in deep shit, keep your mouth shut!!!!


Tanvi said...

Haahah! ... OMG! ... Well, those hotel bottle dont count as stealing ... they count it in the cost of the room! One set of shampoo-conditioner-Shower Gel per night of stay is YOURS :) Just FYI! For others ... well sheets from Indian Railways is not just WRONG & CHEAP's so Low Society and uncool! :P

Niraj said...

he he he...*RoFL*...parable was great...A Shitty reality of a confession made on tumbling thoughts...nice...keep going...more confession expected..You know even i have seen people taking Indian railway properties to their home and using it...thats awful isn't? no that they are taking it but they are used my thousands of people sucks...

Hey by the way u know what...i have founded the reason of your witty humor....i.e. Kitty party...he he he..keep going...keep rocking...

suruchi said...

Hi Tanvi...
Yes...I knew there would be more intelligent women like me being like-minded on the issue of those teenie weeny bottles in hotels...what a fuss these men generate over nothing!Humphf!

I was as aghast to find out about those sheets as a traveller would be to find no snow in Antarctica!
Bad allegory...I know!
But just imagine!

suruchi said...

Hi Niraj...
Thank you...
And yet "I" do not learn how to shut up!
That's the shitty reality actually:-)

And you mean there are other things besides the sheets that people would whack! the 'other things' there would raise this whole idea to unimaginable grossness!

Hehe...I know...that's the only reason I go to these kitty parties*besides the fact that I win all the games there...yiyee yiyee yiyee;-)*

Niraj said...

yes other thing may include rats and cockroaches...making a 5 star experience...apart from unimaginary things...he he he..

I agree with you...infact one day i had an opportunity to peek in a kitty party when i went to drop my mom to one of them...that was really.........

Got to know why Guys don't have Kitty Party...he he he

Am In Trance said...

Good Post... Actually we all see incidents like these, but aap ki hi kabiliyat hai ki inki blogpost banali..! Wah..Wah...

Waise dekha jaaye toh 'Chor' sabhi ke andar hota hai..Baki apne upar depend karta hai ki woh chor ko shabashi di jaaye ya phatkar..! LOL !!

Maine bhi hotels se 'Medimix' utha liye hain kabhi kabhi.. Hehe..

**n' One question from my masoom dimaq..
"Why they call it 'Kitty Party' ? Whynot 'Cow Party' or 'Doe Party' or 'mare party' or even 'Bhartiya Janta Party' ???**


♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

haha..nice bird parable..

and btw..about kleptomania..i have a friend whose like that before..and i realized those with that illness is not a good companion..sometimes they could ruin your trust..:/

Mr Happy said...

Once in a while adventure for kleptomaniac is fine , just for the sake of fun that too till u r in college, (I stole some choco bars in my college :P)

but indian railways sheets my god....yuck....

and wats with those pepper /salt bottles , i have heard this many times that they get stolen in restaurants...

Keep going to ur kittys :) , it gives ur reader few smiles :)

WarmSunshine said...

Though the whole post was hilarious, I'm laughing at the "moralistic" story at the end :D

good going :D

Pavitra .... said...

Hahaha...she flicked the salt and pepper cellar..?? really..??
woah thats the limit..
Dont worry....its ok if you take the soaps and shampoos...
that isn't a crime...Even I do that...

The book incident is sooo actually did that..?? Awesome gal..!! They didn't have that detector system there..?? But I bet you would have found your way round that too.... ;)

And the shit story is awesome!! :)

Cinderella said...

I dont understand why the hell ppl take the sheets and blankets....wth ! I mean dude, its not a gift, its just so you came n slept here so we thought you'd be comfortable if you had a blanket. DONOT TAKE IT !!

Its like you have guests over n when they go they start taking your stuff while leaving just cz you gave them to use!!


Sakshi said...

Hmmm... interesting i must say. Coz, pinching paper napkins, those lil shampoo bottles and all... I think are all a part an parcel of us being.. human.. ;P

suruchi said...

Niraj...stealing rats n cockroaches???????
Oho...meine socha woh train ke loo ke mugs n soap dispensers*eew multiplied by a thousand...
Hehe...Now that would be the pitts!!!!!*

N guys also have kitty parties yaar...bas difference is they call it bachelors’ or boys’ night outs...drinking-shrinking n discussing women!
Which are actually worse case scenarios when it comes to being gross!;-)

suruchi said...

Hi AIT...
Hmm...aap he hain bas ek jo mere kabiliyat pe itna yakeen rakhte hain!
Thank u thank u:-)
I know we all are ‘chors’...aur kuch nahi to kisse na kisse ka dil he chura lete hain hum sab...waah waah!

N aap to mere category waale chor ho=hotel-chor;-)
*Now if that could actually mean that we stole hotels...we’d be Richie rich buddies too;-)*

N as for that one question*which was a super witty query by the way*...
Kitty party coz all women there behave like little feline creatures...
Sometimes coy...sometimes catty...chatty...flirty...cunning...cautious...
All cat like qualities...

Cow party n mare party thankfully nahi kehte...kuch zyaada he imaginative ho jaata phir, nahi?;-)

suruchi said...

Hello Ayu,
I know it is a disease that requires loads of caution...
But then to give up on such a friend is not the option...better would be to help him realize what he does and restrict opportunities for him to do so...
Besides I think it is quite curable:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Mr Happy...
Great...choco bars...hmmm...wonder why I didn’t think of that!;-)

And that’s what exactly I said when I heard that Indian Railways sheets were being stolen...yuuuuuuuckkkh!

Whatttttttttt? There are more people stealing salt n pepper bottles...!
What is this world coming to!
Ram, Ram!

suruchi said...

Hi WS... long as I am spreading some moral values in the coming generations!

My soul shall now rest in peace;-)

suruchi said...

Helloooow Pavitra....
We have a community here of ‘i whack shampoos n creams off hotels’
You think we could put it up on face book and watch people join in and the cause grow...lolzzzzzzz:-)

Back then things were detectors n all...
Actually it is pretty much the same even now...good old fashioned book stall...with the owner is big round spectacles peeping cutely from behind the cash counter and everything moving at a slow pace as though there wasn’t a care in the world!

Waise you are right...I would have found my way around anyways!

suruchi said...

Hiyya Cin... could be Indian Railways next chief spokesperson!
With no likeness or semblance to Madam Railway Minister*alrite...I forgot her name:/she isn’t worth remembering anyways!*

Ridiculous to the core!

suruchi said...

Hey Sakshi,
Some pinching makes us human but some pinching cause the hurt!
Yet wouldn’t it all be too simple n boring with no pinching of any kind?;-)

Setting apart the ridiculous, it does add to the fun element n kinda rush of excitement!

Sayak Shome said...

We tend to become so engrossed and busy with our daily routine and the quotidian mess, that we overlook these anecdotes of humourous reliefs.
Hilarious!! :P

Jack said...


Now I know on whom those famous lyrics " CHOR ... CHOR ... " were based on. And good lessons in the end.

Take care

PS : No visit?

Anonymous said...

Did you pay the hotel for the missing paintings?

suruchi said...

Hi Sayak...
Welcome to my blog:-)
Glad you agree...we just need to look around more keenly...there's humour at every turn waiting for us to burst into a laughter:-)

Hope to see you around:-)

suruchi said...

Hi Jack...
I did go to your blog a couple of days before...wrote a big fat comment on corruption*longer than your post*but when I clicked on 'posting' it...
Everything was gone:-(
Boo hoo...
Would come again for sure!

Yes the lyrics have been 'stolen' even before I could create history here;-)

suruchi said...

Tbg...mein aapka kya karon?
That's AAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL that you have to say or ask????

Yes, we did...
But why are you being such a curious cat*like me* about this?????????

Vinita Kohli said...

The write-up is fantastic...kept me engrossed till the end....however, I wonder if all the readers could measure the seriousness of the two very important issues here- one, terming a serious crime as a disease and somehow finding an excuse to get away with it...second, laughing off at such shameful acts, simply because they are being performed by the people belonging to a 'class'!

How many of us would even let our 'Rajus' and 'Chotus' (domestic servants) get away with an extra bite of savoury? How many of us would turn a blind eye to a waiter of the same restaurant who would try to sneak away with a piece of 'tangri kebab'? How this lady would have disgraced the attendant of the same train from where she lifted the sheets, if he would ask for a 'tip' for his services to her!

Suruchi, what you attempted as a child was a sheer case of 'intelligent innocence' and what others are doing is nothing but displaying HYPOCRISY!

Prithwish....... said...

Hmmm... indeed interesting one..pretty much a human cycology u know..anything free, grab it:)
loved the usual.:)

sulagna ™ said...

Su beleive me i am with you about the lotion and shampoos,most days when we travel i have soemthing which says Amby Valley or Meridien :) but tahts oki..i mean itna paise kharch kia toh ek cream aur kuch pencils lene mein kya kharabi hai??

but abt the lady who flicked the salt n pepper should just tease her n enjoy her panic ..hehehe

Madhu said...

Lol..ive flicked in so much..need i divulge in it?

Weirdo guy said...

ah even my mother has been guilty of flicking things from 5 star hotels, to my chagrin.

I never really understood her remark of "getting moneys worth"... but then i suppose it is something only married woman can capiche !

Cinderella said...

Oh and a hot one at that! LOL.

And you're a teacher na?? Aur railway matnri ka naam nahi malum ??!!!!

Mamta Bannerjee!! Isiliye is desh ka y4eh haal hai. I'm sending Lola to you for some serious IQ repair! LOL.

suruchi said...

Hi Vinita mamiji..
So glad to see you here because you are one person who has a whole lot of effective ideas and sensible solutions for many day to day problems we face...I wish you would take up a suitable platform because you do have that very strong will to bring about a change!

Thank you for the praise!
I guess you did bring out the issues in this otherwise mad banter of mine!
Stealing is any which way a crime...we may get away with it in the name of a dare or adrenalin rush yet it is crime nevertheless...
And definitely belonging to the ‘cream’ section of the society does not make it less ghastly!
In fact it makes it even worst!
For there is no need...and not even worth it!
Yet it is being done for I don’t know what reasons!

I do agree with all you said...perhaps this should make us a bit more sensitive and less judgemental when it comes to others as we are with ourselves and those dear to us!

suruchi said...

Hi Prithwish...
Yup...human psychology it is!
This reminds me of how I would end up buying a ‘lesser’ powder or some other titbit due to the fact that it had a soap or some other freebies with it, complimentary!

Don’t we love getting things for free or without the sweat n grind!
Thanks for another view to this!

suruchi said...

Hi Su, Ambi Valley n Meridian travelling, huh?
I have heard soooooooo much about Ambi it worth a get away like as in a proper holiday?
God knows I need one baaaaaaaaaaaadly n madly!

And that lady who whacked the salt n pepper cellars, is anyways a once in a blue moon acquaintance*thank god for it*
Jaane do yaar...what will her panic get me?
Such people are less scared n more scary!

suruchi said...

Heyyyyyyy Mady,
Cograts again on the one year celebration of your cute little blog, my kumbh-ke-mela sis!
You rock big time!
And of course you need to divulge all that u flicked...
This is a special confession chamber...
Confess and feel a little purged*till you do fresher deeds again;-)*

suruchi said...

Hiyya WG...
U anyways need reasons to show your chagrin to your poor mother...
Please don’t look down with so much disdain at married’d be joining their ranks in another five years*guaranteed*

It’s like imagine you have a whole lot of porn*just for reference’s sake* to you access in a may not want to take home but you’d certainly make a copy of it on your laptop to take back...
So it’s just like that with women and free costly creams n shampoos:-)
*yiyee yiyee yiyee*

suruchi said...

Hey Cin...
Hot one for sure!
Hmm...yaad aa gaya...Mamta I remembered...Banerjee or Chatterjee jad got me confused...
Anyyyyyyyways...Lalo Prasad was so much easier to remember
*just kidding..please don’t kill me with those beautiful but presently fuming eyes:-)*
But see my general knowledge is not so bad...
I know Lola’s surname...Lola Kutti...yiyeeeeeeee
I do need that IQ repair yaar!

rainboy said...

makes me remember my vlidhood days when mom used to take me to kitty parties . These were fun ..but what happened now? Why she doesn't take me there now ;D hhehe

About stealing hmmm... think I did steal some comics from a book store when i was kid...I used to steal every-time i went there,but I used to put the the ones I had stolen before...I still counts as stealing I think. :P

I like the last line of post.IT's so true.

Take care

buckingfastard said...

i need a doctor!! Hmpf!!! AM i the only one who thinks stealing is cool..and may have done it himself!!! where da fuck is bluntu...only he can tell me dat i m normal!!!

well i dont steal cutlery and stuff..cummon!! dey r fr crazy women!!

i steal food, cold drinks...books(dont ever giv me a dare, and think i will not do it)

and i have put my frnds in embarrassing positions by raising false alarm of they stealing...

yea..see da help of keeping identities secret...i told u all dese and u cant even charge police after me!! yaay!!!

mohit said...

I love saturdays...cuz those are the only days when I can finish your posts at a single go ;)

but really...some ppl I (used to) know did that too ! Though I never had the guts to

The Indian Railways bedsheets, pillow covers...those I've definitely seen outside trains too ;)

and really....are kitty parties that boring?

suruchi said...

Hey Rainboy...
I guess she does not take you now in fear of you becoming a bigger eye candy than all the delicious gulp-worthy dishes on the table..
Is liye aapke izzat ka khayal rakh kar she keeps you home!

N hey, I do see that handsome pic on the blog update page...but the post is whooossssssssssh!
Kuch secret hain? I loooooooooooooooooUve secrets...

N keeping books back does not make that stealing at all!
You are Kalyug Ka Harishchandra!
:-)*pat on your back*

Last line is sooooooooo true but sooooooooo difficult to follow!
Ask me...I try it all the bloody time!:-)

suruchi said...

Hey Bucking!
Yes, you do need a doctor!
I give you adulation like I give to no one and yet yet yet...
Khair manage to rip me apart in your blog comment box*dil ke armaan aansoon mein beh gaye...tiyaon tiyaon tune*

I think stealing is cool too...I confessed at doing it...
Ab if I divulge more this could be used against me in court! Hehe...
But then only when you proving to someone for the coolness sake!

Yes, where the f!@#ing hell is Bluntu*read this post quickly so I put a new one*:/!
Ek “normal” insaan he doosre “normal” insaan ko samajh sakta hain n ek teesra “normal” insaan he aise crappy statement maar sakte hain!:/

And stop yaaaaaaaaaay-ing so soon!
I have dared you n you dare not take it up!
So there.......points proven!
P.S. People please read this madbag’s new fiction’s one helluva narration!:-)

suruchi said...

Hiyya Mohit!
Thank god for Saturdays!
These are the days when I actually start a post and then finish it by sometime during the week to post it!;-)

So your weekend-y visit is not a problem...very, very loooooooked forward to!
So how’s the new cooooooool look treating ya?

And more people other than me have seen Indian Railways goodies around!
Ghooooooooor kalyug!

And yup...kitty parties can be fun at times and dud at others!
*read that as when I am in my element, I enjoy them to the core and when me sit mum in a corner*
Sometimes women get too chatty about maids n mothers-in-law n kids n then I go ‘heeeelooooooooooooooooooooo...somebody save me!’
Otherwise....gooooooooood fun!
Especially couple fun without men anywhere is there?;-)

Raghav said...


nice one

and very observant..

had a little trouble picking up teh letters against that background but an enjoyable read indeed

malpani.!! said...

First of all.. what were you doing in that kitty party..
you are not supposed to be...
You are supposed to hang out with us...!!
you are one of us.. let the ladies be.!! :p

suruchi said...

Hi Raghav...
Trouble picking up the no one else told me that! the blogosphere is conspiring against my fame! Lolz;-)

Thank you for stopping by...hope to see you around more...
And yes veryyyyyyy observant...if you don't come here again...I would have observed so much about you that would remain unsaid!;-)

suruchi said...

Hi Malpani...
At the risk of sounding a sucker for are sooooooo awesome..:-) think you are allowing me to hang out with you guys as one of job is done!*thank you sweet lord* I am so honoured*oops that sounds lady-ish*this is soooooooo cooooooooool *with fingers pointed in a rap style*

Hehe...I was taken there by a friend as her guest!
Though I do go to a once a month only one kitty...keeps the gossip instincts churning;-)

Amnn.......//1! said...


suruchi said...

(Awww...this comment was from Amn...sorry Amn..I got sooooooo excited reading this comment that instead of the 'publish' button I pressed on the 'reject' one by hoo...I am sooooo sorry*thump on my head* Copy pasting it from the mail notification)

i have finally figured it out ,,,
the part of ur writting tat i love the most .. its this part

Yup...just like that!
Kept it under my shirt and put my bag between my arms, in front to conceal it!
And I walked out of there with my head held high!

when i read it i actually imagined a young lil suruchi cutely sliding the book under her shirt n then clenching the bag tight in her hands ...n walking with that head held up high n those chubby cheeks puffed up with pride!!
few can do tat .. few writtings actually create an image so clear in a persons brain ..!!
even though u didnt even specify the details the picture in my mind poped up with all the details like the frock u wore or the mustache uncle of urs .with those naughty genes having tat typical punjabi look ,,

n its not just bout this post ..!!
this wat i love bout ur writting in general ..!! not to sound too crazy i m going to end it out here ,now ,,

suruchi said...

Amn...sorry for my dumb error above:-(I have already kicked myself the hardest that I could possibly do!
Thank you so much for this comment!

It has truly made the post worth don't sound crazy at all...but such sweet n genuine praise that I am very deeply touched!

I am just so overwhelmed now to say anything more except a big thank you from the bottom of heart!

It's moments like these when my writing becomes worthwhile:-)

Kiran Sawhney said...

Very interesting post. Hilarious.

Bikramjit said...

he hehehe a nice one .. You are not going to beleive but once my mum took me to one of these parties and there exactly the same thing happened I was a boy then so dont look at me like that please , but Since you kept quiet I instead opened my mouth wide open when the waiter came ot collect the dishes "Malhotra Aunty ne apne purse main dala hai box"..

OH MY GOD.. my mother never took me to any of her parties again... and malhotra aunty stopped coming to our house ch ch ch BAD ME

you article just reminded me of that ... loved it and all the other anecdotes you seem to be having quiet a ball ha hah aha

blunt edges said...

ROFL...u actually flicked a book?!?!?! n did u get a kapoor medal 4 that?? :P

n that's an awful lot of burglar (yeah yeah...not the the right word...i know) friends u got there! great u balance out with saint-type friends like us :D
note 2 self: there's something around my head...oh ok its a

suruchi said...

Hi Kiran
Welcome to my blog...

Thank you for being interested and stopping by hope to see ya around:-)
Take care!

suruchi said...

Hey Bikramjit,
I guess moral of the story or rather my blog post and the comments that subsequently followed, is:
DO NOT TAKE CHILDREN*ESPECIALLY YOUNG/LITTLE/ADOLESCENT BOYS* to kitty is super injurious to their health and mental make up;-)

Not looking at you like THAT...but then can I do so like THIS!;-)
Poor Malhotra aunty....
And poor you...see, little us kids...the world ought to be more careful with and around us:-)))

I actually seem to be having a ball...but the ball...err...never mind;-)

suruchi said...

Hiyya Blunts...
Kidhar the aap?
You are generally the first to comment*and I know you loUUUUve doing that* and here you are many, many days too late...
Koi na...But better late than never!

Jab tak you n Mr. Bucking do not spread your pearls of wisdom in the comment section...yahan kuch soona soona sa lagta hain....
Not to mention my leg feels super rested for they aren’t being pulled*that would be just ‘leg-pulling’ for you and everyone else who has raised an eyebrow at that;-)*

I did not get any Kapoor medal...I got a Kapoor blasting...that is the extreme equal:/
Hmm...burglar friends...I know...
But saint type friends like you...ROFLMAO...did you mean saint type FIENDS instead?

That something around your head is not a halo...those are actually horns*and not because you are horny;-)*

blunt edges said...

arre had got a lil tied up at work...
n i re-checked...its indeed a halo...abhi tak nahi gaya! :D

n just realized that i didn't reply 2 some stuff u asked in reply 2 a comment in one of the earlier posts...the girl isn't around...n i planned 2 take out the letter at night coz i work in the day!!!

suruchi said...

Hey Blunts..
So cute of you to resurface on an older post's comment box:-)

It is a halo indeed...I just removed my glasses through which it appreared like horns;-)

You work??????
I thought you were in college?
See many things I need to ask and don't know where to...
*thinking of writing a new questionaire post for all my anonymous rocking blogger up the idea for fear of scaring them away;-)*

P.S. If THAT girl's not around...I am sure there's someone else!*not asking there...merely exclaiming....but if you want to answer that...I'd not be complaining...waah waah...poetical ho gaya yeh to...Why god? Why? Why am I sooooooooo good?;-)*

Amnn.......//1! said...

my pleasure all together

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